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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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bialik asked trend airports city managed by from. this is deja news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump tweets that the u.s. is a locked and loaded after drone strikes damaged major oil facilities in saudi arabia american officials blame iran even though hooty rebels in yemen claim responsibility for oil prices jumped 19 percent its market opening before dropping players also on the show. a landmark election in tunisia counting is underway after
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voters went to the polls in snap the presidential elections the vote is seen as a potential model of peaceful political transition in the north african country. and we look at how hong kong ex-pats living here in berlin are showing solidarity with the protest movement gripping their hometown. next vice or welcome to the program oil prices briefly surged a whopping 19 percent as asian markets opened after a weekend attacks on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure twin drone strikes cut the kingdom's output by half earlier u.s. president donald trump hinted at potential military responses to the attacks.
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from 2 tweeted there is reason to believe that we know the culprit we are locked and loaded depending on verification but are waiting to hear from the kingdom but someone has already claimed responsibility rebels based in yemen however the us claims there is no evidence that the attack was launched there and instead blames iran for his part iran's president hassan rouhani suggested the u.s. was being hypocritical for your for joining your foot usual roma americans instead of confessing that they have presence in the region or. in syria in yemen and other areas he has been problematic they accuse the countries of the region. and for more on this story we're joined by adnan tablets have middle east analyst based in dusseldorf adnan thanks for joining us who's the rebels in yemen say they did it but the u.s. accuses iran but it denies any role what's the american motivation here
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i guess the messaging coming from d.c. is the continuation of the maximum pressure from pain which in essence says iran is responsible for literally all the ills in the region but obviously also the insecurity in the region so that is i think 1st and foremost the motivation behind well the secretary of state might be 0 said when he leaned you are right after the attacks you know looking forward who think rebels threatened more attacks can saudi arabia protect itself. well i think this is a behind the little situation for the kingdom that it felt it was safe under the u.s. and brother patrick missile systems for these it has to be carried out regardless and in its scope and magnitude i think these attacks happen unprecedented so it's going to be very difficult and delicate indeed for the for the kingdom to also
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think about how to respond how to prevent further such attacks and i think the u.s. will have to in fact ensure to protect the kingdom more effectively the u.s. has not ruled out a strike against iran's oil field what do you think the risk of a regional conflict is with washington playing a big military role. and yes what we have been seeing particularly since may this year in iran started to in fact have some deniable action here and there i think both the u.s. and iran will continue. operations that are not necessarily attributable easily so i don't see a major escalation between iran and us going into open conflict but events like this where in fact though these have been behind it but iran might have been supportive of it and similar attacks in retaliation be it in syria or in iraq in lebanon great iranian assets are these things will probably continue to happen and
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that makes it dangerous because the entire region will be affected ok middle east analyst at that habitat thanks for that. pleasure do you have you washington correspondent oliver salat says the presidential tweet has not in fact made trump's policy objectives any clearer. president trump's twitter threat is causing confusion the pentagon reportedly urging restraint and observers actually believed the firing of hawkish security adviser john bolton would pave the way for a more conciliatory tone president trumps tweet retching tensions with iran once again his plans of negotiating with iran's president rouhani are becoming more unrealistic while a new war is clearly not in the president's interest it also becomes obvious that the u.s. is lacking a strategy on the middle east and that puts both countries in
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a dangerous position that was our washington correspondent all over salat and now to some of the other stories making news around the world turkish president breccia air to one is preparing to host the leaders of russia and the rand for talks on syria acro wants to prevent any escalation of fighting in neighboring syria which could lead to more refugees entering turkey the e.u. is concerned that a new wave of refugees could prompt turkey to scrap a fragile migration to. nearly $50000.00 workers for the u.s. auto giant general motors have gone on strike union leaders said they were going ahead with the industrial action even as more wage talks were planned is the 1st nationwide strike in the auto industry in more than a decade. is widely viewed as a test of one of the world's youngest democracies accounting is under way in the
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1st round of tunisia's presidential elections the country was the birthplace of the arab spring and this is the 2nd time voters have had a chance to choose their leader in free and fair elections but the country's electoral commission says turnout was low at just 45 percent. $26.00 names are on the ballot paper though only $24.00 candidates are standing to withdrew from the race just days ago to support a former rival ahead of the poll there was no clear front runner among the most prominent of the hopefuls usef shahad who served as prime minister since 2016. media mogul neville cattery who is in prison on suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering before official results are out currently spokesman already said he'd made it through to the 2nd round. as has come he said he did conservative law professor who told to his he and radio that an exit
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poll showed he had made it to the 2nd round whatever the eventual outcome this election has huge symbolic value is the only country that emerged from the arab spring uprisings at the beginning of the 20 tense with a peaceful transition to democracy high unemployment and inflation have left many voters frustrated but at polling stations many voters said preserving this democracy was their top concern. for 81 years old and this is my 1st time. did they really have i am very happy to take part in this free election that we could not have imagined happening in the 1950 s. sixty's seventy's or even in the 1980 s. . but not. my daughter must learn in her youth the importance of voting so that when she grows up she will have pride in her country and love her country what's to come will be better god willing.
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this election is important because we are now in a different phase one we've been dreaming of for years she said this is very important we hope whoever is elected will be up to the challenge. if there is no one out right when our voters will decide who will be tunis he is next president in the 2nd round of elections probably to be held next month. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have defied a police ban and taken to the streets again riot police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse the crowds the protests descended into violence when some hard core activists tried to attack the city's main government complex meanwhile on cars in germany are calling on people to support the movement there collecting protesters stories and sharing them with people here in berlin the reporter hangs
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when ling went to listen in. we were retreating. but i looked back again and i saw the officers are ready willing at their best and so on him. his head was covered in blood it was a tear gas they cost here tension it into diarrhea. these are not their own stories nor is this hong kong living in berlin these hong kong is a sharing was purchased as from 8000 kilometers away i have experienced in 1st person the call themselves storyteller as their aim to share the more personal side of the demonstrations. where you often and the international media have been reporting on the protests a lot. but they don't cover the individual stories behind the masks of the protesters. are you more that but these tales draws closer to hong kong ho ho mark or that's why we want to share them with foreigners. 20 to 4500 by
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higher cartons on the story sleep issues a piece on news articles interviews and popular posts on forums organizers say it is impossible to do fact checking for all the stories that many of their relatives have shared very similar experiences no one will live by i get all worried every time i see the clashes happening instead of just watching the clips holeman crying i think it's better to come out and do whatever we can a broad. appeal. after listening to the stories so many all the ins say they are moved by the protests to scurry each. other it's a terrible story for their kids to be caught up in something so wrong. with so much violence but i think it's important. that everybody's participating when you live in europe and the european press us kind of stuff. often forget the rest
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of the world i'm always interested to hear about. parts of the world with purchase just in hong kong vowing to continue their fight for democracy these experts say they will also keep standing while sitting in solidarity with debt hometown. to the bundesliga next and hoffenheim the last coach you'll. now appear to be suffering high flying freiburg who are suddenly looking comfortable in the top 4. christian made for changes to his starting line up for the clash with hoffenheim and it soon paid off christiane made it one nil in the 11th minute. the defender drilling it into the corner of the net sebastian rudi tried to respond for hoffenheim but keeper alexander displayed some sharp reflexes meanwhile his team
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stayed on the attack and played with more urgency. doubling fribourg lead late in the 1st half was and pietersen added another in the 59th minute his 2nd goal of the season rounding out the 3 nil scoreline. it was mentality. conviction. team celebrated fribourg best ever start to a campaign hoffenheim meanwhile have only managed to win one game this season. also in the bundesliga travel to potter born looking to build on their hands. before the international break and they did so in style. shaka boss david wagner has overseen one win one draw and one defeat so far this season consistently inconsistent has long been a shock a trait well promoted part of own stunts the company has been well underwhelming
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but it was host part of all who struck 1st just 8 minutes and tell you he celebrated his 24th birthday with the super. shall can defend his look like statues is the brazilian pounced on a bonus scored in the 1st 15 minutes of all the games so far but again once off the boil shelf it is that the equalized sunny sunny rising highest on 33 minutes. looks the part of bone stefan bound got to ponder at half time. but it was more of the same after the break and so it sent out soon put shelter ahead. a slice of look what shall kill a clue that's a side show can score 3 more with i mean how to get into the 51 win means 2 victories on the bounce the right kind of consistency. now let's take a look at the bundesliga standings after a match day for life's
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a good stay on top after their draw with byron who falter 4th dortmund and freiburg move up to 2nd and 3rd further down alex for getting out of the regular medication zone and months jump to the playoff spot after grabbing their 1st points of the season. they're watching the news live from berlin there's more news on our web site d w dot com and on twitter at 8 up against thanks for watching. it's all happening good children coming. during link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and will come speed of the trickling program tonight from born in germany come on it was easy time i would say do deputed come.


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