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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CEST

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the at. the at. this news coming to you live from israel's binyamin netanyahu fights for his political survival partial results show the election is too close to the corner with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against his rival benny gantz could just be the end of the native era we'll go live to jerusalem also coming up european leaders issue a warning to britain the risk of the u.k. leaving the e.u. with dollars is very very good and brussels will not for trying to negotiate.
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weeks of ante and a form of violence in the south african city of johannesburg the taking that chile both on the people and the city used economy. and sport in germany's grosser dog point draw with mighty wasilla known as the champions league group stages kickoff by needed to get there can be in tonight's. color of a warm welcome to you. the future of israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is hanging in the balance partial results from the country's election should netanyahu likud party in deadlock with the blue watch party of the centrist benny gantz so far neither side has declared victory but the results could mark the beginning of the end for the. israel has a long a 7 prime minister more on that in just
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a moment but 1st this report. if you was disappointed on election night benyamin netanyahu wasn't showing it far from conceding defeat israel's longest serving president took to the stage vowing to remain at the helm with a likud led government that excluded arab parties. in the coming days we will convene a go shish and to assemble a strong zionist government answer prevent a dangerous antis are in a scholar meant. netanyahu his plans may well be thwarted by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring an election win but his address to supporters certainly had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. if you had got so the courting to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission.
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and that he will be on the other hand prove that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay. if you think that you're playing with a vision of this man immediately cast himself as kingmaker avigdor lieberman the backing of his secular right back to new party will be vital to the formation of any governing coalition. and what are. we have just one option. broad liberal unity government. formed of years real debate a new. me from the code blue and white. motors defied predictions of fatigue and turned out in larger numbers than the last poll in april now they want a path forward many say after 10 years in power it's time for netanyahu to go.
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you know moved to netanyahu has probably run his course. and his time has passed of i was. i saw fair warning in the end netanyahu is like a phoenix when we think he's finished he rises up again but i really hope that the government will change i think he was a good leader but i think it's about time to end the chapter or period. benyamin netanyahu is political survival is on a knife edge long deemed a political wizard this election may turn out to be the one that broke his spell. the deadliest on a train line joins me now from jerusalem tanya more information is coming out there what's the latest you can tell us yes the central election commission has released the latest figures now 90 percent over 90 percent of the votes have been counted now and this translates into 32 seats for blue and white and
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31 for the likud now what analysts do here now immediately is to look at the different blocs what it means for the center left a bloc which includes blue and white they would come up with $55.00 seats and the villages and writing block would come of this $56.00 seats so nobody actually is on the pass to form their own majority government now who comes in here as a possible king maker this is most likely it appears to be of it to leave them and is retained or he has obtained 9 seats and he already made clear that he would like to see a unity government but there is also talk at the moment but other scenarios for example like a minority government that would also be possible so very tight result in the election there what does it mean for netanyahu israel's along with 7 prime minister . well i mean it's a major setback and he seems to be have be really in a in
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a weak position now after this rerun of the elections he said last time to put a coalition together and he failed to put a coalition to his liking which would have been a right wing coalition with the ultra orthodox parties and this in light of course over his legal troubles he faces possible indictment over corruption charges and the pre-induction hearings are in october so it's not quite sure you know what scenario you're going to be looking at but if you ask him he could support us and not just quite. prepared to give up on this and netanyahu yet but there's also a sense in israel that nobody wants to see a 3rd election also the president has made clear he wants to proceed. quickly with consultations now and then to toss to the leader who things has the most chances of putting a coalition together down in crema in jerusalem thank you very much for that update on the israeli elections that. let me now bring you up to date with some other
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stories making news around the world officials in the u.s. say the evidence that saturday's attacks in saudi arabia's oil facilities originated in iran the unnamed sources told the reuters news agency that the strikes involve drones and cruise missiles here's secretary of state my form feel is on his way to some of the river to discuss possible retaliation. spanish voters will head to the polls again in november caretaker prime minister pedersen just announced new elections after no party was able to form a government songes a socialist one the most seats and april's elections that fell well short of an absolute majority of. clashes have broken out in ecuador's capital quito after lawmakers voted against decriminalising abortion in cases of rape police responded with tear gas been angry protesters tried to tear down barricades around
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the legislature women in ecuador who teen and abortion face prison sentences of up to 2 years. turning now to afghanistan where a suicide bomber has started a government building in east in the east of the country and afghan officials said the attack took place in jalalabad but was unable to provide details on casualties after the blast militants entered the building triggering a gun battle with security forces there's been an upsurge in attacks across the country as it prepares for presidential elections later this month. journalist is in kabul he joins me now from there ali what more can you tell us about this attack in jalalabad and who might have been behind it. so so far no group has claimed responsibility for that tack but what we do know is that it's still ongoing there are still come battles going on and what we have to remember
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a city like to a lot of thought is that it's very compact and also very populated so if you attack say one area you actually end up. with other areas and the surrounding percentage of that will come under attack and that that will suffer casualties from it so when you when you when you stage an attack on a city legend all of one of the actually has a huge impact on civilian lights and i think this attack comes just a day after 50 people were killed in 2 separate attacks yesterday why are we seeing an absence of attacks head of the election at the end of the month because we've seen that were after september 8th when u.s. president donald trump when he sent out this this long screed of tweets against the u.s. taliban talks and doha the taleban promised to essentially they retaliate and all costs and i realize i said earlier we don't know who claimed responsibility for
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this attack but this could be one of the reasons behind it if it does turn out to eat them and at the same time as you said earlier it's close to election day on september 28th so it's another way of trying to get people you know sort of raising fear in people and keeping them from going out and life and and feeling as if they have some sense of security asked ability in fact the taliban spokesman has issued a warning to people not to attend election rallies is this having an impact on the people. i think we'll see obviously yesterday there was an attack on an election rally in the northern province of part one in the provincial capital which is actually one of the safest cities in the country and even that was in the safest area of that city. but we saw at least 2000 people show up now whether or not that will change going forward we have yet to see and it's going to be a big question on september 28th when people actually turn out to cast their
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ballots i think that'll be the biggest sort of test of this ferry. in kabul thank you very much for this update from there. a surge of anti foreign of violence a stake in the tone on south africa's biggest city johannesburg that's in addition to an economic downturn already hurting the country businesses are keeping their doors closed and visitors a canceling trips to one of the city's most popular areas because of the recent unrest. the john is big in the city has been rocked by 2 youths of violent angry mobs looting and destroying anything in the past with foreign owned businesses feeling the brunt of this and that there is nothing that just about. every form of this conflict between south africans and the foreign nationals sure. that what dealing with criminality rather than z.f.
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look at the prism of what ever it is the effect has been devastating on my. in a city hub for tourism culture cuisine and entrepreneurship. this is what the damage looks like and there's a big crowd of. people just throwing stones bricks businesses have seen a significant drop in visitors since the unrest began putting serious pressure on the hospitality and tourism sectors which rely on the city's estimated 5000000 annual visit is. how are we going to sustain this 2 industries with the through the chaos that always worries me that will restore says melt police have increased their numbers on the ground conducting raids and patrols across johannesburg we want to make sure that their parent and last time their people with within
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a short it doesn't like it or it doesn't spread to add the areas we will be remaining in or the horse sports or in our the areas that we affected until we are sure that everything is back to not normal analysts argue the damage is already done this city is the most unequal in the world and it took a long time to begin to get people in the middle class to go and say it on sidewalks restaurants and go out in the town and this definitely is a psychological barrier to continuing the reintegration of class and race you know are awfully divided cities it's a tragedy and it's not only restaurants hostels bars and hotels feeling the pinch in a city commerce is taking a serious hit i just have this feeling they might come back my customers ask it
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they've been calling me they cannot come and collect the as stuff some of the our stuff has been damaged so my boarding is never going to be the same again. although authorities claim the situation is slowly normalizing the unrest has already cost $12.00 lines in the city of gold remains on age. european commission president john clarke says the deal to ensure a smooth british exit from the e.u. is still possible but warned that the risk of a no deal brags that is favorable at the european parliament in strasbourg a younger set a no deal would never be the choice for the european union there is chief wreck that negotiating michel barnier said the 2 sides should also not pretend to be here 10 and max $31.00 joins me from strasbourg where the european parliament went has been meeting so lots what was the key message coming out from there any decisions made it all. it was not a new key message it's
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a twofold key message that we've heard before but i say urgency is still growing so the 1st message of course is that everybody said that a no deal brags it is getting more likely some of the parliamentarians even said that they believe this is now by far the most likely scenario is it was not surprising that at the same time joe go junker as you just mentioned and read to the head of the european commission said that there was still time for a deal that a deal could still be struck and that's important because i don't know jugar is the last of the top e.u. officials to have met boris johnson the u.k. prime minister on monday in luxembourg and it wasn't really clear what what happened there so maybe there was something that gave him some hope but this hope is not widely shared so i think that that you could take a step to want boris johnson and agree to some kind of tweaks to the agreement which could work for both sides. that would have to be the backstop so that the
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now infamous insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and boris johnson was nothing to do with that so the e.u. would have to move there the willingness to do that is very limited especially because nobody knows if you would have a majority for that in parliament that's not even in session at the moment because you put it on a forced vacation and that's why you know i'm not the only one to ask myself here so why this shimmer of hope in what chris said why are they not completely excluding actually a deal and i asked that question for the. representative of the greens in the braggs it steering group of the euro and p. in parliament i asked him specifically why aren't they saying there's really is no hope for a deal from the side of the european union and this is what he had to say they can all be seen as giving up on the possibility of
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a deal because that would. play into some sense what is a strategy of the prime minister my understanding is this he set boris johnson wants to take the united kingdom out of the european union without a deal but he wants to do that keeping the ability to lay the blame on the european union so you must appear as if east negotiating in good faith to get an agreement to disprove the europeans will not budge. so let's see if that is indeed boris johnson's strategy ready you see this going from the e.u. perspective. well the so-called bloody europeans that still have lumbered feel that the ball is still in the camp of the u.k. i think the most likely scenario at the moment but don't you know and then me down on it in a couple of weeks because things just change is that this automatic extension will kick in that the house of commons required in one of the last actions so there
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might be this extension then that elections in the u.k. and then you really don't know what will happen after that it is a very complex and complicated story max. thank you so much for being us up to david the latest developments from there the man who called a referendum on bragg's it in the 1st place is former prime minister david cameron he campaigned to remain in the but now as you well know he failed to convince voters critics have since accused him of plunging the u.k. into an avoidable crisis but cameron has defended his decision and has now written a book to try and retake control of the narrative david cameron on his way out of office in 2016. right humming a merry tune as he announced he was handing over the reins and leaving behind a merry mess he put briggs to a referendum urged britain's not to leave the e.u. and lost and then promptly disappeared. british politics and society devolved into
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a standoff over briggs it but cameron stayed silent until now while i'm deeply sorry about all that's happened there isn't a day that goes by when i don't think about all the decisions i made and all that has followed but when i go back to that decision that britain's position needed to be sorted and we needed a renegotiation and a referendum i believed then that was the right approach so the right thing to do sorry about how it turned out the referendum was widely seen as a response to pressure from euro skeptic members of the conservative party cameron's memoirs are an attempt to take back control over the narrative and his legacy. just a few journalists had access to the book before publication andrew billon of the times had 10 hours to read the $750.00 page tome and he wasn't allowed to take
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notes. i think he really wants to put his case before history before the tree right is when the time has come so at least people have his side of the story and he's very engaging needs emerges quite humanely from it he's got a colorful turn of phrase he's really put the best possible case he can on what is a failed political career cameron's legacy may be in tatters but that's given him a certain freedom to take swipes at former rivals like current prime minister boris johnson once they were on the same team friends even then johnson announced he was not supporting cameron's campaign to stay in the e.u. . and i said boris you've never been in favor of leaving the e.u. so why no there's a better deal of are you in favor of leaving now he thought that the brakes would be lost but he didn't want to give up the charts of being on the romantic
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nationalistic side of bricks it was actually cameron accuses johnson of being an opportunist this from a man who penned his own career on the brakes at referendum in an interview johnson played down any disagreements. i have the highest respect and affection regard him he had i worked together for many years the good old days of working together now gone forever. a backlash against vaporing is gaining momentum in a number of countries india has just announced its ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes because of health concerns new york has also outlawed flavored cigarettes its democratic governor called for emergency action in response to concerns among the nationwide spate of illnesses but as we report the decision has made some business owners angry they promise to help tobacco products quit and
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stayed millions of american high schoolers are now on the cigarettes and no one is quite sure how harmful they are doctors called a craze a ticking time bomb no new york state has moved to defuse it banning flavored fashions. names why bubble gum cotton candy and captain crunch. which was. these are obviously targeted to young people. the people selling the e cigarettes are fuming the have 2 weeks to offload vast quantities of their food stocks before the ban comes in. but when i heard about it it was late very troublesome it's going to affect a lot of business that's for sure and seconding my regular customers who are coming every day be out of any disappointed with the news across the states the reeses on
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to crack down on triggered by a speech of related death sentences especially affecting young people. around one in 4 high school students uses each cigarette and that number is rising donald trump has said a nationwide proof is forthcoming. we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem nobody really thought about too much. a few years ago and it's called vaporing especially vaporing as it pertains to innocent children and they're coming home and they're saying mom i want a vapor one leading health professional says action is badly needed. so right now we have an open field where anything goes people are playing russian roulette with their bodies every time they purchase those profiteering from the part to says see these latest moves will only push people back towards more harmful tobacco
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cigarettes. the sports and the champions league of bruce have dortmund nailed with barcelona in their group opener. missed a penalty for dortmund hold as they were forced suffered a tuna defeat at not $26.00 to do is to an impressive victory at former european champions been feet and another red bull linked club salzberg hamad gang $62.00 and denied by munich lock horns with a red star belgrade the normally delman by only in 4th place in the bundesliga and have some posts and then issues as they start their european campaign by ends tonight for their champions league has been far from smooth a 11 draw with going to sleep arrivals the leipsic at the weekend also saw defended david injured that means veteran jerome is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer
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remains confident that it will jerome is always given his best he's played well and has a lot of experience i've been admiring with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense . another challenge for buy in is weight to play philippe continue the brazilian playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only came on as a late substitute taken slight sick. leave he likes to play the number 10 role that's his sweet spot will try to give him that chance. he will give it is all offensively as well as defensively. i know that if he gets to play tomorrow. he'll perform well. oh if you can fit on this they fish you know this would not include for exactly how and if the chino will fit into niko kovac
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his game plan remains to be seen by and would do well to start their champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's run i was up talking them. should be a good match and before we go this time to show you pictures of a huge award to sponsor and southwestern china on tuesday the ref a nomination is who's by at 22 bathrooms and picking up a column of water and mist. dramatic images them if you want to just say i want this usually moves in a straight line with an average speed of 50 kilometers an hour. what a spectacle that is you can see. here's the story that the fallen feel. exit posen is resurrection point to a type dissolved of between promise of binyamin netanyahu and his main challenger
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centrist. neither of their parties appear to be able to secure a mentor majority to score for a unity government. coming up next made in germany is a business program this time focusing on. track coming up.
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