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this is the news live from britain's prime minister greeted with loud protests and luxembourg boris johnson who was told on britain's exit from the e.u. was less than 7 weeks ago they may use as the u.k. travail no concrete alternatives but the controversial irish border patched up to luxor but also on the program tensions rise of the future of syria's last rebel stronghold their president faces a new wave of refugees and threatens to reopen the floodgates to europe.
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as the sleeping giant now broken looked shaky but rumbled back to life on much thankful. i'm welcome to the program. there has been no breakthrough in breaks it talks today between britain's of bars johnson and a you commission presentation on claude young in luxembourg mr johnson was heckled as he left the talks and skip to plant a news conference with the country's prime minister the u.k. and you have given starkly different assessments of the beating britain sounding cautiously optimistic while the european commission said the u.k. still had not come up with viable alternatives to the contentious irish border back still despite this both sides of agreed to step up efforts to negotiate an orderly divorce by the 31st of october luxembourg's leaders have
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a better tell how to stand alone at a podium that had been prepared for him and boris johnson he told reporters the onus was on mr johnson to come up with a workable solution. to scrutiny it's not my charms it's really the decision that party it was a decision from david cameron to do it they decide they decide i regret it but don't blame on us because now they don't know how to get out of this. situation they put themselves. it's not my choice. let's go to luxembourg or join d.w. correspondent barbara a face of welcome barbara so this meeting was was held in luxembourg and blossom burger prime minister there sounding very upset tell us what else is the very best i had to say and why the luxembourg prime minister is sounding off about about talks that are actually between the commission and the united kingdom. i mean sorry
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bethel was left alone by the incredible hulk aka boris johnson who snuck out by the side door and so it was veteran's chance to really let fly and tell the press the waiting press who had thought there would be a word from doris johnson what he really thought about it and he really said it very clearly this is a homemade mess this is something britain has created and they no don't come up even with the including often idea what a solution could be like so some of you better really scrooge out on the idea that there might yet be a deal because time is really running running away and it might be the case that boris johnson is in fact running down the clock are all these negotiations a sham sevier vettel wouldn't say it outright but he sort of let the press feel and let us all feel that yes indeed this might be just theater and he doesn't really
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want to deal particularly as bentyl stressed because johnson doesn't even have a majority in parliament so even if you would have something to take take take back to london would get a majority nobody knows large amounts of frustration here on the european side so talks further forward what happens now. that is the 1000000 pound question boris johnson is going back to london and the funny thing is that after this one feels that what why did he even come what did he want to do in luxembourg he just wanted to show sort of marginal bit of goodwill sort of yes we did sit down and talk but then i didn't have anything to offer is this really is frozen in doubt his sincerity that he really does want to deal now rumor has it in london that he would not come up with any details for concrete solution for it
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breaks a deal particularly the irish banks up until tory party conference that is the end of this months now after that they'll be only about 2 weeks left until the final and essential e.u. summit is so is that going to work the answer must be no if you listen to some of you that will hear today you really feel it in your heart and in your bones that the answer is going to be no. luxemburg thank you. turkish president tired one house that welcomed his russian and iranian counterparts in ankara for a summit on the syrian regime's push in the final place italy but in a potent rouhani supports syrian president bashar al assad's offensive which is going to mention in recent weeks. has concerned that the fighting will cause a renewed influx of refugees into turkey the turkish army has observation posts in italy to enforce a buffer zone agreed to last year but syrian forces continue to advance with the
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help of russian asteroids. so let's get more they're joined now by d.w. correspondent julie han in istanbul and in moscow d.w. correspondent emily sherman welcome both let's start with you in istanbul yulia so what does president obama or want to achieve what are his priorities from the sleazy. well president edwin's main concern as you mentioned is that. it will cause a new refugee exodus $3.00 to $4000000.00 people are currently trip trapped inside it live province that surprised some italy the population of berlin just to give you an idea and in recent months the syrian army with russian air support has been pounding targets in including civilian targets like hospitals all of this despite a series of cease fires despite a key buffer zone deal reached between president edwin and president putin last
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year so the question really is how much political influence does turkey does add one still have when it comes to preventing this preventing from retaking it live provinces sooner or later little it seems right now. that hundreds of thousands of people have already moved towards the turkish border looking for safety these people are injured they're hungry and they're desperate so prison edwin's focuses on the humanitarian crisis here and his message is clear we already took in more than 3600000 refugees from syria we can take no more and this is one of his core messages i believe to president putin as well today. president appears to have the winning side. well i think president putin wants to come out of this with some kind of tangible
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political progress there's been a lot of talk in the past months and also in the run up to this meeting about the formation of a constitutional committee which is seen as a key step in the resolution of this conflict in a political solution for syria going forward there's been a lot of debate about who should be on that constitutional committee a committee that's supposed to write rewrite the syrian constitution and today after a bilateral meeting with their 2 on putin kind of talked about some successes there and in agreeing that list and that only the methods of work of this constitutional committee need to be worked out now in many ways russia's entering the war in 2015 really change the facts on the ground terribly so if russia can come out of this with the political success kind of presenting itself as a mediator on the world stage and in the middle east that would be a huge success for putin's image for russia's image union home minister
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booker talk about president other ones threats to open the floodgates he's made these threats before there is a deal in place between the e.u. and turkey for turkey to hold a look after these refugees a 6000000000 euros so how seriously should europe take this talk. well they should take it seriously when you ask me president. basically you know says imagine there are suddenly a 1000000 people trying to storm the turkish border because they want to save their lives of turkey will have to react on an ellipse troubles could soon be europe's troubles too but why is he adopting this aggressive tone when you know sending these messages to europe this is also because because he asked come under increasing domestic pressure here the whole refugee issue in turkey has hurt him in his ruling a politically and he refugee sentiment is growing if you talk to people here on the
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streets they would tell you know it's enough we've taken in so many people it's enough they should go home and this is of course something that prison ad on has picked up regarding another project he has in syria he's talking with the americans about and this is a so-called safe zone further the east of it live and he's been talking a lot in the past weeks about trying to resettle about a 1000000 refugees over there but that only shows you that the whole refugee issue really has become a domestic problem for him here in turkey to. istanbul and really show it in moscow thank you. i will take a look at some of the answers making news around the world police in indonesia say they have arrested 185 people suspected of starting the forest fires that are spreading a thick noxious haze of a southeast asia triggering diplomatic tensions with indonesia's neighbors a fison used every year to clear forests for palm oil and pulp and paper
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plantations in the country. 2 days of heavy rains caused the chaos on a tourist island in the gulf of thailand rough seas and strong currents led to the suspension of ferry crossings to the island of cote chiang but i thought to say a war survivals that are subsiding but eventually monsoon rains of the world and 30 people across thailand since the end of august. votes being counted in to lose your snap presidential election sunday's ballot is widely seen as a test of one of the world's youngest democracies the only want to emerge from the arab spring of 2011 the turnout was not was called after tunisia's 1st democratically elected president died in office. celebrations to mark the national day of honduras turned violent when supporters of opposition parties protested against what they say is a corrupt government they urged president orlando hernandez to step down a month after political scandal in which he denied taking cash from drug gangs to
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secure his 2030 election. now israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has has said that he would and exhaust settlements in the occupied the west bank the move is a bid to boost the turnout amongst his conservative base in the run up to tomorrow's close before a president to repeat election is being held because he couldn't form a government coag governing coalition after elections in april his main opponent benny gantz has also been mobilizing his supporters w.'s attorney corona possible. for the 2nd time in a year newly it says he she runs to spend the owned cathy will be casting his ballot he hopes that benyamin netanyahu will from the next coalition government be be as everyone calls to prime minister some time stops by for coffee and pastry at this neighborhood cafe like many other liquid supporters so if you see snow on tentative to the long serving leader. live in
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a demolition the man has experienced and this is extremely important it's very. porton for people here to have someone to run the state as he does it a state like israel with so many challenges and having good relations with world leaders all around the world. following the last election in april in their turn yahoo failed to put a coalition together some analysts describe the elections as a fight for his political life not least because of corruption allegations these elections are not about any policy issue at all these elections are shakespear are there to be be or not to be that it will continue to happen even though there are 3 a criminal investigation is hanging over his head it has proven inability to overcome any obstacle before and he'd be able to do that again now. his main rival they need guns headed the center of a coup and right party emerged as a real threat to netanyahu in the previous election touring the country like here
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in southern israel guns who served as military chief under netanyahu wants to sway voters with his security record and a different comet leadership. this appeals to would. she would like to see a less self-centered prime minister and a more centrist less religious coalition government i need of us ben i am voting for benny gantz and his entire team and the party itself because they are politically in the center with all they all have clean hands. they care about the general public not a cause. some make a couple. pollsters predict a tight race netanyahu is fighting for every vote and he's not shying away from making election promises his pledge to annex settlements in the jordan valley in the occupied west bank if reelected has triggered heavy criticism abroad tomtit as
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elections been in israel it for. mains to be seen whether it's weighs more voters of the smaller right wing parties to the likud most people are very cynical about these promises including the right wing who are in favor of x. asian they're saying well you've been prime minister for 13 years. now and you're telling us a week before the elections suddenly there is a historical opportunity to do this at the cafe all eyes are on election day everybody here knows that there's real power struggle with begin over a coalition building by the day after. it's the 2nd time in a year that israelis are going to the polls this tuesday traditionally security and economic issues are top priority for voters but these elections are seen as a kind of their friend i'm on the long standing premise of of benjamin netanyahu and whether he will be able to form a coalition. now us suppose that donald trump says his country could respond
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militarily to 2 drone strikes on them by just saudi arabian oil facilities as the trump tweeted that the u.s. was locked and loaded who think rebels based in yemen have claimed responsibility for the attacks but washington blames iran. these oil tanks are exhibit a as the world tries to assess who was responsible for attacks on saudi facilities they show almost identical impact points which u.s. officials say indicate a high degree of sophistication in the attack whose the rebels and saudi arabia's neighbor yemen and initially seemed to take responsibility they've been fighting the saudis and their proxy forces for years in yemen civil war. but some analysts doubt whether the rebels could have launched drones or missiles that could hit the saudi tanks yemen is also to the south of the saudi refineries the impact site suggest an attack from the north or northwest the direction of iraq and the who are
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these strong backers iran secretary of state mike pompei o. said the u.s. would make sure quote iran is held accountable for its aggression and his boss president donald trump took to twitter to threaten those responsible he tweeted there is reason to believe that we know the culprit we are locked and loaded depending on verification but are waiting to hear from the kingdom. but iran deflected blame in going to have we reject these types of statements and projections. the islamic republic of iran has clearly declared that it supports the people of yemen and their rights but to accuse the islamic republic of iran with these attacks and defensive measures is in line with the united states maximum falshood policy they've adopted after their own failures has. oil prices spiked as traders start to take account of saudi arabia's seeming inability to defend its crucial oil infrastructure and governments including germany's have
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condemned the attack but it's unclear what the long term picture looks like everything depends on what the u.s. and other players do next to calm or aggravate the situation in one of the world's most volatile regions straits of washington that for more on this from the w correspondent to all of us salih welcome to all of a tell us more about the united states reasons for believing iran is behind this attack rather than a who think rebels who say they did it. well today the saudi led coalition provided information saying they believe it was the rainy and weapons used to rain you drones in fact flown from the direction off iran on this saudi arabian oil refinery and some satellite footage that the u.s. provided yesterday suggests the same that said the special envoy for yemen all of the united nations still has some dollars he said it's not 100 percent clear yet
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whether iran is behind these attacks technically these weapons could have delivered could have been delivered to who the rebels as well and that has to be clarified by the saudi led coalition therefore also agrees that they will continue to investigate what they're trying to focus on right now is to make clear from we are exactly these drones were launched. 3 in addition to that the president already yesterday said the u.s. is locked and loaded but of course it's not clear yet whether he means military retaliation or if it's just part of his maximum pressure rhetoric because there's so much poison in june the present threat military action against iran when the revolution we go to shut down a u.s. drone and then he holds to be a talk so should we tell you he's threats more seriously this john. well there's a very unpredictable a president as we know and he's always up for surprises so it's completely
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difficult and unclear how he will move on from this let's not forget what do you really want to achieve and what lots of the core of this conflict between the united states and iran is the nuclear deal that president trump wants to renegotiate he wants to force iran back to the negotiating table to reach a deal that he believes would prevent from you run from working on nuclear weapons now as president rouhani ruled that out under these circumstances and of course it would be even more unlikely if there would be any military intervention so what we're seeing here is president trump raising the stakes of course trying to negotiate with his maximum pressure strategy but he has not been very successful with this so far so how does locked and loaded this into u.s. middle east policy after john bolton's dismissal goes national security adviser. were clearly lacking
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a strategy here we've just witnessed national security adviser john bolton as you mentioned who had a very hawkish position on iran who was an avid supporter of military intervention in retaliation strikes we just witnessed him being let go so that was actually a rather conciliatory message towards iran on the one hand side we do now hear retaliation threat so it's a big back and forth between diplomacy and threats and that causes a lot of confusion even with within president trump's own ranks but let's not forget he does not want to get the country into a war that was one of his core election promises of 2016 all of us dollars in washington thank you. the company behind the heart of the u.s. opioid crisis has filed for bankruptcy purge you fall which makes oxycontin to
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$10000000000.00 plan to settle thousands of lawsuits that accuse the drug manufacturer of playing a key role in the crisis. the graves bear witness to a tragedy every 11 minutes someone in the us dies from an opioid overdose 400000 victims in the last 20 years. over 2000 lawsuits including actions from nearly all u.s. states and many local governments accused of faulty promoting oxycontin by downplaying the risk of addiction. last week per 2 reached a deal to settle most of the lawsuits with u.s. federal states it allows the company's assets to be sold to provide over $10000000000.00 to address the opioid crisis but many states still oppose the settlement. half the states have dad agreed to the settlement with for do and many of them are expected to object throughout the bankruptcy process which could make it longer than it would be otherwise
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a bankruptcy can take months or even years even without serious objections. the deal is to protect purge you and it's owners the soccer family from lawsuits but other clouds loom the new york attorney general's office has tracked $1000000000.00 in wire transfers including through swiss bank accounts suggesting the suckers tried to shield wealth. sport now in football the abundance league as much day for it is now done and in one of sunday's games shall have to part a ball looking to build on the hunts and win over here to ballin before the international break and they did it in style. shall couples david wagner has overseen one win one draw and one defeat so far this season consistently inconsistent has long been a shock a trait well promoted patent on starts the company has been well underwhelming but it was host part of the one who struck 1st just 8 minutes in. the celebrating his 24th birthday with the stupid. shall get defenders look like statues is the
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brazilian pounced on a bonus scored in the 1st 15 minutes of all the game so far but again once off the oil shock it is the equalized sunny sunny rising highest on 33 minutes. lots for part of bone stefan bound got some ponder at half time. but it was more of the same after the break and see what santa soon put shelter ahead. a slice of look at shelf electricity the better side shocker scored 3 more with i mean how to get into the 51 win means 2 victories on the bounce the right kind of consistency. so let's take a look at the bundesliga standings after much day for leipzig stacked on top following that draw with byron who fall to 4th dog and freiburg to move up to 2nd and 3rd further down out but get out of the relegation zone and minds jump to the
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playoff spot after grabbing their 1st points of the season. and in a fiery start to the n.f.l. season the tennessee titans pyrotechnic equipment caught fire before the start of their game up a few days before the start of their home opener against the indianapolis colts on sunday the game used for pregame ceremonies erupted into flames making some wild scenes on the sidelines the fire burned for several minutes before it was put out no injuries or forces. this is d.w. news these are our top stories british prime minister bar's johnson has met with who are paying commission president john crow to luxembourg at the 2 sides very differing assessments of the outcome is the johnson expressed optimism while the commission said britain has still produced no viable alternative to the contentious irish quarter. turkish president has
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welcomed russian president vladimir putin to a summit on syria iran's president rouhani is also in ankara for the 3 way meeting mr erdogan wants to prevent any escalation of fighting in syria and the new wave of refugees fleeing the war. u.s. president donald trump says the united states could respond militarily to attack some oil facilities in saudi arabia over the weekend he tweeted that the u.s. was locked and loaded and waiting to hear from riyadh who the rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility but mr trump says iraq is to blame. on the manufacture a painkiller of the heart of the u.s. opioid crisis just filed for bankruptcy code you fall which makes oxycontin announced a $10000000000.00 plan to settle lawsuits that accuse it of playing a key role in the deadly crisis. this is d.w.
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natural riches of precious resources. and a rewarding investment. farmland has been called ethiopia's green gold. the country has an abundance of life and leases it to international giants the government is after high export revenues to corporations high profit margins but not everyone benefits from the booming business. would give when i saw the elders clearing the land i was devastated giving up without could they bulldoze the land without my permission removed what i knew it belonged to i mean a woman. expropriation environmental destruction starvation. crisis from government and corporate.
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