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this is the time this year prime minister benjamin netanyahu fights for his political life just corruption charges and to challenge from former military chain also on the program give the 50 people killed and scholes wounded thing to taliban attacks in afghanistan the president's i missed the international activist protests
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see you on the street i secretary general all for human rights group tell taking a 16 year olds to the public's attention i'm filled welcome to the program israel's prime minister is fighting for his political survival as the country goes to the polls in its 2nd national election in 5 months benjamin netanyahu tried to form a government in april but failed to meet disagreement with ultra-orthodox parties this time he's facing a stiff challenge from former army chief benny gantz in the race said to be too close to call. another election campaign is over for the 2nd time in a year israelis are going to the polls. here at
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a polling station in jerusalem voters have different hopes as to who should from the next condition government. is frustrated that we have you know within 6 months we have to go again and vote i think our biggest problem is our lack of unity and this election actually is the 1st time that i debated basically until i stood there and you know generally no one going to vote for and today i had no idea until i walked in there and decided i don't know if i made the right decision the most important thing for me is the social issues i think that we have a lot of work to do and i think that the current government exactly do what it should or could so i think after 11 years with no we can try and change it and focus on some proven so we have to make. society prime minister binyamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition following elections in april instead of handing back his mandate he pushed for new elections. in this rerun israelis are again faced with the choice of
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many parties and alliances but the focus of the elections is clear i think the the elections are on 3 main issues 1st is netanyahu. kalak and little sheep 2nd threats on democratic values and institutions and the 3rd one is a competition between values religious versus secular liberal versus traditional netanyahu who faces a possible indictment over corruption allegations fought a fierce complain for his likud party he didn't shy away from making controversial election promises like his pledge to annex parts of the occupied west bank. once again his main rival ispahani ganz candidate for the center right blue and white party and a former army chief and in a 10 yahoo the 2 men were neck and neck in the last elections. but
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netanyahu might still have more possibilities of forming a coalition for example with the ultra orthodox and smaller more extreme right wing parties. in jerusalem can tell us. let's start with turnout what sort of day is it baby. so the last numbers that we heard about are at 44 percent which is interestingly actually a bit higher than they were in the april elections contrary to expectations because analysts who have been careful to make predictions because there's this is an unprecedented 2nd election within one year in israeli history but they actually thought that maybe there's might be voter apathy and maybe less people would come but actually so israelis usually the voter turnout is quite high and around 70 percent and it seems like this time 2 israelis are interested in just making a decision about who their leadership will be despite kind of a general pessimism minister all about the future of the country you know no
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prospects for a long term peace high cost of living israelis are still happy to come out and vote it seems so far. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting fighting this election while facing 3 corruption cases how much of a role has that played in this campaign. yes that's true it's it's played a huge role actually his 1st hearings are scheduled for the beginning of october which means that he'll be facing those hearings while a coalition when a government hasn't even been formed yet. and he actually has been campaigning very aggressively with this he's been claiming that there's kind of a witch hunt going on against him and that witch hunt is not just by a left wing politicians who are trying to topple him or by the media but even also accusing the attorney general the police of having a political agenda to topple him and on the other side opponents the blue and white the largest opposing opponent party but also other parties have been campaigning in order to to say that he's not fit to govern anymore and with all this corruption
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scandals hanging over him and especially with him undermining democratic institutions as they claim by attacking for example the attorney general so these corruption charges have been a large part of the campaign many people are actually criticizing that this campaign is too much about personality. even though there have been some other important issues to as we heard in the report thank you that's really interesting. i would take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali ayatollah ali khamenei has ruled that difficulty talks with washington at any level unless the united states returns to the nuclear deal it withdrew from last year his remarks came as rejected accusations that it was behind the drone attacks that crippled saudi arabia's oil infrastructure over the weekend . some of that as well as political parties have split from the main opposition to sign an agreement to join government lawmakers in
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a bid to resolve the country's political and economic crisis opposition leader who's been trying to keep the site united a previously set talks with president nicolas maduro his government that collapsed . britain's president battle has moved to the country's supreme court and it's begun hearing a case claiming that a prime minister boris johnson acted illegally when he suspended parliament mr johnston says the shutdown was necessary to present a new legislative agenda opponents say the real reason was to prevent parliamentary scrutiny. and the afghan taliban has carried out more suicide bombings a week after president trump called of peace talks with the insurgent group 24 people in chatted car just north of the capital but killed in the 1st of today's attacks when a bomb exploded near an election rally being addressed by president ashraf ghani he was an agent a 2nd blast in the capital killed at least
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a 22 people and wounded many more. we'll get more on this from a journalist latif who joins us on the line from kabul welcome to d.w. are bomb attacks during election rallies to be expected or is president after afghani a particular target of the taliban. you definitely a particular target there have been attacks on election rallies and different election related events in past years but this year the taleban put out a very specific statement saying that they will target election rallies and they warned people not to attend them saying that you know that they they may come under harm and that they're trying to protect civilian life but essentially if you go you may end up being attacked and that's what we're seeing that we saw in taiwan is that you know these election rallies hundreds if not thousands of people show up and they're just ordinary civilians trying to take part in the democratic process
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and then they liked something like that and the taliban wants them to stay away which is on for a terrorist group. by attacking these rallies what are they trying to achieve. they're trying to disrupt the democratic process they're trying to keep people from voting they're trying to say you know it's not worth it if you're going to go to these your sort of part of what they would call you know corrupt system our stooge system and so they're saying don't bother because if you do it could end up costing you something you know especially after your life and in a country where violence is so prevalent is security issue in the election. it's a 100 percent of an issue you know the government for instance in the last parliamentary elections they dispatched thousands of extra matter terry and police out of the province and they're planning to the same this time. because at the end of the day
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when you have armed opposition groups like the taleban and forces to be dyess they are going to try and disrupt elections any way they can and this includes through violence and intimidation and i'm thinking more as a sort of campaign a huge because you have a hostile in the going for a 2nd term presumably well i'm going to try to. improve the security situation but people will look around them and say well while the that in the last naturally. there's a lack of the question people are asking right they're saying that if your own elections this is what like at least the 3rd event related to this campaign that have come under attack or the 3rd time and campaign has come under attack and so these are questions that people are asking and that they will continue to ask and these are things that that may actually keep people obviously feel that that that you know are are big time supporters of the other candidates will absolutely show
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up other people will certainly think twice if not 3 times before putting in the effort to go and vote in what 10 days time 11 days time go talk to thank you for joining us in the tafe college. this is the news life about it still to come the champions league every challenge it throws your dog and playing host to bosler head to lisbon to take on 10 feet. ahead of authorities in indonesia are battling to contain forest fires that have sent it thick clouds of choking smoke across the country and beyond the fires are and i knew an occurrence are often the result of illegal burning phalange clearance but this is unusually dry weather has made the situation no worse worst affected islands of borneo and some optional west schools that being closed and health centers provided no oxygen to thousands of people suffering from respiratory problems. breathing here has become
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a struggle eyes sting and headaches abound heavy see mark has forced people on the indonesian island of borneo to leave their homes. large scale forest fires have burned more than 1000 square kilometers of indonesian land since the beginning of august the islands of borneo and sumatra were hit especially hard schools and cannot gardens has been closed people are exposed to a thick haze day and night tiny particles in the smog post several health risks including strokes and respiratory infections the youngest are especially affected. he has asthma everything was fine before but since he was playing outside he started having shortness of breath and difficulty breathing that's never happened before. the fires are allegedly caused by indonesian farmers they want to convert the burned down rain forest into profitable
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farmland police have arrested 185 people over forest fires so far but the blaze is hard to get under control. the smog has now spread to neighboring malaysia and the capital kuala lumpur the air quality has been officially declared unhealthy and local residents are angry. that we're facing the same haze problems year after year there's no difference it's as if there is no action taken by anyone to handle this it will need to be. the forest fires have sparked a blame game between indonesia and malaysia the smog from indonesia has close hundreds of malaysian schools with the fires out of control there is no sign of tensions easing and intensity. of the un says hundreds of thousands of residents are muslims and men off a systematic persecution and repeated it's call for top generals to face trial their last security forces are accused of killings gang rape and arson during
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a crackdown the drug more than 700000 people out of rakhine state and into neighboring bangladesh in 2070. more than 700000 right fled recchi in state myanmar in 27 but despite global outcry the u.n. found persecution continues to this day. my has done nothing to dismantle the system of violence and persecution and the rohinton main reclined live in the same dire circumstances that they did prior to the events of august 2017 the idea night citizenship and recognition face regular violence including in the context of the ongoing conflict between the economy and that about all the mission says it has a confidential list of over $100.00 names including myanmar officials suspected of being involved in genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes in addition to 6 generals it names publicly a year ago. chillingly i have also received reports of villages being burnt as
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many as 6 since the end of june which was also when the government imposed the suspension of mobile internet services the fact finding mission was not allowed by the myanmar government to travel to the country so how did it collect information commission travel to neighboring countries such as bangladesh and conducted more than 400 interviews with injured victims and eye witnesses myanmar's ambassador denies the claims of genocide claiming the right hinge of themselves and the group . it is charged which require legal review and judicial determination and should not be drawn loosely asser as ranger insurgent group we cannot overlook the horrific across to be committed by us or against the people it's gordon attacked on that date police outpost. in the sensibility and to leave
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these are the main reason for this as the un commission discovered it's unlikely that these ranger will be returning home anytime soon. 2 anti establishment candidates of top the ballots in the 1st round of tunisia's presidential election law professor and political outsider high side atop the polls with 18 percent of the vote media magnate neville caraway is in 2nd place with 15 percent he's currently in prison and under investigation for alleged money laundering and tax evasion the $2.00 men will compete in a bun a vote in next month's widely seen as a test of one of the world's youngest democracies. dado believes that karim knows the region well and just returned from tunisia welcome joe i beg your pardon what are people expecting from this 1st round of voting. last week i wasn't uneasy i returned on saturday and want to talk to 2 people especially the younger
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generation they hoped so much the i sayed would be one of the 2 candidates and actually now he is because he's the one who always said the real sores in tunisia are the people he's the one that believes in the so-called revolution 2011 he's the one who doesn't belong to any political party is independent and they also wish someone like him to represent him and also you had the other candidate had also a good chance also he's now imprisoned but until there are no any convictions so he still have his civil rights in order to run again but he is part of the political system and people have big expectation whether it's always a or to say it because you have one high unemployment especially among the younger generation it's around 34 percent so young people when you talk to them we say we're motivated we want to change you know because tunisia is seen as
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a very young democracy so now you have a country which is on the best way to a democracy but unemployment is high so they want jobs they want to feel we are part of this society we want to work because you have a gap between the education system and what the work requirements are so when you talk also the dentist there is no changes we want to leave the country although i said they are the source of power does young generation that we need and the 2nd problem is the challenge that this president would have is corruption according to transparency international corruption is in tunisia they are also i think in one of the last last places so these 2 challenges. be facing this this president whoever it is and you will also have cut only is being said disease corrupted so it's going to be interesting what all will lead to and did both of them campaigned on those 2 issues. when you look under on the crisis say it he campaigned really on we don't
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want the old political system all parties that are now if they really were serious to change to fight unemployment to fight corruption then they could have done it and since they didn't do it he's saying under one the new one and i think he has a high credibility among people because he's he's coming from let's say from a non political system that's already established it's already a party so this will give him i think a good chances but you never know i mean how do we has his own t.v. channel that it's also campaigning he had a very strong campaign traveling all over tunisia and talking to people and some say he also gave people some some food and some some support so they feel they vote for him unemployment is a particular issue as as you mentioned that but that was also one of the driving forces behind the revolution yes speak so how much has been
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done then to overcome in this time. how much has been done according to the people not a lot because it's already 80 years and them unemployment in still very high so they have they will have one wish since the revolution that this unemployment should should change but it didn't change now the way they wanted and their way and why they went on the street in 2011 so it's still going to be an interesting and exciting what's going to happen so who thank you for joining us karim thank you. 16 year old environmentalist i got to talk about has been saved a mystery international's highest all of campaign. action to deal with the climate crisis at a ceremony in washington i'm still said she had show unique leadership probably. it was the moment the crowd had been waiting for we see and hearing brighter to
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merge deliver the message was activism works. with thank you. so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to make a difference this award is for all of those millions of people young people around the world who together make up a movement called fridays for a future i was a movement to bring founded after missing school on fridays to protest against political action on climate change to what is called the attention of people both young and old including the secretary general of amnesty international community do
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he spoke to d.w. the award ceremony. i think this something powerful about young people speaking out in this way because the c.e.o.'s of the fossil fuel companies president trump and all the other people that are holding us back from progress are parents and grandparents and so on and hopefully the penny will drop. so. the fridays for future activists have urged everybody to take part in global climate strikes on september 20th and 27th coincide with the u.n. climate summit in new york i reckon timberg said he hopes to see you on the streets . football than the champions league is back with the 1st group games kicking off tonight's 2 german teams will be in action chris huntington d.w. sport can tell us well welcome chris and and barcelona and i quite well i know
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definitely it is feel 2 of the biggest clubs in the world we have the defending the league champions barcelona coming to germany signally doing a park dog means backyard it should be quite the match of barcelona as the season team in this competition they wanted 5 times 2013 men could only be runners up in the competition but this is by far the biggest opening fixture of this year's competition the champions league we have more on the showdown between dortmund in barcelona let's take a look. see iconic yellow wall at dortmund's acknowledge doing a poc is a fan favorite across the continent but players are also keen to drink in the atmosphere even superstar the n.l. messi after the group stage drawl said he looked forward to finally playing there but a niggling cough injury may keep him out of the match believe it was mike hanna they will decide tomorrow it's true a few days ago we weren't so sure he'd play. but in our last training sessions he
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trained with the team he competed well and maybe was able to get some of the pain he was feeling out of his head. a team on fire having bounce back from defeats in the bundesliga by pushing for passed by a living on saturday was kept in the score of this goal marco voice is confident they can beat barcelona. i think it's important we concentrate on ourselves and don't talk too much about the opponent and about messi everyone knows he's the best but that's that we're playing at home and we also have a good team so we want to get a home win. i don't mean to face an uphill toss whether messy plays or not their group also contains a rejuvenated into milan side so 3 points would certainly go a long way. so what happens if messi doesn't
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play well if messi is not there you know my instinct is that he will suit up and actually play he mentioned he's looking forward to the idea of playing is acknowledged in a park but barcelona they have stars in attack in the likes of luis suarez and tom green's mind these 2 players obviously are going to strike fear any opposing side but dortmund or a young side that's on the come up you can say jade and sand show from the start of last season into this season has more sense to anyone in all of european football poc all kafir is a former barcelona player he came out recently saying he felt disrespected during his days at barcelona he has a bone to pick with the team coming to town tonight so i think all the all you can look at this competition a lot of people have favorites they say dortmund can win they just came back a win at home in their league domestically so all in all you got to give the home crowd advantage is shot because played as a dolly to the park is like having an extra mentally. and the other german club in
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action to be live so you had to write their chances in lisbon against benfica well like rb lives because they are currently the top of the table in the bundesliga they have a very solid defense they have a young master mind coach and yulia noddles mind and when you compare germany the bit as they get to portugal is top flight really apples and oranges they have been feet as a presence but they've already tasted defeat this season and leipsic have not i give the upper hand to leipsic chris huntington database book thank you ok. this is a data when you fly from above and coming up next the end date of the news that asia these refugees shelter the whistleblower edward snowden in hong kong 6 years ago today they're still looking for a country to call. i'm plastic is a huge polluters about in this town it can be traded for food we visit ingenious idea that's good for the stomach i'm feeling much. better spotters
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