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this is the w. news live from berlin israel's benjamin netanyahu fighting for his political survival exit polls show the election israel still too close to call with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against rival benny gantz both are urging patience as the vote count continues also on the show. trying to reconstruct everything he says pushing them to a climax where it's a bad victory. and this is i think deeply irresponsible and this makes me
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a force field feel feel sad and that britain's prime minister has opened a new front in the battle over bracks today europe's parliament roll out their big guns in a special debate. and weeks of anti foreigner violence in the south african city of johannesburg are taking their toll both on the people and the city's economy. and germany's berthier dortmund draw with mighty barcelona as the champions league group stages kick off fine munich begin their quest tonight. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the future of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hanging in the balance this morning partial results from the country's election show the race is still too close to call with the blue white
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party of centrist benny gantz tied with netanyahu is likud so far neither side has declared victory. speaking to his supporters in tel aviv opposition leader benny gantz stopped short of the carrying election when. but his address had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. if he had not sold the cording to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. was enough on the other hand to prove that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay. god said that he would not get to work on building a broad unity government. but speaking to his supporters at likud party headquarters prime minister netanyahu did not concede defeat he said he would also
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seek potential allies to form a government but one that excluded our parties. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government and to prevent a dangerous anti's are in a scar meant. exit polls show the 2 main parties are neck and neck after 10 years and car benjamin netanyahu and his right wing likud party are battling for political survival. centrist benny gantz has ruled out a partnership with if netanyahu remains at the helm of the party. 6 months ago netanyahu failed to form a coalition government faced with losing party called fresh elections despite predictions of fotr fatigue turnout has been the highest in decades. israeli arbs also voted in much higher numbers than usual exit polls indicate the arab list bloc could become the 3rd largest force in parliament. with results this close israel
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faces the same situation as it did in april selection with netanyahu and his right wing block failing to reach a 61 seat majority. let's go straight to jerusalem and w.'s time you're kramer standing by for us tanya a very close result a tense result as well is been human netanyahu literally fighting for his political life this morning. well there is a sense here that he has been weakened by this we've run the elections again because what he wanted actually he wanted to obtain the 61 seeds out of the 120 knesset seats to have a majority to build a coalition now he failed over 80 in april to build this coalition and now he's running shy of having those 61 seats so there is a sense here that you know this election could weaken him further that he has given a very competent combative speech last night saying you know israel is at the
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crossroads so he's not given up yet on this coalition while his rival is adding to that pressure you mentioned as well benny gantz says he will not enter a coalition with netanyahu party if netanyahu is still its leader would look who dropped netanyahu to remain in power in israel. well certainly and running up to the election there have been reports in the hebrew media that there have been discussions of course i mean about all these different scenarios but i wouldn't think that you will hear such reports at the moment there are also some of his close. colleagues in the likud and he could members have to have pledged loyalty to prime minister netanyahu but i would expect there is such a debate going on because it would be very much much easier to say for new head of the likud then to form
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a unity government because as you said. many guns from who and why it has said they would join unity government if netanyahu is not any longer had a few coote ok now one party that has done exceptionally well is avigdor lieberman's secular nationalist party is lieberman the new kingmaker in israel yeah i think you could say that because he already was the reason why the last coalition building failed now he has gained from that even more seats and he already made a speech last night calling for unity government for broad and wide unity government what he said you know because israel needs in an emergency situation they need to have a government and already this morning again you spoke about that and over you put down actually you know what he would like to see so i think he plays no major role
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in forming that new government tanya crime are following that very close election today for us in israel from jerusalem thanks very much. preview now some of the other stories making the news at this hour officials in the u.s. say they have evidence that saturday's attacks on saudi arabia's oil facilities did originate in iran the unnamed sources told reuters news agency that the strikes involve drones and cruise missiles iran has denied any responsibility for the attacks. south korea is calling some 5000 pigs after confirming its 2nd case of african swine fever near its border with north korea officials stepped up quarantine efforts tuesday after the 1st case was confirmed the disease has already decimated pig herds in china. for. the teenage climate activists gratitude has met with former u.s.
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president barack obama who helped broker the 2015 paris climate accord he praised her as one of the planet's great environmental activists she said to take part in friday's global climate strike in new york. spanish voters will be heading to the polls again in november caretaker prime minister pedro sanchez announced a new election after no party was able to form a new government his socialist won the most seats in april's election but fell short of an absolute majority. while the european parliament is debating the u.k.'s upcoming departure from the european union today london says it will leave without a deal if brussels does not agree to its demands for brussels says the government in london has failed to put forward any workable alternatives we'll have analysis after this. how we miss all of this already but the house of commons has been sent on
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a forced vacation. thanks to this man boris johnson the prime minister of the u.k. so now it's up to a different parliament to try to sort things out. this one the european parliament at some point it will have to give a thumbs up to a greggs a deal i know if there is a deal ok so if there is a deal in any case for each parliamentarians to agree that deal would have to include certain elements but i think the most important thing is to backstop that to be protecting the interests of our member state ireland we want to ensure that no matter what the final political decision and the citizens' rights are respected . so citizens' rights and the backstop in their resolution parliamentarians also call on the u.k.
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to pay its bills before leaving but the real message here is unity. german conservative and portuguese socialist in complete agreement on bragg's it i know it's really hard to believe when you're used to the british parliament. i'm grateful thank you so much mr speaker meanwhile though boris johnson seems to live on a different planet saying things like this how that this government will press on 8 with negotiating i do you well in the e.u. that's not the general feeling. he's not trying to reconsolidate everything he says pushing to a climax where it's about victory or about himself and this is i think deeply irresponsible and just makes me of course feel feel feel sad and that at least with their new resolution e.u. parliamentarians are laying down their plan for braggs it. that's more than their
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u.k. counterpart has done so far. i'm max often put together a report for us our did ever use brussel chief and he joins us now from straws burg where the european parliament's meeting today good morning to you max walk away expect today in strasbourg. we know that that resolution will be passed probably with a pretty large majority and of course we know what's written in it most of that was said in the reports things like a insisting on the backstop on the financial responsibilities of the u.k. before leaving the european union and citizens' rights so that no surprises there but the interesting part is. the head of that you commission who is speaking right now and it's interesting because he met the u.k. prime minister boris johnson on monday in luxembourg and we don't know a whole lot about that meeting but you if you know his own code you'll go you know
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that he usually has a card up his sleeve and so far he has said that he thinks a deal with the u.k. is still possible he says that boris johnson is still seeking an agreement but obviously time is very short ok well if a deal is still possible as you mention max is there a chance that the e.u. could be the one who takes a step towards boris johnson and actually renegotiates the brics a deal once again. they have always rejected reopening the so-called withdrawal agreement that's the legally part by ending part of bragg's but if they want a deal it seems like they will have to do something about the backstop just a reminder here the backstop is the insurance policy to prevent a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and the way it does it is that after a certain time if the 2 parties failed to agree on the future relationship the
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future nature of their relationship so let's say a free trade agreement or something then automatically the whole of the u.k. remains in the e.u. single market and the solution that might be there is that only northern ireland remain in the single market by the way that was the original suggestion by the e.u. but rejected back then by 2 reason may the prime minister of the u.k. before boris johnson it all sounds very complicated and we do not know if force johnson would have a majority for that by the way is always the sticking point even if they agree she still needs to get it through the house of commons but some in brussels think if there is a solution that might be it max thanks so much for unpacking all of that for us today max often for us in strasburg. the state of the news live from berlin still to come on the show the champion's league is back to find out what awaits byron munich in their group opener that's tonight also take a look back at today's action. but 1st
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a surge of anti foreigner violence is taking a toll on south africa's biggest city. and that's in addition to an economic downturn already hurting the country businesses are keeping their doors closed visitors are canceling their trips to one of the city's most popular areas because the recent unrest. the johannesburg in the city has been rocked by choosing certain violence angry mobs looting and destroying anything in the past with foreign owned businesses feeling the brunt of it and there's nothing that just about. in the form of this conflict between south africans. before and this nice shirt there that it what did it with criminality rather than see a flip of the prism of what ever it is the effect has been devastating on modern. in a city hub for tourism culture cuisine and entrepreneurship. this
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is what the damage looks like and there's a big crowd of. people just thrown stones bricks businesses have seen a significant drop in visitors since the unrest began putting serious pressure on the hospitality and tourism sectors which rely on the city's estimated 5000000 annual visit is. how are we going to sustain this 2 industries with the through the chaos that always worries me that will always stresses me out police have increased their numbers on the ground conducting raids and patrols across johannesburg we want to make. or that white care parent and last time their people read within a short space it doesn't like it or it doesn't spread to other areas we will be remaining in their hearts ports or in our the areas that we affected until we are
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sure that everything is there to know my analysts argue the damage is already done this city is the most unequal in the world and it took a long time to begin to get people in the middle class to go and say it on sidewalks restaurants and go out in the town and this definitely is a psychological barrier to continuing the reintegration of class and race you know are awfully divided cities it's a tragedy and it's not only restaurants hostels bars and hotels feeling the pinch in a city commerce is taking a serious hit i just have this feeling they might come back my customers ask if they've been calling me they cannot come and collect the as stuff some of the stuff has been damaged so my building is never going to be the same again. although authorities claim the situation is slowly normalizing the nearest has already cost
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$12.00 lives and the city of gold remains on age. ok we have football now the champions league last night european competition taking off with 2 german clubs the holders liverpool in action jonathan crane from did it was for sale morning john. dortmund in barcelona they were the real centerpiece last word yeah it was really the pick of games and it didn't really disappoint even though it finished because sometimes in football they were bad sometimes and this one was a good one so from the start got a bit of a boost actually psychologically because lean on messi boss and his best player didn't start the match he's recovering from a cough injury and they really were the dominant size but unfortunately they had. a stake in standing in their way he made several really good set save to deny dortmund's many occasions them out the captain and he missed a penalty marker royce staved by test taken 10 minutes into the 2nd half it looks
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like it actually went in there but it didn't stay you got down really low and clawed it away now he's been involved in a bit of a. germany goalkeeper noya about who should be the number one choice to stay very frustrated he's been on the bench is really state his claim for a place in germany the number one goalkeeper without performance meanwhile we have some real contrasting results didn't we for the holders liverpool and for the bundesliga leaders. the reigning champions as you say they had a very tricky match in naples against napoli and they lost 2 nil they were very sloppy in the final and they were punished by not play this go too late goals great for the brits legal leaders. to go with the team and now he can't seem to score for germany but he can't stop scoring for light sake and one of. both and then incredible win for the other read both sides so they thrashed gang of 6 to their
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1st appearance in the champions league group stage for 25 years a hat trick in that one brow hole in what's out for the name because he could be a star of the future and so play at liverpool next i don't think. we're looking forward to that one. scoring at the moment well done salzburg you know let's look forward to tonight's action you know who are buying munich taking off now they're taking on red star belgrade home in munich so. it really should be the easiest match of the group stage for bind but they haven't started that league season so well and they do have an injury defense by ends tonight for the champions league has been far from smooth a 11 draw with quintus legal rivals the leipzig at the weekend also saw defended david injured that means veteran jerome what is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer remains confident. jerome is always given his best he's played well and has
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a lot of experience i've been at buying with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense . another challenge full buy in is way to play philippe continue the brazilian playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only came on as a late substitute take in slight sick. leave he likes to play the number 10 role that's a sweet spot we'll try to give him that chance. he will give it is all offensively as well as defensively. i know that if he gets to play tomorrow. he'll perform well. good for exactly how and if the chino will fit into that just game plan remains to be seen by and
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would do well to start their champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's run as a tottenham. and there are some real strategic questions for buy it hasn't had a great start to the season what do you expect him to see out on the field against red star well despite those the parent problems i really expect nothing less than a win as they were saying red stuff all the weakest team in that group they're sending them to hard for by munich off this match rest i did actually play in the champions league last season as well in the group stage they were all 4 way from her and then lost all 3 of them matches conceded 13 goals in the process but they did manage to beat liverpool higher when i think people lost the match play as well you want to somehow liverpool even won the final but they got there and they won the record by and they will it's going to small feet another exactly so they you know they do have some quality about them by and of course they'll be looking to that star striker be for go with because he's been the bright spot really in an
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otherwise uninspired start to the season they've drawn to in the league and you'd be surprised if he didn't get on the scoresheet at denny's or 7 in the brain is that you get a season ok you're calling a buyer and when do you want to put some points on the yeah i mean i still think brian spears win this one quite easily 3 no maybe even 4 nil of course if they don't then the pressure will be on that coach curve at the on in the season there is some history as well between these 2 sides red star be by munich all my way to the final of this competition in 1901 which they then well maybe on penalties a great win for them back then so there's a very good history for red star going into this is should be so we'll see if those 3 points work out maybe it will be for jonathan thanks very much. for staying with sports and china has unveiled the official mascot for the 2022 winter olympics in beijing no surprise it's a giant panda a big ceremony taking place for the unveiling the mascot called being gwen when
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a larger than life creature wears a suit of ice and wearing organizers has a heart of gold and loves all things winter sports beijing's the 1st lady to host the summer and winter games some venues for the 2 $1008.00 olympics will be reduced the paralympic games have their own mascot a blushing red lantern named for a wrong wrong. now it is reliable and cheap plastic is king when it comes to food packaging in the philippines but the country is now choking as are many other places on plastic waste ice or as public spaces and on its coastlines or one town on the outskirts of the know has decided to address this problem hands on officials have found a way to entice people to pick up plastic waste rather than simply pile it on. one man's trash is this woman's treasure from
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a good to lower co can soon turn these plastics into food the 49 year old is not a magician. this is how the transformation happens veronica collects and brings garbage to officials of the by an underling. for every 2 kilos of plastic she gets a kilo of rice through a program introduced by the local government in june. was i weighed in at 14 kilos of waste so i got 7 kilos of rice. this is a big help for us to let him to have one kilo of rice for the day and. the waste will then be passed on to the country's national government either for proper disposal or recycling the villages captain says the initiative has been effective in cleaning up by another. maybe. it's the wrong system because some people just don't take the initiative when there's no incentive. this
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is what we saw during so they can have food and something to call. the philippines is one of the biggest ocean polluters of plastic in the world the country uses around 48000000 shopping bags every day that's on top of millions of other types of one use plastic bags seems like this are all too familiar to veronica. it's an eyesore she says. it's so dirty all this waste that if i could i would pick up all the plastic along the road where ever i see it when i go out for a walk i bring my bag and pick up garbage whenever possible. but even if the number of collectors like for ana is increasing the root of the problem still persists plastic is everywhere.
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it and. this is really how products are best packaged today well that's why there's so much plastic what i'm going to that's why there is so much waste because every product we buy every day is in these things in this battle haven't i done it. but organizers say the plastic for rice program is already bringing positive change opening an avenue for people to properly dispose of their waste for on a because hard work has paid off and now it's time for a good meal. get your modern out of our top stories this hour exit polls in israel's election point to a tight result between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main challenger the centrist pentagons. neither of their parties appear likely to be able to secure a parliamentary majority that's fueling the speculation there could be
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a unity government work even a 3rd election. this is the interveners live from berlin don't forget you can always get the latest news around the clock at our website w dot com for now for me brian thomas an entire team thanks for being.
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a dirty business with billions of euros. as much of the rubble used to make incomes come time. it is truly unfortunate translations to starvation wages in extremely unhealthy conditions the german manufacturer is logging claims. which units are fresher all the way down to the farmers. the closer. to the. eco india.
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how can a country's economy grow in harmony 6 people and environment when there are do workers who look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and those people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india. in 60 minutes d w. closely . listening carefully. don't know soon. to be a good. deal and.
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