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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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in israel the ballots are being counted after today's election the 2nd election this year from minister benjamin netanyahu and his main rival b.b. guns they have one thing in common tonight they both want a result that delivers a clear winner will it be netanyahu guns or deadlock again tonight in israel it's another election is it more of the saying i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day . that the election pieces all this celebration and he will just it's about this one person and whether we want him to continue as israel's prime minister we're going to be disturbed yes i think so i mean it's given that i intend to serve you and our country as prime minister for many more years i mean we don't believe the
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spend certainly has a good chance but it's a very you know it's interesting 50 election. we want to tell you we vote today for change we will bring hope we will bring change it's going to be close going to be close election you have to vote to keep it within the system. also coming up in a global awakening to the climate crisis and an award for the 16 year old who was delivering the wake up call every friday so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to make a difference. i'm urging all of you to take part in the global climate strikes on september 20th and 27th. and just one last thing see you on the street.
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well to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all the around the world welcome we begin the day with the election in israel the 2nd election this year israel held a repeat general election today after the 1st one failed to deliver what have become rare commodities in many democracies voters are choosing consensus and political leaders building bridges instead of walls the 1st election back in april ended with prime minister benjamin netanyahu declaring victory but in the weeks that followed it became clear that bibi as he's known could not weave enough parties and interest together to form a coalition government so 5 months later here we are it's back to the voters voters who will tell you that nothing has really changed since that 1st election in fact you can argue that the divide has become wider in deeper right versus left secular versus orthodox arabs and israelis jews and muslims the politics of extremes complete with politicians so desperate to get elected that as one commentator said
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today nothing they say or do can be taken at face value here is what prime minister netanyahu and his rival benny gantz said today when they cast their ballots. we want to smooth the election is close and i can confirm to you this morning it's very close i call on all citizens of israel to come and vote just like me and my wife came to vote i won't tell you for home good luck and thank you for the phone to very important to see you and. you've got to go food. to change attitudes for you know. we've got a complete healthy range of israel's repeat election tonight telling you kramer she is on the ground force in jerusalem and here at the big table with me is my colleague my ass waiter who has also reported from israel and most recently from washington d.c. to both of you it's good to have you here tanya let me start with you talk us through the picture that is emerging tonight from this repeat election.
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well i can tell you this no clear picture at the moment because the exit polls were published and polling stations were closing and as we speak obviously votes are being counted so that none of the bigger parties see that all of these channels t.v. channels are published as excess policy no clear winner actually we have a hollow one blue and white any guns party leading those exit polls except for one ican public broadcaster says there's a tie between the likud party spend a minute on the almost party and blue and white so what we're looking at here in israel is who can then build a coalition it's all about. $61.00 seats out of the $120.00 knesset seats and that's what. prime minister netanyahu would have liked to see tonight to get those
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$61.00 seats but he's falling short of that the right thing block with the coalition partners that really no for now would gain only according to those exit polls we have to be very careful these only exit polls between $54.00 to $57.00 seats that also blue and white would also fall short of the $61.00 seats right so right now you know it's really a game of numbers that we're dealing with right now it's about a little bit more than that for the voters i want you to take a listen to what a couple of voters said today about casting ballots yet again this year. frustrated that we had you know in 6 months we have to go again and vote i think our biggest problem is our lack of unity and this election actually is the 1st time that i debated basically until i stood there and i generally no one going to vote for and today i had no idea until i walked in there and decided i don't know if i made the right decision the most important thing for me is the social issues i
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think that we have a lot of work to do and i think that the current government didn't exactly do what it should or could so i think after 11 years with an attorney or we can try and change it and focus on some improvements we have to make with our society. that voted there mentioned domestic issues social issues was this in a white zin about issues or was it all about the men who want to win. you know also had a lot from people here that they would have put it to. listen to them and talk more about issues like social issues as you mention education also the economy now there has been a lot of talk about security but at the end there was a sense here in israel that this is actually an election about one man binyamin netanyahu because he you know he failed to fall in the coalition in the april elections he didn't give back the mandate to another candidate and he pushed for
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new elections to get again you know the monday to form a new government so there's a sense here among people you know that they also thought about how to vote i mean a lot of people told me no i don't think about. which party 2 of the smaller ones are rather than the good ones and you have of course you know the camp that's absolutely pro pro netanyahu would say only be vacant this country and then you have those so saying you know a decade of politics of binyamin netanyahu is enough also because of a possible indictment of a corruption charges they want him to deal with that and they would like to see a change in leadership yeah that's right i mean he could actually be in a courtroom facing charges within a year if you lose this election netanyahu in the run up to this election he promised that if he were elected that he would more territory in the jordan valley that has made this election much more of a geo political flashpoint for the entire world has been this is something we see
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a lot with israeli politicians and particularly with netanyahu he will say things that are really just meant for domestic consumption this is a campaign promise that if you look at it from the inside was really just meant to goose up his base to get his vote for his party and for him but it's the sort of thing that doesn't sit well with the rest of the world which is watching what happens in israel because this israeli palestinian conflict is constantly on the agenda of the u.s. . and the u.s. the e.u. all of these very large powers now we see here the map of exactly where netanyahu is talking about israel has claimed this territory sense the 167 war when it kind of just walked in there and took it but it's also the territory of the palestinians claim is going to be their future state now whether or not netanyahu will go through with this campaign promise if he in fact retains the premiership that is
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a whole other question but these are the sorts of things that you see coming out of israeli politicians and no one really outside of israel knows what to make of them if you're looking at it from the inside of israel is just a campaign promise is not really not there have to keep his word exactly the election we heard a lot today is about more than just netanyahu some say that the future of israeli democracy is at stake right now and what we heard today i think the the election the road 3 main issues 1st is that then you know that the knows the and little sheep sickened secrets on democratic values and institutions and the 3rd one is a competition between values the secular liberal versus traditional the there is basically talking about the erosion or the disappearance of consensus in israel the society i mean nowhere do we see this more than the death of the labor party which used to be the flag pole party of the israeli left it was the party
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that founded israel it ruled world isn't the right word but it was in power in israel for the 1st half of the country's existence and it has been reduced to peanuts in the knesset it really doesn't have a voter base anymore and that was what the left looked like and now we also see the splintering of the right ness and you know who tends to form coalitions with far right and further and further right parties but we have you know several different religious right wing parties. killer right wing parties far right center right even benny gantz himself in his blue and white party does don't portray themselves as leftists he portrays himself as a centrist sort of the anti netanyahu he does want someone he is someone who wants peace with the palestinians if focusing on social issues he partnered with the centrist politician you're left he'd to try to bolster that image and it's just it's a really interesting indication of how israeli society has become so it can't even
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talk amongst itself in terms of how these parties are communicate and it's not the only democracy you know that has that problem we talk about that many times right here on this program. i want to ask you we've got a little bit of time the attacks in saudi arabia over the weekend there were reports that there was talk in israel of postponing the election in case of a full fledged military conflict having had broken alex. do you think that had an impact on voter turnout today. well i mean this is always in the back of minds of people there was also talk about a possible intervention or a conflict with gaza last week i mean there were these pictures when benyamin netanyahu was complaining in the south and there was a rocket siren an alert and he had to be taken off stage wasn't taken very well by some of his supporters and also of course. his rivals also pointed out that he
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left the stage he was taken to safety and it turned out some reports claim now that he was about to possibly launch also a large escalation or. military operation then so this is always in the back of people's minds but i think what they really wanted to see is getting out of this stalemate here in israel and you know one some kind of decision about a government and. to see a new government emerge from this and speaking of still may what happens if the stalemate remains how widely is a 3rd election tonight. well it's certainly a possibility but there's a sense here that people would like to avoid that and know there is a whole. list of now there will be consultations with the president and present
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written has already said he would like to do that very fast and then he will have to toss someone a given give someone the monday it's actually to form that coalition there's a bit of a wait and see attitude here tonight because there is no clear winner and you know everybody's waiting to see now being counted and to see a bit a clearer picture when the 1st results are coming in all right a correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem talking thank you and my sweater here at the big table with me my thank you thank you. but what about the palestinians and the 2 state solution that did not get much attention in this campaign it gets even less attention from the group in our next report christian zionists believe that the bible promises the holy land to the jews and that belief has put them on
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a collision course with palestinians who have their own take about. the. obviously . the high of elvin yard was set up by an evangelical christian group the friends of zion in an israeli settlement deep in the west bank which they described in the biblical times today and some are these christian zionists believe the bible promised the holy land to the jews but the settlement is in the middle of what palestinians see as a future state. evangelicals believe should be an area that is the bible because it is 6000 years of history. do you think giving up a good deal severely is going to bring peace no way local palestinians and most of the international community see the settlements as illegal. this land belongs to us inherited from our fathers and grandfathers and that was how it's done for thousands of years. the same way they vanished they want to annex the west bank.
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and so will hear of trump acknowledging the annexation of the west bank to be christian zionists have found a strong ally in the us president pictured here with mike evans they loudly supported his controversial recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel and the sheer christian evangelical support of trump and trump support in the state of israel has gotten stronger in past years to add to light and that brings in more groups here. most people would blame the problems here on competing land claims and a violent history but the founder of the venue it has a different explanation and i think there's a reason why it is there's a lot of clout with here and with the fiction obviously there's people that oppose god mr waller says that the purpose of the vineyard is to provide american believers with an opportunity to get hands on in the holy land. these evangelicals a strong supporter of prime minister benjamin netanyahu who announced plans to
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annex significant parts of the west bank if he triumphs in elections this week depending on the results that could be plenty more land for settlers on the high of elvin yacht soon enough. so they saudi arabia's energy minister said he expects to have oil output restored 100 percent by the end of this month now that is a quick turnaround after those drone attacks from the weekend that quickly turned upside down hopes of a fall between iran and the united states the top administration is blaming iran for the attacks today the president said that he would prefer not to meet with the rainy and president rouhani of the year when later this month or last week it was a different story from said that he was open to a meeting with no preconditions and he was reportedly considering easing sanctions on iran he was a tehran is facing down the pressure from washington clashing speculation of a possible summit with the u.s. president on the sidelines of the upcoming u.n. general assembly iran's supreme leader ruled out diplomatic talks at any level on.
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his ranch there will be neither a bilateral nor trilateral talks if the u.s. takes back its words if they repent and return to the nuclear deal that they have violated then they can take part in the meeting of signatories to the agreement with iran. but washington doesn't look set to repent it's blaming iran for the weekend attacks on saudi oil facilities the u.s. military released these satellite images as evidence of the precision of the strikes. a precision it says could only be carried out by a state. president trump has already hinted at the possibility of military action against tehran. the united states is more prepared than any country in the history . of in any history so i want to i don't want war with anybody somebody they would
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like got to have. white house officials are now said to be debating the best course of action communication or confrontation. what is killing the olive trees in france the country's farming regions are on high alert after signs of a deadly bacteria known as all of tree leprosy were detected the bacteria has already devastated groves of all the trees in neighboring italy. the 2 world trees infected with the feared plant as ease in southern france were discovered in private gardens not far from the mediterranean coast they had to be called but wouldn't have survived much longer anyway i seen the back to. back syrian that enters the sap it's carried by the staff of the plans and it causes the plant to dry out like it's running out of water. because the lower 1st video affects many different plants it's native to costa rica but has spread to other
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places through trade and agricultural products in california in the late 1990 s. it almost wiped out an entire wine producing region it's found equally attractive conditions in italy where it 1st appeared in 2013 transmitted by insects like this one particular strain of the bacteria has ravaged olive groves across the country killing many trees that were centuries old especially in the southern region of up . to pure want to be much amount think it's like it was before with the few remaining trees production is going to fall a lot this year 80 percent in our region. and that has had dramatic consequences in an area that relies heavily on the industry there's a quote that even the n.t. . i went from 50 employees to 0 and even had to fire a secretary who had been working here for 16 years. growers in italy like
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antonio de lorenzo's have fought a losing battle against the pathogen for years the damage caused by the blight is irreparable because all of trees grow slowly. they can take 10 to 15 years before a tree bears fruit but that isn't the only problem. if you put in new trees in a great diseased again then the economic impact hits you twice as hard. experts say the disease can spread by up to 2 kilometers a month if an infected plant is detected the only response authorities currently have is to kill every other potential carrier plant within 100 meter radius in france the authorities still hope they can keep the level at bay. you don't cut down century old trees like this with pleasure it hurts but you have to do it is to preserve all the rest of our heritage but. all of farmers and southern friends can
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only hope the authorities were quick enough to stop the further transmission of the letter fastidious this time and they know it probably won't be the last. at the age of 16 she has mobilized more young people to fight climate change than all political leaders today put together amnesty international has awarded the young swedish activist granted to its highest honor as a result the head of amnesty international presented the embassador for conscious award to get a ceremony in washington d.c. she was given a standing ovation so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to make a difference. i'm urging all of you to take part in the global climate strikes on september 20th and 27th
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thank you. and just one last thing i see on the streets thank. you for the corresponding public holiday in the us spoke with the secretary general of amnesty kumi night she presented to bear with that award you were you know an activist yourself as a young man am i and here you are now what advice. have you given to create the tumor go or the other fridays for future activists and want do you want to pass on to them that maybe they can learn from well firstly i say to young people who are standing up to secure their future and to defend their rights is don't put any faith in the current bunch of about the this be a lot of fresh ideas. we talk talk talk without action and that young people need
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to bring to the public debate the freshness of their perspective. new solutions on old problems many of the. politicians and business leaders all recognize that climate change is a serious problem but don't have the political will and the energy and the passion that young people have and that's what they need to bring to it so actually why i very hesitant about giving young people advice is look how good how well my generation of activists have done in the sense that we still have all of these problems so i think right now with humility i must say that really looking to young people to bring their numbers their passion but also young people need to push back when adults say young people are the leaders of tomorrow if young people wait for tomorrow the won't be a to model for them to be able to take leadership given the realities of what climate change represents which is essentially
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a mass death penalty facing the entire population of our planet why do you think it is that it's taking place now because we've known about climate change the climate crisis for for many many many years but it seems like now it's really beginning to finally hit home that's sort of my impression but a couple of things are changing one is that in the last decade we've seen almost 100 percent increase in extreme weather events so today you don't have to be a climate scientists or something you just have to watch the where the bulletins or whichever country you're in you can see something is changing drastically in the u.k. for example where they've had the highest temperature days recently now 85 percent of the people in britain recognize that climate change is one of the biggest threats they face the 2nd is the new social media environment allows for a different kind of organization that crosses boundaries that is. it's flexible
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it's less bureaucratic it's decentralized and there's a real power in that kind of organization. what we're seeing is more leader full organizations or leader food movements so who's the figurehead and the initiator has been really keen pains even when we were speaking to about the war she said provided it's for the movement and for everybody who participated and that kind of leadership where people don't want to be leaders you know but see that they've been put into a situation of they have to lead is the kind of leaders that we want unfortunately the world we live in today were too many people or too desperate to be leaders when in fact they should actually i believe stay at home and they would help society much better than by capturing the white house for example. hi there was the head of amnesty international there the days almost on the conference continues online in the matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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thinking. they live with the water. and in fear of the slum dwellers of monella capital of the philippines their home is risk being swallowed up by the sea. but now there is hope the government is helping them move into safe apartments. and they're building a new pumping station to protect them from fighting. global 3000 next
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on the telly. a world unto itself. with its own gravitational pull john howard. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries to reveal. the. song to lead us to listen to them. don't tell me that he. and the jointer come a fellow morning blame. the symphony of. how
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did the romantic master come up with such. the secrets of magic. carpet starts oct 11th. you are. welcome to global 3000. people in the caribbean have dubbed it the monster hurricane dorian its size can best be seen from space with wind speeds of more than 300 kilometers an hour the terrifying storm destroyed everything in its wake in
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recent years water temperatures in the atlantic between west africa.


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