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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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rahm's code starts oct 11th w. . cobb you know. this is deja news live from berlin rising tensions between washington and tehran over attacks on oil facilities drone strikes for saudi arabia to cut production at the world's largest oil processing facility as a separate oil field is also damaged but the rebels claim responsibility as the u.s. blames iran's. alleged market action in tunisia counting is underway after
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voters went to the polls in snap presidential elections the voters seen as a potential model of peaceful political transition in the north african country. and international artists celebrate the intrepid german explorer alexander from home what would have been his 250th birthday. next spicer welcome to the program. there is growing international concern over an attack on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure the governor country's government says drone strikes on the kingdom's largest oil plant and a separate oil field have cut the world's daily supply of crude by 5 percent who think rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility for the strikes but the u.s.
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is blaming iran for the attack further raising tensions between washington and tehran. one of the globe's most crucial commodities going up in smoke the result of twin drone strikes at the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry state media say the fires that erupted after saturday's attacks were quickly brought under control but officials say that production at the apple cake oil processing facility the largest in the world and the courageous oil field the country 2nd biggest has been temporarily suspended there are fears of how this might affect world markets with saudi arabia responsible for about a 10th of the world's oil output these strikes have effectively cut 5 percent of global supply overnight for the 4 years now riyadh has been involved in a proxy war with iran in yemen the countries who the rebels who are backed by tehran have claimed responsibility for these attacks and found more.
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promise the saudi regime that are coming operations will only grow wider and will be more painful of the for so long as their aggression and blockade continues. but washington is pointing the finger at iran u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said on twitter that there was no evidence the attacks had come from yemen is a rainy and counterpart tweeted back dismissing u.s. claims that tehran was involved in strikes details about the weapons used and the damage caused remain sketchy. and for more on this story we're joined by adnan tablets of by a middle east analyst based in dusseldorf advent thanks for joining us both the rebels in yemen say they did it but the u.s. accuses iran but it denies any role what's the american motivation here the u.s. the messaging coming from d.c. is the continuation of the maximum pressure campaign which in its essence says that
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iran is responsible for literally all the ills in the region but obviously also the insecurity in the persian gulf region so that is that think 1st and foremost the motivation behind what secretary of state might be or said when he blamed iraq right away after the attacks you know looking forward who think rebels threaten more attacks can saudi arabia protect itself. well i think this is a delicate situation for the kingdom and it felt it was saved under the u.s. and britain missile systems but these it has to be carried out regardless and in its scope and magnitude i think these attacks happen unprecedented so it's going to be very difficult and delicate indeed for the for the kingdom to also think about how to respond how to prevent further such attacks and i think the u.s. will have to in fact ensure to protect the kingdom more effectively.
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saudi officials are saying output of oil is down by half how will this affect global oil supplies and global growth. well this is this is certainly something that a properly qualified economist can assess better well i would assume that what we're going to see is probably starting with with the with tomorrow with early next week you'll see a rise in oil prices and the reactions for that will also show who is benefiting from such a situation we will hear the messaging coming from the region some will be more i am happy than others and will alarm and ring alarm bells and say this is a unbearable situation we have to deescalate and i think this is what in general such incidents bring and therefore the volatility is going up and with that obviously also a potential shock in the oil market you're talking about the need for deescalation but the u.s. has not ruled out a strike against iran's oil field what do you think the risk of
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a regional conflict is with washington playing a big military role or. i guess what we have been seeing particularly since may this year in iran started to in fact have some deniable action here and there i think both the u.s. and iran will continue. operations that are not necessarily attributable easily so i don't see a major escalation between iran and us going into open conflict but events like this where in fact there with these have been behind it but iran might have been supportive of it and similar attacks in retaliation be it in syria or in iraq in lebanon great iranian as it's our it these things will probably continue to happen and that makes it dangerous because the entire region will be affected ok middle east analyst atlanta to buy thanks for that. pleasure and
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world. riot police intervened in a gay pride rally in the north eastern ukrainian city of kharkiv some $3000.00 gay rights supporters took part in the event police had to shield them from the far right activists who threw eggs and tried to break up the rally. at least 10 people were killed after a car bomb exploded in the northwestern syrian town of along the turkish border the local council said 15 others were wounded in the blast. algeria will hold a presidential election on december the 12th interim president of the katter ben salam made the announcements in a televised speech saying it was an urgent step for the country mass antigovernment protests forced a longtime president of the beautiful fleet got to resign in april. is widely viewed as the tests of one of the world's youngest democracies counting is
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underway in the 1st round of tunisia's presidential election the country was the birthplace of the arab spring and this is the 2nd time voters have had a chance to choose their leader in free and fair elections but the country's electoral commission says that turnout was low at just 45 percent. 26 names are on the ballot paper though only 24 candidates the standing to withdrew from the race just days ago to support a former rival the head of the polo is no clear front runner among the most prominent of the hopefuls yousif shy hate who served as prime minister since 2016. media mogul now bill curry who is in prison on suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering before official results are out clearly spokesman already said he made it through to the 2nd round. as has come he said he did conservative law professor who told to his he and radio that an exit
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poll showed he had made it to the 2nd round whatever the eventual outcome this election has huge symbolic value is the only country that emerged from the arab spring uprisings at the beginning of the 2010s with a peaceful transition to democracy high unemployment and inflation have left many voters frustrated at polling stations many voters said preserving this democracy was their top concern. for i am 81 years old and this is my 1st time. did they really have i am very happy to take part in this free election that we could not have imagined happening in the 1950 s. sixty's seventy's or even in the 1980 s. . it is not my daughter must learn how to use the importance of voting so that when she grows up she will have pride in her country and love her country what's to come
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will be better god willing. and then. this election is important because we are now in a different phase this one we've been dreaming of for years she said this is very important we hope whoever is elected will be up to the challenge. if there is no one out right when voters will decide who will be seen as he is next president in the 2nd round of elections probably to be held next month. alexander von humboldt was an intrepid explore a natural scientist and an ecological visionary the german polymath made a lasting mark in latin america he was the 1st european to explore and describe the geography and biodiversity of the region from a modern scientific point of view now the 250th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated by international artists at the humble forum in berlin.
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alexander von humble is celebrated in a projection on the facade of berlin tumbled from the universal genius traveled around the globe most famously to latin america his discoveries more than 200 years ago are still important in science politics and art today including for this colombian performance group alexander for gold. alexander from home made a great contribution to human knowledge and to the geography of the americas. because the scientific vision that he defended has become universal knowledge. into. homebuilt was a supreme that worker who felt at home in many branches of the arts and sciences from biology to physics and from botany to politics and he was always interested in exploring new cultures and fresh ways of looking at the world. we all learned that
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we as humans are more connected to each other then we are separated and of that massa chicken be communicated up the home bought for him it's because home what was the pioneer who talked people that even centuries ago. a group of artists and computer programmers from perth use virtual reality to experience home both obsession with measuring everything and then attempt to find out everything without missing a thing. i think that approach impacts us nowadays with phenomena like globalization and the internet which connect us saw. something that is related to the holistic nature of humboldt's philosophy. on the phone. live discussion between novice of best and belin allows participants to exchange the different points of view across borders and international exchange which would have loved the conversation centers on how to continue legacy today
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everything is interaction was humbled central statement about nature and the world a crater that can be more topical today and which was still a hot topic for the many people who attended tumble to 250th birthday and belin. now you may want to sit down for this piece of news a fully functioning toilet made of solid gold has been stolen from a stately home in england it was part of an arctic submission of lenin palace the birthplace of britain's wartime leader winston churchill. very. few. visitors hoping to spend a penny on the world's most expensive toilet will have to hold it for a night the 18 carat party of gold has gone missing just days after being on the field at a palace in england. a many showed a company to the 1000000 pound toilet that's been stolen all good old i want to go and that is quite shocking i have to admit i go back over to the home we were there
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in the crime scene someone stole a 1000000 pound toilet with this amazing story i think. the toilets had been part of an exhibition of the work of italian artist move it seal castle and he called this piece america intending it as a comment on extravagant wealth catalin described it as one percent art for the 99 percent when it was on display in new york hundreds of thousands of people queued up for some light relief for that. police are still trying to locate the toilets 103 kilograms of solid gould's thieves if he gets away with it will surely be feeling flush. it can't be easy to hide coming up after the break it's of the bundesliga with max marrow match day 4 is in the can did freiburg manage to stay in the mix at the top when they battled hoffenheim answer to that and more on the bundesliga. you're watching
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did have been used to fly from berlin there's more news on our website of course that's just me dot com and on twitter he doesn't use an exposure to stay with his. natural riches of precious resources and. time to room warning investment. plans. yes because ethiopia is a gringo. the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international
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giants. the government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not every.


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