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the group remember that. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the gangsta who's turned to god any time he saw a lot of pain from south africa nearly lost his life his violent crime now he spends his days growing vegetables. in this race. are struggling for it's hard to. survive. and
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alexandria is magnificent ancient citadels the gyptian city's close nice beaches and its neighborhoods all off facing the very real craze rising sea devils. also have a look at the bonds capital of liberal free city through the eyes and the drawing pencil of one of the city's up and coming artist. hello i'm christine window while comes to news africa it's good to have you along now when thinking off cape town you might imagine white sand beaches whiny states and the imposing table mountain picture perfect isn't it but this beautiful city.
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it's one of the most dangerous in the world and it has the highest murder rate in south africa since january well that 2000 people have been murdered most murders and other types of violent crime are linked to gang activity in the cape flats the flats as they are called locally are an area of densely packed townships on the outskirts off cape town where about to meet one man from the cape flats is turned away from gangsterism and hoping to forge a new life for himself for tubby so london gardening has recently become a calling he is making money and feels good and safe while doing it there's something he can say about his previous life as a gang member it cost him 6 months in prison and almost his life i was shot in the face. and i was shot 6 times on my spinal cord. survived my grandmother died and.
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now is me for example an example of crime ease in what crime does you know to people so crime is rife and it suited to unemployment the project of violence prevention through grading in the caylee chart township opes to offer an alternative to people like london it's partly find them by german development funds . the garden is not only a salsa food income for the god in us the vegetables are also cooked in the kitchen over there and then served to the kids in the kindergarten next door. offering childcare leisure activities internet access electricity and water the center has become an important meeting point for residents the murder rate in this part of the township has fallen in recent years those involved in the project say
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it's reducing violence in the neighborhood. it prevented a lot because if you look around the area just where we are there to parts it's very active there's mothers there's god knows there's children so just to visit the lead to of people we've got an approach called safety through activation so it's not really having policing and soldiers walking around but the presence of communities and able everybody to walk across without feeling scared in many of cape town's townships that's not possible since july the military has been patrolling the so-called cape flats which cayley chose part of for years police and government have struggled to get drug trafficking and gang violence under control experts doubt that military intervention can change that. no definitely not to come it's not a long term strategy it's not it's not a this is a response it's like having an ambulance to pick up a patient it doesn't it's
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a response to something that terrible that's happened but it's not a solution to those things happening again. what the military intervention can do potentially is to to to create a safe space temporarily we have other effective strategies can be put in place and that provides an opportunity and window for things to happen that all potentially going to be effective and sustainable in the long run to be so london is also hoping for more long term investment because he wants to show us his house in khayelitsha more precisely his small private garden it like to earn more money with agriculture but there's no space the township is growing daily who need places to stay to put everything out all the vegetation unfortunately and the $3.00 a. day wants to continue anyway and he wants to show his son how to garden so he doesn't end up getting involved with gangs like his father for example.
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egypt's coastal city of alexandria has survived invasions and earthquakes since it was founded by its on to the great more than 2000 years ago but it now faces a new menace in the fall off climate change rising sea levels ration to inundate poorer neighborhoods and allchin logical sites ponting will forty's to erect a concrete barrier is to hold back the tide. the threats pounds the shore every few seconds. at stake ancient citadels and archeological finds. sandy beaches and poor neighborhoods which could be inundated by rising sea levels for protection simple if ugly concrete blocks lifted by enormous cranes. and filled rock lifted by dinosaur like diggers. they're meant simply to buy some
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time and a chance to rebuild someday some of what has already been lost. they will protect the shore from any sort of erosion in order to be able in the future to rebuild sandy shores that were lost due to a rise in sea levels over alexandria's coast. the 15th century citadel of bay is one of alexandria's gems and it's already been affected by the rising sea. life by. the dow was built on a huge rock in the last few years this rock has faced a lot of strong currents that lead to its solution and gaps have appeared to years ago a water leak through those gaps to the interior of the citadel itself this means that if we hadn't started immediately with protection procedures it would have led to
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the collapse of the rock under citadel it would have. alexandria's more than 60 kilometers of waterfront is losing ground to erosion if the average tourist can't see it the average fisherman can. throw in the sea levels getting higher is not something that we can see immediately with our eyes. but over the years it started to be noticeable. it was for instance the sandy beaches shrink and there's less sand. you know but still not to the level that ordinary people can see. the flies this is the it is out of. ordinary environmental scientists can see it a rise in the level of the c m knock on effect of climate change. that's the starting point but actually claim it is
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a system to get the system so when you talk about change in temperature it means cheesey and the different patterns of play. this would lead to one of the impacts of climate change is. rising scene of. fending off the effects of climate change is centuries old alexandria's burton preserving precious structures from the past using whatever means from the present it can quickly throw in mother nature's way. as you may know the name off gabon's capitol hill translates to free city because that's exactly what it is it was officially declared the city for freed slaves in 849 and has since grown into a bustling metropolis full of culture and history to help us get our bearings they are just choreo king shows us around his home town. hello hello i'm kirk
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and welcome to liberal to my neighborhood. in the capital of. illustrated by king the city in the gulf of guinea home. is rich in raw materials but for many survivors still an everyday struggle. comes from one of its pora neighborhoods. we are in the so-called stadiums on the level. here. and there you have this. is the mosque and on the other side the hospital this is where i grew up this is my area this is my muse. among these tin roofs and rain flooded. so this was the only place he could afford.
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this is where i lived 3 years ago this was the place where i created my 1st pieces of started my career as an artist. was difficult because whenever it rained i was up to my uncle's in water i had to save my artworks and how to save my own skin because of the cold from the rain. because the water rose up to here and all my people inside it was crazy. despite the hardships this neighborhood still inspires him his sketches tell the history and stories of. the folk tales motivate the people to get through the struggles of everyday life to. become an old world person brought on a chameleon plays a very important role in this society it's a fable a lesson for life because it changes its clothes and adapt to its surroundings help
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it to adapt to the challenges it faces in life from a clinical and i think. that far from clear eyes neighborhood is when people are being really comes to life. many people here work in trade and commerce. level from the more we are the biggest market around here. a little more from barclays there are 3 of us everywhere they represent the different neighborhoods of government along. you know all. this mix of people and cultures inspired by. in their free time many locals head to the beach to catch up with family and friends. on the other hand likes to come here when it's quiet to sketch and raise awareness about protecting the public speeches.
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i sense an applause i gotta get this is my curry catch of the beach you know the bone is the dust bin of the sea i was rather a bad boy the show man who was rubbish you see over there is what has created this dustbin who will. also have gone for me because of so i feel it's my job to remind people to do something about this rapprochement with circled a sure thing he hopes his drawings were inspired change in the people here and elsewhere. at the footy day see you next time. first thing in school when the children. are 1st clean listen. and then he sure is grand moment to rheims join the ring in tang on her journey to freedom in our interest you touch him into the door on entering into returns home.
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and welcome to watson college shot when in the throes of the literature festival here in berlin we'll find out more about top african olfa chimamanda ngozi adichie also coming off its back intrepid bank and europe correspondent.
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returns with his baking bread series and he'll be here in the studio. but we begin here in berlin at the annual literature festival which is a platform for presenting contemporary developments in all forms of the written word writers and academics from around the world come to the festival as well as of course the literature loving public the nigerian author chimamanda ngozi adichie is one of the top african writers around today and we met up with her at the festival . to presence just enough to feel the holes like you read the literature festival in chimamanda ngozi adichie is greeted like a pop star as one of the great voices of world is your chair is also a feminist icon. and really just a writer you know i want to stay home and write poetry and dream.


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