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police say a man in his sixty's has been arrested in connection with the burglary. you're watching the deadly news from burlesque next is a documentary film turning toxic the buyer months on tom ridge or a man i haven't seen from me and the entire news team thanks for watching. on the screen. and i'm getting some of the brand new delusions armies post coast explosive devices and stuff so place that affects a whole lot of pollution climate change and the return of the. only reasons check out. os.
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bay or a german corporate heavyweight under pressure and 21000 its blockbuster merger with u.s. rival monsanto has seemingly backfired. it's facing one of the deepest crises of its 155 year history. of bombings and fortunes krista bauman and his colleagues on the board miscalculated the risks they should have said no the deal is off do you need to shorten it at the center of the controversy the week killer roundup and its active ingredient life did monsanto conceal the health risks as lawsuits maintained monsanto effectively made a business out of poisoning people and getting away with it. although u.s. courts have already ruled against bayer ordering it to pay more than $2000000000.00 in damages it insists life is it is safe round up does not cause cancer.
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beyers annual shareholders meeting in april 2900 a day. of reckoning for c.e.o. v on up all mon and supervisory board chairman vai on a venom they are stock price has fallen nearly 50 percent since its acquisition of seed in chemical giant monsanto shareholders are going ballistic the border takes cover in his opening speech vell no ball months tone is defensive team to cools to in the market reaction has been exaggerated in our opinions the current stock price does not reflect the true value of our company bulls but we understand the prevailing sense of uncertainty he phones a shill balm on is on apologetic finding fault neither his own actions nor in those of the board as in previous years environmental activists are making noise outside players meeting fans. then i think to them bayer is as bad as monsanto
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arguably the company with the worst image in the world. i suspect. as a default the board absolutely made a mistake and it totally misjudged the risks that monsanto was bringing into the marriage especially in view of the lawsuits that have begun piling up. under normal circumstances a top manager would be accused of blatant failure and says guns transfers are. funny for me i'm very concerned for my family my son works in a department that beyers liquidating he has 3 daughters so also in this regard the future doesn't look good. and he said life is saved and how it's evaluated scientifically is one thing but i'm here today as a shareholder who's horrified by the plunge and buyers share price i want to hear what they have to say that. i'm here to see the face of a man who was idiotic enough to buy a poison manufacturer but still made so much money in the process of the. man
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whose day of reckoning his common shareholders take the unprecedented step of backing a no confidence motion in belmont and the management board the censure has no legal consequences but it's a stinging rebuke that makes van obama the 1st serving chief executive of a dex listed company to lose a vote of no confidence all because of monsanto. did bayer buy a pig in the poke with its acquisition of the company in st louis was it aware of the legal risks or did the german giant take them on board expecting profits to outweigh potential legal damages profits from genetically modified seeds engineered to be used in conjunction with monsanto's flagship product roundup. for. need to know grace is all in all with a shout of around out for driving. around.
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a groundbreaking verdict in the 1st trial against monsanto alleging roundup causes cancer the jury awards $289000000.00 to do wayne johnson a former school groundskeeper from san francisco subsequently a judge will reduce the award to 78000000 but johnson's lawyer feels vindicated. and. he was using a stronger pressure hose sprayer so he was spraying 150 gallons every morning. and so he is exposure was pretty extreme and prior to his exposure his skin was perfect he was healthy he had no other chemical exposures but within 2 years after starting this sort of massive sprang he developed this incredibly. aggressive cancer that alternately is going to take his life. johnson suffers
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from and on hodgkin's lymphoma a malignant cancer that forms in the lymphatic system he wants this case to serve as a precedent you know i'm glad to be here to be able to help with a cause is way bigger than me so hopefully this they will start to get the attention that it needs to do right supposed to make a good choice. bayer has appealed this and every subsequent court ruling that's found roundup caused cancer it maintains the decisions reached by the jury so failed to acknowledge scientific research that supports it like a safe use. by for i feel sorry for mr johnson i have tremendous sympathy for what he and his family are going through when i look at the jury verdict the. decision it's just wrong and it doesn't change the science it doesn't change those 40 years of safe use the 800 tests of the agricultural health study it doesn't change the science obviously the
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science didn't resonate with the jury we want to understand why because we need we need to do a better job explaining the science to people understand their products are safe so debate has been raging for years over the safety of. opinion is divided and the science is not settled. internal corporate communications reveal monsanto has employed deceptive tactics to try to win the debate the so-called monsanto papers were released to the public through civil trials and 2017 journalists carry gilham examined the documents. these are discovery documents that monsanto was forced to turn over to the plaintiffs in the litigation and so far monsanto itself says that it's turned over about $10000000.00 pages of documents and this is really been eyeopening because
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we've seen so much evidence of how the company has worked to hide the risks of its products. rhonda and its active ingredient life is saved. few substances have been the subject of so many clinical trials tests on animal laboratory studies and analyses. but revelations on the ones confidential monsanto papers called the objective of the of these studies into serious question. when monsanto says there are $800.00 studies showing that it is safe we have no idea how many of those studies might be authentic independent scientific studies we know that the scientific literature has been corrupted. monsanto's p.r. strategists work just busy in the united states from their headquarters in st louis to devise global campaigns for their top selling chemical lifeless it. unsealed internal documents show how early on monsanto would sort of pressure to
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even get federal approval for the use of like to see for example from the u.s. environmental protection agency the e.p.a. . in the 190-1990 s. the e.p.a. decided to just go along with monsanto and overrule its own toxicologist but it was very controversial and in the final decision which e.p.a. determined they would classify glyphosate as not likely to be carcinogenic some of their own scientists refused to sign off on that. their free lead elimination thanks to round up. as long ago as 1996 ads like this one were branded misleading by the new york state attorney general. by medical sure you know the broad advertising claims that month to was advanced in those days that somehow the road a product was entirely safe biodegradable. you know safe for
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pets and children. and you know less dangerous than table salt we knew otherwise for. clee there were pretty admitted under federal law for making claims like that they knew the dangers of round up but yet they were trying to sell to consumers in new york and in other states. a different story. from ridgeway illinois. and while monsanto was forced to alter advertising in new york it's continued to market roundup is entirely safe and other u.s. states. across the country roundup remains a mainstay of agricultural production like here but the local farmer and cooperated . in the hot summer months no one wears protective clothing and there's little concern about skin contact with the herbicide i usually if i get some mommy on my stuff i'm there and i go wash it off because sometimes it
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will start burning or. some other can hurt you but i don't think it would be necessarily life threatening but. it appears most farmers are unperturbed by the debate over the safety of their retailers over the decades monsanto and its products have made their work less labor intensive and help them secure higher living standards thanks to advances in the technology and chemical property farming is no longer back breaking work i. and bayer holds out the promise of further improvements for example at the farm progress show in boone iowa and august 28th. billed as the world's largest open air agricultural trade fair it's the place to showcase the latest in farm technology. many here are baffled by the 1st round of trial verdicts. it's to be expected coming out of california
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where they've got a world of tree huggers of people that do not understand business while the banana judge and a jury out there. render a catastrophic award. and housing world a better place i'm very worried yes we need to just drop it and we do not need over $200000000.00 lawsuits against monsanto are you know it's bayer now but. i mean somebody has to pay that. this is home turf for the former monsanto employees and their new colleagues from bayer. damage limitation is the name of the game here. they talk of individual cases and studies that exonerates like to say. i would look at that is one case doesn't change 800 scientific studies it doesn't change 40 years or years and were
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thoroughly supportive of the product but roundup does not cause cancer. but just how many of those studies were actually independent german toxicologists are among those who question the figure cited by bayer. find decent size when it quotes this figure buyer as referring to all of the pesticide action network studies carried out in some relation to the effects of glad to say. but the debate on whether or not to ban it centers on whether it's carcinogenic and that is the subject of 12 studies. the law says a pesticide must be considered carcinogenic if it's found to be such by 2 studies in the case of life is safe there are 5 independent studies that confirm a significantly higher cancer incidence in mice if you can so there's more than enough evidence to meet the legal criteria. for rice for how.
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they are maintains that humans are never exposed to such high concentrations as animals and lab tests for a long time management said 3000 studies showed that life was he was safe. then they revised that figure to $800.00 today the company only refers to $107.00 studies a cornerstone of its claims rests on the findings of the agricultural health study conducted in the u.s. it examined 45000 people who used life regularly over a period of 20 years and found no link with non hodgkin lymphoma. but since the release of the monsanto papers they are has had to defend itself in the face of compromising evidence. in an e-mail dating from 2003 the company's leading toxicologist says. you cannot say that roundup is not a carcinogen we have not done the necessary testing on the formulation to make that statement. when monsanto's chief toxicologist says we can't
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same round of does not cause cancer because we haven't done the testing on it there's no multiple interpretations of that that is their own toxicologist saying yeah we actually haven't tested the formulated product so we can't say it doesn't cause cancer because we don't know. what they are make of monsanto's evaluation today but no one from management of the supervisory board is willing to grant us an interview they sent us a man with the title of president of agricultural affairs who tells us that to date he's had nothing to do with the monsanto merger. we based our evaluation on the documentation we received and on licensing documentation from around the world the ingredient has been licensed internationally for 40 years it has its merits and advantages and we didn't see a problem. and it will be what is it. but monsanto evidently did in 2014 its leading toxicologist raised another red flag. what we have long
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been concerned about has happened. is on for an eye arc review. why concerned the international agency for research on cancer is totally independent its verdict carries weight. york as part of the world health organization which in turn is a specialized agency of the united nations australian professor lynne fritchey was on the panel of experts who study glyphosate ever since she's been targeted with harsh criticism from the agricultural industry. people can trust our case is an institution that has been doing this for a long time there are transparent procedures as to what. the groups need to do the groups are the best people in the world in this area they have no conflicts of interest and they look at their literature that available publicly that peer
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reviewed that high quality and come up with a decision by our classified life or so it has probably carcinogenic to humans and yet life has remained on the market. lynne fritchey says monsanto's response to the findings was highly derogatory you know why that seems to imply that we did this on purpose that we were out to get money lifecycle monsanto and that's not the case we were there to follow i axed procedures to do you do a fair assessment of what the scientific evidence was and that's what we did and so it's not it's not right to say that we've this much something we looked at the evidence and we came up with a conclusion that we thought fit the evidence based. shortly after iraq's classification. life state's license was up for renewal at the u.s. environmental protection agency. just before its experts
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convened one outspoken glyphosate critic was excluded from her view. know me now we're shocked in november you know but the week or so after the presidential election i was informed that you know i was being removed from the panel. the agro chemical industries main lobby group claimed he was biased i agree with the international agency for research on cancers review that concluded that there was evidence some evidence that clive asay was seeded with the hodgkin's lymphoma in people exposed to the life of say. without their formal panel consultant peter infante the e.p.a. renewed life for states license despite negative classification which bayer continues to dispute. there's going to be a mischaracterization of remarkable tool that needs to stay in farm hands it was
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going to be dispersed in a fashion that was inappropriate and we're preparing to make sure the public understand understands the safety of clive to say i think there are extreme valid reasons to do that. yeah. but you. with their marriage to monsanto managers at bayers headquarters and live accusing didn't just acquire roundup and it's estimated annual sales of some 3500000000 euros they also adopted monsanto's defense of the main ingredient. be isn't enough before for as we remain convinced that glyphosate is a safe product. based on all this information the board of management consider the liability risk in connection with life the fate to be low. at the same time we're also aware of the tremendous importance of glyphosate for the global food supply but in the. bayer has battled fierce criticism from environmentalists but steel
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with monsanto has also been denounced in german boardrooms like here in frankfurt at the asset management group us its main shareholders touch upon. them suzy or what they wanted it too badly and if you invest a lot of time on something this deal was more than 2 years in the making then there's often a tendency to say we've spent so much time and money so even if it's all not perfect now we have to go ahead with it was supposed to. speak for many bayer shareholders. manhunt of 2 yards and the other the shareholders weren't given enough information yet and above all they weren't consulted on whether they approved of such a change to the company and. this after all shifted the company focus from pharmaceuticals to agro chemicals. and the shareholders should have had a say in that transformations it's by no means clear whether that was legal or not
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is. indeed financial month mr obama on thought he could transplant buyers good reputation over to monsanto by covering up its name with buyers but it wasn't that easy and now unfortunately monsanto has arrived in europe and germany. they are stock price and image have been weighed down by the negative media coverage in the us but its head office insists that's not clouding business. in all of us all suppose look we can all read about what's happening out there but i can tell you that in the house we know business is doing very well the 1st quarter of 29000 when very well naturally the stock price isn't cause for celebration and that is primarily driven by the uncertainties arising from the legal disputes we're facing in the us. and d.v.r. in was of course we were aware that there was a problem with monsanto as reputation and image we knew them well as our competitor
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but we also felt that we can handle that us via to justice and you can. bet your belief that buying monsanto would boost its balance sheets the creating synergies and saving costs would generate higher profits but nobody knows how much us legal costs and potential compensation payments will dent those profits there appears to be little appetite among bayer employees to voice open criticism a former top tier employee does consent to speak anonymously. i'm afraid they haven't measured the pulse of workers inside the company and that employees are afraid of speaking their minds instead they keep telling each other that the science is on our side we are right and we need to grit our teeth because it's just a matter of time until we're proven right. but that won't work management has obviously underestimated just how severe the criticism is and how long it's continued and just how badly it can shake the company to its core.
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before its monsanto takeover bayer actually enjoyed a good reputation in the agricultural sector one of its leading divisions was its vegetable seed business under the brand in the netherlands. and here they are cultivated vegetables from high quality seeds without any help from the controversial technology of genetic engineering. like cucumbers bigger than average and very tasty from seeds that fetch maximum market prices but amid beyers quest to acquire monsanto some 30 antitrust regulators worldwide spent 2 years examining the proposed union to see where it might reduce competition. and they gave faiers vegetable seeds production a thumbs down they are was forced to divest this profitable business it sold it to be a set for 7600000000 euros
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a bargain market analysts say. no none cans can no longer carry the bayer logo. that. quite apart from the merger they are still has problems in the pharmaceutical sector. and for talo the works council fears for $750.00 jobs in the whole of germany 4 and a half 1000 jobs are brisk. worldwide the figure is at $12000.00. the head of the works council voices cautious criticism. to the shift to hear thoughts a hit really hurts the employees here to have to stand by and watch the gradual erosion of the company's good reputation. as a voice within this is their home so it's important to let the dust settle and focus on the facts and ultimately this kind of interview only serves to reignite
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debate and stir up tempers and that's exactly what i'd like to avoid. no matter whom we ask employees say the merger is a hot topic in house but no one will go on the record. buyer generally tends to view criticism as disloyalty it shuts the gates and withdraws from view but now would actually be the time to open up to listen and demonstrate a willingness to admit it's very obvious mistakes to learn from them and allow the dialogue that says it seeks with opponents to actually take place. dialogue on beyers terms in february 21000 its communications department invited the press minus their cameras to the bay arena home to premier league soccer club bayer leverkusen with a view on to the chemically fertilized pitch the aim was to convince journalists about the advantages of life to see it as an introduction they were shown a 6 minute film. shot. sri lanka home of cylon
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t.v. worldwide this tea is valued for its unique qualities sri lanka's fertile soil and perfect climate offers the ideal conditions for the production of the finest aromas and good yields. so i toss and for the elaborately produced video takes us to sri lanka and according to the film's narrative the exotic paradise came under serious threat 4 years ago that the government banned the use of like a signal to get something on troops left in sri lanka suddenly we'd sprung up everywhere. on cults best of luck to team and rice and corn yields collapse. and further selection in india is a list sound bites from plantation managers scientists and politicians underscore the severity of the situation but then there's a turning. in the citing
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a misguided decision based on dubious studies to the government lives the life of. the film dismisses these studies as unscientific but a line often a pope because he one of these internet site or. but now all will be well again life is it will soon make up for the massive crop failures sri lanka to say. the recent life to say it was banned in the 1st place is only mentioned in passing and not illustrated in the film. over 2 decades a mysterious a chronic kidney disease has killed more than 20000 people in sri lanka. almost all of those affected worked on farms or plantations where they were exposed to large quantities of life seen. in belgium we meet 2 of the researchers have been working to uncover the causes of this endemic that is affected tens of thousands of people in rural sri lanka. and in.
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china as a doctor and toxicologist he's arrived here and look at him from sri lanka to discuss the latest findings with the belgian kidney specialist mark dobro is in there. although dobro is retired he's continued his research and it was through his work that the 2 physicians met. early doors named as chronic conditions so one should have no one no need to reach and many people died and more than 70. people who had been 122 have been deceased so when i would use the media's to help the shooting actually we did they did anybody milledgeville and we found it has very high. up into the dr jaya somalia believes the source of the disease lies in the groundwater. in the affected areas it contains various heavy metals when these bond with pesticides or herbicides such as. they form highly
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toxic compounds. dr jaya some mana has found such toxins in drinking water the researchers believe these could well be causing kidney damage in farm workers it's a hypothesis that sri lanka's agricultural lobby has fought hard to refute. then the started their. campaign against economics who did the studies. think their leading. scientists working for 110th he came to sri lanka and he did he was he religious he needs. and he 9 any association between the can we get it but they didn't. we don't really need any study. but dr jaya some on it has the backing of professor dobro an internationally renowned kidney specialist and. their findings correspond to studies in india and central america where agricultural workers have been afflicted by a very similar epidemic. but we are both in front of just specialists and they know
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the reason and i'm a specialist in may for looks at conflicts so i met him in a covert absence of africa he was even a lecturer and i said this is the man i want to have a collaboration with because he was extremely different to find the cause of the disease because it's killing so many people and nobody knows what this that he's in and everybody was telling that it was this and the reason and never believed that. so we start the collaboration and thanks to these docs you call the g.b. to pay them and the fall of the truck that he has to know because of it go to us and we have that absolute evidence that this disease is a toxic everybody. we show dr joe some honest bayer video on the life of said bannon sri lanka and the alleged damage it caused a farmer's fields. on it in one sets foot and we asked beyers representatives about those claims that the ban really lead to crop losses and yet.
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glyphosate ban left farmers with annual losses of 100000000 euros off emotions you also have you fact check the claims made about the effects of the glad to say. yes we would make them if we hadn't known these civil life. in that the production. was basically due to bad with it it was not due to play pussy we then challenge the impartiality of the our allegedly independent expert in the video. agriculture professor. positive side of the story for him it serves as a lesson to the whole world when this is a joke i mean this person. he is a prophet in agriculture in the bit i think the university at the same time he was so bored to take off the chemical industries the company just the leading industry
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in sri lanka and is the sole agent all sit and said they came because in truth there were fun to talk an impartial viewer would conclude that this individual is an independent expert with objective judgment our research shows he's on the board of a major chemical distributor because it in part to us is mind i mean if it didn't make sense you wouldn't say it there are advantages to using life estate and that's the message this video is trying to get across the good of the us so you think this is an objective ploy to speak this is these are the facts on what happened in sri lanka. i think news to show new hope all in other places but not in sri lanka if we show this it could become a joke i later we receive an email from beyers corporate communications department it underlines the accuracy of its sri lanka video and rejects any attempt to question the facts it contains in particular it defends the expert interviewed in
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the film as an absolute authority in his field. they are also emphasizes that weather conditions in sri lanka played no significant role in crop losses. the 2 scientists are stunned by this effort to invalidate their findings not least because the scope of their research is much broader than monsanto buyer and their best selling weed killer roundup. how do pesticides enter the human body and what harm can they cause how long can substances like life a safe be detected and how many people are affected. to answer these questions we had to friends. that they could sue institute of sport scientists spend more than 18 months on a study investigating life is it residues and hair samples from hundreds of people
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in use at all so it's we take strands less than 3 centimeters long shimon. peres considered a reliable bio monitoring tool to measure long term exposure to harmful substances . because of all. we've found life is 8 residues in the hair of half the subjects which means that these people have been chronically contaminated with this substance exposed. to the study draws no conclusion as to whether this poses a health hazard but it does show how prevalent the substances in the environment. musician. paul the samples have come in from all over the world but we had people send us samples all the way from france and the united states as well as australia and japan. so we can say this is a very representative group in our endeavor to detect life a state without doing. the research or stress that further studies are
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needed to evaluate the long term effects of. and when it comes to end products like around the additives also need to be examined. life estate is the key but not the only ingredient in round ups like. we can't decipher roundups exact formula through our research. body so. all we can say is that the end user which in most cases means the farmer is exposed to many more substances besides just life estate. the manufacturer keeps the formula under wraps leaving researchers to work in the dark as they try to determine defects of roundup on human health. back to bayer this is the company's substance library monheit on. all of the
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millions of active substances that bayer has ever researched or stored here. the company announced at the beginning of june that it will invest 5000000000 euros in research to find life for safe alternatives that made it clear this was not in response to verdicts coming out of the united states and bayer says a global increase in weed resistance poses a threat to life or 6 efficiency it sees the need to find new approaches to weed management. it's a fact for almost 30 years not a single new active ingredient has been brought to market and i'm glad to say meanwhile has generated increasing concern. australia is the last stop on our glyphosate journey. roundup is officially licensed for use here but the 1st lawsuits are pending. here to life as it has been linked to disease. ron and trolley
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snape have a farm until book 350 kilometers south of sydney. they used to lie for say for years. that trolley felt gravely ill she said complying always smelled of the brand of off to a used one when using on the farm we could actually use it for anything up to a week stroy using the 5 boys control controlling along of friends lawns so. soon just just general fondue so we used that for instance of lee. a couple of your ground up is indispensable weapon against weeds. and. no one ever told the potential health risks the doctor's diagnosis was a shock. same thing. they just said there was still got in finally he said this is farmers lymphoma he said is common to farmers he said so
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many farmers are overrepresented in the population doesn't fund the softly so well that just might not feel so damn guilty of done something dramatic from a loss that's probably short who lost those just absolutely and it's just absolutely appalling not i find that absolutely made because hal was wrong you know . many of those affected are not willing to accept their fate without a fight. australian farmers are well aware of the damages awarded by us jerseys and of the numerous studies and life of say that appear to confirm its health hazards. are going to probably go through there's a paper that was published on the findings of a team that conducted a metal analysis of the link between non hodgkin's lymphoma and glad to see. the study was funded by monsanto and to my surprise it was never the last published reports. because it concludes there is
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a significant probability that life is safe causes non hodgkin lymphoma for. significant over shyness tried to outsmart. but this study too evidently offers room for interpretation by both sides of the clock a safe debate which is presumably why monsanto didn't block its publication such contradictory accounts make it all the more difficult for those affected to know where to turn. at the very least victims say they should have been warned of the potential side effects. and sign that the money vast is actually my just dollars i should have a modest goal in for the least put on that i can assure is a possibility slightly away of slightly so the loss of mike an informed decision that i'm going to use it all i'm not going to use it but he'll call a set just son's body hard drive. i want to wait for the season that's how i roll so i reach for around the extended control with the only adds like this are now
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history as the age did change things go wrong and bayer not monsanto has to foot the bill. in a california court this couple was awarded record damages of more than $2000000000.00 they to maintain roundup gave them cancer with another verdict baiters appealing. it would be. nice for the right wizard mode 3 wives and learning about time. from a dissenter on a dish warning these are just jury verdicts we refer to the evaluations of regulators it was on april 30th that the e.p.a. confirmed that the active ingredient life estate is safe. so here canadian authorities did the same the german federal institute for risk assessment also did the same and for us these are the conclusions that count and on which we base our operations it's a total phone the whole thing and how do you explain the fact that despite these
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decisions the courts have reached the opposite conclusion and are now imposing huge fines on monsanto or rather bayer to reason we are talking for turn this into a kind of a script to these are not legally binding verdicts they are preliminary judgments that we are appealing. and also you have to distinguish between these court proceedings and the licensing procedure which is an independent process we're not going to rely on the verdicts of juries which as we know can be very emotional and skillfully manipulated. zip and what you and i can. that's why we are appealing and we know we'll be proven right by the scientific data. mining on dorsets. bayer is betting on winning the next round but the attorneys for us plaintiffs expect further court rulings on their client's favor. this is not the end of this litigation this is the beginning there are tens of thousands of
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people out there probably 203040000 people and i have continuously told they are and monsanto are coming after them we are not slowing down this is the beginning farm workers landscapers and how moaners personal injury lawyers are pulling out all the stops risk for not hodgkin's lymphoma or other cancers of the blood. they've taken to the airwaves in a bid to round up victims of roundup but bayer remains optimistic. my evidence in empress to dust in 10 years' time is it may or will be in an excellent position as we work our way through these lawsuits it will cost time it will cost nerves and money but it won't torpedo the goal of this acquisition we face enormous food production challenges and we need to view these challenges in a global context and feeding the world's future population is an immense responsibility and that is where we will make our contribution dimentia to india on
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top of it going to invite our listeners. robotics. keep learning. wait a 2nd we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shifts to live us. from other reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's start there devise a simple. shift. doubling the. street
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to a special edition of the gum. with a hot topic. the smiling coast is known for its beauty. and 6 tourism. we talk to those affected. into government official business. where does the problem occupy. them 30 minutes on d w. i'm not laughing at the gym because sometimes down but most end up with me but i don't think deep into the german culture of. new jersey when take this grandma's. house it's all that. enough time reiko join me for me to get funky help host.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators rally on the city's streets in defiance of a police band thousands of people marched through downtown hong kong they accuse china of or a negative on a deal meant to safeguard the island's freedoms. also coming up drone attacks for saudi arabia to cut.


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