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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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in missiles as evidence claiming that this proves that iran quote unquestionably sponsored strikes last weekend on saudi oil facilities yet where those weapons were launched from well we still don't know and iran again today denying any involvement tonight saudi arabia's show intel that iran says is just smoke and mirrors i'm burned off in berlin this is the day. that that was launched from the north and was unquestionably bisphosphonate by iran . as a sign i am in peace an industrial zone to go on you. is that and from this warning to consider putting an end to war in the region. if you want to think. that i think that a band is the most likely to sponsor in
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a fashion so the iranians will not have to disappear and you know there's plenty of time to do something dastardly things it's very easy to start. also coming up where there's smoke there's fire where there's a baby there's growing fear today india banned the sale of all the electronic cigarettes new york state did the same to flavored vaporing liquids with millions of people using these products and a completely unregulated environment it seems that this was just a ticking time bomb ready to happen. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with old unanswered questions and new threats connected to last weekend's attacks on oil facilities in saudi arabia today saudi arabia appeared to align itself with the u.s. over who could be responsible washington and. used iran 4 days ago and has still
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presented no evidence today the saudi military presented what it calls unquestionable proof that iran sponsored the attack but it left an answer the question where did the missiles and drones come from well today iran again denied any involvement and it sent a warning to washington that any move by america against iran because of the saudi strikes will get an immediate reaction where you can add that threat to a list of others issued this week the iran backed the rebels in yemen who say that they're responsible for the attacks say other saudi sites are still on their radar and they have also threatened to hit oil companies in the united arab emirates meantime here in europe leaders have condemned last weekend's attacks but offer no support for any military response which it was president from implied with his locked and loaded tweet today trump requested more sanctions against iran a move that could mean that the chances of an immediate military retaliation are
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dwindling or have more on that in just a moment but 1st here is part of the case put forward today by saudi arabia against iran this attack did not originate from yemen despite this effort to make it at bed so that a collaboration with that proxy and that agent to create this false negative is clearly it secondly that that was a life from the north and was unquestionably sponsored by iran we call we call upon the international community. to acknowledge it all maligned activity and that is just as possibility and that isn't a couple could live a look at they had on today we announced for the 1st time that we have tens of targets on our list of targets inside the emirates some in abu dhabi and dubai and they could be targeted at any moment and that the i you know there was that latest
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warning there coming from the who the rebels in yemen would help us read what is happening in saudi arabia the u.s. and iran i'm joined tonight by bradley bowman senior director of the foundation for defense of democracies he's been a national security advisor in the u.s. senate and he served in the u.s. army tonight bradley joins me from washington burley's good to have you on the show they do you could let me know what you think about what we heard today from saudi arabia did the that saudi colonel did he deliver a compelling case today or did he just simply fall in line with the u.s. i think it's important to view this attack for what it was not was a direct unprovoked attack on global energy markets i think now's the time for and for gathering facts and analyzing options and wars are easy to start hard and conflict military conflict is a start hard and the one thing is certain if there is not
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a strong proportional and measured response i think we'll get more of the same well you say this was an unprovoked attack but can't we argue and i know that some members of the u.s. congress today have argued this that if iran is responsible then iran has been provoked by the us withdrawing from the nuclear agreement. well that would be quite an interesting argument to argue that sanctions warrant what most people consider an act of war in which missiles a lot are launched across borders and there are explosions taking place. the goal of the u.s. pressure campaign regardless of whether one agrees with the decision to withdraw from the iranian nuclear agreement is to bring to iran to the negotiating table it's amazing the lengths that iran is willing to go to avoid negotiating the evidence that was presented today by saudi arabia you abs
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a military man and also as a military analyst would you say that that was a convincing case presented by saudi arabia that leaves without question that iran is responsible. it's a good question i've learned not to make definitive statements unless i'm on the ground able to look at things myself but if the equipment that was presented on video camera there wasn't back from those attacks which it appears to be it should be very easy or relatively easy to determine the origin of those weapons you know and a lot of disguise there's been a lot of discussion of whether it came directly from iran or came from the cooties i think when we play that game we're playing right into the hands of iran the whole reason why iran establishes proxies around the region whether it's hezbollah and their attempts in yemen and who the proxies is they can avoid the consequences for aggression that ultimately comes from them so whether it was directly koran or was
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there who the proxies in yemen bottom line is iran bears responsibility you know this evening i spoke with a consultant from the yemen polling center and she told me that if you're talking about the who's the rebels carrying out an attack you're almost always talking about iran being partly responsible which you know goes along with with what you're say saudi arabia the today said that the missiles and the drones were launched from the north not from the south where yemen is located therefore this attack had to be sponsored by iran those that that coat that cause effect relationship it's not a sound one isn't. whether this attack came from iranian territory as some have suggested and some of the initial information suggests or whether it came from the movies in yemen the bottom line is that the who these get their support from iran so iran iran the leaders and her on are ultimately
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responsible for this attack if one of those 2 instances explained to us and i think it's important just as zoom out for a minute and and understand what is going on here what is going on here is a iran is lashing out either directly or via its proxies in order to avoid coming to the negotiating table and they are responding with violence when or why they would widely be considered acts of war and against the international and global energy markets but in the question for the u.s. for our allies in europe is how are we going to respond are we ok with us which is take a listen to what u.s. president trump said today he was asked about needing more information about how these attacks happened take a listen. i think my thinking pretty much remains the same and. we haven't learned much that we didn't know but but there is there is a certain. i guarantee fact here we're really at
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a point now where we know very much what happened so a guarantee factor we know what what happened and then today the president asked for more sanctions against iran is that the the is that going to be the reaction from the u.s. to these attacks more sanctions. down appears to be what the president has asked the treasurer targets and to undertake. i would be can i would have to look at those sanctions in detail to assess how strong they are my initial thought would be that that's insufficient that is insufficient to deter additional attacks by iran or iranian proxies in the future the bottom line is whoever did this was not deterred and that's a bad thing in the way you reestablish deterrence is joints like spain and that pain should be proportional and it should be strong and measure and we don't want to we would not want to see
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a lot of iranians injured in the us that would narrow the growing gap between the great iranian people and the illiterate legitimate regime we would want to do that we would want to give them a talking point but you would advise if you were advising the president you would advise though that a military response would be proportional to what we saw happen on saturday in saudi arabia it could be a kinetic military strike it could also be a cyber action or multiple cyber actions there are lots of different things that the u.s. hopefully with its partners and allies could undertake not with the purpose of starting more on why it went the purpose of reestablishing a more sound peace and avoiding a larger war but the quickest way to get more aggression is not respond firmly to it but the i think the fear is that if there were to be a military response that would trigger a retaliation from iran and then you would find yourself in a war is there any way to respond militarily and contain it to guarantee there
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won't be a tit for tat military striking contest. none of this is certain and anyone who makes a confident prediction i think is not being straightforward there's no guarantee how it's wrong will respond but i think if there is a strong proportional measured response whether it's kinetic or cyber or something else it sends the message to the the mullahs in toronto that just sort of activity rather direct or indirect is unacceptable and there will be significant pain then that would that would be help begin to reestablish deterrence and make clear in the such an attack really an act of war across international boundaries an acceptable weak response will simply buy more of the same all right bradley bowman with the foundation for defense of democracies joining us tonight from washington d.c. are we appreciate your time and your clear words and insights tonight thank you thank you for the opportunity i'm grateful thanks. i would most important demand
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is general structural change in hong kong which means free election if hong kong false it would easily become the springboard for the totally tearing regime of china to push its rules and properties overseas its allies and its economic economic powers to come from all of this to there come this values as i speak hong kong is then at a critical juncture this they have never been higher i dare for earch the us congress to stand by hong kong and most of all to pass to hong kong human rights and democracy at this is not a plea for this so-called foreign interference this is a plea for democracy this is a plea for to freedom to choose i hope historians will celebrate the united states congress for having stood on the side of hong kong this the start off human rights and democracy course press hong kong thank you. hong kong those are the young
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voices of a movement yesterday joshua was both pro-democracy activists from hong kong spoke before a u.s. congressional committee and as you just heard they delivered a passionate plea to lawmakers who are considering a bill that would allow sanctions against anyone trying to dismantle hong kong's special status within china now getting an invitation to testify before the u.s. congress it came only after months of demonstrations in hong kong those protests sometimes they have been violent have put pro democracy supporters against pro beijing forces and it's not really the black and white story the crisis in hong kong has placed people sometimes entire families in the middle of a movement like the u.s. berlinger and sherry chan have this report. images of clashes between police and protesters deeply troubling to marry when still early the conflict line runs
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through their family they support the protests but mary is the daughter of a policeman and stella's fiance serves in the riot police i have been depressed since it all began in june i feel my position is truly and. since the beginning police have been accused of using excessive violence on protesters the longer the protests last the more aggressive both sides become videos of cornice men abusing protesters regularly go viral and angered many people stella's says that she and her fiance have agreed to discuss things as calmly as possible. but sometimes they become angry and confront him more aggressively then he just answers that he was not on the spot and did not see what was happening so he cannot judge. they have agreed to meet us on the
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condition of anonymity stella and mary are not their real names they fear repercussions for their relatives in the police force but they could also become a target of radical protestors in hong kong on the internet people say the families of policeman should burn in hell come on i didn't do anything wrong why should i suffer. the pro government and the pro-democracy camps show less and less tolerance for each other several times both sides have clashed on the street or in shopping centers government supporters call protesters cockroaches protesters accuse them of being paid agents and mary's family the constant arguments led to her move out of her parents' home. since the protests started i've only had dinner with them once we don't see each other and i left all the family groups on what's up.
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an end to the conflict that is tearing their families apart is nowhere in sight protests are happening every weekend and all those stellar lead disapproves of the violence that marks many protests she continues to attend some of the marches she carefully avoids revealing her background to fellow protesters. i have never thought that people would see me as guilty for being the fiance of a policeman some friends have asked me if i still wanted to have children knowing they would grow up with such a burden and helpless. but there are also days she says when she believes that the rift between police and society can be healed after this crisis and. well the backlash against baby is growing and it is getting global today india
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announced a ban on the sale of all electronic cigarettes citing concerns about health conserves new york state did the same today outlawing flavored each cigarettes or the flavored liquids that go inside the governor of new york is calling for emergency action in response to concerns about a nationwide outbreak of conditions some of them deadly but his decision it has angered some business owners they promise to help tobacco products quit and stayed millions of american high schoolers are now on the cigarettes and no one is quite sure how harmful they are doctors called a craze a ticking time bomb no new york state has moved to defuse it banning flavored fashions. names why bubble gum cotton candy captain crunch which was my favorite. these are
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obviously targeted to young people. the people selling the cigarettes are fuming the have 2 weeks to offload vast quantities of their food stocks before the ban comes in. but when i heard about it it was like waiting. it's going to affect a lot of business that's for sure and 2nd thing my regular customers who are coming every day may have any disappointed when the news across the states the reeses on to crack down on triggered by a spate of related death sentences especially affecting young people. around one in 4 high school students uses each cigarettes and that number is rising. donald trump has said a nationwide prohibition is forthcoming just as we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem of nobody really thought about too much. a few years ago and it's call of
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aping especially vaporing as it pertains to innocent children and they're coming home and they're saying mom a lot of a one leading health professional says action is badly needed. so right now we have an open field where anything goes people are playing russian roulette with their bodies every time they purchase those profiteering from the part to says see these latest moves will only push people back towards more harmful tobacco cigarettes. are on this i'm joined tonight by gregory connolly he's president of the american beeping association that's a nonprofit organization that champions the use of a tipping products to help smokers quit he's in washington d.c. tonight gregory welcome to the show let me ask you are you one of those former smokers who was able to quit by becoming a vapor. yesterday and an even more relevant i failed to quit in 2009 wasn't
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tobacco flavored cigarette it was only one year later when i was able to get a watermelon slavery baby product and actually disconnect the taste of tobacco and i became smokefree so your experience speaks to the incredible attraction of these flavored liquids the flavored liquids that were banned by new york today. yes and there are about 3000000 consumers in the united states who have switched to babying from smoking and the vast majority of them are using flavors despite the rhetoric despite the claims of people like governor cuomo and those funded by mayor former mayor mike bloomberg throwing around hundreds of millions of dollars and trying to eliminate they being industry fruit and sweet flavors are the most popular flavors with adults not tobacco or mental and so we fear that this is going to send smokers back to her ex smokers back to smoking and worse it's going to do nothing about what is actually causing these long illnesses in the united states
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it's not nicotine they've been products it is a licit marijuana cartridges with contaminants in them that are country people's lungs and oils it's i'm not a story i've heard it and i've heard that agree i've heard that in the last couple of days but where is the where's the evidence of that and where are the where do we have the c.d.c. for example saying that that's why people are getting lung that lung conditions are dying so the c.d.c. is playing politics they're just saying don't think what we can say is that the f.d.a. that actually regulates nicotine vapor products they release a specific and clear warning saying do not they t.h.c. did not do the same with nicotine baby products and we have multiple state health departments the people actually working with the patients and the doctors on the ground they are releasing press release after press release 'd warning people stay away from account from a listen we bought illegal t.h.c. cartridges so that you're saying this is
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a black market that people are getting their their hands on these illicit liquids and that's making them sick. yes in the new england journal of medicine just about 2 weeks ago they had a case for or on the early cases out of wisconsin and illinois 84 percent of the patients admitted to they think t.h.c. and there have been other emergency room doctors that have sent when you're dealing with young people when you're dealing with teenagers and young adults who are sick in the hospital with their parents beside their bed it can be difficult to get them to admit that they were using illegal drugs what how do you explain then gregory today what we saw in india india has banned the sale of all cigarettes come completely the toxic combination of state owned tobacco company the indian tobacco company as well as former new york city mayor michael bloomberg spending hundreds of millions of dollars giving anti-tobacco groups money because there is no there is no small grassroots who are for banning these products it is only self
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obsessed billionaires like michael bloomberg that is funding or funding these efforts trying to destroy this i don't know what's what's in it for him to get the cigarettes banned i mean how is he going to profit from that he's already a billionaire he doesn't need to prop he hates vices so that you know he hates they think and he sees it it's much more difficult to ban all cigarettes when there are a 1000000000 smokers around the world but when there are only comparatively 40000000 baby boomers you can actually make a dent and eliminate those products in a whole lot of countries without spending a great deal of money and you don't use a big tobacco is also behind this i mean i have to you know when you make a claim like back to have to back it up i mean where's the proof that big tobacco is doing that. not traditional big tobacco as we think of it here in america philip morris says and the british american tobacco as it were i'm specifically talking about india where they have a state owned to that a company they make a lot of money off cigarettes and often biddies and there either is evidence
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showing meddling by the tobacco industry that some reporters have picked up well let me ask you this because we've got to just got a minute left i want to ask you you know easy to read have not been around a long time. at least concede that there hasn't been enough time to know whether or not certain liquids or certain ways of a thing could be possibly hazardous to our health because it is such a young product well let's be clear we know from the royal college of physicians public health england cancer research you can a very distinguished organization with no connections to the tobacco or maybe industry they have estimated these products to be at least 95 percent less dangerous than smoking so no you know nonsmokers use the product but if you are an adult smoker we know enough today to say if you fully switch to these products you were healthy will benefit that is ok but the message is not getting out the final question would you be would you support
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a law that would say only adults convey like this with cigarettes now you know minors not allowed to they we've got even further it is 18 to date throughout the entirety of the united states we are perfectly willing to support that the 21 raising the age for tobacco and baby products to 21 to stop 18 year old play school seniors from being given good products to freshmen and sophomores all right ver every conlang with the american vaporing association in washington d.c. gregory we appreciate your time tonight and your answers thank you. the day is almost gone the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter you can also follow me aboard off t.v. if you use the hash tag today and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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