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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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the only reason that. this is t w news live from berlin tonight will lead israel to the election delivered another stalemate and now political leaders are battling for the top job benjamin netanyahu calling for a coalition government with himself as prime minister centrist binny gonzo also wants that coalition but with himself at the helm we'll bring you the latest from jerusalem also coming up darkening your face. regardless of the context of the
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circumstances is always an acceptable because of the racist history of black face canadian prime minister justin trudeau who says he never should have done it will the scandal over blackface pictures threaten his reelection chances and the arctic in danger and international missions set still to monitor the impact of global warming on the farms in north scientists will spend a year drifting through the polar ice. time bring off it's good to have you with us in israel the voters have spoken and that is now part of the problem tuesday's election produced no clear winner israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main political rival but the
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guns are now both vying to be the country's next leader centrist blue and white alliance says it will never sit in a government led by netanyahu and his right wing likud party. a handshake and a smile to seal benyamin netanyahu surprise offer of a power share with benny gantz man in the middle israeli president for even revel and threw his support behind the idea but it was rebuffed just hours later the party leaders were attending a state memorial for a late leftwing statesmanship in paris during a speech netanyahu gave a nod to the coalition forged by parents with conservative in the eighty's. when there was no clear victory in the knesset parliamentary elections. shimon opted for national unity. agreed to cooperate in order to navigate
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israel to a safe shore. in this election there was no clear winner and i call on you as a president that has worked together to bring the state of israel to safe shores. it's a later press conference said he does want a unity government but to be led by him. should have to do you can't approach forming a unity government with all these different parties and political spin do you have to come at it with honesty dignity and sincerity of israel centrists are in total opposition to the government led by netanyahu and have accused him of trying to track the country into a 3rd election in the move to create a broad coalition. and soon it will be to israel's president to find a way through this political impasse correspondent tanya kramer is in jerusalem and
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she talked me through the efforts of the president to bring the 2 sides together in texas now to shifting to president richland who today has appealed again to all the parties but mainly to benjamin netanyahu and the guns to do that best to get out of the stand that now what is happening on sunday the president will start consultations with all the party leaders that will come one after the next and they will make their commendations as to who they want to see to form the next coalition government now this process might usually take $2.00 to $3.00 days but because it's such a complicated situation it might take a bit longer than. next wednesday the official election results are expected to be published and then president clinton could then announce who he will toss with forming this coalition does not have pressure. on him with this because everybody
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also wants to blow it of course has to go in for another election sometime soon yeah and understandably so we know that netanyahu has suggested that he could do a so-called premiership swap after 2 years is that now out of the question. mr netanyahu was referring to a unity government and then $98.00. where there was a retention of premiership but many guns in his short answer today in his statement he didn't really address netanyahu directly but what he say it is that if there is such a unity government and it would be under his leadership so that would put basically an end to the idea to have a rotation. and that goes along with what blue and white have said all along during
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the election campaign that they would not sit with the prime minister who might be indicted for several corruption charges and the indictment hearings for mr netanyahu are in about 2 weeks and that the 2 leaders who are standing in the way i mean for likud and blue and want to form a coalition government together one has to happen. well you know peter number 2 of the right has said it very pleasantly actually you spoke off to any guns today and he said there's only one problem we don't have a problem with it he could but we do have a problem with netanyahu if there wouldn't be netanyahu would pick could be a unity government and that's what they have basically said on the lawn and there's another problem as well since yesterday prime minister netanyahu and formed a bloc you had consultations with his traditional coalition partners the smaller
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right wing national religious and ultra orthodox parties and they have pledged that they will be staying loyal to him and that they would from the block and would only enter negotiations in such condition talks to gether this is a bit of a problem for people in white who have said today again that they would look for a broad and liberal government so they all kind of problems and all kind of complication still. it's still a bit unclear how this will move for but definitely not a simple solution that is for sure tanya great reporting tonight from jerusalem tania thank you here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world to new users ousted president as you know haven't even been ali has died in exile in saudi arabia that's according to his lawyer he ruled the country for more than 20 years from 1970 until he was forced out of power during the arab spring in 2011 he was 83 years old while bierria is in mourning after
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a fire at a school killed at least 26 children and 2 teachers in the capital monrovia the boys were asleep in the school dormitory when the blaze broke out firefighters believe a faulty electric cable may have been to blame. dozens of civilians have been killed in 2 separate incidents in afghanistan a u.s. drone strike targeted a hideout used by islamic state in the eastern province of non gar but it hit workers in the field instead and the taliban have claimed responsibility for a truck bombing next to a hospital in the southern city of kabul. even by afghanistan's standards these bloody times this hospital in the south of the country pull the brunt of a taliban truck bomb on the 3rd consecutive day of violence and bloodshed in the country at least 20 were killed almost 100 wounded many of them patients
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we had peace the surge in violence comes after u.s. president donald trump called off peace talks with the taliban which could have seen a withdrawal of u.s. troops from that combined with the taliban's desire to dissuade people from voting in the presidential poll on september the 28th has led to the rice in the attacks but it is mostly civilians who are taking the force of the blasts and bullets in what have become near daily eruptions of violence. you can talk to but there are many civilians who are martyred and wounded you know this idea and you cannot even see one military officer among them that this is the plot of the pakistanis and enemies of freedom of our country that is going on on tuesday 2 separate taliban attacks at a campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in the central province of pop and and another in kabul left almost 50 people dead that was followed by
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a gunman and suicide bomber storming a government building in jalalabad on wednesday and killing 4 people. then hours after today's taliban attack news a merged of an overnight drone strike in the nangarhar province which killed at least 30 civilians apparently collecting pine nuts in the forest all collateral damage it seems the taliban said today's target was not the hospital but a nearby government intelligence department building although that makes little difference to the bereaved and wounded. the racism scandal surrounding the canadian prime minister justin trudeau appears to be getting worse images have now emerged wearing blackface he's already apologized after time magazine published a picture of him wearing brown make up at a party back in 2001 the affair is a bombshell in the middle of an already tense canadian campaign election. after
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repeated embarrassing and well the prime minister himself called racist revelations from his past candidates justin trudeau trying to set the record straight that i recollect that but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do and i appreciate calling it make up but it was blackface and that is just not right it is something that. people who live with the kind of discrimination. that far too many people do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. face on a regular basis and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. ok such contrition came on the back of an earlier frank explanation and apology in
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2001. i was a teacher in vancouver i attended an individual for the theme was arabian nights they dressed up a lot in costume and put makeup on. i shouldn't of done. shouldn't own better but i didn't. and then the other sort of all of which indicated how his past could derail his future trudeau wearing brown face at a party in 2001 and on other occasions have. the election campaign ablaze opposition politicians have been scathing this is so hurtful to so many canadians people who have faced an injury both in physical violence and in words people who haven't been able to get jobs because of the. now are waking up to seeing the prime minister of this country there are the realities someone happy to
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call trudeau a racist directly wearing brown faces an active open market and race. is just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2009 he. has been stated as a young dynamic progressive who's made political play out of his support for diversity and multi-culturalism say for him this charge of racist offense could be more damaging than for his rivals cracking his cafferty curated public image. a german icebreaker is beginning a yearlong mission to monitor the impact of climate change on the arctic the will drift freely through the polar ice measuring the extent of warming the polar region has experienced earth's biggest temperature increases. at 1st the arctic research ship. will be able to journey north under its own steam navigating through a thin sheet of arctic ice but soon afterwards the vessel will face much tougher
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conditions. for it here it will drift through the arctic ocean surrounded by pack ice on its way to the north pole and beyond. this ship boasts an extensive network of measuring stations designed to collect data on interactions between ice sea and the atmosphere. because the arctic is warming up faster and faster it is considered the epicenter of global climate change. the expedition aims to gain better understanding of the arctic influence on global climate change the data collected by oceanographers could be valuable for the future. during their journey the crew of the poor will be accompanied by ice breakers from china russia and sweden. and helicopters will deliver the necessary supplies. this expedition is international 600 people
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from over 60 institutes from 17 countries are on board the extraordinary experiment will last 350 days and travel 2500 kilometers it may be the last of its kind because if global warming continues at the present rate then the arctic could already be ice free by the summer of 2030. you're watching. businesses. that. the attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to soon will bring to the from the books $250.00. 4 the discovery. on. the
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well if some found nothing.


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