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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 4:00am-4:03am CEST

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i don't know these to be nice to get you. to. discover. subscribe to documentary. this is deja news these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump says he believes iran was behind to drone attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities but provided no evidence to back up his claim despite initially hinting at the possibility of a military response trump has since stated he has no interest in going to war with
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iran iran has denied it was behind the strike. whistleblower edward snowden's autobiography goes on sale today the former american intelligence analyst shocked the world when he leaked details of a massive american internet spying program spanning the globe he's living in exile in russia because he faces charges back home. climate activist greats and to bird has been presented amnesty international's highest honor the baster of conscience award accepting the prize and washington the 16 year old urged everyone to join the global climate strike on friday saying see you on the streets. this is d. w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d.f.w. dot com or follow us on twitter.
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or it has been 6 years since he became the world's best known whistle blower blowing the lid off america's secret surveillance what edward snowden did forever changed our world including his own for 6 years he's lived in exile in russia and now as his new book goes on sale edward snowden is preparing to move tonight i'll ask his attorney will snowden ever be able to go home or will it have to be germany where he writes his next chapter i'm brick off in berlin this is the day. ultimately i will suffer whatever the consequences are of my chance with mr snowden should return to united states in face the serious crimes that with which he's been charged all of these things are being tracked they're going to step into court and
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there's been indexed into sort of surveying of the tongue they want to own your phone instead of you know i don't thing this.


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