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this is the. president. against. the president. on the program. in the coming days.
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a dangerous. government. program saudi arabia has presented evidence. of the weak and the country's all facilities and question of. ali sponsored by iran the friends the ministry
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spokeswoman spokesman presented satellite images and other evidence he said the attacks were carried out from the north to the north across the persian gulf allies iran so the reference was meant as an indirect indication of responsibility. so let's get more on this from a deal to heaney from d.w. arabic channel and joining us from washington is that the doubly correspondent up all over salat. welcome although i welcome both let's say you do not tell us more about what was said at today's press conference basically this is not the 1st press conference and not going to be the last it's not the 1st also press conference to accuse iran about its involvement in the region especially with saudi arabia this is not the 1st time saudi arabia is saying that on is behind this or that nor the u.s. but basically what is more important what the region is waiting for is more about
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international investigation order to see how that action will be you know considering this action and now we are waiting to see how the u.s. will be act because this is the main question not the saudi arabia itself they cannot move or do anything unless they will have the green light also from the west from the e.u. and supposedly this is what we are waiting for and also from washington itself how trump would he act does he is he going to give the green light for that area or not and this is the main question what will what else was said about evidence why why is riyadh so convinced that this is a clear there are many photos from the south allies as we saw on television in this press conference also about the miss size parts of the missiles there saying that it didn't come from yemen knew that it comes the attack comes from from a duck also it's from iran itself and this is a big issue we are talking about and a miscalculation and a small mistake it with the whole thing it would trickle the whole region that's why everyone is saying no in the middle east as a reaction to this press conference to let's wait for international investigation
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and then we'll see how we can react with that on and its actions let's go to washington and all of a solid president didn't wait for this press conference to announce that the u.s. was increasing sanctions what what is the united states going to do and who will be talented. right well this was one of president trump's famous tweets where he announced a new set of sanctions against iran without going into further detail without really elaborating who will be targeted he said he ordered his secretary of the treasury minutiae to. work on a new set of substantial. substantial new steps against iran what we've been seeing so far and what was targeted until now was particularly iran's economy in there in particular the oil exports which have gone down almost to 0 and that certainly has a very big impact on the local economy iran has taken
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a big hit from these sanctions so we might see more of that but we shouldn't forget that with all of these steps removing away from the u.s. government's major goal which is to get iran back to the negotiating table president trump has offered this over and over again in the past but the iranian president rouhani made very clear that as long as the sanctions are not lifted there will not be any negotiations of any kind so the more sanctions we see the less likely we see a diplomatic solution of this crisis. let's talk about the the sanctions that were already sanctions in place against iran which were having an effect what effect is this is this increase likely to have basically it's a big problem for in town we're talking about unemployment throughout the talking about a problem in the economy itself we're talking about people are really start to talking about what the leaders are doing but what that iran is behind this attack and i
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don't call or not i would say that iran is in a situation it's like a double edge sword 1st iran if it's behind this at sac that means. it sends many messages about its military paul which is more sanctions for example and also it can bolster it on spoils the shine in and the potential to look ahead. in the u.n. general assembly and 2nd of all the economical situation also it's a big issue for iran itself so there's no upside for war for the iranians because the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei he said also lately there would be and i called him there would be no war but we would not negotiate with the u.s. and he too would see who's going to win at the end of all the negotiation itself but not about 3 going to war because the situation now is very big you are not talking about it on saudi arabia or only the u.s. we're talking about the whole region who are talking about state actors and non-state actors we're talking about iranian karts in the middle east hezbollah hamas forces in yemen and also and has to shabby in a duck so this is a big issue
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a big issue and yet on those that 100 percent that there's no appetite for war meanwhile the accusations and threatens we thank you for are lining up for us at the moment to hear from peter weir's an arabic service and in the washington salah thank you we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world a fire at a school in liberia has claimed the lives of at least 26 children and 2 teachers the blaze of the boarding school in the capital monrovia broke out so at night while the children sleep a police spokesman said only 4 people including the schools in the home escaped least 9 people have been wounded in an attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan militants detonated explosives before gunman entered the building in the provincial capital jalalabad afghanistan is on high alert as the presidential election approaches there has been no claim of responsibility. politicians in south korea have shaved their heads in public to
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protest against the country's new justice minister the minister faces allegations that his daughter was given unfair and favorable treatment at university the speaker of the korean public to join opposition deputies in the protest. whose future as israel's longest serving prime minister's hanging in the balance results from yesterday's elections show he's a right wing the could party neck and neck with the blue white party of centrist benny gantz mr netanyahu has been unable to form a coalition since the country's last inconclusive election in april. if he was disappointed on election night benyamin netanyahu wasn't showing it far from conceding defeat israel's longest serving president took to the stage vowing to remain at the helm with a likud led government that excluded arab parties. in the
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coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government and to prevent a dangerous antis are in a scholar meant. netanyahu his plans may well be thwarted by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring an election win but his address to supporters certainly had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. if you had thought so tell me the courting to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. and that we on the other hand prove that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay. this man immediately cast himself as kingmaker avigdor lieberman the backing of his secular right back to new party will be vital to the formation of any governing coalition.
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we're not. we have just one option. broad liberal unity government. form of use real bay to new. and blue and white. voters defied predictions of fatigue and turned out in larger numbers than the last poll in april now they want a path forward many say after 10 years in power it's time for netanyahu to go. you know you can be sure that you know who has probably run his course and his time has passed about as well though. so off air war in the end netanyahu is like a phoenix when we think he's finished he rises up again but i really hope that the government will change i think he was a good leader but i think it's about time to end the chapter on a period. when you mean that to me whose political survival is on
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a knife edge long deemed a political wizard this election may turn out to be the one that broke his spell. the european commission president says the deal to ensure a smooth british exit from the is still possible but he warned that the risk of a no deal breaks it is still very real but the yoga told the european parliament in strasburg no deal would never be the choice of the european union e.u. chief bracks it negotiates and i do that the 2 sides should not pretend to be negotiating. brussels bureau chief max hoffman has been following discussions of the european parliament and sent this assessment. no deal bragg's it is getting more and more likely some even believe it is the most likely scenario now that is the main message coming out of stroudsburg where the european parliament was in session but there was also the message from the head of the
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european commission john crow we still have time we can still strike a deal the problem of course is that nobody here knows what this deal could look like because apparently there are no concrete proposals from the u.k. government on that so what we are doing is getting closer and closer to the braggs a deadline on the 31st of october without a real solution in sight the e.u. on its side is preparing for the scenario probably the only thing it can really do at this moment. but meanwhile scotland's 1st minister is in balance today to discuss bracks it make a list urgent calls for a new referendum on e.u. membership but w.'s minister has found out if that doesn't happen the sturgeon is willing to put all options on the table including independence 1st minister you're calling for a 2nd referendum even if it's by no means clear that this outcome will be any different than last time and you're creating a new problem instead of bringing
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a solution when the u.k. has to find some way of breaking the dayglo over breaks at that it finds itself and i want to see a nearly general election and a referendum to give the u.k. the opportunity to change its might know that it sees a difficult finding a way forward and breaks it has become so when you're in a deadlock you have to find a way forward of course i want to go in to remain in the e.u. i hope the u.k. remains in the e.u. but if it doesn't then scottish have the option of becoming an independent member state within the e.u. so that we can protect our position under in chase as part of the european family. it doesn't look like the supreme court will rule against the suspension of parliament do you really think that whole process will settle what is essentially political well there has to be some limits on the ability of a government and in this case a minority government to close down parliament in order to avoid scrutiny so i hope
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and i respect the independence of the judiciary but i hope the supreme court will fight to prove a geisha of parliament was unlawful a scottish court reached that conclusion last week and then we can see parliament recalled and much needed scrutiny applied to boards johnson's whole approach to break his approach i think is to see the u.k. crash with a deal but be able to blame the european union for that instead we need to avoid a new deal bricks or at request an extension to article 50 if necessary and then see a general election and for the referendum to try to get the uki out of this how likely is it that the u.k. will crash out of the e.u. without a deal and would it mean the end for the united kingdom and i think it is a significant risk that the uki will crash without a deal and that will have a severe impact on many people in scotland and it was sweet in the u.k.
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and i do think it will make it even more likely that scotland chooses to become an independent country i don't want to see that damage be done to scotland or the rest of the u.k. so we will continue to try to avoid a new deal breaks it but it's very difficult to see how a deal is struck that both satisfies the european union and also gets a majority in the house of commons for a new deal breaks it cannot be ruled out or do we should seek for that extension if that is the only way to avoid it. scotland's 1st minister nicholas sturgeon talking to. us this is d.w. news life and still to come the champions league is back we'll find out what awaits by a. group open a nice little look back at tuesday's action. brilliance . with the answer for stressed out city folk and the solution of the. backlash against vaporing is gaining momentum around the world india has just
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announced a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes because of health concerns a new yorker's also outlawed flavored the cigarettes they had stenographic governor called for emergency action in response to concerns about a nationwide outbreak of lung conditions but his decision has angered some businesses. they promise to help tobacco products quit and stayed millions of american high schoolers are now on the cigarettes and no one is quite sure how harmful they are doctors call the craze a ticking time bomb no new york state has moved to defuse it banning flavored fashions. names why. cotton candy captain crunch. which was my favorite. these are obviously targeted to young people. the people selling
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the cigarettes are fuming the have 2 weeks to offload vast quantities of their fruity stocks before the ban comes in. but when i heard about it it was like waiting. it's going to affect a lot of business that's for sure and 2nd thing my regular customers who are coming every day may have any disappointed with the news. across the states the reeses on to crack down on the pink triggered by a spate of related deaths and illnesses especially affecting young people. around one in 4 high school students uses each cigarettes and that number is rising donald trump has said a nationwide pool had bishan is forthcoming. we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem nobody really thought about too much. a few years ago as quote vaporing especially vaporing as it pertains to innocent children and they're coming home and
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they're saying mom i want a vase one leading health professional says action is badly needed. so right now we have an open field where anything goes people are playing russian roulette with their bodies every time they purchase those profiteering from the party says see these latest moves will only push people back towards more harmful tobacco cigarettes. into sports iran has been suspended from international judo because of its boycott of israeli athletes a provisional ballot comes after iranian the saeed mulai a quick last month's world championships last week. lost a fight deliberately on the threat from the radio forces and those who avoided facing an israeli opponent iran doesn't recognize israel forbids its a beach from competing against israelis. is now hiding in germany and considering
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applying for asylum. on the football a much day one of the champions league continues this evening with by a muni committee getting the european campaign underway mccambridge from d.w. sport can fill us in welcome mr became rich 6 years then since world europe's biggest prize now they are looking at the start of this year's competition where they are looking as hungry as the ever have this the champions league is the yardstick by which by munich judge their seasons the bundesliga domestic football's become a little bit of perception in recent years they win and win and win every single year so they really want to get their hands on the champions league. but they have been out to do it like you said for the last 6 years they couldn't do it under pep guardiola they've made some signings in the last few years which haven't really worked out so they've gone back to the drawing board and start to spend the sort of money that rival clubs have been spending over the past few years that really invest in the squad over the summer they point feel it could seno for a lot of money on our own alone benjamin parvati and then world record faith lucas
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amanda as the defenders are really revamped scored having said that it hasn't gone too well for them so far this season we've actually prepared a little report which which goes into a bit more detail about points preparations for this match so let's take a look at that now. by ends tonight for their champions league opener has been far from smooth a 11 draw with quintus legal rivals be leipsic at the weekend also saw defended david alibi injured that means veteran jerome black ting is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer remains confident that his will jerome is always given his best he's played well and has a lot of experience i've been at bahrain with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense . another challenge for buy in is where to play philippe continue the brazilian playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only came on as
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a late substitute against leipsic. lincoln often he likes to play the number 10 role that's his sweet spot try to give him that chance. so will often see if he's old offensively as well if they simply. by this and i know that if he gets to play. of this will perform well and good for exactly how and if good chino will fit into nico covert his game plan remains to be seen by and would do well to start their champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's runners up tottenham. so it became bridge what are you looking for in biden's game against red star belgrade well i'm most looking forward to seeing these new signings i mentioned in action we just saw in the report they're all about felipe he's a little brazilian playmaker they brought in so unlock some defenses and we
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actually heard from coach nico coach in that report saying that he probably will get to start his favorite number 10 berth and these are the sort of games he was brought in for this going to be a tough game against red star they can have a packed defense and it's his job to pick those locks try and get some goals now the other 2 signs that we mentioned earlier and lucas hernandez defenders by need to show that the fence up so it's great to see those 2 put in a really good performance they've been a little bit jittery in the lead up till now but they've got returning your own bulleting as you're seeing there so one of the old guard maybe can hold their hands a little bit get them fit and far and get them playing well for by me and finally what i really want to see is a performance worthy of a potential champions league winning team they need to really hit red star hard and show the world that yes we've arrived this year and we're really going to go for it so which of times other much is are you keeping the as a couple of massive heavyweight games for the neutrals if they want real madrid versus p.s.g. huge teams both among the favorites to win this year's tournament we also have let
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a coma driv against you ben says 2 very defensive teams so for the real football purists out there that might be want to keep an eye on and there's another german club also in action by live accusing with a sort of must win game they're playing against lokomotiv moscow now by living in have a horribly difficult group this year they have both athletic come into it and events as they compete with so they going to need to get 3 points on the board tonight so long to have an eye on those guys as well and ed mccambridge ready to beautiful thank you. people are always looking for ways to day stress and relax well now farmers in the town in western germany think they got the solution they've offered stressed out city folk quality time with cameras and it seems to be working apparently cuddling a cow really can make you happy. lying around in a meadow no appointments. just. doesn't like the sound of that. we could learn
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a lot from cows according to melanie ashman she's convinced all bovine trends could be when it comes to lowering stress levels for over what city dwellers. a care worker america's schoolteacher have come to check it out they might be young but they're both pretty stressed. cows and i favor animals and so i mark said come on let's check out. slowly and carefully thanking each with the animals sense in the room and taking in the fresh country. melanie ashman says cows are far more than just a source of steaks and milk we can really benefit from their easygoing natures. many say the feeling of tranquillity stays with them for a few days or even longer after they have gone home.
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and it's lovely and really relaxing to be so close to a cow. and you can tell that they really like people and that they really enjoy it . 700 kilos of. the perfect way to improve your mood. just show you some pictures of a huge waterspouts but formed in southwest china on tuesday this is a rare event caused by a tornado passing and picking up a column of water and mist meteorologists tell us these phenomena phenomena usually move in straight lines about 50 kilometers an hour. this is the dublin years these are our top stories saudi arabia has presented satellite images and other evidence that it says proves the weekend's attacks on the country's oil facilities were unquestionably sponsored by iran this after washington and announced it would increase sanctions on iran in response to the
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attack. partial results from israel's election indicate that prime minister benjamin netanyahu said likud party is deadlocked with the blue white party of centrist benny gantz raising the possibility of a unity government possibly the end of mr netanyahu is permission. from the fire to school in liberia has claimed the lives of at least 26 children and 2 teachers the blaze of the boarding school near the capital monrovia broke out at night while the children were asleep the place spokesman said only 4 people including the school imma escape. this is d.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest the headlines at the w dot com. that's up made in germany in this edition the creasing threat to global forest posed by the minute following the finest and climbers i climate
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change bagpipes staterooms the facts to get you can get all the latest news information not on the round the clock on the website but i'll be back at the top because i'm going to.
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play i'm going to. give time to fix the forests climate change and pretty cribber companies have taken a toll on forests calling rome or cohen a. forest management technique prevent a catastrophe. long. nice to keep part of the earth's environment. made in germany.
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100 small fields in my times. where i come from remains an important soft transmitting a new and form ish and when i was young my country was drawing a new confidence the war people. people would cause that i wanted to see if. it was mine joel $22.00 in one off the lot just say so that everyone in the town called police and tools against me. letting cousin prince of my known codea into amounts to more than. even not by us i was at 2 in the morning. by choice in this
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cognition because given their way toward transmitting patrols. and in the best mom much and i will. veto. anything. forest saw so much more than just a collection of trees they are the lungs of all planets they remove c o 2 from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we brings they also written biodiversity of vast range of plants and animals live in forest habitats in fact 80 percent of the world's to reskill so.


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