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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 6:30am-6:47am CEST

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i would have gone on the trip of a republic not to put myself and my parents. thought it's a given that the that i didn't leave the a. muslim country because that on the eve of the serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story. their fine line for me. hello and welcome to focus on europe the lola thanks for joining us this sinking of the m.s.s. in the baltic sea was the worst maritime disaster and post-war europe is a tender of 1994 the ferry was caught in
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a storm and sank in just 30 minutes few of the 1000 people on board survived today questions and disappears the theories still linger after the official investigation concluded 25 years on survivor ted hare stead is still waiting for closure but he recently suffered another setback a court rejected a multi-million dollar compensation claim survivors of the sunken histone year and victims' families launched a lawsuit for their pain and suffering to add to their grief authorities still refused to salvage the wreck and fears that the truth of what happened that day between talon and stockholm will remain lost at sea. memories can come back unexpectedly. when kent head shit is standing by the water for example. then he is back in 1904 again as a passenger on the baltic sea ferry
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a stone you're from thailand to stockholm. it is september 28th just on your. may day. at 1 22 am the captain of the estonia makes a desperate s.o.s. call the ship is in a heavy storm suddenly a huge wave breaks off the bell visor from the hole the ferry fills up with water and minutes and begins to sink. it on you know what's going on can you reply the whole ferry fell on the side and it really came as a shock to all of us the next step when we needed to get from the ship down to their water and then of course in the cold water to try to find a raft to climb up to and then later to survive all those of us who were alive in the morning were rescued by helicopter by then most of the people on our rafts were dead they froze to death so we were only 6 alive in the morning maybe 20 in the
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beginning. 852 people died their names are engraved on this monument casualties from a dozen countries it was the biggest maritime disaster in europe since world war 2 . an investigation in 1907 showed that there was a problem with the bow doors locking system safety regulations for baltic sea ferries were tightened but the wreck was not salvaged. that was a mistake so it's heading for to the german swedish lawyer a still occupied with the estonia case even in a spare time. vitter has represented dozens of the victim's relatives in court and also initiated his own investigations he says the investigations of the wreck were insufficient. of empathy of all the run projects into this vice always torn open
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water on the card. list. only a stone has sinks. and of course you have to know what does it look like on the card where the trucks properly lashed down officially there's no film material for me inside of the car deck. we say you have to go down there again and take a look. even if it was a long time ago does not. years. a water tight bulkhead was missing behind the bell visor the lawyer says neither the german ship builder nor the french safety inspectors were found guilty of intentional fault well they used the race ramp as a war to type ok. you could do that for coastal traffic but not on the high seas. very tense should have said stop it's not sea was it needs the bulkhead 1st. this summer a french court again rejected a claim by british colleagues for damages against the ship's safety inspectors. on
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behalf of more than 1000 claimants they demanded 40000000 euros in compensation. for can't have that money isn't as important as the truth about the estonia catastrophe. a survivor and a member of the swedish parliament for many years he tells of persistent rumors that a bomb caused the ferry to sink planted by intelligence services or terrorists let's try to find every everything we can. and maybe you can also put some of these so close piracy theories to to tourist because this is not good for the democratic society stuff there's a lot of suspicion either floating around so so i definitely think it would be useful for everyone. and he thinks that the 852 who died in the baltic sea 25 years ago on that day in september deserve that.
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it's a way of life that has sustained indigenous nomads for centuries and one of the most remote places on earth the nets people of russia have made a livelihood of herding reindeer along an insular but now they are preparing to part ways with their past as their tundra is transformed the climate crisis is thawing the permafrost and hampering their movements but for the government global warming offers them access to untapped gas and oil reserves a construction boom is reviving communities as children like prepare for a future very different to that of their parents. from above the tenets of and then its people and their rainy day look like high ricklefs. they will come together in a large circle. resting place that everybody's helping. the rain to mean everything to the next. young woman takes care of his favorite
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rainy day right away his mother is there to you if he did no. more free if we went out under 3 days we'll move on otherwise will ruin the soil and we'll be able to come here again next year. the single continue but without rehman it's his last day with his animals and family. a helicopter is coming to morrow to bring the children to school. and if he said no we wouldn't want to teach the dawn of a new era children have to learn that if they won't have as many reindeer as we do . because more and more drilling rigs for gas are being built in the tundra the reindeer suffer as a result. but nevertheless the concha and husband perceive their lives as in a months and travel the holy it's through the tundra even during winter temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees celsius. they are
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carefully preparing this summer around minus a city life although he will prove that the nomadic life. from the beginning our 2 oldest already students our youngest son ron is starting 6th grade but he prefers to be in the tundra with the reindeer of coolies. if. it's hard to him to say goodbye has his a reindeer his dog and his freedom. all summer long. the red black 2 at boarding school i cry with longing. which is. what's right but i like technology and mathematics that's what i like to do a boarding school. 2 or to. do
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if i want to become a pilot that. dreams of one day being able to fly over the tundra in a helicopter and take the children to school. but how much longer can life in the tundra be possible his parents worry about the animals climate change has long been noticeable in addition of more. oil and gas companies are expanding into the tundra. if you went out with us in winter the snow is covered in smoke from the towers making a hard crust so the reindeer can eat their fat layer is only one centimeter thick it used to be 3 or 4 centimeters many die why did. you cope with the things in the
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end we're left with nothing reindeer are a food clothing and means of transport was the moment. that i did it and. then the helicopter arrives to pick up the children mccutcheon knows that she won't see her son for months because she'll have to help her husband with the exhausting trek through the tundra. it's difficult for the crew to locate this mud comes down to don't ever be a mile peninsula as the nomads are constantly on the move. as the permafrost thaws lakes form where there weren't any before. from now on bremen has to sit still. some subjects even told him that only language
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so that the no my children should not forget it. spirit has been teaching here for 25 years she wants the children to be proud of their origins proud of the name it's come child. your name what do you mean aunt handicrafts outdoors the 1st days of the west for ram and mentally he's still in the tundra only his sister comforts him but i am on the bill i thought when i was little we wouldn't see a soul for days today you can see drilling rigs smoke. on the one hand it's good for the country that oil is being extracted and bringing money away on the other hand this oil is no law. longer like it was it i'm worried because a reindeer graze there but i'm afraid that. the parents are ready to move on. and need to try canoeing pounds of kilometers to the arctic ocean.
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in the pond just will be covered with snow. winter is approaching and then on its journey to future here in the tundra. a powder keg in the balkans the multi-ethnic republic of kosovo is home to a centuries old conflict that is threatening stability in the region well despite kosovo declaring independence in 2008 serbia doesn't recognize its sovereignty and the deadlock has made tensions especially high in the country's north where many serbian course of ours live this is also where the mafia controls a major smuggling ring one which kosovar inspector barr deal hacks is determined to shut down our reporter accompanied him on a raid. kosovo inspector by deal hoxsey
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mostafa and his team are in the border region to serbia. they're tracking down smugglers. person missy only your so our task is to check our agents leads on the grounds on the front door but as boarding i mean that it's a. it's a difficult and dangerous mission. one of the informants from the smuggling me you joins them and he's received a tip off. i sent you a message a truck is on its way to me to reach out here with truck is it oh you know it belongs to. yeah we're at levels up at you know. that situation if. 'd 'd there are lots of illegals here large trucks. most of them are used for smuggling goods from serbia into kosovo. before.
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the turks cross these mountains into kosovo ever since kosovo introduced tariffs of 100 percent for goods from neighboring serbia smuggling has been rampant it's a political hotbed. this region here in the north of kosovo is home to ethnic serbs and the smugglers are also 100 percent serbian but what about the minimal and that's true that it that it's i or so it's difficult as we're being followed and there are surveillance posts all along the roads that's in take on the but be subtle now. that need this at the end of may the situation in the north of the country escalated during a large scale raid by his colleagues from the cost of a police this mugler said tried to stop a special police unit from the capital prishtina with their trucks the police responded with full force. 19 police officers were arrested on allegations of corruption and smuggling including course of ours with albanian bosnian and some
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with serbian roots. on the day of the raid the serbian government showed its support for the cause of ours by sending troops to the border. the situation was tense. got the. albanian forces have arrested a dozen people in northern coast of all and metohija under the pretense of fighting organized crime and corruption to report to are going to criminal this is an attempt to criminalizing our compatriots. well. the mood in northern kosovo is tense this region is known as a stronghold of serbian nationalism and many feel threatened in their very existence by tariffs of 100 percent on serbian goods. this is primarily an economical issue because if it weren't for these woods being imported into north corso walk then we would not probably survive the products that we are seeing here
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are important from serbia proper so they're basically serbian products if the police says it's smuggled in it's a criminal activity then it means that we're all smugglers nor criminals in the north of course. he says the 100 percent tariffs are responsible for an increase in goods smuggled into kosovo but the cost of our government argues that the tariffs are simply a reaction to serbia failing to recognize the republic of kosovo and its borders or carry foremost on the information of the smugglers from serbia our support out and encouraged cooperation together with the authorities there does not exist focus it's a deep political and ethnic divide in order to catch smugglers red handed inspector hoxsey mustafa needs to rely on informants to give him names and places you know. the group i can tell you who the most important smugglers are here they take care of finding bias and they also sell the goods themselves. for.
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stuff explains that kosovo is missing out on these tariffs resulting in political and economic destabilization when they memphis and. i'm convinced that this problem can be solved by fighting uncompromisingly against criminal gangs that's a pretty mean that they're not only harming kosovo's budget but creating problems for our citizens in the northern communities 2 or afraid of the free. will but stock will make lehman all the. inspector baggio hoxsey mustafa and his unit are preparing for many more raids along this dangerous and politically charged border.


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