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good. is the state of the music live from berlin violence returns to the streets of hong kong police fire water cannons with blue dye and tear gas to someplace just petrol bombs and say fire to barricades that was off approach him ocracy demonstrators defied a police fan to march through the city. and drone attacks for saudi arabia to cut inhofe its crude oil production the world's largest oil pricing facility was safe for planes by the assault. given has claimed responsibility but the u.s. claims iraq. then in the bundesliga the race for the title heats up early on as
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forest you don't mistake on fire live acoustic on match day full. hello i'm christine with a welcome to the program. pro-democracy processes in hong kong have defied a police baton and taken to the streets once again police reportedly had to break up some place faced as with water cannons and tear gas thousands are still marching through a downtown hong kong shopping district some demonstrators carried american flags 44 international support in the pro-democracy campaign hundreds of people gathered outside the british consulate pill for help from hong kong's former colonial rule they're calling on the u.k. support pressure on beijing to hold on kong's autonomy and that the one country 2
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systems agreements. now reports but it is in hong kong and joins us now from ohio mathias good to see you so people are back on the streets in their numbers what's happening now way way you walk well people have 1st gathered around the government headquarters and the parliament the legislature there have been dispersed with tear gas. water cannons from there and then then all of them moving around the city just a moment ago there were lots of protestors here now they've moved to other streets and they're really really grouping over there as you can see so everybody is on the move the protesters in the streets of hong kong and the police behind. the at the protests were initially triggered by an extradition bill that has since been withdrawn why are people still taking to the streets why are they still protesting
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. if this withdrawal had come in the very beginning after the 1st mosque demonstrations then probably everything would have and soon but since these protests have begun so much anger has built up anger mostly at the police force that has been using tear gas and rubber bullets and protestors and many hong-kong to see as excessive violence. so an investigation into police violence is one of the main demands of the protesters and this slow reaction of the government paired with this harsh reaction off the police and and this willingness to use violence against the protesters has also convinced many people that they should stand up to their demand of universal suffrage to elect their government themselves they are not happy with this system they have not been happy with this system that guarantees beijing
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a say in appointing the chief executive the head of government and the more this has been continuing the more people feel that this system is broken and they need political reform a one month you might say yes and perhaps answer this one very quickly yesterday we saw some clashes between pro beijing's support is and pro-democracy support is how polarized would you say hong kong is right now. well the cleavage between the 2 camps is getting bigger you can imagine all these pictures of violence violence by the police but also by the protesters are of course driving people closer together in their own camp from surveys of you know we know that most hong kong is a majority is standing behind the demands of the protesters an ease with the political system has been growing over the past 5 years when beijing interfered more and more directly into hong kong politics so probably the moral majority is
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standing with the protesters although there might not be approved of all of the methods they use and the violence right that's mathias boiling in hong kong thank you it's now to the middle east where drone attacks strikes on saudi arabia's largest oil province have slashed the wolves daily supply of oil by 5 percent but while the rebels from given have claimed responsibility the u.s. has banned iran for the attack raising tensions yet between washington and tehran one of the globe's most crucial commodities going up in smoke the result of twin drone strikes at the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry state media say the fires that erupted after saturday's attacks were quickly brought under control but officials say that production at the apple cake oil processing facility the largest in the world and the courageous oil field the country's 2nd biggest has been
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temporarily suspended there are fears of how this might affect world markets with saudi arabia responsible for about a 10th of the world's oil output these strikes have effectively cut 5 percent of global supply overnight for the 4 years now riyadh has been involved in a proxy war with iran in yemen the country's who the rebels who are backed by tehran have claimed responsibility for these attacks and found more. well the caller promised the saudi regime that are coming operations will only grow wider and will be more painful than before so long as their aggression and blockade continues no good washington is pointing the finger at iran u.s. secretary of state. said on twitter that there was no evidence the attacks had come from yemen tehran has dismissed u.s. claims and denied any involvement in the strikes again for more on this story we're joined by at one time he's a middle east analyst based in
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a desolate off welcome to day. i've met so who the rebels a game of have claimed responsibility but the u.s. accuses iran of being behind the drone attacks tehran denies it what's your sense of who do you think is telling the truth. in this in this time and in this era we really have to think through different scenarios it is perfectly capable that there with you have been carrying out this strike. there has been this war going on in yemen for years now and these have tried to show that they are able to to strike back and there are no sure in the vulnerability of saudi oil infrastructure iran could be behind this to show that it can resist against the maximum pressure competing launched by the u.s. against iran and the u.s. will obviously try to blame iran not only to find another cause to up the pressure against iran but to also back their allies saudi arabia with regards to the war
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that is going on in yemen how likely or rather how is saudi arabia likely it's a respond to these attacks. that is indeed difficult to say because what we really have to keep to bear in mind here with these attacks is that the vulnerability of the crucial saudi oil infrastructure has been on display here and it has a lot to do with what this that what the saudis believe the u.s. umbrella security umbrella would actually do for them the control of their country our missile system which is supposed to in fact prevent such attacks from happening so it's difficult for saudi arabia to now assess whether it should strike back or in fact wait and see what really has been behind those attacks and then elaborate more sound strategy and then you sort of hinted at the vulnerability have but this is not the 1st time that oil facilities in saudi arabia have been targeted just how
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vulnerable odd they say let's hack. i think to the scope and the magnitude of this one has been significantly different so the decision has gotten worse we've had us in times issuing reports in in august basically last month inching to that it will it will have an effect on how secure saudi arabia feels under the u.s. security umbrella or whether it has to develop its own security arrangement in the region which may sound cynical would actually be a good outcome of incident like this so that in fact there is a regional arrangement for security something that i think is vest really needed in that region. that's not nice and this ad man has got to buy thank you pleasure. now to some of the other stories making news around the world to nazir is holding its 2nd free presidential election the vote was brought forward from
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november after the death of the last president held. the polls are widely viewed as a test for the young democracy the 1st that has emerged in the region off to the arab spring. and thousands of people have been demonstrating near the german city off ranks of calling for more climate friendly mobility they cycled along highways into the city as it held its annual motor show the i am they are calling for an end to combustion engines. if he has allowed more than 80 migrants to disembark on his southern island of lampedusa after 6 days at sea on board the ocean viking vessel the move signals a change of approach by if you have a migration but rome say's the vessel was only allowed to dock because most of the migrants will be relocated to of the e.u. countries. the bulk of it was a few days ago they were rescued from the sea now they are celebrating for these
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migrants a change of government in italy means they found a safe harbor i live in a somewhat modeling village we are arriving at a place where he will understand and listen to as we are very happy to there in that we are disembarking in lampeter saddles and. that is lee's new foreign minister says this doesn't mean the restrictions against migrant rescue vessels have been lifted. here all creedal. just younger and i believe there's a big misunderstanding about the safe port given to ocean viking. it was assigned the port only because that adhered to our request to take a significant share of the migrants the biggest. taking in a quarter of all migrants langley's is a redistribution german officials say the country can't handle. a strong position in the footballing hype in the past germany has played a decisive rolling taking in people who need protecting and we will continue to act
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according to a humane principles when it comes to ensuring that people don't drown in the mediterranean the number of people we've taken in over the last 12 months is perfectly manageable it was 561 that i don't say for. as long as the migrants a still making the journey to europe e.u. member states will need to agree on the best way to cope with new arrivals ahead of this next round of talks germany and france have each provisionally agreed to take in 25 percent of those coming to italy by boat for those who arrived on the ocean viking whatever the political maneuvers behind the decision they're just happy they have somewhere to go. ok i was. wonderfully the soka and boris adored him and have made a fitful start to the season to get back on track they needed to make a statement against the prison and their former coach pete of boss and daughter and the jets that in style. backlit by some xan the yellow vol looked as pretty
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as a deed intimidating the harm side looking to reboot their campaign which a become disjointed before the international bragg in the 24th minute the one touch flew with it he was back in the laid up it started with century through our cassar to royce only for lucas reddit ski to save wants and then they gain from the bird of brent's in ottilie spectacular fashion not to be denied 4 minutes lie the dortmund try to 3rd time was a key me found spiced to deliver a gift raft for al cassar to break the deadlock them volleyed finish shore dortmund score 1st for the 1st time this season and the spaniards 9 ring out for the 5th time in this campaign or my one nail it the bright dortmund changed ns but continued to wipe and lave accuse an out from the right is jaden sanch i blazed the trail for of the sunshine to assist for marca royce tearing mill after of pack oh cleverly pulled his punch 3 male half an hour
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a lighter a satcher was involved again before raf a old good their toe mated 3 in the id 3rd mint 6 minutes life of the home side completed the route as lead the cues and was opened up on the right hand side one more time for the road i voice with a double in a for neil when but saw him share the love with the fans on a brilliant day and dortmund which shore a title contained step back into the spotlight now he is a novel way he could beat the traffic jams when hating a taxi imagine if you'll cath could take to the skies that's the planned for what's been touted as the flying taxi off the future this ultralight volo cop teff knew about the gemma city of step caught for run 4 minutes on saturday if was its 1st flights at but a gift ian city sanchez the without any passing just on board a pilot steered the aircraft on the ground but researches behind the project hope
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it will soon be able to fly without a human at the controls. and you're watching beat every news from berlin and christine one day i'll be back at the top of the next hour. i'm secure in the fire more than target and in the end this is a me you're not a lot of the more rules and you. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars of. what's your story. ready on what numbers of women especially are victims of violence in. part and soon.


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