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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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this is g.w. news why that from the berlin oil prices so we're following drone attacks which have crippled saudi arabia's oil production washington is hinting at a military retaliation blaming iran for the attacks but providing no proof and despite to the rebels in yemen you are saying that they did it so if you can the world believe also coming up tonight in israel the question to bibi or not to be the leaders are preparing to go to the polls again in an unprecedented 3 peat election and more tension over all over the future of syria's last rebel stronghold
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turkey's president says he fears a new wave of refugees from its live provinces and he is repeating his threat to throw open the doors to europe to let them from or. i'm going off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome or oil prices have soared today on the back of 2 drone attacks that took place on saudi arabia's oil facilities the strikes over the weekend so the world's crude oil output overnight drop by 5 percent washington has hinted at a military retaliation and it blames iran for the strikes but who the rebels based in yemen say they're the ones who did it. these oil tanks are exhibit
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a as the world tries to assess who was responsible for attacks on saudi facilities they show almost identical impact points which u.s. officials say indicates a high degree of sophistication in the attack. rebels in yemen have claimed responsibility they've been fighting the saudis and their proxy forces for years in yemen civil war. but some analysts doubt whether the rebels could have launched drones or missiles able to hit the saudi tanks yemen is also to the south of the saudi refineries the u.s. says the satellite images suggest an attack from the north the direction of iraq and the hutu strong backers iran secretary of state mike comp aoe said the u.s. would make sure quote iran is held accountable for its aggression and his boss donald trump took to twitter to threaten those responsible he tweeted there is
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reason to believe that we know the culprit we are locked and loaded depending on very for cation but we are waiting to hear from the kingdom the saudis later replied in full agreement with washington. capitals that i don't much like all of you nischelle indications and evidence show view tack was not launched from yemeni territory the hooty rebels claim these militias are just a tool of the hands of uranian revolutionary guard they are just pawns that follow via gender of revolutionary guards and the rainy and terrorist regime but he ran deflected blame. we reject these types of statements and projections. the islamic republic of iran has clearly declared that it supports the people of yemen and their rights but to accuse the islamic republic of iran with these attacks and defensive measures is in line with the united states maximum falshood policy they've adopted after their own failures. oil prices spiked and
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straightest factored in saudi arabia is seeming inability to defend its crucial oil infrastructure and governments including germany's have condemned the attack are for more now let's take your story to the u.s. capitol or correspondent oversoul is standing by in washington good need to you all over so we've got saudi arabia here's saying that the weapons used in this attack came from iran we've got the u.s. saying on the weekend that iran was responsible despite the rebels in yemen saying they did it so how did the americans and the saudis know that they're right well 1st of all the saudi led military coalition in yemen today said that they believe that it's iran behind these attacks they believe that iranian drones were used and as we've heard in the report they also believe that they strome on this and these missiles fired off from the drones were came from the direction of iran
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rather than from the direction of yemen that is one important aspect satellite pictures yesterday provided by the american suggest the same but we also have to stress here that these special envoy for yemen of the united nations today said that he is not 100 percent convents there are several other theories around at this point as well and so even the saudi led coalition continues to investigate what they're trying to focus on right now is to make sure where these drones exactly were launched and then this will be a more precise verdict that we're still waiting for today you know all over the president of the u.s. tweeting that we are locked and loaded but you know as well as i do we've seen that before back in june trump threatened military action against iran when the revolutionary guard shot down a u.s. drone but he did not follow through with that is this latest threat is it different . well as you know exactly the president is
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a very unpredictable president he's very unconventional to say the least and so he's always for surprises it will be very. reliable really to suggest right now if this threat that he's posing now is more serious than it was. in recent times in the time you mentioned when american drone was shot down but we should not forget why the president is doing all busy this and he is really trying to force iran back to the negotiating table at the core of this problem between the united states and iran is the nuclear deal from which the u.s. have pulled out and basically president trumpet believes that iran is still working on a nuclear bomb they're trying to get them back to the negotiating table iranian president rouhani ruling that out as long as the u.s. sanctions are still in place so it's very much a difficult situation president trump is trying to raise the stakes here in his maximum pressure campaign but as we are witnessing with not much success so far our
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washington responds all of us now with all the storyboards tonight all over thank you. well israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex all settlements in the occupied west bank as he seeks to boost turnout among his conservative base in the run up to tomorrow's closely fought repeat election it's being held because netanyahu has been unable to form a governing coalition since the 1st election back in april his main opponent benny gantz has also been mobilizing supports the w's tanya kramer picks up the story from there. for the 2nd time in a year cafe owner. will be casting his ballot he's hoping benjamin netanyahu will manage to form the next coalition government. as everyone calls the prime minister some time stops by for a coffee in pastry here like many other likud party supporters zaki feces no alternative to the long serving leader live in
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a demolition the man has experienced and this is extremely important it's very important for people here to have someone to run the state as he does it a state like israel was so many challenges and having good relations with world leaders all around the world that. following the last elections in april netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition some analysts describe the elections as a fight for his political life these elections are not about any policy issue at all these elections are shakespear are there to be be or not to be and that it will continue to happen even though there are 3 a criminal investigations hanging over his head he has proven inability to overcome any obstacle before and he'll be able to do that again now. his main rival benny gantz head of the center blue and white party emerged as a real threat to netanyahu in the previous election. guns served as military chief
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under netanyahu and touring southern israel he's tried to sway voters with his security record and a different calmer leadership. this appeals to who would like to see a less self-centered prime minister and a more centrist and less ultra-orthodox coalition government and. i am voting for benny gantz and his entire team and the party itself because they are politically in the center. they all have clean hands. they care about the general public. pollsters predict a tight race netanyahu is fighting for every vote and he hasn't been shying away from making election promises his pledge to apply sovereignty over the jordan valley and the occupied west bank if we elected has triggered heavy criticism abroad most people are very cynical about these promises including the right wing
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who are in favor of asian they're saying you've been prime minister of a 13 year. old now and you're telling us a week before the elections suddenly there is a historic opportunity to do this at the cafe all eyes are on election day but everyone here knows that the real power struggle will begin over coalition building the day after. as we've just seen this election is widely seen as a. terms of popularity ahead of these elections. yes that's true he is. this these elections are really truly about b.b. or yes or no should he stay or should he go and he's actually faring quite well according to polls he is a much more popular potential prime minister than his contender benny gantz and i
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think the reason why he is still popular spite the corruption charges against him despite the indictments and the things he's facing there's 3 reasons i think the 1st reason the security ever since he's been government governing israelis felt relatively safe and i think ever since the 1st and 2nd intifada as you know when buses were blowing up in tel aviv and jerusalem israelis it's been a big trauma for israelis a very very deep seated thing and it's something that israelis still vote. it's the number one issue that israelis think of when they go to the polls and that's something that netanyahu stands for and i think the 2nd thing is that he's been given a lot of credit for his ties with with other leaders with world leaders with putin with trump and he's been given a lot of credit for raising israel standing and international community. these this election tomorrow is a repeat because mr netanyahu was unable to form a coalition government after the election back in april is there any reason to
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think that that problem has been solved will he have a better chance of building a coalition after the election tomorrow. that's a really good question actually i think even israeli analysts watching the news here don't really have an answer to that because according to polls and polls are usually quite accurate in israel. there is the outcomes pretty much the same as last time but there is a good chance of netanyahu forming a right wing coalition the right wing block is has been edging closer in the last polls to getting a majority so it's so it is a likely outcome that he will become the next prime minister and form a coalition and other than that there's there's an option of a unity government that would mean blue and whites together with the likud with initially i was ruling party and a 3rd party which is the kingmaker and this election called a new that would be a unity government but netanyahu was actually refused to sit in the unity
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government so if that happens it would have to be without netanyahu it's all right a correspondent miriam talking in jerusalem on the eve of those repeat elections in israel thank you. and here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in zimbabwe people are paying tribute to robert mugabe the late president's call for arrived in his home village today like a see as controversial song consider him a hero who led the country to independence others say he was an overcrowded leader who presided over human rights abuses rigged elections and economic ruin supporters of people who outsiders in tunisia is 1st round the presidential race are celebrating after initial results indicate that they will go through to the one of the 2 men of all professor an independent. and the imprisoned media magnate now bill appear to have tapped into voters' dissatisfaction with the country's political elite. a sea of candles has been lit at
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a ceremony in central warsaw all to honor more than 22000 polish officers who were executed by the soviet red army in 1940 they were imprisoned after the soviet union invaded poland in 1039 while the polish army was still fighting hitler's troops for decades the soviets blamed the nazis for the massacre. well today's break the talks in luxembourg between british prime minister boris johnson and e.u. commission president john clogg younger ended without any breakthrough there is now less than 7 weeks until britain leaves the european union johnson was heckled during his trip by angry british retirees who are living in luxembourg. it was not quite the welcome he had been hoping for. johnson on his way to meet luxembourg's prime minister. johnson met with you commission president john clarke to discuss breck said over lunch. the prime minister expressed optimism that
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a so-called hot brecht's it could be avoided. yes there is a good chance of a deal yes i can see the shape of it. everybody can see buffy what could be done but it will require. movement and the us system by which the e.u. can control the u.k. after we leave. the so-called backstop. to go from that treaty but you officials cautioned that johnson had so far failed to come up with an alternative to the backstop. the british prime minister has said he does not seek to delay brax it beyond the current october 31st deadline. he also seemed to be in a rush to depart from the meeting with his luxembourg counterpart and job it was left to hold a joint press conference alone. and telling all to hold back his frustration. you can't hold the future hostage for politics political gates
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the run was so now it's its own. mr johnson. he holds the future of full u.k. citizens and every us citizen sleeving the u.k. he sense if he stressed one similar to. you people people. count on you but the clock is ticking use your time wisely ducks most prime minister also accused johnson of playing the blame game i repeat he spreads it's not my choice it's been a decision from the party it was a decision from david cameron to do it they decide they decided i was simply regretted but don't want to blame on us because now they don't know how to get out of this. situation they put themselves in. it's not my choice. talks will continue but the e.u.'s
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confidence in johnson's ability or willingness to achieve a deal is fading fast. the leaders of a turkey russia and iran met today in the turkish capital ankara for a summit on syria's push in the final rebel on klav known as in the province vladimir putin and hassan rouhani support syrian president bashar al assad's offensive that offensive has gained momentum in recent weeks president everyone is concerned that the fighting will cause a renewed influx of refugees into turkey the turkish army has observation posts in it live to enforce a buffer zone which was agreed to last year but syrian forces continued to advance with the help of russian air strikes. let's get more now with our correspondent yulia han she's standing by it is still good evening to you you will you why is the turkish president heir to one so determined to stop more refugees from coming to
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turkey. well 1st of all about 3 to 4000000 people are currently trapped inside it live province that's about the population of to give you an idea of the dimension here and to actual 30 say 500000 people in recent months have moved closer to the turkish border seeking safety that's due to the attacks by the syrian army and their russian of backers so prison edwin is very much afraid there could be another massive refugee inflow and he's also afraid that because of the domestic implications for him to already host $3600000.00 syrian refugees he mentioned today that they have to spend $40000000000.00 on hosting them and that he can't take more people into turkey and that's also due to the fact that anti refugee resentment has
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been growing here in turkey that has hurt president edwin and his ruling a party we've talked to people here on the streets in istanbul let's listen to what they have to tell us. came in. turkey called host a few g.'s from syria we've reached our limit. all our young turkish people are dying while fighting in syria what are young syrians doing they just sit around here and smoke shisha is this fair and right. we have to take care of the refugees they're muslims like us it's our responsibility they've lost their homes their savings and on are we have to help. them to keep unemployment is a big problem a lot of young people unemployed even university graduates can't find jobs we should take care of our own citizens 1st then we can look after the others. that are upset that i now see signs in arabic everywhere i think we've started to lose
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our national identity very set. so. was the turkish government was it. get through its aims if you will in these talks with russia. well the 3 leaders today suggested that they have some kind of plan for it but they did not really provide details so it remains to be seen how this will play out on the ground the fact that they're actually on opposing sides of the conflict doesn't really make it easy it makes the situation very complex and messy but prison edwin use the opportunity to win support by russia in iran for another huge project he has in north and syria further east of it live he wants to establish a so-called a safe so a safe zone pardon with the americans he has many discussions with washington right now there are still a lot of disagreements over how this safe zone is supposed to look like but mr adam
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plans and that's what he mentioned today to resettle up to 3000000 syrian refugees over there and it's very important for him that he has the support of iran and russia for this. all right julia hong in istanbul for us will you thank you activists in india saying improvements are slowly being made when it comes to equal rights and social acceptance for the l.g.b. t.q. community it comes just a year after these joyous scenes when the country's supreme court overturned a colonial era law that criminalized gay sex that ban was used to threaten india's gay community and now there are more signs of a shift such as bollywood films being produced with gay characters some restaurants and cafes are now the clearing themselves gay friendly and same sex couples are hoping that in time their unions will be no big deal. to walk
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out in the open just one small pleasure that makes their years of struggle worth it did take and vishwa can finally just be themselves he used to be different devices for them and it was a doing you would think that. their relationship was still a crime when they got married in 2017 and they faced discrimination from all sides even from their families the experience was so furious they physically assaulted the couple in the bunk i mean it's almost. the this and they have been exerting my age. so there was a fear of them trying to receive. us being together as evidence against. them because it's still illegal for them in the existing to get them. in
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a sexual relationship so that was a taped to us to make it more dramatic the ruling last year that gave them the legal right to express their love it's crap to one and a half century old law that criminalizes same sex relations sparking hopes of equality. they came out there was this series of as dual you know these border sure. you know those were like going to flick suddenly lifted off from the right all in all we mean generally. this would not happen in the our lifetimes at least i said that maybe to the 50 even us that's a slap in the face for those who are against gay people including vick's parents. i have if you did said so. but do you sound defeated that you know did you not have anything or did you know. so there's literally
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nothing but they say it. is a bit lucky here. his mother has shown more understanding despite the blessing of those who support them the couple still see a long battle ahead many in india's traditional society still stigmatized them their marriage is not legally recognized. the need to seem. taking issue with that it got this good. because it a lot of other things that has to. play get a good look at property rights. for the right of adoption and soviet and vishwas find continues but for now they're enjoying their time as a couple with a new sense of hope. our sports now of football here in germany match day for the bundesliga travel departments born looking to build on their handsome win over here
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it's a 1000000000 before the international break and they did it in stock. shall cup boss david wagner has overseen one win one drawn one defeat so far this season consistently inconsistent has long been a shock a trait well promoted part of own stocks of the company has been well underwhelming but it was housed out of bone who struck 1st just 8 minutes and tell you he celebrating his 24th birthday with the stupid head shall can defend his look like statues is the brazilian pounced on a bonus gold in the 1st 15 minutes of all the game so far but again it's off the boil chuck it isn't that the equalized sunny sunny rising highest on 33 minutes. looks the part of bone stefan bound got to ponder at half time. but it was more of the same after the break and so it sent out soon put shelter ahead. a slice of look
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bush out electricity did that decide chuck a skilled free moment with i mean how to get into the 51 win means 2 victories on the bounce the right kind of consistency. and here are the bundesliga standings after match day for the like 60 on top of following their draw with buyers who fall to 4th don't win in fribourg move up to 2nd and 3rd further down borg get out of the relegation zone and mines jump to the playoff spot after grabbing their 1st points of the season. if you're watching the w. news here are the top stories that we're following for you global oil prices have spiked efforts to drone attacks on saudi arabian oil fields president trump has hinted at a military retaliation the u.s. is blaming iran for the strikes but the rebels in yemen say they were behind the strike and turkish president rectifier bear no one has met with his russian and
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iranian counterparts for a summit on the syrian regime's push in the final rebel on klav of developed by the reputed and hassan rowhani support the offensive to want is concerned that the fighting will unleash a renewed influx of refugees into turkey. you're watching t w news launching from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for the.
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