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this is deja vu news live from berlin a taliban attack kills at least 20 people in afghanistan for the 90 others are wounded as a truck bomb explodes near a hospital it comes as u.s. drone strikes aimed at islamic state militants kill dozens of civilians also coming up. 3 former executives of the fukushima nuclear power plant that went into meltdown are found not guilty they were accused of failing to mitigate the disaster
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that came in the wake of the 2011 tsunami. and the murder mystery that's been crawling in germany this man was the victim a former chechen leader living in berlin this is the park now under police guard where he was gunned down and the question everyone is asking was a rush out behind the killing. waiter welcome to the program at least 30 civilians have been killed and 40 wounded in an airstrike in eastern afghanistan the province the u.s. drone attack was aimed at a hideout used by islamic state militants but hit workers in a field meanwhile in southern afghanistan at least 20 people were killed and more than 90 wounded in a truck bomb attack authorities say the early morning blast occurred next to
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a hospital in the city of collapse the taliban have claimed responsibility for that attack. i mean that if he is a freelance journalist living in kabul afghanistan and he joins us now let's talk about the taliban attack 1st what more can you tell us. though it happened earlier today and the thing that's really important about it is that a lot this is a small city and so when they when the truck bomb takes place near a hospital there their hospital becomes overcrowded so what they have to do is then take the victims that the wounded and the killed to another hospital a regional hospital in the in the neighboring province of cannot in the south and this is a major problem for regional hospitals in the south and east and in other areas of the product of the country where they become overloaded where smaller hospitals cannot sort of deal with the load and they have to be then transported the victims
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then have to be transported to another larger hospital in a larger city and so again these attacks are taking meter tolls on civilian lives in more ways than one and now there are some reports coming in of this other drone strike in eastern afghanistan that was supposed to be targeting isn't to say fighters but has killed many afghan civilians what do you we know about that. well it took place on hold ya need to search of ning their heart which is about an hour south of the provincial capital just all the bog and again one thing we have to remember about for jani is it's an area that's greatly suffered from this problem of drone strikes and airstrikes were civilians keep dying i've been to that district i've talked to people in that district several times about this issue and this is precisely the problem that they keep pointing out you know if you are targeting these huge forces why is it that civilians keep dying why is it that it's workers in the field why is it why is it that again it's civilians who are paying
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the price whether it be u.s. attacks or talabani attacks and this is something we have to remember about the ward of loss on is that right now all sides are intensifying their fight and unfortunately it's continuously no matter which side is doing the fighting civilians that are paying the ultimate price and of course in the middle of all this afghanistan is gearing up for a presidential elections at the end of this month do you think this is an upward spiral in violence that's connected to the upcoming vote. absolutely absolutely the taliban have said that they will purposely target election campaigns and they warn people not to go to election campaigns they just did it in the northern province of hot water. and so this is going to be a major question now one of the leading presidential tickets is very hopeful that they'll get something like 65 percent turnout but you know others are saying that it may be much much lower in a big factor in this will be the security situation do people feel safe enough to
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go out and vote in various parts of the country maybe in kabul meaning you know not an easy but in any of these issues like it. or like in a city little on. the other the t.v. in kabul thank you so much. you. a japanese court has acquitted 3 former officials who were in charge of the fukushima nuclear plant that went into meltdown after the tsunami in 2011 it was the only criminal trial to stem from the disaster the former executives of the tokyo electric power company or tepco faced up to 5 years in prison if found guilty of professional negligence. for the victims of the fukushima disaster thursday's verdict was a bitter disappointment a japanese court exonerated 3 former executives in the only criminal trial over the nuclear meltdown those who had hoped to see them convicted vented their frustration . we cannot understand it we are not satisfied.
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in these 8 and a half years so many people were forced to leave their houses. 6 forced to leave their homeland. and still remain displaced and unable to decide where to live. how would you feel if your house today were taken away from you. this is extremely frustrating. the 3 men have been senior officials at tepco the company that run the fukushima daiichi plant the court cleared them of professional elected finding them not guilty of causing the deaths of 44 patients whose health deteriorated after being evacuated from a local hospital. the tragedy was triggered 1st by an earthquake then came
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a tsunami finally a nuclear disaster after 3 of the plots reaction cause melted down hundreds of thousands fled from their homes to escape the radiation the ground and water around fukushima remain contaminated even today many homeowners aren't allowed to return the clean up work by tepco is expected to last decades. those whose lives have been affected continue to take to the streets an independent commission concluded the disaster was manmade and foreseeable and that it could have been avoided with better safety planning previous court rulings have ordered millions of dollars in compensation to be paid out. the plaintiffs in the criminal trial are now considering an appeal a final bid in the long search for accountability. michael pena a journalist with the showing at a news agency in tokyo spoke with us earlier and he explained the court's verdict.
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this was kind of the verdict that everybody was expecting the the prosecutors not just once but twice refused to indict anybody over the nuclear crisis and they were only forced to do so because citizen panels on 2 different occasions according to a local system overrode the prosecutor's decisions in a centrally forced the prosecutors to prosecute the case but the japanese system itself the political system the elite system didn't want to hold anybody accountable and that in the end that's exactly the results a giant nuclear accident and nobody is responsible and now i bring you some of the other stories making news around the world liberia is in mourning after a fire at a koran school killed at least $26.00 children and 2 teachers in the capital monrovia the boys were sleeping in the school dormitory when the blaze broke out
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fire officials believe a faulty electric cable may be to blame. finland's prime minister says britain has until the end of the month to submit written proposals for it spreads it plans to the e.u. . made the remark during a visit to paris to see the president not crawl saying that without british proposals quote it's over finland currently holds of the e.u. is rotating president presidency. north america is facing several severe storms hurricane humberto has lashed bermuda with winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour tropical depression imelda has deludes southwestern texas with 30 centimeters of rain the downpour flooded roadways and schools canceled classes tropical storm barry is expected to turn into a hurricane and reach part errico by saturday. here in germany a murder mystery possibly involving a russian agent has been capturing the headlines a month ago
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a chechen asylum seeker was shot dead in broad daylight in a berlin park his alleged killer was quickly arrested and the passport showed him to be a russian citizen the victim had been a chechen leader in the war against russia 20 years ago so there's widespread speculation that the alleged murderer was an agent of the russian government has more. by was. murdered it's a question his ex-wife the tivo can stop thinking about she says and sought asylum in germany in 2016 because he was being pursued by the russian secret service. we were warned that something could happen at some point but i never thought such a brutal attack could take place so easily here in germany where the security services the police and the rule are among the strongest in the won't there's.
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the spark and brilliant to be easy to mosque a man on the bicycle approaching from behind. fired several shots the alleged gunman fled to but was soon caught the identities of the 2 men quickly raise suspicion. the victims in hunger sheer will spirit in his home country georgia he belonged to the minority church and community there until 2005 he had been a commander in the 2nd chechen war against russia that put him in moscow salutes of want to terrorists. an attempt had been made on his life 4 years ago. which i think he was killed because of his role in the chechen war most of. all these problems started when he came back from the war. in. the name of the alleged gunman is off according to his passport hereafter in
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germany shortly before the attack possibly using a fake identity the investigative group betting could believes says the nation may have been ordered by the russian secret service. it's an organization all steam pos the clues are in the passport used by the subject and in his visa application. passed so hard to read the name given on the passport doesn't exist in any russian database and it was a dark one too for using those. big moscow order the killing. since the end of august of the suspected assassin has been held in despair in prison and is montagne to silence his russian passport was issued under the name but in circles a false identity according to media reports so the suspicion the confounds russian secret services would become to focus on is to give. you all the in state
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prosecutors who want to comment on speak relation about russian involvement. with the into the motive behind the attack is difficult to pinpoint we haven't found any evidence of a classic motive from the world of organized crime we haven't found any personal motive between the parties i would presume it is more to move. the cases being followed across europe so gilligan's key is a german member of the european parliament he says spell in slocum authorities are overwhelmed and once federal prosecutors to take over the in this together. i think it would be wrong here to hesitate because it is about our resilience as a country and it is about our security situation and threat it's better to act fast in a situation like this. but the official reaction so far has been to slow film and
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not to t.v. . even though she knows the situation sensitive. case has the potential to shake up german russian relations. but to discuss this more now in the studio is our security expert so will this case indeed shake up german russian relations it could do so in this case definitely could cause a deep rift in troubling russian relations and that's why government official so far reacted extremely cautiously when being asked to comment on that case if there is any proof that the russian state ordered the killing of mr congress really in the heart of berlin germany would have would be forced to show shop political reaction meaning perhaps even new sanctions against russia but if you launch such a process you have to be 100 percent sure otherwise imagine what would happen
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if you falsely accuse the state to be behind such a crime it would end up in a diplomatic disaster for germany that absolutely and that's perhaps one of the reasons why investigators have been keeping their findings so far under wraps if they've even found anything at all about how likely do you think that there is a foreign service behind the killing of congress really could it have been the russians. investigators are trying to find out who that guy that alleged killer really is they are checking his identity the guy is in custody here in berlin and he's showing absolutely no will to cooperate if there were some newspaper. reports here in germany that a u.s. secret service gave some material related to that case to drum some evidence that shows that the alleged killer has connections to russian state bodies and does a research platform that claims that the possible the alleged killer has used to
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travel to germany was issued by a german by russian agency which used to issue possible it's for russian secret agents at the drum investigators staying silent on all that so there's some bread crumbs there but just for background what interest would moscow have in seeing really dead he was a chechen leader 20 years ago and he is reportage to have been a very successful military leader he was a war lot in the 2nd chechen war he was leading commanding a brigade in it's really a war for against the russians after the war he fled to georgia where he staged these you took some refuge with relatives and he's reported to have worked for the georgian secret service then he left to ukraine where he stayed a year or so eventually he made it to berlin where he asked for asylum so this the congress really had many enemies not only in russia not only among the highs and
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ranks of his wall time and of east that's what investigators say off the record but if you analyze that case politically i think russia has no interest in spoiling the relations especially to berlin russia right now is following a repeat entry strategy of president putin wants to break off the diplomatic isolation of his country and he wants to get rid of the sanctions so why should all this be endangered by killing by russia in the heart of berlin just a mile away from the transferee security expert kristen tripp i thank you so much. 3 months of pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong have pitted police against protesters in increasingly violent street clashes with no end in sight to the unrest people in hong kong with close personal ties to members of the police force
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are finding themselves in a difficult position but he is bowling and church and have the story of 2 women caught in the middle of this political crisis. images of clashes between police and protesters are deeply troubling to marry when still early the conflict line runs through their family they support the protests but mary is the daughter of a policeman and stella's fiance serves in the riot police i have been depressed since it all began in june i feel my position is truly embarrassing. since the beginning police have been accused of using excessive violence on protesters the longer the protests last the more aggressive both sides become videos of policemen abusing protesters regularly go viral and angered many people stella's says that she and her fiance have agreed to discuss things as calm as possible. but sometimes they become angry and confronting more
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aggressively than he just answers that he was not on the spot and did not see what was happening so he cannot judge they have agreed to meet us on the condition of anonymity still unmarried are not their real names they fear repercussions for their relatives in the police force but they could also become a target of radical protestors in hong kong on the internet people say the families of policeman should burn in hell. come on i didn't do anything wrong why should i suffer 7. the pro-government and the pro-democracy comes show less and less tolerance for each other several times both sides clashed on the street or in shopping centers government supporters call protesters cockroaches protestors accuse them of being paid agents and mary's family the constant arguments led to
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her move out of her parents' home. since the protests started i've only had dinner with them once we don't see each other and i left all the family groups on what's up. an end to the conflict that is tearing their families apart is nowhere in sight protests are happening every weekend and those stellar lead disapproves of the violence that mocks many protests she continues to attend some of the marchers she carefully avoids revealing her background to fellow protesters. i have never thought that people would see me is guilty for being the fiance of a policeman some friends have asked me if i still wanted to have children knowing they would grow up with such a burden and you're helpless. but there are also days she says when she believes that the rift between police and society can be
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healed after this crisis and. canada's prime minister justin trudeau has apologise after a picture of him wearing brown face makeup was published by time magazine the photo was taken in 2001 when should a was a teacher and attended a costume party trudeau told reporters he should have known better and he was deeply sorry yearbooks have a habit of haunting politicians this 2001 photo of justin trudeau in brighton face is no different. clearly rattled the canadian prime minister at pains to apologize in 2001. i was a teacher in vancouver i attended an individual gala where the theme was arabian nights'. dressed up in a latin costume and put makeup on it was something that i didn't think was racist
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at the time but now i recognise it was something racist to do and i am deeply saddened when you take on this scandal feel to the fire of canada's election campaign. wearing brown faces an act of open market 3 and race was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019 but what comedian saw to see is someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity and someone who's not fit to govern this . trudeau launched his reelection bid last week just as reports of marriage that police are investigating claims he had corruption charges dropped against an engineering company but for someone who has made political he out of his support for multiculturalism this could be more damaging. well it's troubling i mean it's really it's insulting. and each time we hear examples of brown thieves or black
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facing it's really it's it's making a mockery of someone for what they live and what the real lived experiences are. i think his answer for it either he's going to answer the question why he did that perhaps more than the charge of racism this image will lead to questions of authenticity and whether justin true to is indeed the poster boy of liberalism that he claims to be. in israel both of the main political leaders have said they want to lead a unity government after the election proved inconclusive israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was the 1st calling on his main rival centrist benny gantz to form a unity government together now gunns has said yes to a unity government but with himself in charge got his party came out slightly ahead of us and in tuesday's elections for joining us now is our correspondent on your claim in jerusalem tanya will guns as demands be accepted by netanyahu and by
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his right wing party likud. well miss against just finished his remarks in tel aviv in this press conference and i think he made it very clear that he sees himself as the winner and he has a 2 seat leave lead over the likud 32 seats. against $31.00 seats and that he is the one who will actually set the terms if there will be such negotiations now he also said that all along he has said that you would like to see a unity government but it's very important for the political leaders here to come together for the benefit of the people and the party politics side but he would only do so under his leadership so that is a clear no also to maybe premiership this idea had been floated such a unity government so this is you also had to say he would not accept any
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dictates and he would also not go into. political spin because you have to know that mr netanyahu had offered this unity government but at the same time he had made a deal with has traditionally the right wing parties and the also also talks parties to only negotiate in the block and yet when you listen to mr guns in this statement he was very clear that he wants to set up a liberal liberal and a centrist government so it's very difficult to see how this will go together yeah exactly of the question is how would a unity government with this centrist party now claiming to want a liberal government and the right wing likud even work and are we looking at then the dethrone ing netanyahu israel israel's longest serving prime minister. well i think it's still too early to say how this will work i mean he made it also clear
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mr guns that very difficult days will be ahead now for coalition talks but there's certain nonstarters also within that blue and white party you know what they would accept and what they wouldn't accept and i guess it's the same floor then this right under mr netanyahu so the uncertainty of a how the next government will look like will continue for quite a while. for us in jerusalem thank you so much. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you a taliban truck farm has killed at least 20 people in afghanistan and injured more than 90 the taliban says they did it the attack came as a u.s. drone strike aimed at islamic state militants killed dozens of civilians. a japanese court has acquitted 3 executives of criminal negligence in the 2011th bush eamonn nuclear disaster that followed an earthquake and tsunami prosecutors
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allege the men failed to take precautions that could have mitigated damage to the plant. don't forget you can always get you know you news on the go just download our app from google play or the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. you're watching t.v. news from berlin that stuff is focused on europe on my actuator thank you for joining us.
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their reindeer are their life. in minutes people of the russian are moving. but climate change and mining are threatening their nomadic way of life. so now that's children are now preparing for a different future. life for the rangers. next
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month. into the conflict zone confronting the powerful late last year going to awarded the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria my guest this week is the state's abundance of food is impossible james just for a special representative of the u.s. for a soon to gage lutes amiable marriage is called the susan lucci who moved to a successful outcome of conflicts over. 60 minutes of g.w. bush. i subscribe to do you know where your books are something more in the world than a book we make the chapter 5. do you agree books are known to.
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play a meal and i'm getting a little brown community delusion violence books it's personal it's divisive and it's about topics that affect us all water solution climate change and the turn. of the resistance to check it out. my. my my. hello and welcome to focus on europe i lie about the lola thanks for joining us the sinking of the m.s.s. donya in the baltic sea was the worst maritime disaster in post-war europe is a tender of 1994 the ferry was caught in
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a storm and sank in just 30 minutes few of the 1000 people on board survived today question.


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