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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a landmark election in tunisia voters choose a new president and snap elections and this could be the 1st transition of power from freely elected leader to freely elected leader in the country or the arab spring began also on the program rising tensions between washington and tehran over burning oil plants from attacks for saudi arabia to cut its crude oil production and how the world's largest oil processing facility was that of claims by the insult to the rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility but the u.s.
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claims iraq. and visitors looking forward to taking a seat on the world's most expensive toy let our turn for a disappointment the toilet made of solid gold has been stolen from a stately home and england just days after being on sale at an art exhibition. hello i'm irish waiter welcome to the program pools are closing just right now in tunisia presidential election the vote chris should mark the 1st transition of power from one freely and fairly elected president to the next in the country where the arab spring began it's widely viewed as a test of one of the world's youngest amok receives the election was called after the region's 1st democratically elected president died in office. $26.00
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names are on the ballot paper although only $24.00 candidates are standing to withdrew from the race just days ago to support a former rival but there's still no clear front runner the presidential election was brought forward after the death of the incumbent subsea interline the election has huge symbolic value tunisia is the only country that emerged from the arab spring uprisings at the beginning of the 20 tense with a peaceful transition to democracy. high unemployment and inflation have left many voters frustrated but at polling stations today preserving this democracy was the top concern for many. for i am 81 years old and this is my 1st time. did they really have i am very happy to take part in this free election that we cannot have imagined happening in the 1950 s. sixty's seventy's or even in the 1980 s.
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. my daughter must learn in her youth the importance of voting so that when she grows up she will have pride in her country and love her country what's to come will be better god willing. and then. this election is important because we are now in a different phase this one we've been dreaming of for years she said this is very important we hope whoever is elected will be up to the challenge. him or her mentee or. if there's no outright winner and she has he has vote for president they'll be a 2nd round of elections probably next month official results of this round are expected by tuesday. for more now joined by a journalist sarah masters in the tunisian capital sara there are so many candidates no front runners how engaged in this presidential election.
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well a lot of people i've spoken to are actually very well informed about what's going on they've looked at the programs they've looked at the candidates but that doesn't actually reflect into voter turnout. so for until about afternoon it was relatively no. because a lot of people mistrust political institutions and mistrust a lot of. astonished on the titians who are running for office so a lot of them will said did probably vote for or will just cost of the well because they don't trust institutions tunisia is seen as the arab spring success story possibly the only success story but given what you've just said how much of a success is it really. well they have been some considerable progress has that has been made when it comes to the political transition there's been the elections discipline and you constitution adopted in 2014 and the if it's not fully and place
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you do some things like the constitutional court and should have been part of the place for 4 years it's not there yet but politically it's relatively well over the very you have an active civil society as well that is playing the role of chris let's agree. on the other hand which is lacking is to be correct developer and that's a lot with a lot of actual voters where he criticized the last sentence or just said we have seen any result of this uprising when it comes to economic development and the country in crisis raising the inflationists hurry. that's something. that's one of the reasons as well and are prepared. to talk us through the rest of the process how soon are we likely to get the 1st results and then what happens next. so basically the results will be published by tomorrow or tuesday. the latest and it's very probable the high number of candidates want to there will
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be a 2nd tours of nobody will win in the 1st in the 1st group so the 2nd. would take 2 groups off to their final result in 2000 people objects initial results are not so basically can be intolerant between lots of time and of september and october so we don't have to wait for the 2nd round yet and. i'm going to treat much will take place on the 6th or 7th straight because time. for us in tunis thank you so much and now we take you to some of the other stories making news around the world pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have to fight a police van and taken to the streets again riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd the protests descended into violence when some hard core activists tried to attack the city's main a government complex. a west african leaders meeting in burkina faso have pledged
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a $1000000000.00 to combat the growing threat of jihad as violence in the region 2 years ago 5 countries backed by france launched the g. 5 set health task force to fight the insurgency but the initiative so far has been underfunded. western nations have condemned an attack on the saudi arabia's oil infrastructure they ratcheted up the rhetoric after drone attacks on the kingdom's largest oil plants slashed the world's daily supply of oil by 5 percent but while hutu rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility the u.s. has blamed iran for the attack raising tensions yet again between washington and tehran. one of the globe's most crucial commodities going up in smoke the result of twin drone strikes at the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry state media say the fires that erupted after saturday's attacks were quickly brought under control but officials say that production at the apple cake oil processing
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facility the largest in the world and the courageous oil field the country 2nd biggest has been temporarily suspended there are fears of how this might affect world markets with saudi arabia responsible for about a 10th of the world's oil output these strikes have effectively cut 5 percent of global supply overnight for over 4 years now riyadh has been involved in a proxy war with iran in yemen the country's who the rebels who are backed by tehran have claimed responsibility for these attacks and found more. or less promised the saudi regime that are coming operations will only grow wider and will be more painful than before so long as their aggression and blockade continues oh but washington is pointing the finger at iran u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said on twitter that there was no evidence the attacks had come from yemen is a rainy and counterpart tweeted back dismissing u.s.
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claims that tehran was involved in strikes details about the weapons used and the damage caused remain sketchy. for more on the story we're now joined by a family of awesome honey he is an iranian journalist based here in germany welcome to g.w. thank you for being here so who the rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility but the u.s. is now accusing iran of being behind these drone strikes iran is of course denying it's involved why is the u.s. accusing iran of all places what are the different instruct interests that are at stake here. that's the question you should put to the american american statesman if they are saying that the. very good position to come up with the evidence they have the technology. they should prove it i mean. lots of things are said i don't know i haven't seen or heard of any concrete evidence that iran was in more
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than this. although i would say that he does have interests to do with because it's a production and order exports have been cut down drastically the u.s. imposed sanctions. and. one can see that they. the awarded the saudi arabia can export 10000000 barrels a day and they should do only a few times if you 100000 barrels. but it's a complicated issue i don't have an ounce so you're but you're skeptical of this u.s. claim that i know you're going to skip to go although you don't have the interests the who the rebels have responded that there are more attacks possibly to come how do you think saudi arabia is going to respond to that. so far as i know that's far as i know it is possible to get these drones quite easily on the.
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free or great market. and. i heard somewhere that they're probably cost about $15000.00 or something and they said that they did this. with 10 drones with help from inside saudi arabia so they might do it again saudi arabia is stuck in this in this war for your warning in yemen which has caused many many many lives including from children and women and they should come up with a solution to this with. me this with a day to leave. for them and for everybody well we've seen a lot of international reactions coming in already britain's foreign minister says saturday's attack was a reckless attempt to damage regional security the u.s. has now threatened to strike iran's oil fields this seems like
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a vulnerable situation what do you foresee and can you explain a little bit what the various stakes in this proxy war are. well i hope with will north come to military strikes view it because it's was get it will get far out of control a to be everybody's control and i need is a very dangerous region very very dangerous you and did a you don't know how are the i've been stakeholders would respond and the if they day they could beat that real at tax from iran and saudi arabia all were battering because i don't think iran would want or would like or would be able to get involved in military confrontation with with america and they would certainly they not want is very do and so involve have which she has been attacking iran in
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interest ins in syria it is a very very very far you situation complicated sister is and i thought live awesome honey a iranian journalist thank you so much for being here thank you to moat is they go soccer nalang freiburg have continued their fabulous start to the season with a 3 know when at hoffenheim strucker nails pedersen crowd to the victory with the 3rd or goal surprise package freiburg went back above champions by a munich into 3rd place now you may want to sit down for this next phase of news a fully functioning toilet 8 of solid gold has been stolen from a stately home in england it was part of an art exhibition at blenheim palace the birth place of britain's war time later winston churchill this is yours hoping to spend a penny on the world's most expensive toilet will have to hold it for night the 18
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carrot poti of google to scold messing just days after being on the field at a palace in england i'm really shocked economy to the 1000000 pound toilet stove all good old i want to go and that is quite shocking i have to admit i go back over the hey well we were there in the crime scene someone stole a 1000000 pound with this amazing story i think. the toilets had been part of an exhibition of the work of italian artist move it seal castle and he called this piece america intending it as a comment on extravagant wales cattle and described it as one percent art for the 99 percent when it was on display in new york hundreds of thousands of people queued up for some light relief for. police are still trying to locate the toilet 100 in street kilograms of solid gould thieves if he gets away with it will surely be feeling flush. there rising to be
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a news flash from berlin up next world stories taking a more personal look at the human lives behind the stories making the headlines this week there's always more on our website t w dot com and on twitter i'm irish waiter in berlin thank you so much for joining us. do you. not think that well i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing which is. sticks deep into german culture looking at the stereotype quirks but interesting to see you for a country that i don't. need to take your pick for best drama there you go it's all that you know i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman from d w.


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