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this is deja vu news live from berlin and those in charge of the fukushima nuclear power plant that went into meltdown are found not guilty 3 former executives were accused of failing to mitigate the disaster which came in the wake of the tsunami in 2011 it was the only criminal trial resulting from that nuclear catastrophe also coming out. saudi arabia displays the drones and missiles it says proves tehran
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sponsored the attacks on its oil installations the u.s. labels the attacks an act of war by iran we'll talk to a regional expert. and we look at how 3 months of protests in hong kong are tearing at personal relationships. i have been depressed since it all began in june. my position it's truly embarrassing and that woman supports the pro-democracy demonstrators but she's engaged to be married to a member of the police force that's been sharply criticized for its violence. i brian thomas great to have you with us a japanese court has acquitted 3 former officials who were in charge at the fukushima nuclear power. after the tsunami in 2011 it was the only
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criminal trial to stem from the disaster a former executives of the tokyo electric power company tepco faced up to 5 years in prison if found guilty of professional negligence. first an earthquake then a tsunami and finally and nuclear disaster after 3 of the plants reactor core is melted down hundreds of thousands of people fled from their homes to escape the radiation the granted water and fukushima remain contamination even today many homeowners aren't allowed to return to cleanup work by operator tepco is expected to last decades. those whose lives have been affected continue to take to the streets an independent commission concluded the disaster was manmade and foreseeable that it could have been avoided with better safety planning previous
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court rulings have ordered millions of dollars in compensation to be paid out. but thursday's ruling has exonerations 3 former executives of professional negligence finding them not guilty of causing the deaths of 44 patients whose health deteriorated after being evacuated from a local hospital. a disappointing result for the victims who had come to see justice served. we cannot understand it we are not satisfied. indeed 8 and a half years so many people were forced to leave their houses forced to leave their homelands and still remain displaced and unable to decide where to live. how would you feel if your house today were taken away from.
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this is extremely extremely frustrating the plaintiffs in this case are considering an appeal after finally bit in the long search for accountability. for more on this let's bring in michael penn and tokyo is a journalist with news agency good morning michael can you tell us why the court issued its verdict of not guilty well the court will still going to take a little time to actually give its full reasoning although we have some ideas. in many cases it's about. the difficulty to to prosecute white collar crimes we saw it for example more than 10 years ago in the in the financial crisis and here again when these major events happen and we're talking about high level elite business executives legal systems and seem to have a lot of difficulty to find anybody responsible for for these major events and this is another case of that certainly seems to be the case i mean these are the only
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individuals who faced criminal prosecution for a nuclear disaster that will haunt japan for decades to come. that is correct and probably what is worse is that this was kind of the verdict that everybody was expecting the prosecutors not just once but twice refused to indict anybody over the nuclear crisis and they were only forced to do so because citizen panels on 2 different occasions according to a local system overrode the prosecutor's decisions and essentially forced the prosecutors to prosecute the case but the japanese system itself the political system the elite system didn't want to hold anybody accountable and that in the end that's exactly the results a giant nuclear accident and nobody's responsible for you mentioned these citizens
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panels michel does that mean that that we could see them push for for more action by the courts or does this mean that no one will be held responsible for what happened at fukushima. i'm not certain if it's even possible for there to be an appeal probably that decision i would guess would be in the hands of the prosecutors who we already know haven't wanted to touch the case with a 10 foot pole so i would say that better chance is the not this is the end of the road and when the book is written it'll be that that that nobody was responsible nobody legally charged or not legally found guilty of doing anything wrong and we do also know that the court essentially did say as some part of this reasoning that if these executives had been held guilty. to responsible for predicting the damage of the of the tsunami it would make it very difficult for the nuclear industry to continue its current work michael thanks
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very much for that from tokyo michael penn with us from the shin gesso is agency. let's preview now some of the other stories making the news this hour finland's prime minister and he had enough says britain has until the end of the month to submit written proposals for specs of plans to the e.u. but i made the comment during a visit to paris to see the french president saying without british proposals quote it's over then one currently holds the used rotating presidency. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has grip on power could be in jeopardy after tuesday's elections failed to deliver a clear majority. near final results show his likud party neck and neck with the blue white alliance of centrist pentagons and young who has been unable to form a coalition since israel's last inconclusive election in april.
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at least 20 people have been killed and more than 90 wounded in a truck bomb attack in southern afghanistan authorities say the early morning blast occurred next to a hospital in the city of colossus the taliban claimed responsibility. the canadian prime minister just introduced as apologise after a picture of him wearing brown face makeup to a costume party was published by time magazine the photo was taken in 2001 winter there was a teacher at a private school he told report reporters he should have known better and was deeply sorry that they did. well the u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 has called last weekend's strike on saudi oil installations an act of war by iran. in saudi arabia for talks as officials there unveiled debris and satellite images they say prove around sponsored the attacks now cause destruction to about 5 percent of the global supply of crude oil although iran continues to deny blame
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washington says it will impose what it's calling substantial sanctions on tehran. and remnants of drones and a cruise missile silo. the saudi defense ministry claims they were among the weapons used in last weekend's strikes on 2 of its oil facilities maps drawn up to show that the attack most likely came from a northerly direction saudi military spokesman colonel turki al maliki said the a so was sponsored by iran and did not originate in yemen in the south the home of the rebels who earlier claimed responsibility. but the colonel didn't explicitly accuse tehran of launching the attack and admitted they didn't know where the weapons were fired from. but we are working to know exactly the launch point. 30 over lunch they you even or the cruise missile would take that talent ability
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for attacking the saudi of a structure and the so it's really you know iran has renewed its denial of involvement in the attack. he was completely clear of these claims and accusations are firstly completely seriously and decisively rejects it. saudi arabia's ally washington is saying off the record it's convinced of iran's involvement but president trump is avoiding direct accusations and being cautious when it comes to questions of u.s. military involvement we haven't learned barge that we didn't know but but there is there is a certain. i guarantee factor we're really at a board now where we know very much what happened you know there's plenty of time to do some dastardly things it's very easy to start. and we'll see what happens. u.s. secretary of state might pompei o has arrived in saudi arabia he's called the strikes on saudi arabia's oil
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infrastructure an act of war meeting with the crown prince he said washington wants to build a coalition of european and arab partners to deter and confront threats. let's talk more about this now with micah transfield an international consultant for the yemen polling center that's an independent research center thanks very much for coming in america might put peo has called the attack on saudi facilities and act of war very strong language there how certain is it that iran as washington claims is behind this attack well of course iran is denying any responsibility but on that backdrop it's important to note that generally in the region we've been seeing an escalation of these kinds of attacks and. it all points to iran if not directly then to its proxies so that means that iran is working with proxies in iraq but also in yemen and levanon and with these through these proxies iran is
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able to. do these kinds of attacks so even if iran is not responsible directly then it is by supplying weapons or by giving intelligence that make these kinds of attacks possible ok this feeling of intelligence being very important sorry saying that that would explain why yemen's tuesdays claimed responsibility for this exactly so the whole fees or. have a very close for they should ship with iran it's not clear what the nature of this relationship is if iran can simply give orders to the who with these that they will then implement. but at the moment the who these are interested in displaying themselves as being very capable of performing such attacks as they are consolidating their control in northern yemen and this is really part of you know
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demonstrating that they are a force to be reckoned with but that does just because they claim to be attacked doesn't mean they actually did the attack they actually could have come from random conceivably it is a possibility. the saudis are saying the attacks came from the north so if that is the case then they could have been launched anywhere from iraq to parts of iran but again there's no certainty about where the attacks are actually launched from we've we've heard my compare call this an act of war the us president donald trump said we'll see what happens we expect an american military strike or will it stay with sanctions would would you see happen i don't expect the americans to use military force at the moment i think that none of the actors involved can and can really afford to start a war on this if. i do think sanctions are realistic for that that is going to provoke a reaction from iran briefly if you could this is being called
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a low level attack using the drones is that the case or is it or is it in fact more sophisticated. the drones themselves may be low level but i do believe that these kinds of attacks require a lot of intelligence that many of the proxies of iran do not have which again shows that iran might have supplied some intelligence to make this possible to transfer thanks so much for coming in from the yemen polling center. and staying in the nice tits to iraq where the deep divide between sunni and shia muslims is hampering progress towards national unity iraq shia are concentrated maly in the southern part of that country including the major cities of karbala and najaf repressed for decades under saddam hussein's sunni dominated regime they now have political power. but tensions between them and their sunni fellow citizens remain and shia militias formed after the u.s. invasion of iraq to nuke operate their loyal to iraq's shia prime minister but also
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to shia dominated iran perhaps more so into baghdad we have this report. a show of power in tense times hundreds of shiite songs is a celebration finishing their military training at a base now cavalia the rare images of iraq's shadow army fully committed to the legacy of iran's revolutionary leader ayatollah khomeini they want to let the world know they're ready for battle. anyone who prefers them must count on retaliation. yamaha should be with us the popular mobilization forces are a decisive force in iraq the u.s. and israel want to weaken it even though it is supported by the iraqi government. just because no other group in iraq is more powerful. force. in 2014 iraq's grand ayatollah called for fighters to take up arms against the
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so-called islamic state tens of thousands of shiites heeded the school and phoned the popular mobilization forces or have to xabi militia the pm a 4th alongside the iraqi army they were armed and trained by neighboring iran which calls itself the defender of shiites today there are roughly $140000.00 fighters possibly more loyal to tehran than baghdad and united in their hatred of the u.s. and israel. but. back then everyone answered our religious leaders call. at 1st we didn't have weapons today the p.m.s. is a recognized military force on the side of the prime minister. the weapons we've been supplied with are very good. but for a few weeks now the group's weapons decker's have been hit by explosions at least 5 since mid june the militia claims they were attacks carried out by israeli drones
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israel's military has neither claimed responsibility for the explosions nor deny this. now the popular mobilization forces have to take revenge. and escalation of violence is becoming more likely. chivvied not how the sharon and they're very afraid of us that's why they've attacked these bases. the we have strong fighters and we've learned a lot in our training they will not break our will. that. they want to destroy under us the heroes of the hostile xabi show but for every one they kill 10 new fighters will arise when and if they are out there what. more can i say his. actions are increasing in the region especially in iraq and a confrontation between the u.s. and iran the crisis written country could once again become
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a battleground even if each side is claiming the opposite. this is did have a news live from berlin still to come on the show in sports it was a great night for byron munich in the champions league stay tuned to find out how sweet it was for bahrain. but 1st the west african nation of liberia is grieving after a fire in a school near the capital monrovia left at least 26 children dead are nationals say faulty electrical cables may have been to blame they're promising a full investigation. and find out who morning and. dozens of children in 2 of the teachers killed by a fire. fire service official suspect the accident was caused by a faulty electric cable. the children were sleeping inside their koranic boarding
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school eyewitnesses trying to help. when we went to the back door we heard the children crying hanging on the bars the windows saying we're dying here we're dying here rescue us. it's quite awful we got the call around 1 am we tried to go there but the fire taken everything we tried pulling them out but we couldn't the chill. and had already died. within hours liberia's president george ware arrived to pay his respects to the we want to just let the families know that we are with them our government sympathizes with them so that. the liberian off story too familiar with deadly fires they're often caused by malfunctioning generators but rarely are they this tragic. now 3 months of pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong have pitted police
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against protesters and increasingly violent street clashes with no end in sight to the unrest people in hong kong with close personal ties to members of the police force or find themselves in a difficult position but is billing and charlie chan from d.w. have the story of 2 women caught in the middle of a political crisis. images of clashes between police and protesters are deeply troubling to marry when still early the conflict line runs through their family they support the protests but mary is the daughter of a policeman and stella's fiance serves in the riot police i have been depressed since it all began in june i feel my position is truly embarrassing. since the beginning police have been accused of using excessive violence on protesters the longer the protests last the more aggressive both sides become videos of policemen abusing protesters regularly go viral and anger many people
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stella's says that she and her fiance have agreed to discuss things as calmly as possible. but sometimes they become angry and confront him more aggressively then he just answers that he was not on the spot and did not see what was happening so he cannot judge. they have agreed to meet us on the condition of anonymity stella and mary are not their real names they fear repercussions for their relatives in the police force but they could also become a target of radical protestors in hong kong on the internet people say the families of policeman should burn in hell come on i didn't do anything wrong why should i suffer. the pro government and the pro-democracy camps show less and less tolerance for each other several times both sides clashed on the street or in shopping
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centers government supporters call protesters cockroaches protestors accuse them of being paid agents and mary's family the constant arguments led to her move out of her parents' home. since the protests started i've only had dinner with them once we don't see each other and i left all the family groups on what's up. an end to the conflict that is tearing their families apart is nowhere in sight protests are happening every weekend and all those stellar lead disapproves of the violence that marks many protests she continues to attend some of the marchers she carefully avoids revealing her background to fellow protesters. i have never thought that people would see me as guilty for being the fiance of a policeman some friends have asked me if i still wanted to have children knowing
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they would grow up with such a burden i feel helpless. but there are also days she says when she believes that the rift between police and society can be healed after this crisis and. well wednesday's champions league action is done and dusted there were some predictable results some surprises as well and join to talk about that by jonathan crane from did abuse sports morning johnson morning by in munich of course is is a big story for us today isn't it yet it is a good start for them that champions league campaign to beat red star belgrade 3 no in munich i want to say i told you so but i did predict that yesterday did they control the guy right from the start but it took until 10 minutes before halftime to take the lead it was a diving head of that very acrobatic from kingsley come on that helped calm the nerves finally had that man to continue putting the strings for them in the number
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10 row despite all the threats and creativity that it made against safe. minutes dry and they wasted several chances but robert leavened off the bat goal that was his 200th of the club really phenomenal record and then thomas miller completed the scoring he got on the end of it ok so a solid win in the end of course that i learned a hard on in this competition ok you're very successful at predicting that by a game last 3 on spot of the 3 no spot on what were some of the other standouts last yes a really interesting night actually starting in brian's group the other day because tottenham to go leading greece against olympiakos so that really does i think are kind of on your side a whole lot of favors i think things that happened in madrid came from 2 goals down to rescue a draw against eventis christiane i mean are they didn't score the press. and also in that group they. don't have a real uphill toss to qualify already in the big game of the night there in paris
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p.s.g. romping through a 3 in a win against around madrid and the maria scored twice against his former club pick up on that i mean p.s.u. is a big club but defeating real madrid yeah i mean you could say it's a surprise p.s.g. will fancy themselves in this competition they form disappointingly short in recent seasons this is the one they really want to win this is what the onus. i've invested all the money in but they were missing their star trio. pay and of course neymar but thomas took over p.s.g. coach things that might have helped take the pressure off let's hear from both the coaches. maybe one he's thinking oh he's missing 3 players how can he win but maybe this helped because everyone was talking about the top players no name no one but they can vote i mean. he is and maybe this helped. to not feel too much pressure. through to.
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the most. they surpass those in all aspects and all of them in that play in midfield but above all what bothers me is the lack of intensity at this level of competition that it's problematic if we don't apply the same level of intensity as complete to entice and then in the jobs and you'll be following all the action coming up as this progresses i both of course thanks very much. let's get your mind our top stories at this hour japanese court has acquitted 3 executive of criminal negligence in the 2011th of the sheema nuclear disaster the fall of the tsunami and earthquake prosecutors alleging the men failed to take precautions that could have mitigated damage to the plot. saudi arabia has displayed weapons grade that it says proves around unquestionably sponsor of last weekend's attack on his oil facilities secretary of state michael barrios cult of
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an act of war against the kingdom by the ira. and liberia is in mourning after a fire in a school there near the capital monrovia left at least 26 children dead fire officials say of all the electric cable may have been to blame. the state of the news live from berlin up next is focus on europe looking at the unanswered questions 25 years after the estonia ferry disaster claimed 900 logs an entire team thanks so much for being with us.
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there are reindeer are there life. behind them it's people of the russian are not. like climate change and mining are threatening their nomadic way of life. so none of us children are now preparing for a different future. a life without reindeer. next
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to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful late last year during a job order that the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria my guest this week is the state department's it is impossible james just for a special representative of the u.s. for syria to gage lutes from any of the measures called the susan lucci to a successful outcome of conflicts over. 60 minutes on g.w. bush. d to know that 77 percent topic are younger than thanks josh. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time
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all voices. on the 77 percent talk about the issue of my. front porch flashes from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on d w. a i am. only a on my hello and welcome to focus on europe i lie about the lola thanks for joining us the sinking of the m.s.s. donia in the baltic sea was the worst maritime disaster and post-war europe in september of 1904 the fair.


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