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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is either of the news live from brother and president trumps as the u.s. is locked and loaded hinting at military retaliation after drone strikes damage major oil facilities in saudi arabia washington blames iraq despite who's the rebels in yemen saying they carried out the attacks so who should we believe also on the program more tension over the future of serious last rebel stronghold it led to his present hold talks with the leaders of russia and iran say he feels the need wave of refugees and threatens to throw open the door. i did ponders legal
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football the sleeping giant is now awoken shall come look shaky but rumbled back to life on match day for. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump says his country could respond militarily to 2 drone attacks on major saudi arabian oil facilities mr trump tweeted that the u.s. was locked and loaded who the rebels based in yemen have claimed responsibility for the attacks but washington blames iraq these oil tanks are exhibit as the world tries to assess who was responsible for attacks on saudi facilities they show almost identical impact points which u.s. officials say indicate a high degree of sophistication and the attack. the rebels in saudi arabia's
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neighbor yemen and nationally seem to take responsibility they've been fighting the saudis and their proxy forces for years in yemen civil war. but some analysts doubt whether the rebels could have launched drones or missiles that could hit the saudi tanks yemen is also to the south of the saudi refineries the impact site suggest an attack from the north or northwest the direction of iraq and the who are these strong backers iran secretary of state mike pompei o. said the u.s. would make sure quote iran is held accountable for its aggression and his boss president donald trump took to twitter to threaten those responsible he tweeted there is reason to believe that we know the culprit we are locked and loaded depending on verification but are waiting to hear from the kingdom. but iran deflected blame in going to have we reject these types of statements and projections the islamic republic of iran has clearly declared that it supports the
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people of yemen and their rights but to accuse the islamic republic of iran with these attacks and defensive measures is in line with the united states maximum falshood policy they've adopted after their own failures. oil prices spiked as traders start to take account of saudi arabia's seeming inability to defend its crucial oil infrastructure and governments including germany's have condemned the attack but it's unclear what the long term picture looks like everything depends on what the us and other players do next to calm or aggravate the situation in one of the world's most volatile regions. now let's take a closer look at this with allie fatality jata senior analyst with the washington based brookings institution's branch in doha welcome to d.w. so despite the who the rebels say they launched this attack decided live coalition says it was carried out with rainy and drones and that they would launch from yemen
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so where are they likely to have come from well it's a very difficult question to respond to at the moment there are several investigations going on and although the who thiis have said that they have been responsible there are you know some doubts because whoever was behind those attacks on the ledge on the world's largest. you know processing plants of crude oil has done that with a lot of sophistication and so this was a massive attack. so there are questions raised whether the ruthie's have such knowledge we have also now different accounts provided by. by someone who is from the iraqi intelligence and he said that those attacks came from iranian allied. shia militias from inside iraq. and so we have different accounts he was gone and out and as for now we don't know for sure what is going on so if we don't know who's behind it it's calm we speculate on what the reasons might be well when it
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comes to this iraqi variety of the story according to this senior iraqi intelligence man who was quoted by middle east i he said that this was as a reach this was a retaliation of israeli attacks on. xabi which is the popular movies a mobilization from the shia militia supported by iran in iraq that occurred at the hands of the israelis in august and this attack by the israelis on those iraqi militias in august was funded by the saudis so this is. so this is you know this is a kind of retaliation against south. arabia so this is could be one possibility another possibility could be that you know somehow iran could be behind that and being part and parcel of the strategy of the iranians over the past few months to going to create instability in the region against the backdrop of this havea and severe oil embargo against iran and iran saying that if we are not able to export
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oil no one other. able to do that but then again you know we have to very careful because we don't know really what is going on because for the iranians is also very risky to take such a huge operation so it is also not perhaps very plausible so doesn't trump well he's clear that it's iran even though he's produced no evidence how that as he's tweet about being locked and loaded been received in the region well i think you know everyone is very much concerned but as i said even the u.s. administration has not come to a conclusion of who has been been behind those attacks so i think we have to we have still some room and we can see what you know several investigations would find out but what is sure is that you know not the interesting aspect or dimension of the stories around coal and iran because bits to sell 5 percent of its share those
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that come to owns the exactly iran co is the saudi oil company that is the largest in the world and because of mohamed been saw the crown prince's strategy of diversifying the saudi economy they have been proposing to sell 5 percent 5 percent of aramco and so this is a huge blow to iran co's bid to to sell those you know shares because it's going to reduce their price because of geopolitical volatility it's frustrating if a little confusing but i think you've status through it it nicely alley for sell in the jet from the brookings institute thank you thank you. president's rhetoric has welcomed his russian and iranian counterparts in ankara for a summit on the syrian regime's push on the final rebel play it live not to be uprooted and rouhani support syrian president bashar assad's offensive which has
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gained momentum over recent weeks mr erdogan is concerned that the fighting will cause a renewed influx of refugees into turkey the turkish army has observation posts in to reinforce a buffer zone agreed last year but syrian forces continue to advance with the help of russian asterix so let's get more on this from d.w. correspondent julia han in istanbul welcome you here what does president want from these talks. well the turkish president will probably seek assurances particularly from russia's president putin when it comes to the situation in syria is it live province the last rebel held stronghold mr add on is very concerned that the only slowed in egypt could cause another refugee crisis 3 to 4000000 people are currently trucked inside it province and turkish officials warn that hundreds of thousands of them have already moved closer very close to the
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turkish border in fact they are hungry they are injured they are desperate they live in desperate conditions and all this is happening because of the continued attacks by the syrian army backed by russian airpower on targets and it live they say they are targeting terrorists but reportedly hospital civilian spots have been targeted as well in recent months and this is all despite a series of cease fires and despite a key agreement between to present an end of bloody me a putting on a buffer zone in a deliberate reached a year ago so this is happening and there seems little turkey can do about it in fact a turkey has seen it live as some kind of protectorate in the past but now it's left with a little leverage to change the situation on the ground politically or militarily so president add on is now focusing attention on the humanitarian crisis that his
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his message is clear and i'm sure he will tell this to president putin as well turkey already hosts 3600000 refugees and more it cannot take in more people. to open the floodgates. he has threatened this before how seriously should europe take this time. well it's troubles could well turn into europe's troubles soon i mean it's not completely unrealistic that to hundreds of thousands of 1000000 refugees it could push across the turkish border at some point so the threat has of course a very credible aspect to it but why does mr abdul and use this aggressive language when talking to the europeans this is of course also because he has come under increasing pressure domestically here in turkey and the refugee resentment is
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growing it has been growing over the past 8 years why turkey has been welcoming millions of refugees as guests one now many as guests one day now many turkish people actually want the refugees to leave we've been talking to people here in istanbul let's listen what they have to say to came in. turkey called host more refugees from syria we've reached our limit. our young turkish people are dying while fighting in syria but what are young syrians doing they just sit around here and smoke shisha is this fair and right. we have to take care of the refugees they're muslims like us it's our responsibility they've lost their homes their savings and on are we have to help. him to keep unemployment is a big problem a lot of young people unemployed even university graduates can't find jobs we should take care of our own citizens 1st then we can look after the others. that
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are upset that i now see signs in arabic everywhere i think we've started to lose our national identity very set. so here we are we likely to say any agreement between these 3 leaders are achieving peace in italy. well ahead of the actual summit the 3 leaders said they are working on the lasting political solution for syria that's of course a very general statement and observers awaiting for more specific solutions so it remains to be seen expectations are actually not that high because the 3 leaders are on opposing sides in this conflict so apart from commitments of course it remains to be seen what this will mean for the situation on the ground in it live in syria yulia han in istanbul thank you. for some of the stories making news around the world a sea of candles has been that later ceremony itself from warsaw to all of the more
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than 25000 post offices executed by the soviet red army in 140 and they were imprisoned after the soviet union invaded poland in 1939 while the polish on he was still fighting hitler's troops for decades the soviets have blamed the nazis for the massacre. in football the bond as they goes much they force now done that in one of sunday's game shell to travel to part of ball looking to build on their house and went over head to ballin before the international break and they did it in style. shocker boss david wagner has overseen one win one draw and one defeat so far this season consistently inconsistent has long been a shock a trait well promoted patent on stars of the company has been well underwhelming but he was housed out of the one who struck 1st just 8 minutes in. the celebrating his 24th birthday with the super. shelter defenders look like statues is the brazilian pounced on a bonus scored in the 1st 15 minutes of all the game so far but again it's off the
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boil it is that the equalized salish son a rising high is down 33 minutes. lots for part of bone stephane bound up some ponder at half time. but it was more of the same after the break and so it sent out soon put shelter ahead. a slice of luck push out there were clearly good that's a side show can score 3 more with i mean how to get into the 51 win means 2 victories on the bounce the right kind of consistency. so here are the bundesliga standings after much stay for lives and stay on top following that draw with biron who fall to 4th dormant and freiburg move up to 2nd i'm sad for the doubts burke get out of the relegation zone and once jumped to the playoff spot after grabbing their 1st points of the season.
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and in a fiery start to the n.f.l. season they tennessee titans pirates have a concrete woodcote 5 before the start of their open on sunday to get use for pre-game ceremonies erupted in flames making for some wild scenes on the sidelines the fiber for several minutes before it was perhaps injuries reported. this is d w l 5th business africa is up next i'm going to. the uk.


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