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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 10:45am-11:01am CEST

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the police move in la animal welfare rest steffen clips time seen here on the left witnesses scenes like this almost daily. and i never get the he find suspicious ads on the internet and alerts the police. to. the phone to the fire is that the illegal trade in dogs is a multi-billion euro business. with all. this. stuff unclip stein is an expert in the dog trade he came across this little maltese on the internet and informed the police for over 5 years now the volunteer animal welfare arrest has been rescuing dogs from smugglers. and if you have the guns this is another typical to go for the dogs presented by itself on
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a soap and as bad i have my mission in the war a respectable dog breeder would never present his dog like that and even the $500.00 euro price is way too cheap from a regular breeder it would cost from 121200 euros if there were told $2500.00 or war. on these operations clips stein always works with the decoys a fake fire. his face is now too well known among the dog dealers source not lawful so a friend is helping out on this one the. speaking to my home she very important ask of the dog really comes from serbia you've seen it before you've already done this many times the betting district is a hotbed of the illegal dog trade that's another clue we see that here all the time i hope it isn't somebody we already know. me to but we'll handle it.
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i'm a. hunch was right on the buyers turn out to be illegal dog dealers with the long records they're placed under arrest. i'm. right there. on him for them there was a part is when you think it could spin out of control and you're waiting for the police to help you feel in full. never really know the no go. hold until he's got a bad eye infection and the ears are totally sore. they washed him today didn't they did most of us with mom yes they did but he smells like dog shampoo. and the dealers always do that so the dogs will smell and look better for the buyers. the dog is probably $8.00 to $10.00 weeks old we shouldn't even be in germany and up for sale here because of. puppies may only be exported to other
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e.u. member states after 15 weeks of age before that they have to get all required vaccinations for their own health and to keep from spreading diseases forceable and the next day we meet stefan in a cafe in berlin he didn't want to be filmed at home vengeful smugglers have attacked him many times and even seriously injured him. when we're here but rick i know if you look through e-bay classifieds you'll find over 16000 ads for dogs for sale. and that's just on e bay just on e bay. there are various other sites that also after ties pets for sale in this are the most and if you include all of europe living doesn't a grown son who millions of dogs are sold every year the profit margin is very wide because the dogs can be bought in eastern europe very cheap and then sold for 3 to 4 times as much here. and i'd say 8 out of 10 ads on e bay classifieds are from disreputable dealers trading in dogs illegally covered
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$100.00. 1 of the figures from the german animal welfare association will show that most of the puppies export it illegally from eastern europe are taken to germany the main country of origin for the smugglers is romania there the dog smugglers employ another scam they smuggle stray dogs instead of pedigree canines to germany and often through dubious animal welfare organizations or private individuals good to get more blood on it may sound improbable can you make money with stray dogs hundreds of thousands live in the streets i can collect them from there or from animal shelters that they even get them for free in germany they'd have to pay a token charge they sell them. here and cash in big on people's compassion. animal welfare arrests estimate that europe's illegal dog trade now brings in
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billions of euros almost as much as the narcotics trade course that isn't always loans to us and some of those guns on the foreign animal protection agencies are very different from anyone acting against them or exposing their illegal doings as persecuted stalked and slandered so people know the smugglers will bring a mountain of trouble down on that. romania. here stray dogs are a major problem hardly anyone looks after them and they're either put to sleep or smuggled to germany diseased and abused. right here mario takes on the smugglers at the opposite end of the criminal network he files complaints on lobbies to have the laws changed he's also experienced physical attacks by the smugglers.
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and i think that. over time he became ever more involved in the work eventually quitting his job and opening an animal shelter for the rescued dogs he takes the badly injured ones home to care for them personally. among them is the sheep dog corbucci his previous owner chopped off all his paws with a hatchet after the starving dog killed and ate a chicken the cruel owner was only penalize with a fine. dormicum . thank you. smugglers tossed costy into a garbage can when animal welfare is to expose them but now cost he is master of
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the house. pictures of neglected dogs can also be turned into money self professed animal welfare assistance in germany work together with middlemen in romania to collect massive donations on the internet most of them over facebook they set a vast money machine in motion. slipping out of them live with the rescue was right i need money for the transport and the germans italians and english stop focusing on pretty soon the smugglers get a few 1000 euros together. will they transport the dogs to a shelter where they start the search for more sponsors. the same ones who've already donated send even more money then comes the next stage money allegedly needed for vaccinations conses and so on so they rake in even more probably
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222-5000 euros for 30 to 40 dogs. that's quite a sum and a business that both police and in the 3rd and observers are acquainted with officially about 5000 stray dogs are taken out of romania across the hungary and border daily the true figure may be far higher. e.u. regulations require a chip implanted in every exploited dog the data are entered into the e.u. data bank system allowing for verification of previous owners and vaccinations corrupt veterinarians willing to issue false papers are vital to the dog smugglers a veterinarian from romania has agreed to talk about the corrupt system she asks to remain anonymous. she says i've gotten several requests to issue traces certification without actually having seen the animals they basically wanted to give me
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a list of chips so that i provide passports papers and traces in return for cash i refused to accept those offers the vaccinations are also fake they have spread disease all over europe. stephan clip stein is acquainted with this practice having worked for some time in an animal shelter now he has an office job and spends most of his free time helping animals his interest goes back to his childhood days. i found my calling in combating these dealers and taking action to stop with them of course it's nice to work at a shelter but these animals keep showing up no fundamental changes are made because be. people aren't informed and don't push the government to make those changes and to put it kind of the friend soft. lips stein is lobbying for official support he meets with pure involved are to animal welfare expert for the c.d.u. in berlin the only problem is that a major problem is that animals are increasingly being sold under the pretense of
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animal welfare many from romania they say they're rescuing stray dogs then for a fee $60.00 or 70 dogs are referred over facebook to owners who know nothing about them and some companies are even specializing in shipping them on mass from eastern europe to germany. or one of those on the planet this is nice of you to help but this is actually a matter for the state is the threat of prosecution has to be that i suggest each district gets its own animal welfare department exclusively for this instead of leaving it to the food inspectors if you want to know is include one and i didn't see it at all cyst that's just because they are. as an animal welfare arrest i often have to call the police myself research and document cases the veterinary office does it half heartedly. and they say they weren't there to see it even though it was their job and they can't impose any fines because they don't know the facts i get the impression there's no will to take action if the. stuff
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unclip stein has his own dog but he spends less time with it than he'd really like to know. doesn't it if you assume it's good to see a happy dog in a nice home but i know that millions of dogs live in the streets or in pens half dead puppies are sold over e-bay and if they don't sell they land in the garbage can. that outrages them frustrates me that this animal trade on the internet still hasn't been prohibited on its young pup will be moved. it is already prohibited in austria. and switzerland but that's not likely to happen in germany any time soon and so month for month several 1000000 euros disappear into smugglers pockets for dogs from eastern europe.
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play. play . play this is the interview news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump says the united states is locked and loaded after drone strikes damaged major oil facility. and saudi arabia american officials flaming around that despite the rebels in yemen claiming responsibility while prices initially soaring in response will look at some of the market reaction also on the show. it's to be or not to be israel prepares to go to the polls
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again and tung president to repeat election.


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