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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 4:00am-4:02am CEST

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it's personal it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the return. the reason to get out of. this is g.w. news and these are our top stories saudi arabia has displayed satellite images and weapons debris it says proves iran unquestionably sponsored last weekend's attacks on its oil facilities it comes as the u.s. secretary of state arrives in riyadh following washington's earlier announcement it was imposing new and substantial sanctions on iraq. the western african nation of liberia is in mourning after a fire in
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a school near the capital monrovia left at least 27 people dead fire officials said faulty electrics may have been to blame but that a full investigation would be carried out. israel's general election as produced an inconclusive results neither the incumbent benjamin netanyahu nor his leading opponent centrist benny gantz is in a position to form a government there is now a possibility of a unity government all the end of netanyahu as premium. india has banned the sale of east cigarettes sangbae pose a health risk the ban covers the production important advertising of a cigarettes but not a use this is g.w. news from berlin you can find the latest headlines at d.w. dot com or on twitter at t w news. a saudi gurnall today presented parts and pieces of drawings and missiles as evidence claiming that this
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proves that iran quote unquestionably sponsored strikes last weekend on saudi oil facilities yet where those buttons were launched from well we still don't know and iran again today denying any involvement tonight saudi arabia's show until that iran says is just smoke and mirrors i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. that that was it was from the north and was unquestionably bisphosphonate by iran. because as hanna yemen hits an industrial zone to go on you. dance you know at the end from.


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