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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2019 2:02am-2:16am CEST

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the international break is over the bundesliga is back to the tasty table top in clashes get us back in the swing of things highlights from saturday's action on match day for coming up here's a quick preview. by and travel to light 6 when 2 top scorers went head to head to fan a school fight to robert live in these things who can make it count on the big stage . and to attacking powerhouses clash as dortmund hosted live appears a male male no charts don't want to bounce back from defeat for a living who is now being touted as losses the title race. that and more to come i'm max morrow welcome to the bundesliga we begin in the light sick as i'll be hosted by in munich in a clash of heavyweights a perfect opportunity for young august month to show he can lead the bulls to the
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next level that's top of the table with 3 wins from 3 but faced their 1st real test baffling byan who off to a shaky start looked back to that best before the international break could they put a dent in like 6 perfect record. are you leonardo's man's life really ready to challenge by and that was the question on everybody's lips as his team looked holmes with the serial champions in an early season tester but with just 2 and a half minutes gone thomas mullo won the full height of the pitch and sent roman leventhal ski thronged go behind the pole made no mistake his 7th goal already this campaign and one that sends a clear message we aren't going anywhere just yet my life he came close just one minute later lucas tossed the man couldn't find the targets ideals edged chunks of them begging. woodbine punish like 6 wastefulness robert leavened
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of ski plus stuff like golden opportunity just moments later before a collision between lucas and end is an marcel's of it so it was reviewed by the referee. no penalty football in this time. but a penalty was waiting just around the corner only not for brian planned this trip use of housen and m.l. forsberg did the onus driving the ball be on noir with the final kick of the 1st tough one over the break a confidence pushed the likes it nor the mckinley came close with this effort just after the break. before 3rd russia's long range effort from sabates had memel noir scrambling but well on the ropes it wasn't until they found their feet again kingsley commands attention just millimeters away from the storing blinds lead suddenly and ends to end a fan broke out as both sides went for a winner. neuer to the rescue once more for via
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a. piece of glass she wasn't to be outdone down the other end putting off a sublime save in the dying moments to keep his side level so close yet so far one won the final school. and another crack in saturday's other headline match dortmund hosted live occurs on match day 3 lucian father's side had that title credentials called into question after they were badly beaten by newly promoted side on your own belly in a performance reminiscent of last season's title race collapse with doubters quick to write them off once more now they hosted an attacking live accusing side that really bothers to defend but last match they managed to get a 1st clean sheet since april lets see how they held up at a packed is acknowledged in a park. backlit by some shiny yellow ball looked as pretty as it did
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intimidating the hunt side looking to break big they can find which become disjointed before the international break in the 24th minute the one touch fluidity was back in the lead up it started with sanchez throughout has set to royce only for lucas credits key to save once and then again from the 3rd of brant in actually spectacular fashion not to be denied 4 minutes like the dortmund try the 3rd time as he came he found space to deliver a gift raft for al kassam to break the deadlock. the volley finish short dortmund score 1st for the 1st time this season and the spaniards 9 ring out for the 5th time in this campaign my. one nil at the bright dortmund changed ends but continued to wipe and levy keys and out from the rides jaden sanchez blazed the trail for the sunshine to assist for maka royce. to deal after pack oak levelly pulled his punch. 3 male half an hour later
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a satchel was involved again before rafa ale could there though made it 3 in the id 3rd man. 6 minutes life of the home side completed the round as lead to cures and was opened up on the right hand side one more time for the rose. royce with a double in a 4 nil win that saw him share the love with the fans on a brilliant day in dortmund which saw a title contender stepped back into the spotlight offering was just a bit unlucky last game and you know in an o.c. coming back from international week it's been a good week for me personally. yeah i just wanted to come back and just get the win and get the free points. start of the champions league season and also another game next week at home against your number when it's also going to be a tough one so. we're just going to analyze it we're going to try to stay confident . play the same way we did today but with a better score. don't wind back with
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a bang then and there with 4 more matches today 3 of them coming up now and i look around the grounds we start off with 2 teams hoping to snap out of a losing streak minds hosted has a villain both failing to win a game so far this season surely something had to give. nightscope chandos farts and label the clash between his side with no points and has a plane with one point as an early season 6 point. half as rooney yosh time was again forced to save a struggling side but he was finally beaten by robin quiescent on 40 minutes. mind stopper robin zentner had also been on track for a well and clean sheets but that was until hezzy equalized on 83 minutes through mako grew huge. but mines prevailed right at the end thanks to jeremiah sands juiced. the 1st 3 points of
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the season. they're no longer bottom instead that's half a little over again if we go you can see it is stupid and avoidable but it's especially annoying when it happens shortly before the final whistle is i think we have to come away with a point today given how if a woman's to miss. referee tobias veldts was in the thick of the action when new in berlin hosted bear the blame and 2 minutes in and the awarded a penalty to the visitors the referee double checked his decision by the pitch side monitor. minimal contact but it was enough davie klassen have been filed and picked himself up to convert the spot. after 12 minutes the referee again consulted a replay after the video assistant intervened this time to check for a brakeman hambo another penalty sébastien and the same level for only on. at the
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start of the 2nd half there was a 3rd penalty this time to blame in class and again the taker. but this time in your own keep a folky katich was equal to it. but he was powerless to prevent braman taking the lead from the resulting corner. class full court with a header. that. no more goals but the referee was still center stage in the 89th minute rayman coach for in co felt was shown a yellow. and in the same moment when he owns nevin supports it received a 2nd booking. soon after that brim is nearly sure he was also given his marching orders. referee veldts the unexpected star of the show. never finished so last 10 to 15 minutes annoying to me that was just constant bickering and no football with the squinty had tons would diminish me if we spoke
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it because. i'm shocked frankfurt looked big favorites ahead of their game witnessed at spurs but the roles were so reversed as marco richter put the home side in front of 5 if floyd needed election and then doubled outspends advantage by 2 nil the unexpected tough times score. frankfurt managed to pull one back through gonzalo pass e.n.c. . but it was not enough an outspoken celebrate their 1st win of the bundesliga campaign. the city fishmeal if you pull for games and 4 points is about where we need to be said to get 3 of them here this is a world of good as it would. was around things often mentioned face their rhineland rivals cologne falls fans relish a clash against cologne that seem has amassed more wins and goals against them than any other in this league aside and the trend continued as secured
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a one mil victory thanks to this early strike from us on what a player he's been for them so important friending handed the frenchman an easy chance to score and he julie slotted home to secure 3 points for his site. so here are the results from match day 4 so far 2 big clashes ended with lights drawing with reigning champions by hand and dortmund steamrolling live accusing 4 male elsewhere a bad day for both bowling clubs while outspoken shocked frank foote cologne of course losing to gladbach and on friday both spoke were held to a draw and disallowed off coming up on sunday hoffenheim fly book and shout travel to part of born and let's see how those results affect the table like to lead the pack with don't win in close pursuit but fly book could conceivably leap into 2nd
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place with an emphatic win on sunday and in the bottom half shall count hoffenheim have the chance to move up with wins tomorrow and it's starting to look bad for has a 1000000000 who are rooted to bottom spot. that brings us to our play of the day as voted by you on twitter and the winner with a stunning 60 percent of the vote is man's mako voice but the credit doesn't just go to him sonship storming down the right flank i'll cast it with a dummy to leave boys with an easy task lovely chemistry on display between don't moms from the right. so from us both david join us again tomorrow for more highlights and plenty of expert analysis believe you some of the best scenes from saturday's games but for now.
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