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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the brahm's code. to berlin on w. enough. this is d w news live from berlin israel's benjamin netanyahu fighting for his political survival exit polls show the election in israel too close to call with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against rival benny gantz both are urging patience as the vote count continues also on the show. european leaders issue a warning to britain's the risk of the u.k. leaving the e.u.
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without a deal is a very real and brussels will not pretend to negotiate. and germany is for us here dortmund draw with mighty barcelona as the champions league group stages kick off byron munich begin their quest. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us the future of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hanging in the balance this morning partial results from the country's election show the race still close too close to call with a blue white party of centrist pentagons tied with netanyahu so far neither side has declared victory. speaking to his supporters in tel aviv opposition leader benny gantz stopped short of the tearing election when. but his address had the
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tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. courting the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. was enough and we on the other hand proved that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay. god said that he would not get to work on building a broad unity government. but speaking to his supporters at likud party headquarters prime minister netanyahu did not concede defeat he said he would also seek potential allies to form a government but one that excluded our parties. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government answer prevent
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a dangerous antis zionists cover meant. exit polls show the 2 main parties are neck and neck after 10 years and car benjamin netanyahu and his right wing likud party are battling for political survival. centrist benny gantz has ruled out a partnership with likud if netanyahu remains at the helm of the party. 6 months ago netanyahu failed to form a coalition government faced with losing party called fresh elections despite predictions of fotr fatigue turnout has been the highest in decades. israeli are voters in much higher numbers than usual exit polls indicate the arra blissed bloc could become the 3rd largest force in parliament with results this close israel faces the same situation as it did in april's election with netanyahu and his right wing bloc failing to reach a 61 seat majority let's go straight to jerusalem now and bring in the w's tanya kramer following this for us good morning to you tanya a very close result
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a tense result we're still waiting i can benjamin netanyahu survives this battle for his political future. well this is sense him an israeli under this and also in the media that this revision of the elections has really we continued substantially he fails again you know to get 61 seats he needed to build. a coalition with other smaller parties out of 320 knesset it was his goal you know to be able to form a coalition of right wing national religious coalition clearly he failed at that but again there is also at the moment a sense a wait and see it because also of course blue and white cannot form easily a coalition there are only unofficial results at the moment we're still waiting for the preliminary results coming in and then we will probably see more. talks in the
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next hours talking as we wait for those final results and then you know who's rival bank balance has said that he will not be entering any coalition with netanyahu if his party still has not slater now to remain in power would look who drop netanyahu . well i think that is the question it's too early to also mean there have been some reports before the elections you know talking about you know what's going on within the likud because i mean the scenario is well there you know if that happens what will happen to the head of the likud and to prime minister netanyahu so that but a lot of members who ousted and they're all so far pledged loyalty to a prime minister netanyahu because they say it's still too early to talk about such a move but of course it would be much easier to form such a unity government without benyamin netanyahu because as you rightly said many guns
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has said they would go into a unity government without netanyahu ok now one of the stunning results of this election was for all of a door lieberman's secular nationalist party had his done very well is lieberman the new kingmaker in israel what potentially is the new kingmaker he already was the cause that last time the condition building failed for mr netanyahu both have been very very close allies over the past years but they fell out started all with will even one stepping down as defense minister and then after the elections in every didn't join the coalition and he did very well and these elections he already said last night that he wants to see a unity government with israel between his party could and blue and white and you put down also his demands so we have to wait and see how those talks will continue
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talking as i say very much for that from jerusalem where we're still waiting for the final results in israeli elections. let's preview down some of the other stories making the news at this hour officials in the u.s. say they have evidence that saturday's attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities did originate in iran unnamed sources told the reuters news agency that the strikes involve drones and cruise missiles secretary of state my pump is on his way to saudi arabia to discuss possible retaliation spanish voters will be heading to the polls again in november caretaker prime minister has announced new elections after no party was able to form a government his socialist won the most seats in a post elections but fell well short of an absolute majority. clashes have broken out in ecuador's capital quito after lawmakers voted against
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decriminalising abortion in cases of rape. police responding with tear gas after angry protesters tried to tear down barricades around the legislature building. women in ecuador who paid in abortion face prison sentences of up to 2 years. the teenage climate activists created turn bird has met former u.s. president barack obama who helped broker the 2015 paris climate accord he praised her as an influential environmental advocate or she said to take part in friday's global climate strike in new york leaders will. european commission president john claude younker says a deal to ensure a smooth british exit from the e.u. is still possible but he's warning that the risk of a no deal brecht's it is very real and it addressed to the european parliament as frostburg younker repeated his call for london to present realistic proposals to replace the so-called irish backstop arrangement in their divorce agreement the
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e.u. parliament is due to adopt a resolution later today calling for britain to be granted another extension to agree to terms for its withdrawal. w.'s imax hoffman joins us now from a strong word for the very latest on this where the european parliament is meeting today good morning to you max it can you give us the take away from what's happening today in strong's burg. the 2 main messages from almost everybody who's involved in the negotiations of drugs were 1st of all no deal scenario no deal drugs and the 31st of october on the 31st of october is becoming increasingly likely that's not a surprise but maybe surprising to some is that its own code you are the head of the e.u. commission also said he thought a deal was still possible and that is the man who met boris johnson the u.k. prime minister on monday we don't know a whole lot about that meeting and with don't go don't go you never know if he
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still has a card up his sleeve but as you mentioned the problem remains the insurance policy against a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and really no details there what a solution could look like ok no details max but could that mean that that there might be a chance the e.u. could take a step towards boris johnson and renegotiate the bricks and deal all over once again. well all over certainly not if they touch something in the withdrawal agreement which they have always rejected by the way it would only be the backstop on the only really solution that is being sort of floated in brussels is to limit the scope of the backstop it wouldn't be a play couple to all of the u.k. but only to northern ireland i don't want to get into the details but the man himself include younger head of the e.u. commission can probably explain all this what the backs up is for better than i do
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. the backstop is designed to do 3 things 1st of all to avoid a physical harm on the island of ireland secondly to safeguard the integrity of the single market and the place of god and in that market and sadly to protect north-south co-operation and the whole island economy which is absolutely crucial for stability and peace in ireland and indeed and try and in the good friday agreement. now max if there is any kind of last minute deal say it is on the backstop for example well the e.u. still have time to ratify it before october 31st which is approaching very rapidly we talk to you parliamentarians here because don't forget you know strasburg the last word is up to the e.u. parliament they will have to give their thumbs up in order to make this work and
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they said there is no time left to make all of this happened until the 31st of october not even taking into account that the house of commons so the u.k. parliament even isn't even in session it's on a force vacation forced by boris johnson the u.k. prime minister so that doesn't mean it won't happen if they do find a solution at the last 2nd for example at the meetings of the leaders of the european union so you counsel at the end of october then what we expect to happen is a technical delay of bragg's it or a technical extension for a couple of weeks to get this done but that would only be technical and that's probably something that the u.k. prime minister boris johnson could very well sell it even to the brags that hardliners ok max thanks very much for bring us up to date from stross park. it's 2 sports now in the champions league where dortmund drew nil nil with barcelona in their group opener marco royce missing
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a penalty for host dortmund holders liverpool suffered a 2 nil defeated napoli leipzig produced an impressive victory at former european champions benefit and another red bowling club salzburg hammer gang $62.00. clocks worn with red star belgrade normally dominant by and are only in 4th place right now in the bonus league and they have some real personnel issues as they start their european campaign by ends tonight for the champions league has been far from smooth a 11 draw with going to sneak arrivals at the weekend also so defended david. that means veteran jerome is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer remains confident. always given his best he's played well and has a lot of experience i've been at buying with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense
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. another challenge is way to play philippe could the brazilian playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only came on as a late some situ to get slight sick. he likes to play the number 10 role that's his sweet spot we'll try to give him that chance. he will give it is all offensively as well as defensively. i know that if he gets to play tomorrow. he'll perform well. of infidelity if this unit is good looking good for exactly how and if the chino will fit into nico kovacs his game plan remains to be seen by and would do well to start their champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's run as uptalk no. let's give
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your mind of our top story at this hour exit polls of israel's election point to a tight result between prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main challenger centrist pentagons neither of their parties appear likely to be able to secure a parliamentary majority dances called for a unity government. by brian thomas up next and rita will be with you with more news at the top of the hour for now for me in the entire team thanks for being here and have a great day. school . or 1st communion listen to the doors grand moment arrives. join your reckoning on her journey to freedom. you know work into really good documentary during an already returns home on t.w.
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