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you know i've only said what i thought when i'm going to do fun to. say. this is d w news live from berlin a possible setback for benjamin netanyahu divorcing and seen is for out with the rise too close to call exit polls showing the prime minister and he is hardline ally short of a parliamentary majority following a strong challenge by centrist penny comes what's next for his rival also on the program with 2 weeks until afghanistan holds elections nearly 50 people were killed
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in 2 taliban attacks president ashraf ghani is compound rallies targeted so he was on top. of the city and when you look at u.s. whistleblower edward snowden's chances of being granted asylum here in germany with the clock ticking on his exotic in russia. and ready thanks for joining us votes are being counted off the israel 2nd general election this year with prime minister benjamin netanyahu whose political survival hanging in the balance one rival is already calling for the formation of a cross posse national unity government with exit polls pointing to another deadlock between the country's main political blocs we'll have analysis here in the studio in just a. moment but 1st this look at the state of the race. israel's election result is
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neck and neck exit polls are suggesting the race between benyamin netanyahu head of the right wing likud party and the incumbent prime minister and his rival benny gantz leader of the centrist blue and white party is too close to call. 6 months ago netanyahu failed to form a coalition government faced with losing power he called fresh elections against predictions of voter fatigue voter turnout has been the highest in decades. palestinians who are not in the gaza strip are eligible to vote and they were also out in higher numbers opposing netanyahu open hostility. calling fresh elections was a gamble and netanyahu knows that. the election is close i can confirm to you this morning it is very close i call on all citizens of israel to come and vote just like me and my wife came to 1st i won't tell you who. with results this
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close israel faces the same situation it did in april selection netanyahu and his right wing block failing to get the $61.00 seat majority. extensive political negotiations are expected to begin even before the final results are announced later this month. in the studio now is d w reporter who's reported for us from hi my it looks like this result is too close to call walk us through some of the possible outcomes scenarios here well there's a lot to digest the sense that neither of the big parties managed to get to 61 votes 61 seats in the parliament on their own what they have to now do is coalition building which means of course your eye turns to what the biggest parties are sort of 2nd and 3rd on the list one of those is a secular right wing party called israel led by avigdor lieberman this party was in coalition up until earlier this year when it decided to leave the coalition and
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that's what precipitated this whole thing really in the 1st place and they have said that they are looking for a unity government now this is not unprecedented in israel's history would mean that all the top 3 parties would govern together however at the top 2 parties are really need lieberman to do that because they would get to see more than 60 seats themselves they are both have right now more than 30 seats although those numbers will probably change there's just preliminary the 2nd big interesting plot twist of the night is the joint arab lists which are usually down at the bottom of the polls they join together into a correlation these 4 parties and they have risen now up further in the list in sort of us. pries interesting twist as i said now they have never been in an israeli government for obvious reasons they represent the israeli arabs but israeli arabs are getting rather frustrated with their parties not really being able to accomplish anything so it's it'll be interesting to see who they decide to throw
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their weight behind either behind the right wing likud party nationalist party or behind the more centrist blue and white party with many guns ahead so some interesting times ahead how did we end up here to elections in 5 months so for those who didn't turn in for israeli elections episode one who happened was back in 2015 the last election you know won reelection and formed this very right wing religious coalition with a bunch of right wing religious orthodox party is and as we said israel by to new party ended up leaving the coalition of the beginning of 21000 and that had to do with a ceasefire that was brokered with gaza militants and with the question of orthodox jews serving in the israeli military this has been a big question hanging over israeli politics for at least the last 510 years or so and establish a new took their ball went home and the coalition fall apart so they had an election back in april and they were deadlocked likud was deadlocked with this
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new blue and white party which is a much more centrist party netanyahu claimed victory they pulled ahead by about 15000 votes but in electoral map that's really easier oh and he was unable to form another coalition and so here we are again today talking about the same thing happening basically again but still could be more about netanyahu longest serving prime minister and he'd hope that these elections would break the deadlock but could he be in an even weaker position than he was beforehand there's been a lot of speculation over whether this is netanya is on doing this is a question i've been asked before the answer generally has been no however there is a possibility at this point if unity government. is the way forward if this is what is decided if in fact our bigger lieberman's party becomes the king maker there is a non-zero chance that likud could decide to go as the head of the party in this because the blue and white party has said under no circumstances do we want to be
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in a unity government with likud we will absolutely not do that and all of this he knows rivals have been very clear about wanting to unseat so his throne book and a little shake here has been in the past but i wouldn't count him out necessarily mediately mine is rather thank you for your analysis course time now to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world and spanish version is heading to the polls again the country's prime minister has announced fresh elections ofter it emerged that no woman could win enough support to form a government sanchez a socialist won the most seats in. phil will short of an absolute majority in the elections will now be held on november 10th. officials in the u.s. say di have evidence that saturday's attack on saudi arabia's oil facilities originated in iran the unnamed sources told reuters that the strong involved
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dragoons as previously reported and cruise missiles iran has rejected all claims of responsibility for the attack. and new york has become the 1st out of the silo flavored east cigarettes authorities voted to impose an immediate ban amid growing health concerns and the surge in popularity among young people the ban does not apply to tobacco flighted the secrets. the afghan taliban has carried out more suicide bombings a week after the u.s. president called off peace talks with the insurgent group 26 people in sharikov just north of the capital were killed in the 1st of tuesday's attacks when a bomb exploded near an election rally being addressed 5 president he was on a 2nd blast in the capital kabul killed at least 22 people and wounded many more.
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panic and chaos a survivor scattered from the scene of the attack as the 2000 people had come to listen to president fanny in the town of when a suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt. here to suddenly on a motorbike arrived at a huge explosion went off a lot of people were martyred and wounded. in the desperate scramble the wounded were piled on to pickup trucks and raced to hospital. but there was a terrific blast 1 that all my friends got injured i don't know what happened next . the 2nd blast went off hours later near the u.s. embassy in kabul it was also claimed by the taliban on a 2 coast carnage. that i heard an explosion dust rose from the side of the attack. there was gunfire. i escaped from here
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body parts are spread all around this area. the insurgents opposed the actions campaigning all but ceased as the u.s. and the taliban negotiated a peace deal but president trump last week an ounce deal was quite debt. the candidates are now back on the campaign trail. while the taliban are seeking revenge for trump's snap. edward snowden's although biography permanent record is arriving in bookshops it's been 6 years since the whistleblower shocked the world with revelations about the u.s. government's massive violence back then he found shelter in an unlikely place with a group of refugees now the people who helped him a stuck in limbo themselves facing deportation from hong kong they're hoping canada will offer them protection. it's just a game for 3 year old dina but for his family hiding has become
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a way of life when they're desperate to leave behind a 7 year old said to me he was just a baby. and dina was not even born when their parents asylum seekers from sri lanka found themselves sheltering us intelligence contracted tunde whistleblower edward snowden since their role in his story came to light they haven't felt safe father suppose and received threatening phone calls some courses. in we have way door to study saw their trade with scary so we brought it home and we carried from my home depot importers was sleeping. one week quarter one we really have to be all risk. we have to be always with safety always said well it's very difficult the family's lawyer says they've been followed and questioned by hong kong authorities due to their association with snowden but despite the pressure they're under now supposin and his wife know dk say they don't regret helping him he needed
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help and i. we we're he went over here some. someone he when you come over you know i was he said to me i want to stay here some abuse someone i want to. kill me you know this for me i would help you know move to. hong kong has rejected the family's asylum playing but they have one hope they've applied for asylum in canada. earlier this year that country accepted one of the other families who helped edward snowden and hong kong filipino vanessa wrote and her daughter kiana her father is supposed to both families a close and the separation has taken its whole. one of my kids know she has. the freedom and independent play with her a lot to watch. the family always stick together when they leave that tiny apartment in downtown hong kong the parents face deportation back to sri lanka
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where they fled persecution and abuse canada is still processing their asylum claims they wait and they hope to be together and to be safe from them is the. direction they see review good. that. freedom is that way but with no news from kind of their own that cases freedom feels a long way off. well to german tames help kick off the new champion's league season on tuesday night on does legal leaders abhi live seek took their success on the road in europe team of valinor measured 2 goals within 9 minutes midway through the 2nd half to steal a big away win against portuguese side been thinker and gautam and held their are not harm against spanish aristocrats boss a long enough boss to keep. a mockery of roy's penalty to keep the game school.
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an american woman has become the 1st person to swim the english channel 4 times without stopping but she's not just any insurance sara thomas from the u.s. state of colorado a form the feet off the less than a year after completing a treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer after taking to the chilly waters of the english channel she spent 54 hours in the city and after all that time in the waves she admitted she felt just a little sick sick. thing. and don't forget you can always get data news on the go just download out from google play all from the app store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications fit any breaking news you can also use the date of the op to send us photos and videos. you're watching developing
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news from berlin coming up next to details when you use africa like i said don't think that you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com i'm sorry by. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate the nixon go from 250. working on the discovery. expedition one boy's own. path.
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