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exchanges are different points of view across borders and international exchange which would have loved the conversation centers on how to continue humboldt's legacy today everything is interaction was humble central statement about nature and the world a creator that couldn't be more topical today and which was still a hot topic for the many people who attended tumbles 250th birthday in belin. and you're watching live from berlin i'm christine one day i'll be back at the top of the next hour like join me at. my own meal and i'm dave in the brand new delusions are in the gulf coast his personal devices his brothers hope they still affect us all. climate change in the return of. only dreams that check out.
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every 2 months man entertainer travels around 6000 kilometers from her native switzerland to the democratic republic of congo in this politically unstable country she can only move around under the protection of the armed rangers. marlena is an internationally sought after specialist in man trailing which means she trains dogs specifically to track people down. her services are acquired in particular in the northeast of congo in the national park where ruthless brutal
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poaching is in danger and the animal population. the park director wants to combat the poaching and asked marlena who is a fence for her. help 80 years ago since then she's been in charge of developing a special sniffer dog unit for this purpose. of the cold i didn't know anything about congo only as much as the next person i just knew that it was somewhere in the middle of africa and there was a conflict there when i got there 1st email and phone call i thought i'm not sending any dogs down there especially not my favorite breed do you doubt. that you'd actually filmed it but the director of the virunga national park explained to me what he wanted and i gradually got involved we brought our 1st dogs
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to congo in february 20th levon. all. the. lever on going to national park is a unesco world heritage site it's the oldest park in africa and 8090 square kilometers is the size of the greek island of crete but different altitudes of a park allow enormous biodiversity and a wide range of habitats. a large number of endangered species live in the national park but it's mountain gorillas are the best known worldwide there are only around 1000 gorillas left and 600 of them live here.
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for their own go once had the highest density of wildlife in africa today 95 percent of the animals have disappeared tusks and horns are traded for billions on the asian black markets. the street price is higher than that of gold. poaching is on the rise. and tourists no longer car. was. designed for they used to feel one of the 1st questions i asked the director of the park when he called was what will they do as i say my idea was that africans are not used to women being figures of authority but speak the sea but i soon noticed that i had no problems right from the beginning. they call me mama which not only means mother but is a mark of respect when i tell them to do something they do it when you finish 2nd.
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that's what. malina discusses the training plan with christian the leader of the congo hound unit. cory booker yes bobby's not cooperating as usual he's resistant. to book that once. you get a. kick up just a minute wait. he doesn't want to go in. when he does he's already been inside but if you leave the door open and white and don't do anything then it won't work much. careful ask a quiet. know what. i. plan town soon get used to their training territory
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man always takes how to talk unit from the roman garbo the administrative center to new places in the park that bloodhounds need to be able to find their way in all kinds of surroundings. that we. don't. know which. is. the circles are very similar some to bear the breed we have here the bloodhound is new for us from what bill bradley the 1st time i saw these dogs i was afraid of them if i didn't like them. not even our ancestors kept dogs from this then when i saw these bloodhounds with their long years and huge noses i thought they were really bizarre. to.
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me just. from the very 1st day as soon as the dogs arrived i started working with her i got used to them after a while. that my then i changed my career from being a gamekeeper to a dog handler. there are actually $0.02 after the other motivation means trying the hand then they're off on a longer trial. itself. ok. you. want to see if. there are 8 of us handlers in the dog unit. each of us has his own dog i'm told he's had her i'm really happy and proud of her
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because she's such a good worker for. me and we start with the search game you put something on the ground for them we call it the same title typically a t. shirt or a jacket often the person runs away and the dog runs after them then all. apart go right that's right yes good dog. in the film but at some point the bloodhound realizes that it's fun that he'll get a snack or praise at the end and he also realizes that the item of clothing. front of him belongs to the person he's looking for you can build on this in training. yes yes well done david.
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i. jump yeah shako a retired psychometrist from ban heard about the anti poaching project from montana . you can see. to support her endeavors he decided to create a comic book all about the brave woman and her blood hounds. as anyone in. going to go in. by i'm john p.r. i'm looking for a radio tie you know yes it's here. yeah great hi pleased to meet you. i. wish what ok you can start recording. the.
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little. one is only had you thought you know can you say radio tie in to that i know we. were a radio station specialized in nature conservation here in goma what is the reason for your visit. you know. the reason for my visit is to talk about my comic book about conservation here in congo in particular about protecting the border national park. and so it's a comic book especially for children. why did you create this book. i want to use this comic to show what natural to. pressures you have here in your country and that they are in danger like nature all over the world with you. it's important to me that i can make a difference with this comic i want to shake people up and make children aware of it i thought to myself i have the time and maybe the opportunity to contribute
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something to the beautiful nature you have here. as a human there's nothing like this here in congo there are lots of fact books but nothing for children there is no distributor in congo that if there is no alternative but for me to carry all the books down here in my luggage or as cargo at the moment i'm bringing them in my luggage shock as many as possible. then i bring the books into schools and talk to the teachers about the best way of handling the books how to use that meeting up you can. give me i'm sorry i'm late. yes you're very late the head teacher has been expecting you since 9 o'clock you're 6 or 7 minutes late it's no big deal.
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i. i. i. look at this children. i. i i. i i can't you wait what you see on the page. akira. animals bravo. thank you what kind of animals. don't shout out i can see you all i see you. move all of this is going to yes they are wild animals
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thank you. even made us who is threatening the park. you have to know this if we're going to fight this threat. yes there are poachers. it's good by these poachers good people. good should the poachers be protected 40. 00000000 so you must know there are park rangers to protect us and there are specially trained sniffer dogs they can follow the scent of an animal which has been killed over 200 kilometers away. this is a little. like. the masonic motel. the little.
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boy dose the focus of the village population sees the dogs with a mixture of great curiosity and fear in the beginning they shouted simba swahili for a line. while. the black out a bloodhound has been bred for following old difficult and long trials for over a 1000 years the animal has been selected to do this work called man trailing the man 30. 00. 0. of all dogs the bloodhound has one of the best develops. senses of smell it is capable of sniffing the scent of a certain person and following it weeks later over distances of many kilometers.
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a bloodhound can even smell the scent of the person who fired a bullet from this cartridge casing dropped carelessly to the ground after being heated top 1000 degrees when fired. during their training the dogs become accustomed to increasingly difficult situations noise different types of ground and trails of differing ages the animal is capable of working successfully in villages where there are countless smells. but. come here show us. to clearly identify the person sort the dog gets up on its back legs is then reward
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it. the. we all hope your 1st time i came here the ranges didn't even know how to take a dog for a walk i was able to choose some good people but they had no training and no experience of were. with dogs or how to look after them i had to start from scratch i also had to learn how to get my message across to train them. on always being good. at look try to do it as if you were
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a dog. the training takes about 2 years during which the dark and the handler build up a relationship of trust they can only work successfully as a team. can go right or left left or be this way right would be here exactly. let me ask you did a good job there come on a love for you and after she sniffed did say search. very good can someone take that have. young. blood hounds don't simply accept orders they are never totally obedient humans have to learn the dog's language and how to interpret the dog's behavior correctly lead her then leave her lead her lead her and now give her time. in difficult situations the handler has to be able to recognize whether the dog is following the trail of the right to
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pass them. the blood pool bloodhounds can get along with the climate almost anywhere the problem here of course is the whole infrastructure there's hardly anything in congo there are no shops no department stores not in east congo so i have to import everything we have here in the congo hound unit for the rangers and the dogs in suitcases from switzerland. or i don't have the chance to transport them with a container or anything for hong kong i normally travel to congo with 4 to 6 suitcases or 23 kilos and travel back with just 1 may be at about 12 kilos. needed so coffee left there but 12 kill. the same with cora. yes it's the same problem so will keep on with the bedpan tain
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it's hope or was this the last. of 12 i was for the from the beginning one of the biggest problems was veterinary care we have to do most of it ourselves. so i've trained my ranges like veterinary assistance they can do general examinations they can give injections or infusions. they can also perform blood tests especially for blood parasites. we have a microscope here and they're very good at using it probably better than me because they do it more often worked up watching you based off he is going to see a form think. was. ok at least his 4.5 kilos. oh no that's because of your hand. that did that. ok.
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so i meet somebody at the moment for example our dogs are pretty thin thinner than they should be. if you had that we feed them natural food that means beef and rice or potatoes or vegetables oil and a mixture of vitamins and minerals and all of me think it's good if a dog doesn't have to work and when he's not growing like us but unfortunately we've noticed that our 1st puppy bonus has developed growth deficiencies. for that we tried to find some ready mix food but doesn't exist in congo so now we're importing food from kenya so the dogs are not hungry they get big portions 2 to 3 times a day but for growing dogs or working dogs it's not enough. that
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. i. think. my. people are on the national park is in the middle of a region which has been afflicted by armed conflict for 30 years. 600 armed rangers including the dog handlers risk their lives on a daily basis to guarantee the protection of the park they are recruited from the surrounding villages and undertake strict military training. i. might i swore an oath to save wild animals and to protect nature. that's my job
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and i'm willing to die for it to sacrifice my life to the protection of these animals them or even depend on my feet for thanks wonder since i'm. printer for protecting nature is the 1st priority family comes 2nd. and the. illegal i. did this i escaped death once and then but my friend was killed in 2003.
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the fact that. i. was are you ready yes. everything we protect is of great value for the population. for example. sometimes people take firewood for cooking from the park. or they want to make coal and sell it or will. that is absolutely forbidden as much as poaching suva the cultures are often arming and if you try to stop them it gets dangerous and liberal because if they see you 1st they will kill you is that when the premier.
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i think. i. was up. to the side. jump yeah has arrived in rome on gabo he's presenting his book in the school that christians children attend. whatever but. let's get started. sit down. a little home and see but i think your teacher are giving me the chance to come and
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present my book to you 30. we said you are the future of this country and i thought i would make a comic for you with a story to show you the value of your country's busy. god i know what it's a little one but here is the story. this is the hero here in the middle. east and his name is louis you separate your wheat and down here do you know what that is was obvious casus are. right christiane my lens dog. to stop so many animals from being poached piece of wreckage and clearly that if you know when john pierre was here the 1st time he came to see us and asked me a lot of questions i meant now when you look at the book i'm even in it was christiane and the rangers of the dog unit are in it too and of course the other rangers fixer. in this but they've got live in fear. they're stuck ok i just have
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one question have any of you ever been confronted with poaching. we wonder if you read. this you know how can you stick a gun what if the poacher is someone in your family what do you do then. some. people know about the criminal goings on in the park but they turn a blind eye to it often it's family members who are in some way involved in the poaching sometimes out of necessity to scrape together a living. then there is commercial coaching which is a different story in a spectacular campaign christian help to rescue a kidnapped baby gorilla poachers wanted to sell it on the black market where sums of up to $40000.00 ran off up the animal has since been living in the only mountain gorilla orphanage in the world in a sense center in never owned a national park it was named after
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a christian young mounting religious whose parents were the victim of poaching can find a new home here. ok
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ok we have to go. build a coaching is most common place in the savannah areas in the center where there are elephants and big mammals from there we want to be on location. if something happens to me i've been asked nalla dates even if it's on involve stopped and. i learned to do more of take care thank you. intent on football in the middle of the park there are more diseases there is c.c.
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flies which can carry sleeping sickness that's why we want to kennel area with all round protection with mosquito nets so that the dogs can also be outside at dusk without being in danger your little 6 at the data. yes that's much better. to me it's one of my obligations to pursue this project to. please. because i was lucky enough to go to libya in my 1st year i said back then i'd like to take the
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dogs to the savannah and from the beginning i was blown away for me it's like paradise it's a place i love to return to it has an amazing 5 and the animals are so quiet and trusting because they've been protected by ranges for years so that out at night you hear hyenas lions leopards for me it's my absolute dream place that was for me a fish doesn't you not the cowboy. come he come that's good keep calm. until i. got to be 3 also been active for about a year when the war broke out again in congo it was the m $23.00 a tutsi group from rwanda which rebelled against the army and the front ran right
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in front of our headquarters very dramatic and of course very loud it was a war after all a lot of the villagers were injured i helped to treat them. although i'm a vet medicine is such a big part of me that everything else is secondary when my help is needed. as. i wasn't afraid i just did my job it caused so many front of me or the most. for man in particular we have a park under great threat it's the place the war the rebels but it's also a place with many natural resources which is what causes all the problems if you ask me it's very important to me that we try to save something. and she se it was with us was that it is today. because i can't save the whole planet at once but it matters to me that i make my contribution so at least
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a small part of this planet can recover. in switzerland molinar runs farmers place inclined gitting and a training center for dogs and horses christian informs her daily via social media about what is happening in congo. minor also uses the time for fundraising for the congo hound unit she is responsible for most of the funding.
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has been made i grew up with dogs the 1st dog i can remember was a boxer after that we had to duck songs. then i watch this lassie serious and in one of the episodes there was a bloodhound called samantha. this samantha had a real character knew exactly what she wanted it was independent but also stop been an ally that. that really impressed me and i wouldn't stop pestering my mother until we had our 1st bloodhound a bitch called karma. marlin invited me to switzerland to do more training as a dog handler so it's nothing like congo nobody can arrest you and the police don't bother people. no.
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it was. hello welcome to our seminar here in test scene. for 4 if you are 5 years ago i took on the training of all the ranges in congo and soon had the idea that it would be good for them to experience how other handlers work with their dogs but in congo they're the only ones there's no comparison that's why i started inviting rangers here in the autumn we go to training seminars but we also give presentations for what are called was. one of. our yards. but that was. that was we welcome to our presentation on the congo project the congo how project as we call it was named then. i'm gonna be a weakening of the values and then. i get down to just one thought was how will
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they handle it when they come here from congo one of the poorest countries in the world on it. cxxii they see how we live here and how well we live but they also notice that we pay 5 francs 50 for a coffee they can live on that for a week. or. 200 but they really like their own country they have their families and friends there and you can learn to move between these 2 cultures so it's really very positive if. iraq. the poaching between keep.
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yes commander. it's a real emergency. clip in that we get the dogs in the car let's go the rangers have to be prepared to be called in and all times they need to be physically fit but mental strength can also be crucial for their survival to do it better than found. in the 2018 alone 12 rangers were killed in the fight against poachers a total of 175 young men and women have died protecting the park in the last 10 years. to learn to cope with this pressure they regularly train under real conditions.
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this is delta 6 come in. roger. ok we're on our way to mission confirmed 6 roger over. tourists tourist a bit to the right we are watching. we
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know better did the right the other side. you see i can't see anything. yet and his own is clear. so if leave the bivouac and look for evidence my dear i'll fix a dog for. thank . you stupid and the broken teeth you didn't you gave me a. few. friends.
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you. can put. a pick up to me had to write. a. few. dozen.
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me. stop now stop. doesn't suffer look down there i won't move ahead. there's someone there stop stop rush you'd. be out of the well then you should. get up both of you.
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the news that the docs can trace all criminals has spread thanks to manet has tieless work with her dog squad and the general tightening of security in the park poaching has decreased considerably of elephants too by about 30 percent the population of the mountain gorillas has even risen by a sad. scene for the final goal of this whole project is certainly to get my people so independent that they don't need me anymore it's their country it's their park and they have to be able to do the job themselves but they're not there yet they still need my advice to my support but they're making huge progress.
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and then thing that really even if marlin stops coming here to the border i'm going to tional park i will always need her advice. because she is i could say she's like my foster mother she trains me the right way super she is a very kind mama. you know when one. group where to go. but. not many. and then you got to look there are mountain gorillas just 10 meters away. the.
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look up maybe a tiny one so close to its mother. oh how cute wow. they're symbols of long. grey crown trains bring good fortune to the environment to. get in kenya their numbers are sinking dramatically. now volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck
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charms. her 13 on the last. natural riches. precious resources. time to remove morning investment. farmland has been called the ethiopians gringo. the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international joining. the government to try next month revenues of the corporation such a high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the public business. next. fundamental destruction of starvation the bustling out of the country dead donkey fear.
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starts to turn the tide takes on t.w. . blame. this is deja vu news live from berlin rising tensions between washington and tehran both of the ending oil profits the drone attacks for saudi arabia to cutting off its crude oil production the balsa not just oil processing the scene as he was sick of planes by the assault on the rebels from yemen has claimed responsibility but the u.s. blames iran. acts tear gas and molotov cocktails violence returns to the streets of hong kong police and protesters.


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