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discover the live live subscribe chillin documentary live to all of these people lost their lives at the berlin wall.
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christopher lloyd 5th of february 1909. the stuff on it is an on that must have been stefan han caught in chris's mother was informed that chris had been shot we were stunned it was inconceivable to us we were all so young 192021 we didn't think that this kind of thing was still possible in 1989 and 7 r.t. hostilities najman lucas.
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causes business and me chris really like going to the sea i can imagine that when you're young and you're standing so close to the water that you're able to give your dreams a lot more room to wander and. and i just i'm guessing that's a bit outside when he saw pictures of america or heard any kind of coverage about america that he always said he wanted to go there and see this incredibly vast country he started saying that when he was only 12 he felt that there was so much diversity over there which just wasn't the case in small confined east germany. i. felt so i think he was 14 or 15 when he repeated this feeling and i told him that i didn't think he would be able to do that because he wouldn't be able to get out of east germany if he said it out there comes a time in human sat shocked him and he replied by the time i'm grown up everything
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may have changed he still hoped at that age that the system could change and that he'd have more freedom as an adult of oxnard on and off i as i and kind. of all of us will send us on the m scale fetishist i don't think he was aware that he was putting his life in danger at best he knew that it was dangerous because he could have been arrested as a thought sort of smart enough to uncover not want to slice. the couple of the will of the lord and fall and fall just one the body was so pumped with adrenaline that you weren't scared that scared to the extent that we considered the outcome that then actually occurred because of the things. and could see how so we just thought ok if they catch us they'll arrest us and we'll be put in jail for a year which will all be quite harmless but neither the jail nor the stories outcome were harmless enough for almost all felt and interest of those.
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folks in the alagna m.r. before i spent 14 years living in the vicinity of the wall funnily enough i was unable to sleep although i was tired. has in store. in must have been half past 11 at night when i heard the shots. in the front of the there were lots of shots and it made me flinch but then i went back to. that and try to forget about it. don't think that. shit it is like. the next day i heard the 1st news announcements and the estimated there. it is and was shocked and horrified but at that time
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i had no idea that my own son had been the victim. this is doing this on a quiet. 5th of february 1909 midnight a message from mr milkha prevention of an attack on the border to west berlin the border guards of regiment 33 fired 22 warning shots and shots on target. because one told. chris had been hit we stopped moving he was and he's going to be provide him through the roof and we weren't trying to escape anymore at that moment i was hit by a bullet. d m o n e who found them on the thoughts i wasn't really that aware of
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it sort of feels like i felt that i'd been hit but i didn't feel any pain when on the phone. donna was younger and lined when the border guards surrounded us with their weapons drawn the sun looking tires on them and puts on the awful. they threw us into a ditch until some cars arrived and in gone the old. soviet health was called. 6th of february 989415 am one of the injured men has died the actions taken by the border police have been evaluated as being proper and decisive the names of the individuals who attempted to cross the border are to be struck from the hospital admissions register.
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of course other. chris always had a smile on his face he was by vicious and determined when he wanted to do something he wanted to do it he was very emotional in questioning. it much he nodded or and on and on and on and on and i thought he didn't just put up with things the way they were i think i'd miss myths but didn't so if we knew if he thought they should stop he spoke his mind and asked many questions or so on and on and on and on feel a function of it. to dorothy's and chris was very restless and i never knew what he did with all his
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energy and he was a noisy baby and very spirited he had a real thirst for knowledge he was very demanding there was one instance in school where chris was in trouble because he'd beaten someone up i've often national cups out of a casino he did that quite a few times in years one and 2 before he went to the sports school want to be on the beach and up when it come and i got a call so i went to the school when i got there i told him that i didn't want him fighting with the boys he was that as he told me he had to do it on one of the boys was fat and wore thick glasses and i was at that at a concert ticket and everyone was laughing at him so that this boy was crying that he and chris beat up the boys who were laughing that he liked doing that he was a wild child yeah. point of the gun. our friendship began straight away and. year one. began and
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that's when we started doing gymnastics together in school he was also from the johan is tall district. and me the one he was the only one who lived in the same district as me so we had the same grade school we got on well together possum's was and. it was it's was on the. or we knew we'd go to boarding school together we were fans of dynamo berlin they had a great journalists they were number one in east germany so that was a goal for us we were really proud of our finished at sea on the money and i mean on. the woman i remember the sports bags we got with the 1st badges saying dynamo
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on that bought it i think. that was what i want is looking with you that i should either when we were out and berlin with this bag we thought that other people would see that and think that we were great gymnast's that or and that. that was our goal for 3 years we were serious about it being a top class gymnast could change your whole life and not up in on by money off gets into an ugly. face but then there's i'm tough and know how as a country i remember him coming home at the weekend it was unbelievable his hands were so sore he had blisters and the skin was peeling off. he always took a bath and cut off the blistering skin we tried to patch him up at the weekends funnily enough the children thought that was normal they didn't feel they were being put under too much pressure there were only
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a few times after he'd been shouted at to do it again that he put his foot down and said no i don't want you anymore it's no fun like this with with. us. and was because i made a decision to take chris out of the sports school because i knew he'd never become a world champion as i told chris it was more likely that they'd break his back than that he'd get on to the podium sophs the best so i said he was too stubborn to make it he didn't want to hear it. i think it took 2 or 3 months and then he said to me fine i won't go there anymore but what will i do now cos my kids.
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you know. with good for the trained waiter chris get. i remember the 1st day of his internship and chris was standing in the office area that was the area between the kitchen then the guest room and crucial and. gust of all in them he stood there in his suit as if he'd been wearing it day and night for years with guns and he was confident all elegant and quick as he did his job.
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it was very impressive chris and i were both very happy about this job because in the days of east germany becoming a trained waiter was a privilege and guns guns the chanst and f. talk to duty at sight and all with privilege yet this as a mission it wasn't a highly regarded job but you had the chance to earn a lot of money even as a young person and vaio and x. all the time and. their clothes had gotten on all of whites if you give us the congress worked in a bar that had many visitors from the west there were tourists for them these german money wasn't worth much so they gave a lot of tips if you can get it so if you notice all sponsor and. in many restaurants it was an advantage if you could win over guests to be your allies they were quite liberal with the east german money that they exchanged $10.00 to $1.00 of them since owens but almost. all scandal has local new guns and that's how you could easily earn a few 100 marks
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a day. or 2 who call up more from the. us cops whom obvious height but you're not there were evenings when we went for a walk in berlin sometimes we'd walk through the central district and that always made us pensive because we could see the wall of this constipate neo-con one compared to not it was right there in crisp oak very much about how he perceived the system out of the if you pull him out of a bush one he also talked about how he couldn't serve in the national people's army because he didn't want a political career on the border we had lots in common and gotten type commands on peyton and he's on the on for thoughts the 4 as i asked him what his plan was i didn't want to get him to confess that he had plans to flee or anything like that he sort of stared into the distance and said i can't say that right now but things
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can't stay the same. thing he said that cost me on my visit chris said the same thing to me once why don't we leave i told him why should we leave i have everything i need here i have a job i have a flat he shouted at me there must be more to life than that a small bank account a flat a job that's not enough help this i suppose or so there's a sort. of loose on. the and i had no real idea about how he felt i'd have kept a much closer eye on him had i known but i didn't want. biceps that just. the 7th of february 989 police headquarters operation turner is being initiated to monitor a current gift was environs as well as to prevent information getting through to the western press it is therefore been decided to summon giffords mother for the
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purpose of intimidation. so moves that on coming month by and 10 minutes later someone came in a relatively tall man in a blue uniform highly decorated he introduced himself i forget his rank but i think his surname was true though so he told me without hesitation mrs gaffer i we would like to inform you that your son committed an attack on a military object and has died do you need a doctor if that's when everything changed then called his kid than the others for. i started screaming and really lost the plot but they got such a fright because they weren't expecting that reaction i kept screaming you murdered him he was only 20 he didn't do anything i was so powerless i was completely in
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their hands there was nothing i could do but they did this to my child and all i could do was scream in silence i couldn't run through the streets screaming they'd have stuck me in a mental hospital straight away i think i had this sense of helplessness for a good 6 weeks or 6. it was the last we knew that cotton had been threatened we tried to support her and be there for her but we wanted to hear her stories that she had terrible things to say about what had happened to her and how the authorities had treated her with the east german papers announced that there hadn't been an order to shoot so that nobody had been shot but we knew he'd been shot and still it was denied we immediately knew that the state wanted to shut us up and sweep this whole affair under the carpet they didn't want anybody to know that someone had been shot at the wall it doesn't enter into does he madonna marshals have on us. 24th of february 989 police headquarters kibo stossel quick scan for his funeral must be prepared with the goal of preventing anybody from abusing the ceremony to commit provocative actions against the state
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leadership extensive security measures around current get freud have not been able to prevent the leaking of conspiratorial information from going for his social circle to western newspapers. once in a protest in all the mood so hard on him it's not what i thought it was a silent protest to have the courage and say we have to put a notice of his death in the papers it was denied that anybody had been shot down the system refused to acknowledge it so we did it and we went in there stuck together with the nets the us consulate and tonight's poll we thought we could only say it was a tragic accident and we wanted to give the day it was a small protest that would test us on the kind of protests blood.
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and it was not all we knew that efforts had been made for the media to attend the funeral that was the small contribution we were able to make and that's when atlanta talk. bida by the full. body and often you have the want to do while we were under constant surveillance at the funeral everywhere. officers were stationed in the cemetery side alleys and by the graves as these german citizens we knew that things like that went on but we've not been affected personally the for those who up until my posts yet or want to leave me there was a total yamaha to the mods cognition you know we always perceived it to be tragic. the system hammered into us that this was the border between 2 fundamentally different systems and the border was hostile to us so people who did what chris did
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could end up the way chris ended up all. went. on this policy and it was dreadful this is final and that's what we saw on sunday is it possessed a presence was the final straw i knew i couldn't live in this place. it was a police state a dictatorship as is and pretty tight does this not picked up well. the 24th of february 1989 it is further ordered that the political damage must be contained by all available means the use of an informer against the young adults and disciplining of christopher or his mother. if a much been accomplished was as sometimes i was at the police station for 6 or 7 hours i had lost all sense of time the only way i knew how much time had passed was from the clock on the town hall and i couldn't even remember properly what they'd
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asked and what i'd said they just wouldn't stop talking to his kind of whom in. view of all the more we go for a long as got to get a place we were brought in for questioning several times they came to my home to question me some more they followed me around for 3 weeks they came to the funeral and then always stood outside the shop but the 2 gentlemen sat inside there when i left the house in the morning they followed me on day 3 i started saying good morning to them. they said good morning back. of the homes if they didn't try and hide it was very open to be followed me home again. they followed me wherever i went like that i was just starting up the career ladder and had a leading position others like water off a plane and off and i don't pull it was made very clear to me that it didn't matter how the situation ended my career was over the only job i'd ever get in my life and was
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a stagehand looking as you know what all. i know and the father in then i remember one trip i took in a tram it was packed full with boys with rucksacks and suitcases they were all very jolly there was something in each one of their faces that reminded me of chris i started crying i couldn't control myself i wanted to but i couldn't and the whole tram went quiet as i stood there wondering what i was going to do to what extent the hold up with what i think it's been i couldn't explain just. chris was dead i was embarrassed mr say it was tough so i wasn't allowed to say in this state what had happened and that was very painful as i got out and felt numb.
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owes a tart things mystery and i asked myself what i was doing in a country like that i went to the police station and got myself together and decided i will talk with me because that was the day they told me that their investigations were completed and that the state had acted properly and that i should never say again that he had been murdered. one of them added you yourself said chris was like a little wild horse what do you do with wild horses if they don't let you catch them so i looked at him and said you just shoot them he nodded that's when i woke up and knew that i had to leave i couldn't breathe anymore i didn't want to live there any longer like kind of he and really. really she was up until then she didn't know about her son's death was special commission informed her that her son committed an attack on a military object carrying go for oil would be questioned here for weeks.
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he wanted to. they're young they never experienced the wall they were born a lot later their parents often don't tell them much. many of them come from southern germany and sweden they just want to know about chris and me and about east germany what is it like to live in a dictatorship how do you behave i think it's great that i'm allowed to do this and that i'm invited to tell my stories and it's here in.
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my book and he says sometimes i'm surprised myself that i've managed this it has worked i always remember chris's words about how there had to be more to life you can always make a fresh start and i know now that he was right you can make a fresh start what kind of.
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along. on the floor of our. car culture. car a hair. superman. superfood style. song long gone. lifestyle during. the moment. 30 minutes strong. the phone. doesn't make going.
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across it self-centered. doesn't make them friendlier more sociable maybe even small. testosterone is a lot more complex than you would think at 1st just being. discovered in the making of hamas. simply. do not think that is the general well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that you gentlemen thanks to you consider jam a culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics that any of thinkers leave the country that i not. pm needed to take his grandmother down
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this is a d.w.t. news live from berlin suspected drone attacks for saudi arabia to slash its crude oil production by toft the world's largest oil processing facility was set ablaze by the assault the rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility but the u.s. planes are ran. tunisians are.


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