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thank you. the all. to. you the at. this is really is coming to you live from berlin israel's a binyamin netanyahu fights for his political survival. partial results so the election is too close to cord with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against his rival benny gantz could this be the end of the region the adult era also of the program european leaders issue a warning to britain the risk of the u.k. leaving the e.u. with doubts at the deal is very riyadh and brussels will not pretend to negotiate.
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and in sports journalist girls have gotten one draw was mighty boss of those and the champions league group stages kickoff finally begin their campaign tonight. i am. i don't have a warm welcome to you i'm honored that shima the future of israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is hanging in the balance partial results on the country's election show netanyahu was a liquid party in deadlock with the blue white party of the centrist benny gantz so far neither side has declared victory but the results could mark the beginning of the end for netanyahu netanyahu he's israel's longest serving prime minister more on that in just a moment but 1st we have this report feel. if you was disappointed on election night when. netanyahu wasn't showing it far from conceding defeat israel's longest
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serving president took to the stage vowing to remain at the helm with a likud led government that excluded arab parties. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government and to prevent a dangerous anti's are in a skiver meant. netanyahu his plans may well be thwarted by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring an election win but his address to supporters certainly had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. if you had gets old cording to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. and that we on the other hand prove that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay no doubt if you had said euthydemus at the. this
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man immediately cast himself as kingmaker avigdor lieberman the backing of his secular right back to new party will be vital to the formation of any governing coalition. we have just one option. broad liberal unity government. formed of use rail bay to new. more. than blue and white. voters defied predictions of fatigue and turned out in larger numbers than the last poll in april now they want a path forward many say after 10 years in power it's time for netanyahu to go. you know you can be sure you know who has probably run his course and his time has passed about as well though a software walk in the end netanyahu is like
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a phoenix when we think he's finished he rises up again but i really hope that the government will change i think he was a good leader but i think it's about time to end the chapter or period. benyamin netanyahu is political survival is on a knife edge long deemed a political wizard this election major not to be the one that broke his spell. and for the very latest let me draw indeed on a kramer she's standing by in jerusalem for us tanya calling this election was quite a political gamble and it doesn't seem to have paid off for netanyahu. well the reading his. weakened netanyahu more than he probably thought he is still shy of you know those 61 seats he needed together with the potential coalition partners to get a majority. and he seems to be no new reka position but still also
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have to say it is a bit too early to say because all the missive waiting for the president preliminary results it takes a bit longer than usual the election commission says they're expecting this this afternoon i mean have also to say that both the good part is also blue and white. are not in the position to attain this 61 seats so it's still to see as we speak you know there are a lot of talks ongoing who could be a potential coalition partners who we have to wait and see how this will play out why we went to see how it's going to play out the political gamble seems to have paid off for obvious joe lieberman he's now in the role of king maker what's known office plans would he be open to an alliance say with many guns as bill and white party. my was expected that he would be the king maker he was the cause that
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you know the netanyahu fails to build the last coalition there were actually quite close allies before he was also defense minister under netanyahu but then stepped down. and he was expected to know that he would gain more seats in all the polls before the elections that showed us that he could be the potential kingmaker and he has said very clearly you heard it also in the report that he would like to see a liberal unity government what he means by that a government can come from comprised of likud israel between new and blue and white so this and he also said out you know his demands already how we would like to go forward with this right to an extreme in jerusalem thank you very much. let me now bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the wild officials in the us say they have evidence of saturday's attacks in saudi arabia's
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oil facilities originated in iran the unnamed sources told reuters news agency that the strikes involve drones and cruise missiles u.s. secretary of state my from feel is on his way to saudi arabia to discuss a possible retaliation. clashes have broken out in ecuador's capital quito after lawmakers voted against decriminalising abortion cases of rape police responded with tear gas when angry protesters try to tear down barricades around the legislature women in ecuador teen and abortion face prison sentences of up to 2 years. teenage climate activists grettir has met a former u.s. president barack obama who helped broker the 2015 paris climate accord kristal as an influential environmental advocate is set to take part in friday's global climate strike you know you. are you and commission
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president says the deal to ensure a smooth british exit from the e.u. is still possible but warned that the risk of a nobody breaks it is very rare at the european parliament in strasbourg euchre said no deal would never be the choice of the european union the chief drags it may go see it every shared vanir said the 2 sides would also not pretend to be getting a little. max 1st one joins me from strasbourg where the european parliament went has been meeting so lots what was the key message coming out from there any decisions made at all. it was not a new key message it's a twofold key message that we've heard before but i say urgency is still growing so the 1st message of course is that everybody said that a no deal brags it is getting more likely some of the parliamentarians even said that they believe this is now by far the most likely scenario so it was not
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surprising that at the same time joe go junker as you just mentioned and read to the head of the european commission said that there was still time for a deal that a deal could still be struck and that's important because i don't know jugar is the last of the top e.u. officials to have met boris johnson the u.k. prime minister on monday in luxembourg and it wasn't really clear what what happened there so maybe there was something that gave him some hope but this hope is not widely shared so is there any chance of that you could take a step towards boris johnson and agree to some kind of tweaks to the agreement which could work for both sides. that would have to be the backstop so the you know infamous insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and johnson nothing to do with that so the e.u. would have to move there the willingness to do that is very limited especially
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because nobody knows if you would have a majority for that in parliament that's not even in session at the moment because you put it on a forced vacation and that's why you know i'm not the only one to ask myself here so why is this shimmer of hope in what chris said why are they not completely excluding actually a deal and i asked that question for the. representative of the greens in the steering group of the euro and p. in parliament i asked him specifically why aren't they saying there's really is no hope for a deal from the side of the european union and this is what he had to say they can all be seen as giving up on the possibility of a deal because that would play into boris showing some signs what is a strategy of the prime minister minus standing is this is that boris johnson wants to take the united kingdom out of the european union without a deal but he wants to do it at keeping the ability to relay the blame on the
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european union so you must appear as if east negotiating in good faith to get an agreement but these broad europeans will not budge so let's see if that is indeed boris johnson's strategy ready you see this going from the perspective. well the so-called bloody europeans that still have lumbered feel that the ball is still in the cap of the u.k. i think the most likely scenario at the moment but don't you know and then we dial down in a couple of weeks because things just changed is that this automatic extension will kick in that the house of commons required in one of the its last actions so there might be this extension then snap elections in the u.k. and then you really don't know what will happen after that it is a very complex and complicated story max that instance about thank you so much for being us up to david the latest developments from there. and the man who called
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a referendum on briggs in the 1st place is former prime minister david cameron he campaigns to remain in the year but as we now know he failed to convince voters as critics have since accused him of plunging the u.k. into an avoidable crisis but cameron has defended his decision and has now written a book to try and retake control of the narrative. david cameron on his way out of office in 2016. right humming a merry tune as he announced he was handing over the reins and leaving behind a merry mess he put briggs to a referendum urged britain's not to leave the e.u. and lost and then promptly disappeared. british politics and society devolved into a standoff over briggs it but cameron stayed silent until now while i'm deeply sorry about all that's happened there isn't a day that goes by when i don't think about all the decisions i made and all that
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has followed but when i go back to that decision that britain's position needed to be sorted and we needed a renegotiation and a referendum i believed then that was the right approach so the right thing to do sorry about how it turned out. the referendum was widely seen as a response to pressure from euro skeptic members of the conservative party cameron's memoirs are an attempt to take back control over the narrative and his legacy. just a few journalists had access to the book before publication andrew billon of the times had 10 hours to read the 750 page tome and he wasn't allowed to take notes i think he really wants to put his case before history before the tree right is when the time has come so at least people have his side of the story and he's very engaging needs emerges quite humanely from it he's got a colorful turn of phrase he's really put the best possible case he can on what is
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a failed political career cameron's legacy may be in tatters but that's given him a certain freedom to take swipes at former rivals like current prime minister boris johnson once they were on the same team friends even then johnson announced he was not supporting cameron's campaign to stay in the e.u. . and i said boris you've never been in favor of leaving the e.u. so why no there's a better deal of are you in favor of leaving now he thought that the brics would be lost but he didn't want to give up the chill of being on the romantic nationalistic side of it. cameron accuses johnson of being an opportunist this from a man who penned his own career on the brakes at referendum in an interview johnson played down any disagreements. i had the highest respect and affection regard
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him he and i were together for many years the good old days of working together now gone forever. a surge of anti foreign violence is taking stolen south africa's biggest city johannesburg that's in addition to an economic downturn already hurting the country businesses are keeping their doors closed and visitors are canceling trips to one of the city's last popular areas because of the recent unrest plus so the johannesburg in the city has been rocked by choosing violence tangling mobs looting and destroying anything in the past with foreign owned businesses feeling the brunt of it and. there is nothing that just about. any form of this conflict between south africans and the foreign nationals short or the bit what give with criminality rather than see a foot at the present moment when whatever it is the effect has been devastating on
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mother nature. and in a city hub for tourism culture cuisine and entrepreneurship. this is what the damage looks like and for the big crowd of. people just thrown stones bricks businesses have seen a significant drop in visitors since the unrest began. putting serious pressure on the hospitality and tourism sectors which rely on the city's estimated 5000000 annual visit is. how are we going to sustain this to investors with the sort of the chaos that always worries me that we're always tossing out police have increased their numbers on the ground conducting raids and patrols across johannesburg we want to make sure that their parent and last time their people read within
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a short space it doesn't a hurricane again or it doesn't spread to at the areas we will be remaining in their hearts ports or in our the areas that we effect up until we are sure that everything is there to not know my. analysts argue the damage is already done the city is the most unequal in the world and it took a long time to begin to get people in the middle class to go and say eat on sidewalks restaurants and go out in the town and this definitely is a psychological barrier to continuing the reintegration of class and race in our awfully divided cities it's a tragedy and it's not only restaurants hostels bars and hotels feeling the pinch in a city commerce is taking a serious hit i just have this feeling they might come back my customers ask if they've been calling me they cannot comment collect the ad stuff some of their
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stuff has been damaged so what we're doing is never going to be the same again. although authorities claim the situation is slowly normalizing the unrest has already cost $12.00 lives in the city of gold remains on age. turning now to new york which has become the 2nd state in the u.s. to ban flavored cigarettes the democratic governor called for the emergency action in response to concerns about a nationwide speed of lung illnesses but as the report the decision has some business owners angry they promise to help tobacco products quit and stayed millions of american high schoolers are now on the cigarettes and no one is quite sure how harmful they are doctors call the craze a ticking time bomb no new york state has moved to defuse it banning flavored
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fashions. means why. cotton candy captain crunch which. these are obviously targeted to young people. the people selling the cigarettes are fuming the have 2 weeks to offload vast quantities of their fruity stocks before the ban comes in. when i heard about it it was late very troublesome it's going to affect a lot of business that's for sure and secondly my regular customers who are coming every day may have any disappointed with the news across the states the reeses on to crack down on v. triggered by a spate of related deaths and illnesses especially affecting young people. around one in 4 high school students uses east cigarettes and that number is rising.
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donald trump has said a nationwide pool had bishan is forthcoming just. we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem nobody really thought about too much. a few years ago and it's called vaporing especially vaporing as it pertains to innocent children. and they're coming home and they're saying mom i want a vase one leading health professional says action is badly needed. so right now we have an open field where anything goes people are playing russian roulette with their bodies every time they purchase those profiteering from the park just says see these latest moves will only push people back towards more harmful tobacco cigarettes. turning out of football in the champions league last night the european competition kicked off with do german clubs and the who does an action jonathan crane from the sports desk is that me welcome john since
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a dog and bustling i was a big match tell us about that they're both and it didn't disappoint even the finnish goal if i think you can say it was a good mill that sometimes happens in football now or dortmund got a bit of a psychological boost before the game even started because of that in a stop play lino messi was on the bench still recovering from a cough injury and really they were the dominant sides armory said but unfortunately. to keep him out on the at the stadium was in their way all my mates and great saves especially from caps in a mocker royce in fact 10 minutes into the 2nd half her royce had his parents he saved by to stay you can strike it's gone a bit how the nats the fans to call the ball up in the end now to stay going has been in a bit of a war of words with manuel neuer about who should be germany's number one to say you can frustrate these on the banks north they basically shut up but i think the state really staked his claim with that performance. in the last days are very disappointed he thinks goldman should have won the game. here is notes on the 3rd
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incident i think we're very close to the wind in the 2nd half we had lots of good chances and rain controlled and we didn't allow barcelona many opportunities so it's bitter that we didn't make a 2nd off camera. and that's what i've said on top of it as you can see i'm. just a happy coincidence let me assure you ok the contrasting results for a whole does live a poor and bruised ego and it is exactly liverpool the holders had a tricky away match in naples against napoli they lost 2 nil were very sloppy with that chances napoli made them pay a too late goals that good when they for the light seek to go with since he made van a concert disco for germany but he can't stop the lights they and their boats and f.c. so expect another red bull lynx club they beat $62.00 an incredible win for them and they play liverpool next so that's going to be a tricky match for your group site and looking forward to tonight's match by action and who do they play you know they take off their campaign tonight against red star
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belgrade now on paper this is probably the easiest match for them but they've not had a very good start to the business league season and as we see they do have an injury concern in defense as well. by ends tonight for their champions league opener has been far from smooth a 11 draw with pundits legal rivals be leipsic at the weekend also saw defended david allen injured that means veteran jerome but is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer remains confident. jerome's always given his best he's played well and has a lot of experience i've been acquiring with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense . another challenge for by and is where to play philippe coutinho the brazilian playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only came on as
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a late substitute against leipsic. lincoln often he likes to play the number 10 role that's his sweet spot try to give him that chance. so would give it his old offensively as well it's basically. vice look at morgan i know that if he gets to play. perform well and good for exactly how and if the team you know will fit into nico cove i just game plan remains to be seen by and would do well to start the champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's run as up talking him. so the big question dalton what are you expecting from the defending champions league the from the been well nothing less than a winner the other said red bull all the rica's team is only going to get more difficult for them that it played in the champions league last season were all for the away from home a lost or fear that they conceded 13 goals in the process was the bottom half of
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the best start of the business league season it's wrong to 100 rob 117 goals already i'd be very surprised if he doesn't get on the scoresheet tonight i think but i'm sure to be expected to win quite easily ok the words of jonathan crean from the deb thank you very much welcome. this is news and these are locked up stories israeli election results show prime minister binyamin netanyahu is a liquid party is deadlocked with the blue white party of centrist many guns that raises the possibility of a unity government or even the end of the room. officials in the u.s. say they have evidence that saturday's attacks on saudi arabia's oil facilities originated in iran u.s. secretary of state my from feel is on his way to solve the arabiya to discuss a possible retaliation. clashes have broken out in ecuador's
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capital quito after lawmakers voted against decriminalizing abortion in cases of rape women in ecuador who teen and abortion face prison sentences of up to 2 years . swedish climate activists grettir turn bird has met former u.s. president barack obama he praised her as one of the planet's greatest advocates to unburnt is set to take part in friday's global climate strike in new york. this is the news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d.w. dot com. before we go here's time to show you footage off a huge water spout in southwestern china on tuesday the rif a nominee is caused by a tornado fall seeing and picking up a column of water and mist material i just see a water spotting usually moves in
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a straight line with an average speed of 50 kilometer and. that's it for me under the new scheme to do 7 monica jones is with you soon she has the business there is on plan creep talks between the u.s. and china that's coming up shortly.
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thank you time to fix the forum. member companies have taken a horse called the war. i think that this. forest management techniques prevent a catastrophe. modernizing a key part of the earth's environment. made in germany in 16 of the w. used. to put
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a. lot of those are out. in support of. what's a big stable. over. the river. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild motto w correspondent alan baker and john stripes those came in line with the rules set by the decent. shots. being recipes for success strategies that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . slow meal and i'm going to go to ground news w from the bottom of the explosive device and it's about topics that affect us all
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the pollution climate change and the turn. blue green so check it out. the u.s. and china are back at the negotiating table a chinese delegation is headed for washington to discuss the way for what i'll correspondent in taipei. also coming up chinese demand for pope's was about to german polka farmers don't feel like celebrating we'll tell you why. and.


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