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and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called on his main rival to join him in a coalition government following an inconclusive election opposition leader benny gantz has yet to respond to that call. leader you news live from berlin up next our documentary film is taking a look at how ethiopia's government is standing by in acting as foreign investors forced farmers off their land i'm brian thomas with the entire team thanks for being here. on. her 1st day in school in the jungle. first clinging lesson from the doors grand moment arrives. to join the arranging on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary tour of an orang utan returns home monday
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us the latter though ever thought it up rather than of us we are though at the other end of the get in get that or they'll. get down to the we'll move. them up one of us to gather. them up trying to the stood out as though. to put that a boom. in the limo. and i'm sure there. will .
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be above. on. the airport and i decide to buy theo p.-a 6 years ago this is where the story began . on the tarmac i see white cargo planes being unloaded food aid coming into the country. and at the same time food being exported out. why is a famine struck country receiving food aid exporting food to the rich world to us. it didn't make sense. returning to find out more i couldn't imagine that it was the beginning of a much bigger story. for
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. us. the big. place. wherever i go in the city everything seems to be about development hunger and poverty are to be eradicated by any means necessary. for the field being government the solution is to invite foreign investors.
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would be ok but would they let the might of the young people to get the latest. it's that unless you know. that the late mr obama going to talk about investment and that some are not yet yes again known as that focus ought to come out which i would have thought it was a gimmick if you could claim 3 minutes you know you're going to put you know just diplomatically to be out the investment that they can you can be sure to come up to one. of. the call from the government is heard in the luxury hotels of the city i meet international business people inventors looking for opportunities the hot topic on everyone's lips is farmland what they call the new green gold. so you. do not need to. see.
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the eat. when i came here i 1st went to investment office they said that they were very keen to have foreign investment here to stimulate business and also to improve the foreign exchange ballots. it's a commercial operation i could see that it was suitable for what i wanted to do here great rainfall. good soils and your really interesting situation it's just good to give it a go. investors bringing money to a poor country might be good but what happens to the local farmers when the investors arrive. knowing nothing about the country i'm pretty lost.
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but i get to know an environmental journalist dealing with the land issues. scenario is a big question but when i've been on the center of that. it means it damages on the road ecological system of the park and it's never reported on the media and the things that for us to miss i think it is another need disaster because you can't cover that for us to buy any museums maybe for the next 500 years. whatever there is fertile land in ethiopia you'll find none festers. that is on the minds i have heard a lot of reports from western region. now i want to see it was my own eyes what exactly is going on. argo allows me to join him on his investigative trip to the gunbarrel our region
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far away in western iraq. after 2 days of driving we finally reached the banner for ages this region has been an isolated corner of ethiopia. somehow it reminds of forgotten world still untouched by modern civilisation. but now things are changing. get.
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london it will cost because even going to get a little bit is a much uglier charge and these are still in the significant office live here not of the p.l.o. it is a much higher level to make it hotter is and ocular in dhaka could look in my. mind that is it what is a myth what is that michelle did and what does it matter that much again give me a click and you know it's really i dug. one of the up watch a video so the card house that got he flipped while it was and what it had removed without going to ask it because again you look at the opportunity to tell a good. thank you and then you may now how can you continue to pee i think it went to 43 and you did that.
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in the land of the restroom and. i sat down on with a tiny little insignia which is a bit with tom i simply eat this in my limo not there by left town. in your neighborhood i live in the suburbs here. it was down there with 50. into learning and coming on and the i o. when i think how could anyone in the cannot. name the salute masai. leaving the farmer we follow the new road. we drive deeper into the heart of gum bella and reach ethiopia's largest national park the park covers over
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5000 square kilometers stretching all the way to south sudan and is the habitat of many endangered species this enormous area is also home to indigenous people living off of small farming fishing and hunting the dream means to expand this park to south sudan to make this park the 2nd to the 7 getting park in the i think that now. this is dumbbell region. there is a national park in the middle here. the east full of money species by lending money. there is a project that. investors coming to come bail out to be given land so our water
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you now need to do this and i did my kitchen quickly as soon as possible so that the then best there's can not be a look at it in the center of the park so this is what we're doing but who knows i step bridge or come from the federal i were maybe we can we don't know but the scene we're trying out best. this is where we have an author now. the park official almost is worried that his small staff can't control the vast area of the park. a few hours later we discover that his concerns appear to be justified. with.
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one with. hugh.
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at a junction there's a road sign. a company named saudi star. what we saw was very disturbing. i wondered why the saudi stock company is after is it ok. if it's out expanding into the national park. so i would seriously damage the wide the knife and the lesson of country. thinking and. putting a cutting edge in. the to. get
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the funding and. it's going to cut. costs. in the regional capital argyll goes out alone to find information about the government's plans for the national park and the saudi star company. the local security police find out that our guy was asking around and they arrest him. the entire night our guy was interrogated at the police headquarters. early in the morning he was released and ordered to leave dumbbell immediately he is told if you care about your security don't ever come back.
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there would have been. transported. there with the case where to begin any j.f.k. children lost their lives which a. cigarette hasn't. soon be good but. i feel kind of fear in most places particularly in russia listens they cannot understand you are a journalist cannot understand you have a right to pollute says the government policies they cannot understand such is your job and only way they're trying to create a sense of fear and. a serious warning and. in that condition you
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feel that you went into injured might be attacked by someone ok then run away from softness. the for. our guy was lucky to make it out of gum bella but for him this story is too important to drop. the one beloved harry potter can mathematically. design a cover of the powerful knight se given a shot. but religion when you look at no official you're going to have a good minute to learn of you know when you. look i know that china. nursery. school.
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during the day for me into eighty's about 400000 people died and almost every family dose the loved ones. but the hunger has not disappeared today millions of people are still dependent on food aid for their survival. now investors from all over the world that are coming years to get to farmland. if at the same time i had a culture a land is taken away from our farmers and the crops are exported they maybe even more hunger. before hardly any international investors cared about farmland in africa so why are they so interested now.
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searching for answers i go to the global financial centers in new york the largest conference for agricultural investors is held. i let myself in through the back door and once you get is there someone else a famous american banker that what do you rob banks because that's where the money is so he said and in some ways that's why people invest negative because now there's money in the u.s. you can make a profit. an agriculture where you probably couldn't 1020 years ago. but things changed around the middle of the 2000 was when we had a big spike in food prices. and the reasons why the present high because it was on the demand side we have more population going to 9000000000
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a lot of new demand commute of asia out of china and on the supply side you know there are questions about how much for thailand is available in parts of the world in particular the heavily populated parts of east asia europe and other areas. and what's changed in from 2008 is that we've seen institutional bester as we mentioned funds insurance companies private equity funds hedge fund now starting to look at agriculture as as a as a real asset something tangible which is you could say value a good place to invest money in the same way as they've looked before at commercial real estate or ira forestry. 'd 'd as it turns out the rush for the green gold is reaching every corner of the planet international investors will soon control over $55000000.00 hectares of farmland an
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area larger than the size of germany most affected are the poorest countries such as ethiopia. saudi star has big plans for them bella. the saudi arabian companies preparing to farm an enormous area. and they've already come far. they've come really far. to get on with the story we must return to the farm so. let's. meet 6 shots.
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the owner of billionaire alla moody has a longstanding interest in ethiopia but investigating land investments in ethiopia is dangerous. with his arrest and dumbbell a fresh in his mind argyle has fears about the government. but i was a foreigner making a film about i grew cultural development i could contact the company. this was it. so the story. before we start you know just to get some confidentiality. which may not be disclosed to some interviews they've made quiet those fish from the ship. and so yeah. this is you know 1000. and this one this is 2000 that
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they young section. that this one is 4000. dollars a day so of course all of the clearly got to duty of this here almost all of it so. yeah. all of them there and the same time the fact that he's now on on a structured. 6 moses is so nice 1000005 would be fine i. just. expired and the. it was the government has to provide us some moron this or that we can expand these 5.
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we are lucky the manager grants permission to visit the farm a gun battle. arriving at the farm area we were scored by the company security service. in saudi started the culture development agency. to compass. and fox and praful com the company provides services like food service clinic service for the few could working here we have
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a football field people do football create kate's like they are in near future of so again we'll have a swimming pool like that so this is a very nice place where people moving freely not scared of the security is good that the health care good and that living standard is very good in the air up to standard. all the camps i see the teams they are designed in good way done by huge company dropped. so what was here before you started. it was simply. a forest when i was a forest not lake dense forest. but you see this fiercely populated
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oh that was closed and if you noticed. production. didn't get the brown rice and but i was it moved and always get right trace and that's going to the fullest but this one is only what. i could ask you some it is very expensive and you will export from the funniest. for the night we were given a guest room at the farm compound but we don't sleep very well the idea that a famine struck country should export rice is just too strange. then
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we came this all along. and euphemia once the project is completed and. did you find something not only in 100 films but. for something for the mankind that something gives you go for. did there are issues which we fly being read. people. taking place. there's not much. people living much of the villages that insight yes. the people living inside what there. must have been effect and then what. people.
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miss is. the. saudi stars operating on the legal permits awarded by the government but to enable this development the government is a victim the local people from the land. are indigenous people who have been living in the area for hundreds of years. we need to find out what happened to them a little. the most difficult part of my job is to break through the world of silence.
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most people are afraid of the government must be free to have problems. and their fear is justified. whatever you cause there is any top of mind and spice. just pick up against the land investments you'll be granted us on to development and an endeavor very quickly in jail. finally argo manages to find people willing to talk to us just. going a bit. on complete which he did you took a model. in the ticket why no callignee. what i know. that we.
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are in the would be done will only. work which will leave you to your god. but. yeah. you can give me time to get. well known on a woman. what a journo. i want to become one of. the here. with a year. whatever you are down here. and.
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garbage you. know he can cobble in my money in a year paul. could walk up you. know him york with a pipe and know you want him to work in a band with them then i can make a grown man feeling about the new to me a good day at the court chick the more difficult to be very careful i want to come by whom betty. eat. eat. eat.
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all over eat the o.p.'s small farmers are being forced off their land and moved to new villages one and a half 1000000 people are about to be evicted. the government calls the forced relocation villages ational creating new villages the official reason is that the locals can only benefit from development programs that provide people with clean water health care school and food aid if they live in the villages. the major development program in the area is a program called p.b.s. . right beside the saudi star farm we find one of those new villages the only one who dares to speak with us is a local government official. the should go but i'm not an only due to my model and because i'm not an industry i don't know go and just yes i will many thought in that article come in or i'm under bordeaux and all to come to that that i mean do
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and didn't you know it all. regarding your tuna and i'm bored i want to thank you in that ability each element. and so with you on winning if we could ever get where you were does it doesn't i just feel the need to not only. the long lies ahead of me and. in the new villages we find empty bags on the ground. the local farmers who've lost their land now need food aid to survive. seems hard to believe that these relocations are about helping people. in a. make good.
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going m. wanted to be when we went dark a chill come and then come and get all good you and i am going to boom but you an out war come on get on that you one will go on with you. but imma get the obama going to get me get you don't tell me to do would you bought the order don't need you but a young male would have been doubtful i think for a real one a veteran or one you could walk on by to come by 11 anti-tobacco. car alone i want to go no come out when he. could get there on the deck a been there done when i wanted to if you had. better begin to tell her to be going to take over going to get more blue moment time to time reckon of what lorne a good idea to tell you have whenever we're going to. the bottom of the wall.
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but we're not going to don't let you put all you want there during a lonely year at only joint bokeh man or woman one of them all have one year where . the development program p.p.s. protection of basic services is meant to help the poorest. the intention is great but it appears as if the ethiopian government in gum bella is exploiting the development program to clear land for the internet. investors. the p.b.s. program is funded by the us the european union and the world bank. the world bank is the world's largest development bank and is financed by tax money.
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the mission of the bank is to end extreme poverty and build prosperity. in ethiopia the world bank has put over $2000000000.00 into the p.b.s. program. the world bank is engaged in many countries that have institutional weaknesses that have ethnic tensions and have big development challenges and that's why we're there ultimately. i think development often involves trade offs and many development aspects to come with costs. that people should not be disadvantaged by by a project whether they own the land all they don't own. the form thing is to make sure that those projects are television a quality way without jeopardising environments. making sure that we protect people and in fact benefit society at large without necessarily creating new reserves.
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in ethiopia $3000000.00 people already depend on food aid to survive now the development program seems to be creating even more hunger. how can the small farmers survive when they've lost their land. more food and. there were you. referring to mr o'reilly and
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another to not. count as i don't. know i have a journal version of you or the book with. our dog on his groundbreaking story now the challenge is to find an editor who dares to publish. hundreds of land investors flooded into the field via. but are they all the same. to find out i traveled to another corner of this beautiful and fertile country. through
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. this one looked right. up to them. there were 3. 100 so then i went yeah you know. but the green is good you know big you know it's great. yeah. but i don't know. if the 2 days are really. 3. point of view very dangerous trying. to spend time looking at the girl side of the road. the land that
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we took initially had been you just 20 years before by the state farm system but they had abandoned it because they said it's too dry to grow crops on so we were the 1st people to plow in that area. if i can just point out across the way. there is a neighbor of ours here he's also a local person. he has no infrastructure much no machinery. but what he does do is follow his crop very closely and he does everything at the right time and you see he's also got a very good crop now i'd like to just show you this call just here. the person the
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farmer who has this is somebody who lives in i do so but they're not following their crop closely they're what we call an investor they come perhaps once a year to look at their crops the result of that is that we have a lot of things we need this is called ice a grass we it's called asin dabo literally means no break what we need is more of the mentality of the pharma rather than the investor people who are committed to growing crops following their crops having that competitive instinct wanting to find something which increases the production. one of the things they're very keen on these people who are having export crops in order to increase foreign exchange now we haven't gone down that route i mean were
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we to save imports. which varieties this is the i am of the government of. israel in. yeah sir yes well ok and look be there ready now and the others are almost ready so i mean if you can come on wednesday and. tuesday night you come you know it's good you know and also he was good good i think that's very nice no problem with that and that's a good 1000000 issue. the
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for. 6 their reindeer are their life. in minutes people of the russian. climate change and mining are threatening their nomadic way of life. oh no that's children are now preparing for a different future. a life without
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a brain here. in this team in. this respect. moves slowly. but. the. goal of the month.
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long long long love. and respect. load place . this is c w news live from berlin the officials in charge of the fukushima nuclear power plant that went into meltdown are found not guilty 3 former executives were accused of failing to mitigate the disaster which came in the wake of the 2011 tsunami it was the only criminal trial resulting from the nuclear catastrophe and. also coming up saudi arabia displays the drones and missiles it says proves iran sponsored the
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attacks on an oil installations the u.s. labeled the attack an act of war.


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