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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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this is due to. return to the roots. of the. carter family from somalia live around the world to one of the urgent assistance of . the family starts october on d w. please. get ready kids because man states was it easy. to fool the japanese champions league teams faced off against one another. defending champs by
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unpaid table top united states a visit. to do a full with the raging bulls show their homes would do it means be better for me gets me the clues and then they need thanks to you me. good stuff but the football stuff away to the. clubs launch that champions league campaign this week could leave accusing be a warm up but don't mince clash with barcelona some clubs behaving to stave off the efforts to fix all of it leicester is yet to taste the features we both spoke judge with close but still be up top in the table after visiting to sold off the credit card. union's ground remain a number 3 chapel full trusts. don't mind already got a taste of bats last match day over asimo looking out on kickoff.
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1st you dortmund want to be champions but the title 100 team lost 31 last match day 2 union berlin. rockies on saturday they were on the lookout for a better result. before they face barcelona in the champions league on tuesday they 1st had to take on a different champions league participant later position for the table they're still undefeated so far this season liberties and said it was a case having only one target in mind although karim bell around be sorely missed fired 20 minutes in. so how would dortmund go about recovering from their recent setback. the 1st step was starting with a bold line up coach lucien farmer it started absolute so bringing more control
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into the midfield. and he would turn up rafa kimi disfavored right back as ition when he punished delayed because of a lapse in communication to find cap well past their one nil the spaniard has scored in every league match this season. and initial sense of security was restored as in which things look more like their title ambitions selves english period it was a good game for us we showed well as if that was because it but we can't ignore the fact that we were a little lucky enough of us business for them at leverkusen created a lot of problems for us with their press in the early stages of the match. was a polygamist a true leader whose and gave it their all with over 65 percent possession and even more shots on goal than dortmund they fought hard but sadly they had nothing to take away for it. and largely because dortmund were keen on making. amends for their blunder in berlin and that
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they did with merciless efficiency to nil. michael lewis played goalscorer with jade and son chill the provider but classes dummy deserves a share the credit they play with like they have forgotten all about their union shop to solve the stick and missing stream we important for us to concentrate on today's game needs not in the past and not on the future united because this match was really important does it feel selfish to the dortmund fans were thrilled to once again see their team exactly on the pitch and even those who hadn't taken part in the 1st 3 match days like ref will the rare 0 left their mark hero started to play in the midfield made a cutting right into the box and cleaned up their rebounds 3 emails. of a few career goal blew the game open and
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it will be the last. of someone else had one more chance to make up for his poor performance against union of the behind minute captain marco rubio is completed his grace. before against liverpool as it is a strong signal from do it means you have to feel this is an official just it's important that the boys gave in a fantastic answer to the criticism of 2 weeks ago that we don't take our chances and i think we've responded well. labor couzin suffered their heaviest trashing since last campaign same spring fixture which dortmund also won 4 nil 13 are back in form just in time for the champions league but what about the other champions league contenders 1st place lights ish welcome 2nd place buying in a mouthwatering head to head. as. a
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young ambitious uli analysis man is considered a tactical genius like say she's been a tricky competitor of a by and in the last 3 years in the now with not as man of the helm goodlike says possibly take it to the next level not as man studies his opponents and adjusts his own team's formation to match let's see if he can do the same with palin. was the much anticipated encounter didn't start sounds as not as much as it's after just 3 minutes tomas millet seed up robot live and dusky with perfection lab was one male the by the that was the polish strikers sevens go in just too much to use the it was a difficult start with consider goal really along the cayman with we really have
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control over the game we lost the balls really quickly and. probably were lucky not to go too near behind us now there's none what still missed by him played the exact style he's trying to impose in lights as his players were supposed to so suppose that since i'm making mistakes and then that key gets at the tastes and he gets to the gate or as live and dusty 11 could have had 3 full go was. not a man with just buy and play that best half of the season so far his expectations too high for his place out of the. to in the that he 7th minute the reigning champ sparrow was a penalty the to our as bad self the double checking with v.a. on it was that the times was the t. for like 6 because right before the. they were all mooted i don't see themselves
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for a comparatively to the bank to see was extended to equalize for a meal for most of the band just an outrage i never should have went into halftime at 11 we should have led to no or 3 no and that's why i'd like to see things changing up in the 2nd half and we needed a little too long to adjust to that little france for 10. at half time now this man had time to be assembled he said tell diego dema and switched his formation to have 2 defensive midfield is as if with this not the finger this is different getting like 6 with so suffocating bias but it's just one tackles and created something chalices and after which a system would have more us a bit more attacking moments we get kind of more ball position or create chances by the opposition not only about taking moment said was a good mix of the types that tangent like to see but even close to taking the heat
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must says stop it so force in the break you to say from manu i know i am doing now is time i. in the engine light switch would truly be the key to take away a pulley speak to suit leg just missed the target in the last seconds. were of the 6 defended place at the top of the table to his tactical know how it was in turning the game around its way young team murder will be still waves in our performance by the way it will improve every day . the guys are hungry and we will improve from tonight and i was just as it were happier to play in which i was like that's what the base class will focus on this week a disappointed by an engine like 6 signed in the midst of their best season starting club history and then not as much that's now heads to.
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a number teen that is enjoying my good to see some stuff it's bull spirits mending green have yet to lose a match this season this week they've got a long trip to ukraine for the europa league host spares i one of the top 5 best teams in the leak even if they aren't usually considered to be quite the contrary there often overlooked of that it's the new coach to would tease oliver class near does is particularly stand oh keys a least experienced coach in the bundesliga unlike his counterpart of sideline fried ham film go who has more experience than any other book at to woke spared we dug deep in the archives searching for footage werewolf spiric had something to celebrate back in 2009 wolfsburg were german champions anju plot it's from foreign wide in those days they crushed veyron 51 and had the leaks best striker do out
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graffy chicken egg inject gold works flugge legends combining free 53 goals does glares their have put it takes to fish store simple henri for wolf spirit 3 minutes into the match good be inclined to answer not quite yet because it chalk team what if good away this double chants the mule is it correct to low mass find fired but won't spirit are not quite there for one they're missing true star players defend your william 1st swiss international at mere miss mattie are good but brilliance not especially i and where did the man tasked with problems she will spring image come from in his playing days glass there was a loyal fellow he played 10 long years for asti read with hilly was it to tie i'm
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cook when are not bad as a coach he went from sound virtually means leading the provincial club to 2nd place also decent but what south play does he stand for for one a strong defense force break excel at preventing goals in fact their 2nd best that is in the league but in the 60 minutes this one could be. an equal rights movement took the lead for the hosts one nil but the goal wasn't exactly a fair one slightly before the ball actually went out of bounds the outside we saw it with the video ref hilton jimmy. still quite happy to watch even one pulled down his game plan stayed the same. because glass dish teams are told to make the most of their opportunities when there's a chance the ball sent down the flanks with aggression towards goal it's no tactical revolution really but
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a respectful approach that often yield results but here it did. at least for the talented yes of breath hello and strikers out there forced this team has to keep players with plenty of potential. pick forced to put away his 3rd goal of the season to equalize and a quick recovery hence towards a positive new was pregnant tally because there was still not 100 percent satisfied that's another one of his good traits to start this. ok in the school before games we didn't lose want. to see i'm always talking about the performance and the performance to davis not that we can do it it ended 11 well we'll spare grandson's 5 just one away point there clearly making progress even if no one is saying intention. other clubs to. spotlight close to was spared from being quietly
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undefeated in shadows and arm meanwhile love one points with ko bots and buying. did you know kick off is now when you cheat with the world of football. it was northern mexico. we travel the world and rooting for you how hard places are wrong i'm going to say no to stars and there were people i discuss football i am chris here in. the board that is going to go. is a football kick off on you tube. i didn't see you. a. little less the freiburg towards the top of the table saw that one coming. even freiburg coach christian strife probably didn't expect it headed into the
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match against hawks in time his side but 2 of their 1st 3 perhaps in time with their biggest test yet not that it slowed them down to 6 good to go forward and made one nil just 11 minutes in. freiburg really play afraid even against a tough opponent yannick out where kept up the onslaught not to his 1st goal to seizing in the 38th minute. to no deficit to frightening probably wasn't what hotline fans are for. things only got worse for the home crowd knows patterson was afforded plenty of space to make it 3 nil for freiburg strikes forwards are capable of punishing defensive states that did it 5 weeks 9 points in 4 matches put them in 3rd place made the other team should start worrying were playing them. alex books flowing i need a lush now has been a revelation since his sign. in this offseason with
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a goal and 2 assists in his 1st 3 matches this week things at the top against tax cuts and needed if not wanted. i guess he could have used that one day and just one point and gave up 19 goals in the right wing 3 matches and oust good looks doomed to give up more against mighty frank 1st for the visitors and then for the return not that defends rocco they still found himself miles away from the eagles' back line in the 36 minutes one to tell. this to infuse the hosts with confidence knowing i need electional didn't even pick his head up before putting away one of the best finishes of the season. to be. frank foote dominated possession and had more than twice as many shots as alex books that any managed one breakthrough. solid since the end of the
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consolation goal still counts book held on to the 1st win of the season thanks to a need election is when he's fitting in and finding the net with his unique squad. in. cologne posted glad back in the latest iteration of the rhineland derby as expected the fans were up for it as the flash backs coach marco rosa brought in after 2 sparkling seasons coaching rb salzberg he's inkblot back to implement his attacking football and take the fullest to the next level. after just 14 minutes close his side were have credit lies more with disastrous defending from cologne i think we've been talking from clyde back to score on the sign a player probably didn't mind one nil. that early goal didn't exactly open the floodgates europa league side blocked by. that split possession with newly promoted
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club and they were about even on chances to players lucky strike was enough to seal the win for rosa 3 points in a derby but the stunning football is still a work in progress. had to had big expectations headed into the season and bringing in lots of signings and new coaching on take children. with both teams winless had to likely figured heading to meet minds would be the best way to get back on track their off season optimism was only heightened by drawing by and in their 1st match but they haven't earned a point. and the boy been rubbing kweisi on in the box like he has the plate one tell bill martin's. had his high hopes didn't any come from a new coach they smashed their club transfer raechel signing belgian attackers did you get back yes you just missed out on equalizing. the visitors.
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with less than 10 minutes left jason la go through it finally breaks through his equalizing gets to the salvage the point to valid. crisis of the. not quite his sports defense to make demands and jeremiah such use to snatch a last gasp victory with his 1st ever goal for mike to one has his lofty hopes heading into the season are a far cry from their dismal reality they remain in the ever thinning club of windlass meetings. are born to prove they were no pushovers again chant calling for 38 minutes but they let it slip away when salif said they turned the game on its head but want to answer the visitors in front of the break. and i mean harry hit $31.00 about 20 minutes later with less than 10 minutes to go i mean to shoot the. it was.
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completely different to 60. 5. but some of the shells. are still waiting for a win. in the league's lovable underdog a proving to always be with the watch weeks ago they flushed out of the stadium and they were hoping for a similar spectacle against breman debunkers. it was exciting today really exciting it was exciting because a referee ready to take center stage the way to be as they stood just seconds after the opening whistle came the 1st to speak to see raymond state last week fell to the ground in the union books that it's a penalty. so fast so did the weight of the video assisted so it differently
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was just. minutes later that swatch the sting began. but after all that stood by his original cool penalty was. the decision placed classes some of the polls straight time to take the leads to our eyes from that point on votes had a strenuous afternoon. at the other brands a corner for union no one really got to touch on the full 7 seat. but suddenly bit since off heading back to the spring we watching the scene the suitable actually struck the simple says in the books it was clear penalty. was about the certain level to stay off the scene minutes. despite an evenly
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balanced penalty ratio from here on out the referee was dumbfounded complains. his ations of hand moves follow spots really to be a sunday constant. i think there is too much arguing and not enough football before today was. that it didn't stop the 55th minutes of braman colon and small french asked that it's didn't blow his whistle this time but then received a memo from his colleagues behind because. i can't see this again. last he said that's all i this time he can still tell us about some of the following because food clothes cross i don't see why i don't keep it laughs.
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at the final the drama wait. a minute in the light. second. to the to. the frame and smoothly shut the mouth spiralling control. to his legs as he's. speaking i. need to support the referee more uncertain decision to stay in the something otherwise the game gets out of hand which is what happened today with this initiative so i in the end supreme and and this 3 points from this strange smile which. red cards penalty is. the
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v.a.r. everything and yeah i think for the neutral fans of all fans of the end was nice to watch but maybe for the young fans not too much against. the tough day's work for the referee this at least the union continue to promise an interesting show for those watching. for results will be unforgettable for viewers. in dominating their top half against labor couzin or maybe fines dropped like the. union fans are unlikely to forget the officiating in bare last a brand. let's take a look at the table. likely retain this loss of the top of the heat followed closely linked up and jumps from 6 to good place shall have leapt up to 6 from the bottom half of the table speaking of which. had
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a one in hand to offer still winless at the very bottom they just need a bit of patience maybe watching this week's champions league action on spiralling there's going to be quite the match on tuesday. how did the industry get is be full of the champions league as they say endorsement . them for goal explosion against live accuse and look like a decent little marks at staples center. the way they go to school whatever reasons for hope we might tempt you from me this century royston aren't up for. true labor hughson aren't exactly no answer even if messi is injured but the spanish giants want to make history endorsements a 16 year old wunderkind on sinful if he finds the nets he'll be. instead champions
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league. that's still been looking pretty well maybe that will help in the 3 points thanks for watching and see you next time on kickoff. of the in. the in the.
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world unto itself. with its own gravitational. the finest musical composition. with some mysteries terrific.
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until mean that she wasn't. done filming that that she never showed. up for yourself and the joint should come off in the morning blame. her feel the simplicity of the list. how did the romantic master come up with such observes. the secrets of symphonic magic. claims coda starts oct 11th w jobs fog enough. sleep yards. should love his respect. the beauty
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of the british columbia zubrus the books above the 1st place the book the fall up the beasts the bold mug the beasts. luck the books respect the birth. place the blame. the book.
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this is the. time this year prime minister benjamin netanyahu fights for his political life. and. on the program. the president.


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