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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 6:45pm-7:00pm CEST

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the gig economy creates thousands of new jobs but most of them are temporary and comes without any social security benefits the challenge on both sides of the atlantic. is reasons and. as welcome. unveiled its 1st new smartphone since the us added it to a trade blacklist the chinese company has been showing off the 30 and made certain cro to launch event in munich today because of restrictions on u.s. companies working with well it the new smartphones are not expected to have any google apps have a say that could put many potential customers off new features off the made 30 include a 4 lens cap. on . the studio are marketed since he's a tech expert based here in berlin mike how do you see the chances for this kind of
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smartphone on the market without access to popular maps like google and it's not clear what the end road version is on the phone is it not i think they'll be very clear which i'm very versed in the using i think the real question here is the possible to believe up on your google and is not really about politics here is about users because not only google services and how to use different google products and we're talking about 250 or so products that google offers on many of them reach or a 1000000000 or 2 to be young or users but also other applications relying on word services so there's a huge dependency of users on google as a company and the question here is when someone will come is it possible to break down on the police is a good test of the highway coming into the horror it is possible as you told me earlier when we spoke with your own phone i mean if you don't run a google android and i. says because it's off of the possible will services and allowed. you're to have the most updated google applications or those of
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collaborative bubble etc well the wiser from the functions normally without will services and you can use it for anything you want but as it as a consumer if i buy this huawei phone can i trust that it doesn't give the chinese government access to my phone the question is really complicated actually because can you trust and if one or any device these days most of them are made in places you don't think of most in china and the way doesn't matter does i phone or google make products etc i weigh produce is high and therefore the g. that is also affordable so the question is would people choose an over expensive one of the cheaper one and how they're going to decide what works for them the question if they ties recollect that how it's being collected applies to any kind of devices doesn't matter where they may and by whom because you have different actors coming into the business of collecting data and it's not only who owns the operating system but also what applications you may be downloading to your phone and using them do you think that they will be successful they want to be
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independent both with software and hardware. to get around the trade restrictions put in place by the us or we see that that's very hard to predict i would hope that to be many more different companies trying that route and bring them on to police so we have much more competition in a market where we can utilize open source under-aged and use different services on the top of that i think we need others users. thank you very much to all strain over the parliament has voted to reject the plant right deal between the e.u. and the for south america americas states following the decision from vienna the country might now block the whole agreement in brussels it's the latest blow to what's thought to be a landmark trade deal one that took 20 years to negotiate. austria is the latest country to cast doubt on a deal that's been 20 years in the making for the past several months the planned
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agreement between the european union and for south american nations has shown signs of on unraveling a trading relationship worth $88000000000.00 euros a year is at stake the e.u. exports $45000000000.00 euros of goods to brazil argentina paraguayan during quiet each year the markets are a bloc sends almost as much back the deal would remove to she's on over 90 percent of goods the e.u. exports to marcus or that includes cars textiles and chemicals mercosur countries for their parts would benefit from reduced tariffs on our cultural products including poultry and beef. images like these of the amazon burning have prompted countries including france luxembourg and arland to threaten not to approve the agreement brazil in response accusing the bloc of using environmental concerns as a mosque for discontent among the e.u.
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farmers but with austria now adding its voice to the dissent the way forward for this long fought for deal is paved with obstacles. for the trade deal. claimants corba he's a lobbyist in brussels of works for the german industry and. also what do they have against this deal in the 1st place why did shoot it down. hello good afternoon from brussels as you have indicated this deal has been negotiated for over 20 years it's one of the biggest deals to u.s. ever done covering more than 700000000 people around the globe opening markets and breaking down barriers and with an agreement like this which was really a big achievement for the outgoing commission it's no wonder it's absolutely normal to have a. big debate well informed debate and this is happening right now from the german
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business perspective we can tell you that more than 12000 companies and most of them are a semi's are exporting to markets or and they are looking forward to have these areas broken down you have seen the o.e.c.d. already reducing their estimate for growth for germany in the coming months and years ahead so this is a boost for our highly dependent economy which is dependent on international trade let me just let me just interject standard. and also tiny you just mentioned germany with a huge economy and also being a very tiny economy just contributing 0.2 percent of average to european g.d.p. how can it be that they can block this kind of deal. well like the german economy
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the austrian economy is also highly dependent on international trade and we are the you all member states negotiate together trade policies so that's what's been happening over the last 20 years to these talks have not been easy that's why it took so long but from the business perspective this is a balance still a good deal and we are setting standards and i think more people should talk about how these new standards that the e.u. is proposing especially in the field of sustainability will be a move forward and if we leave this deal it means that others will jump in looking at china for example you think this deal is still save a bow and. this is. well the this deal is absolutely important it has. the biggest trade deal we have right now to be ratified and it would be important for the euro and all member states to finalize
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the negotiations and move forward with the ratification. we have seen this with many trade deals that it's been difficult negotiations discussions between all stakeholders and that's the way it should be the deal will be. looking forward to the had twins we see and global trade so it's a very important signal especially if you look at the trade war between china and the u.s. with other markets slipping away this could be a very important symbol to move forward claimants with the german terms of industry and commerce in brussels thank you. thank you and now to some of the other global business stories making headlines today the organization for economic cooperation and development has cut its global growth forecast for the year is now expecting the world economy to expand by 2.9 percent instead of 3 points to the o.e.c.d. says trade tensions such as the u.s.
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china trade will have driven global growth to its lowest levels since the financial crisis. the japanese court has found 3 former tepco executives not guilty of professional negligence for their role in the 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster it's the only criminal trial related to the meltdown which continues to keep tens of thousands of people from their homes because of lingering radiation. burger king is to stop giving away plastic toys with children's meals and has encouraged its customers to recycle existing ones to american kids have a petition and that its rival mcdonald's to stop contributing to plastic waste. now they call it the good economy a system which runs mainly on temporary jobs california has just signed a new labor legislation to protect right share drive as a company such as and lift the gig economy also exists here in germany mostly the brave new world of mobility. the clock is ticking abdullah has around
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30 minutes to clean each automobile he services car sharing vehicles all around berlin the customers might just use the cars for a few minutes but when they do the car has to be spic and span. yellow stuff here is for the summer to clean the cars exterior this year's glass cleaner and this one is all purpose cleaner. the headquarters in stuttgart determines which cars have to be cleaned they use an algorithm as the company's boss a homemade explains to us in a sky conversation. policy that there are various parameters for example when was the car last claimed if more than 30 days have passed or more than a 1000 kilometers have been driven or 15 to 20 bookings have been made if any one of these is triggered a cleaning orders generated. mike and have done our full time employees but there are numerous small businesses which service the fleets of
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vehicles owned by vehicle share companies but they work without any social security there's never a guarantee of enough orders it's a thorn in the science of workers unions. if you're going so it's basically about how i deal with working people and of course no one is forced to do these jobs it's hard work it's night work and it's very poorly paid but obviously there are people whether they are students and whoever feels like doing this kind of work does this community and that's it for me other business to. business stories and background check out e.w. dot com. business here's a quick look at global markets at this hour.
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because as if to say i said. this is a double use life from broadway and israel's and conclusive election result leaves the country's political leaders battling for the top job benjamin netanyahu calls for a cultish in government with him as prime minister but centrist leader benny gantz also wants a coalition with himself to help bring you the latest from israel also on the program.


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