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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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without a deal the e.u. will continue to play along and go on offering talks but as long as the negotiators cannot be sure what boris johnson's and game is all this rather looks like a waste of time. and luxemburg this is david w. coming up next business africa with. the world news at the top of the of the. earth a home for saving googling 2 years tell stories of creative people and a can of aid of projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas beaten by a new series of global 3000 on d w and online. i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i'm still nothing but that peter jennings thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype the
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question but if you think the future of the country got out of 10. pm needed to be perfect for this drama they are to me it's all about who they know i might show join me for me if you haven't funded up your. post. oil prices shoot up of the drawn attacks on saudi arabia's production side cutting production in hawke's friend groups jumps 19 percent before retreating slightly but the situation remains volatile for the us blaming iran for the attacks. and after the elections in tunisia how the country still grapples with 35 percent of youth unemployment and while the political elite doesn't seem to care that. also on the
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show their. healthy markets could revolutionize the way we feed the world. i'm in berlin welcome to the show all prices have surged after saturday's attack on 2 major processing plants in saudi arabia u.s. president donald trump says he is ready to respond militarily to those responsible and aides to the president points to iran as the main culprit meanwhile he has also authorized the use of the country's emergency stockpile of all. these are the images that inspired dread politicians and investors around the world saudi arabia's largest oil refinery up in flames and half of the country's oil production slashed at least temporarily by one airborne barrier. appearing on a t.v. station sympathetic to their cause rebels based in yemen said they carried out the attack but the u.s.
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has pointed the finger at the back is the iranians i want to reiterate that the united states whole heartedly can. hear iran's attack on the kingdom of saudi arabia. president trump went further saying the u.s. was locked and loaded to respond. with political tench. already inflamed the economic consequences became apparent as soon as markets opened for the new week with shares across asia seeing red. oil prices initially spiked by 20 percent before receding and settling around 10 percent hope saudi arabia is the world's 2nd largest producer of crude after the united states analysts say the markets have just cause to be spooked. just put into perspective they think around 5700000 barrels a day of saudi oil production has been affected it's put in sprite so again global
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oil production is around 100000000 barrels a day so this is around 5 percent of the global supply which softly quite considerable it's emerged saudi arabia is energy minister visited the damage to oil plants on sunday following the attack it's unclear when it will be back on stream meanwhile the duties have warned that saudi oil facilities will continue to be a target. early results from sunday's presidential election in tunisia showed a pair of outside the candidates taking the lead and sent a message to the current government's polling suggests that many voters are concerned with finishes the economy which has struggled recently with rising inflation and stubborn unemployment. a cafe in the town of desert the men here are unemployed and don't expect an election to change that. their focus should be openness becomes listen if we poor people we fight to earn 5 euros per day in order to buy a queue of potatoes when we need to change the gas canister or buy diapers we're in
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trouble and politicians they fight for a position that's paid thousands of euros. times have been hard in tunisia the cost of living is up by a 3rd since 2016 the currency is down spending cuts and fuel price hikes have been met on the streets with strikes and rallies. poverty has declined in recent years but the gap between urban and rural homes remain significant. then there's youth unemployment it helped drive the 2011 protests in tunisia and remain stubbornly high today after spiking to 42 percent during the arab spring it has yet to settle to preprocess rates and remains at 35 percent well above the region's average. many tunisians blame corruption which they say has risen since the revolution but there are also structural issues with education with the social system the question on many minds when will the much heralded political gains of recent years those
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that enabled sunday's election for example finally deliver economic gains. and that's a question i want to possible right on through more to help me from all our big service so why has the momentum from the arab spring in 2011 which originated in tunisia why hasn't that pushed the economy well the thing is that when the tunisian revolution happened the main. demand was economic justice the thing is that the political elite did not try to take care of that it did not try to find any short term solutions even their countries and debts this is one problem and the only thing the politicians are doing there are just adhering to the budgetary discipline imposed by the i.m.f. and that's it which means higher living costs for the people which means more frustration of course and the only thing they're offering are free trade agreements with europe which is not the main problem of often is john's right and they can so they can blame everything on the ionic that one yes and there are many many cases of corruption and takes tax evasion which have not been addressed and so this is
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the main problem that they are working on another level and not really addressing the main problems of the countries and of course this is not the apparently very few or none of the 24 candidates for for the presidency complaint with a program focused on the economy do they think that voters are not interested in how to put food on the table well actually some of them did have plans and an economic program but the thing is the question is whether these programs are really really implementable and realistic because if you're saying that you're offering 500000 more new jobs how do you want to do that with no money there with such budget deficit i mean it's not clickable and the more important question is that the president's role is actually confined by tunisian constitution on being responsible on 3 areas for 3 areas only defense national security and. foreign affairs and he has to consult they had of government 1st before doing anything so in the end the president doesn't really have much to say and such issues like the economy so it's not really trustworthy if you would suggest
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a big program to improve the economy youth unemployment is terribly high. 35 percent many youngsters are leaving tunisia many trying to get to germany. is the country losing its uses young generation of course it is already 10 thousands of young people have left the country and according to a survey into sound 1645 percent of 2 nugent's said they would leave the country even in league. if they have the option to and this is not the only case the only problem the other thing is that you have 5 attempts of self-immolation every week that these people prefer to die and to burn themselves instead of living because they are facing such hearts harsh living circumstances let me just repeat this 5 young people per week try to burn themselves probably in the motor exactly and then the other only solution they would have to face these this miserable life is to just try to come to europe if it even if this would mean that they would die in the sea. any way out of this that you can see any any short of anybody with with
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a good plan i think that definitely those should be short term solutions and maybe the i.m.f. deal should be a bit different less harsh on people so that they can survive every day this is one important thing and they should definitely tackle issues of taxation and corruption this is one important thing to have a problem across the whole continent when i have me from all arabic this thank you very much thank you. and i was some of the other global business stories making headlines today china's economic slowdown is deepening industrial production in august grew at its slowest pace in 17 and a half years the trade war with the u.s. and softer domestic demand is hitting the economy premier league he said it's very difficult for the economy to grow at 6 percent or more and that it faces downward pressure. produce fama makers of oxy contin the drug
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at the heart of the u.s. opioid crisis has filed for bankruptcy it wants to shield itself and its owners from thousands of lawsuits a deal made last week will provide over $10000000000.00 to tackle the o.p.o. crisis but some states still oppose the settlement. workers have gone on strike against a remote after the united auto workers union failed to reach a deal with management over pay and conditions of most $50000.00 employees at america's biggest carmaker on taking part in the strike the 1st major stoppage at g.m. since 2007. now do not cringe but maggots could revolutionize the way we feed the world the use of insects especially fall animal food looks like a sustainable option for the future the company pro-tax is hoping to grow this wrigley market. these maggots are 20 days old and they're showing a lot of promise and as you said these won't look particularly good today yesterday
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wasn't a good harvest it surveyed to harvest because that at 58 and is still alive i think it can be said they. did get lots of protein. maggots are cheap to feed and live off waste like finely ground potato peels from the french fries factory. the company lets the spillman some of the crates but not in the big breeding plants next door. it contains a strict trade secret pro takes has been working on for 10 years. technology truly hons and harbor nature so all the technology here is to create a controlled environment to feed the insect as well and that's process possible with the food waste because that's what they do they like to crowd together and eat food waste all together in a very fast way. not only protein fat can also be extracted from insects
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when pressed the oil is rich it's a great energy source for farm animals. all animals in nature eat insects when they're young have to grow fast and when they have to build the defense systems and we took it out of the diets and insects can do something really marvelous they can grow on food waste and other byproducts and that is a pathway to circular food systems. this idea has made feed manufacturers very excited researchers on this test farm examine how animals fed with insect food thrive these pellets contain. insect 5 foot soon the company wants to process insect protein. since the mad cow disease scandal which included animal protein in feed manufacturers must meet many requirements. we will need some time to go beans governments etc to say look we know there is risks if you do it in their own way but by doing it via insects we really believe it isn't just ignore controlled and
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safe way so we really expect over time to use it all the animals will. also needs e.u. approvals for the past 2 years insect meal has only been permitted in fish farming . and there are other markets that are going to open as well like the poultry markets and they are hands where we can bring our protein source into the feeds of chickens which they actually eat in nature as well so those markets when they open it will be a very very big market for the insect industry. and that's it from man business to . also check out for more stories our website. and thanks for watching.
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and do the business with billions a few. times as much of the revenues to make incomes come time here. under huge plantations the starvation wages in the stream on top of the conditions that the german manufacturers lobby claims because the units are pressure all of them are drawn from. 16 g.w. to. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word
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emerged from the. coaches in germany to learn german and why not come with them simple online on your mobile and free shops d.w.t. learning course nikos free german made him see. this is the deputy is that look at coming up in the next 15 minutes no pizza no word dump says in zimbabwe say 141215 and told a union visa that they believe was abducted by the states is really just. and great why didn't someone think of this he is it an invention that needs rural kenyans are all they want that was that voice take them on today hey it's all the wrong hope.


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