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increases. ministry shows what it says. used to strike at the heart of its oil industry meanwhile in the united states president has substantial new sanctions against iraq also on the program political. election with prime minister. determined to stay in power. government. a dangerous. government so will he.
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be forced to give way to. conditions. only draw. a welcome to the program saudi arabia has prevented evidence that it says proves that the weekend on its oil facilities were undeniably sponsored by iran defense ministry spokesman presented sad. light images and weapons he claimed had been used
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in the attacks he accused iran of trying to make it look as though the attacks in the originated in yemen to the south where they've actually been launched from the north u.s. secretary of state might prompt i was due in saudi arabia today following an early announcement that washington will impose new and substantial sanctions against iran . straits to washington then we will join t.w. correspondent all of a select welcome so how will this new evidence from riyadh affect to washington's position. right so saudi arabia today presented these new pieces of evidence which they believe are a sign that iran can be held accountable for these attacks of pieces of debris of. cruise missiles will they believe that a mix of a cruise missile and drones were used to target the oil refinery and that basically emboldens president trump and the u.s.
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administration who has these said the stance already before this evidence was delivered today that they believe that these attacks were carried out by iran that the weapons used were too sophisticated simply to be used by the hoofy rebels also said let's footage that the u.s. delivered earlier suggested that these rockets the cruise missiles and the drones were flown and launched from a site in the southwestern part of iran that said the president does feel bold and on the other hand he does not at any want any military action let's not forget that this was one of the core promises of president trump in the 2016 election campaign to pull the country out of international conflicts rather to start a new one in spite we've heard. mixed signals of him in the past but he will certainly try to deliver on his election promise and not engage in any kind of military
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conflict and what is expected to come out of today's meeting between secretary of state so much of the saudi leadership. well he's supposed to meet the saudi crown prince today and they will certainly discuss the findings of this press conference today they will certainly discuss how to move forward here and the potential retaliation might also be on the agenda at least to be discussed the problem here is that president trump has threatened time and time again to retaliate although he doesn't want to let's just remember the situation where we are just a couple of weeks ago a drone was shot down by the iranians allegedly in the strait of hormuz and. that was called off just a little while ago so we might eventually see a response just because president is also losing his credibility in that matter but it's very unlikely that there will be any direct attacks against the range and
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sides will be rather targeting. proxies in countries like syria or iraq for instance all of us are less in washington thank you the german government has extended its ban on weapons exports to saudi arabia by 6 months it was imposed more than a year ago after the murder of saudi dissident a journalist a huge amount to show a government spokesman. delivers would be halted until the end of march 2020 and that no new defense contracts with saudi arabia other countries involved in the yemen war would be approved earlier this week german chancellor i'm going to machall said she saw no reason to lift the ban. it will take a look at some of the stories making news around the world a fire at a school in liberia has claimed the lives of at least 26 children and 2 teachers
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a blaze at the boarding school near the capital monrovia broke out at night while the children were asleep the police spokesman said only 4 people including the school's escaped. at least 9 people have been wounded in an attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan militants detonated explosives before gunman entered the building in the provincial capital jalalabad afghanistan is on high alert as the presidential election approaches there has been no claim of responsibility. politicians in south korea have shaved their heads in public to protest against the country's new justice minister who is facing allegations that his daughter received unfair favorable treatment at university the speaker of the korean parliament a joint opposition deputies and the protest. now benjamin netanyahu is future as israel's longest serving prime minister is in the balance partial results from yesterday's elections show his right wing likud party neck and neck with the blue
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with the blue white alliance of centrist benny gantz mr netanyahu has been an unable to form a coalition since the country's last inconclusive election in april. if he was disappointed on election night benyamin netanyahu wasn't showing it far from conceding defeat israel's longest serving president took to the stage vowing to remain at the helm with a likud led government that excluded arab parties. in the coming days we will convene a go she is to assemble a strong zionist government and to prevent a dangerous. government. netanyahu his plans may well be thwarted by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring an election win but his address to supporters certainly had the tone of a victory speech for his blue and white party. he had. courting the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission.
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and that we on the other hand prove that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge. success and here to stay. this man immediately cast himself as kingmaker avigdor lieberman the sacking of his secular right back to new party will be vital to the formation of any governing coalition. we're not. we have just one option. broad liberal unity government. formed of use real debate to new. and blue and white. voters defied predictions of fatigue and turned out in larger numbers than the last poll in april now they want a path forward many say after 10 years in power it's time for netanyahu to go.
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you know you can sure netanyahu has probably run his course and his time has passed about as well though. so off air war in the end netanyahu is like a phoenix when we think he's finished he rises up again but i really hope that the government will change i think he was a good leader but i think it's about time to end a chapter or a period. when you mean that to me whose political survival is on a knife edge long deemed a political wizard this election may turn out to be the one that broke his spell. backlash against the very pain is gaining momentum around the world india has just announced a battle on the sale of actual mexico that's because of health concerns new york state has also outlawed flavored a cigarette since democratic government called for emergency action in response to concerns about a nationwide outbreak of lung conditions but his decision has angered some business
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owners. they promise to help tobacco addicts quit and stayed millions of american high schoolers are no on the cigarettes and no one is quite sure how harmful they are doctors call the craze a ticking time bomb no new york state has moved to defuse it banning flavored variations. names why bobble gone cotton candy captain crunch which was my favorite. these are obviously targeted to young people. the people selling the e cigarettes are fuming the have 2 weeks to offload vast quantities of their fruity stocks before the band comes in. but when i heard about it it was late where the troublesome it's going to affect a lot of business that's for sure and seconding all of my regular customers who are
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coming every day may have any disappointed with the news across the states the reeses on to crack down on wii ping triggered by a spate of related death sentences especially affecting young people. around one in 4 high school students uses isa grit and that number is rising. donald trump has said a nationwide pool had bishan is forthcoming just as we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem of nobody really thought about too much. a few years ago and it's called vaporing especially vaporing as it pertains to innocent children. and there coming all members saying mom i want a vase one leading health professional says action is badly needed. so right now we have an open field where anything goes people are playing russian roulette with
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their bodies every time they purchased those profiteering from the park just says see these latest moves will only push people back towards more harmful to baku cigarettes. d.w. reporter anthony howard welcome to the so how did we get here someone invented a new way to deliver an old enemy to public health that they nicotine and so recently from there's a train going from not a 97 to modern day where teens were giving up cigarettes that was smelly evil old fashioned and had become uncool into the new weaponry companies like jewel sold in a way that until recently was on regulated that has had an open field to play into we're going to see some advertising from a company called jewel if i hold some 60 percent of the market now given one of the limited designed to deliver nicotine as i might always been but into this unregulated and on researched ground if you like the advertising market almost in the why that mall bro the mall brain man made smoking cool originally jewel stepped
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into this market and really took up that spice these type of ads that we see now since been removed from the jewel company websites a lack of regulation was a problem but so and is a lack of understanding and research into the actual product as recently as 2007 thing the former boss of the f.d.a. the food and drug administration in the united states had said publicly that we should be i mean to get people away from cigarettes and on to a cigarette as a matter of public health ok and so why have now 2 american states suddenly moved to legislate and on the day the president was he decided to get involved it's very recent and very sudden lung conditions reported in those who vita regularly is that is the. the mine source of the problem now the center for disease control and prevention the c.d.c. in the united states and they started reporting this spike last year so it's very recently that it's become public property or public problem what is really stopping
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known has been i would have become elected over a longer period of time and more reliably if you lock is the sheer number of people who have a pink and one particular group of people who have i think that being things now until recently you are going to show you a graphic which shows you 2 lines on you're going to see one line trending down that's the number of teams whose attains rather he's not combustible cigarettes from the high thirty's down to 10 percent under 10 percent that deck that work was done over 2 decades viking comes along to deliver nicotine in a cooler why and look at that spock's right up there that work 2 decades in the making has been undone in a matter of 3 to 5 if you like unregulated years where they could advertise the way they wanted to and on research no one you exactly what the dangers were. and so we have it thank you. this is the dublin news still to come of a champions league is back we'll find out what awaits biden unique in that group coconuts and knights of the fact that tuesday's action.
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first the european commission president joe claudio says a deal to ensure a smooth british exit from the e.u. is still possible but he was the risk of a no deal bret's it is very real mr yoga told european parliament stroudsburg good no deal would never be the choice of the european union e.u. chief presently goes into michel barnier added that the 2 sides should not pretend to be no such negotiating. d.w. brussels bureau chief maps hoffman has been following discussions at the european parliament and said to us this is testaments. no deal bragg's it is getting more and more likely some even believe it is the most likely scenario now that is the main message coming out of strasburg where the european parliament was in session but there was also the message from the head of the european commission john we still have time we can still strike a deal the problem of course is that nobody here knows what this deal could look
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like because apparently there are no concrete proposals from the u.k. government on that so what we are doing is getting closer and closer to the braggs a deadline on the 31st of october without a real solution in sight the e.u. and its side is preparing for the scenario probably the only thing it can really do at this moment and soften and stress better than that of chile which is the world's 2nd biggest exporter of salmon and with the country's long coastline has plenty of room for expansion but environmentalists and labor unions say it's booming fish farms up bad news. here off the coast of chile is the natural habitat of dolphins says fisherman luis one yes but it's a different matter with salmon millions of them are farm here it's a booming industry that doesn't look as if it will slow down anytime soon. it will mean that anyone will see a political problem is that the extra salmon feed just sinks to the bottom of the
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sea the same goes for the fishes feces so there's masses of wrote down more than a meter didn't made for that sort of day then they put up with. the salmon feed is delivered in white sacks the pellets contain soya rapeseed and vegetable oils and all vegetarian mix but antibiotics are added to it at levels that are $500.00 times higher than in europe. and although the salmon comes from the northern hemisphere it is being bred farm and processed more and more frequently here in the south she lay is now the world's 2nd largest export or trade unionists gustavo cortez criticizes the conditions under which salmon is processed. you know what i'm going to name you you know we work in a climate of fear. there's a constant threat of the fire don't you stand. over time voluntarily.
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but that i mean i have a very. loose mother you know soto worked for 8 years in a salmon factory then she had an occupational accident and could no longer work if you need so you or i turned around in a container with 150 fish was rammed into my back after that i don't remember anything else i passed out later i asked my boss if he could take me to the hospital he said what do i care i lose money not receive no compensation and no severance pay because she was only a seasonal worker in the factory and you are always you know i can't work anymore and i'm only 60 and i only get by because my children bring me food. she lies salmon industry has come in for a lot of criticism the minister of economic affairs understands this and promises things will get better. it only due to hauling. the salmon industry is still in
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its early stages they breed a species from the northern hemisphere here in the south when. all of this is relatively new in chile so we're learning as we go along. we make corrections when we see negative affects but the end of the day we export a lot of salmon but we do took us here tonight in the review from although the industry seems to be thriving environmentalists complain that after storms salmon escapes rise 520008 total of 700000 fish and plant their cages just another negative effect of china's salmon farming industry. in sport iran has been suspended from international judo competition because of its boycott of israeli athletes the provisional bottom comes after a very mean mulai i quit last month's world championships last week he told the double he lost a fight deliberately along with the rain you know thorough test in order to avoid facing israeli opponent iran doesn't recognize israel haifa bids its athletes from
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competing against israel is so no hiding in germany and considering applying for asylum. owns a football and much day one of the champions league continued safely with buying munich among the teams and getting the european campaign underway at mccambridge from d.w. sport cunt fill us in welcome mr mccain bridged 6 years then since the one europe's biggest prize how they are looking at the start of this year's competition well they are looking as hungry as the have this the champions league is the yardstick by which by munich judge their seasons the league or domestic football has become a little bit of perception in recent years they win and win and win every single year so they really want to get their hands on the champions league. but they have been out to do it like you said for the last 6 years they couldn't do it under pep guardiola they've made some signings in the last few years which haven't really worked out so they've gone back to the drawing board and they've started to spend the sort of money that rival clubs have been spending over the past few years that
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really invest in the squad over the summer they go in full it could seem you know full of money on a on a loan benjamin and then world record faith lucas and and as the defenders are really revamped scored having said that hasn't gone too well for them so far this season we've actually prepared a little pool which which goes into a bit more detail about preparations for this match so let's take a look at that now. by ends tonight for their champions league opener has been far from smooth a 11 draw with pundits legal rivals be leipsic at the weekend also saw defended david allen injured that means veteran jerome black ting is back in the lineup captain manuel neuer remains confident. jerome has always given his best he's played well and has a lot of experience i've been admiring with him since 2011 and i'm obviously glad to have had him on my side all these years. and feel very safe with him in defense . another challenge for buy in is where to play philippe continue the brazilian
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playmaker has had a stuttering start to the season with no goals so far and only. came on as a leg substitute against leipsic. lincoln often and he likes to play the number 10 role that's his sweet spot for to try to give him that chance. so we'll often see if i will give it his all the fence of late as well it's basically . bias there's a more and i know that if he gets to play. of this will perform well if you know it's good for exactly how and if good to know will fit into nico covert his game plan remains to be seen by and would do well to start their champions league campaign with a win in a group that aside from a determined red star team also includes last year's runners up talking i'm. so advocate bridge what are you looking for in buttons game against red star belgrade
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well i'm most looking forward to seeing these new signings i mentioned in action we just saw in the report they're all about felipe he's a little brazilian playmaker they've brought into unlock some defenses and we actually heard from coach nico coach in that report saying that he probably will get to start his favorite number 10 berth and these are the sort of games he was brought in for this going to be a tough game against red star they can have a packed defense and it's his job to pick those locks try and get some goals now the other 2 sides that we mentioned earlier and lucas hernandez defenders by need to show that the fence up so it's great to see those 2 put in a really good performance they've been a little bit jittery in the lead up till now but they've got the returning your own blitzing as we're seeing there so one of the old guard maybe can hold their hands a little bit get them fit and far and get them playing well for by me and finally what i really want to see is a performance worthy of a potential champions league winning team they need to really hit red star hard and show the world that yes we've arrived this year and we're really going to go for it so which of tonight's other matches are you keeping an eye on there's a couple of massive heavyweight games for the new tools if they want real madrid
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versus p.s.g. huge teams both among the favorites to win this year's tournament we also have a let's acoma driv against events as 2 very defensive teams so the real football purists out there that might be want to keep an eye on and there's another german club also in action by live accusing with a sort of must win game they're playing against lokomotiv moscow now by live if you can have a horribly difficult group this year they have both atletico madrid and events as they compete with so they going to need to get 3 points on the board tonight so long to have an eye on those guys as well and ed mccambridge i did a beautiful thank you. that people are always looking for ways to distress and relax well now farmers in a town in western germany think they've got the solution they've offered stressed out city for quality time with cows and it seems to be working apparently cuddling a cow really can make you happy. lying around in a meadow no appointments. just.
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doesn't like the sound of that. we could learn a lot from cows according to melanie ashman she's convinced our bovine friends could be the own set when it comes to lowering stress levels for over what city to alice. care work america schoolteacher have come to check it out they might be young but they're both pretty stressed. cows and i favor animals i'm sorry mark said come on let's check out. slowly and carefully thanking each with the animals sense in the room and taking in the fresh country. melanie ashman says council for more than just a source of steaks and milk we can really benefit from that easy going nature's. many say the feeling of tranquillity stays with them for a few days or even longer after they have gone home.
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it's lovely and really relaxing to be so close to a cow and you can tell that they really like people and that they really enjoy it. 700 kilos of cuddly cow the perfect way to improve your mood. just before we go this time to show you pictures of a huge water spout that formed in southwestern china on tuesday this rapinoe but it is caused by a tornado passing and picking up a column of water and mist meteorologists tell us these phenomena usually move in straight lines at about 50 kilometers an hour. this is the d.w.i. coming up next to news i usually when the police when the people you love fight for the other side b. w. talks with a police promise divided by the home called protests. time to pump it up
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a schoolyard game goes pro fueling a multi-million dollar t.v. film a. better strategy will have those stories and more in just a moment i'll be back of the talk a bit of the day. where
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is home. with your family scattered across the globe. a soft goods a good book turning back to the brutes. get many of the. shots family from somalia live around the world and one of them needed urgent assistance . the family starts october any on d w. a world unto itself.
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brahms code starts oct 11th w a s pop enough. this is the news a shot coming up the real thing but tongs on the streets but the injuries are piling up at home police actions on the streets of hong kong of dividing their families on them but a deeply personal insight into the violence of the protests that's causing war in police homes also coming up traffic jams up costing lives.


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