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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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baker constructs this particular line with the rules set by the. cults. being recipe for success in strategy that make a difference. baking bread on g.w. . the whole world is talking about climate change including the german government as well and struggle to find ways how to cut c o 2 emissions in half by 2030 business fears it might cost to them an arm and a link. welcome to do business i want to johnsonville in that alley with us on this september the 20 s. the day that sees climate strikes all over the world and the german government is also busy coming up with a plan to cut to germany's greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 the proposal is
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likely to affect every sector of german life from manufacturing to housing and transportation meeting emissions targets will be a mammoth undertaking just look at that germany's energy sector is the country's chief contributor to greenhouse gas emissions producing 311000000 tons a manufacturing sector is also high on the list with 196000000 tons of harmful emissions there followed closely by the transportation sector housing and industrial buildings as well as the agricultural sector so pretty much all industries crucial to our way of life simply producing too much greenhouse gas emissions something has got to give questionis what well for more i'm joined now by far my he's chief analyst at a solve a call and invest good to have you with us so germany needs to cut its levels of greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 who is going to pay for it. well let me
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start with as one basic idea it's a big risk the world in germany and europe is running was the global warming but the tosca is to make out of a risk that chance who's going to pay well it's the government it will pay by lower tax income for instance by giving tax incentives it will be the corporate sector which may be taxed for a greenhouse emissions and it will also be the public sector of the households which pay more which will pay more for energy forms so it's a big effort the big issue is about this theme that we are not moving into an i view a logical debate but that we remain pregnant tech we need to remain pragmatic because in order to pay for all this we need an economy that is still functioning right so you're saying turning it's about turning a risk into a chance if that's how business sees it well popular receive big parts of
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german business that look at the chances and i just want to look back at bits on in germany was leading and developing the fault of oil for tayac energy sources the same applies for the wind energy and this again is now a topic for the world and for germany to show its technology technology logical expertise and in that respect i see chas's have the interesting point is that when we take measures now that they have to be invested rather than consumptive if it's a consumptive and we will find out big problems going for what you mean by consumptive. consumptive means just putting penalties on the public all the corporate sector we need new technologies that is a point invested and that is something we can sell again to the world and then we generate a win win situation but there are some economists out there saying that fighting
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climate change does not necessarily have to do with spending more money your take well it is about spending more money in the initial phase the question is whether you can gain from that money you pay a secondary and tertiary positive effects because you develop the technology the world needs we did it with the photo book title tike. issue and we did it with the wind energy and there is more to come to give you one example our advanced user techno that technology is now on the short and medium term possibility to know us here are 2 emissions from fossil fuels and that is for example one chance not only for germany not only for on our industry but also for the world to gain short term advantage on c o 2 emissions now at analyst at a salvage con invest thank you so much for your time you're welcome. when talking about climate change rio quick to find the culprit for the problem and that's the
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aviation industry let's hear their side of the story joining me in the studio now is much yes on the handle executive director of the german aviation association good to have you with us. i mean there's an awful lot of talk about flight shame these days do you already feel that passenger numbers down less flights were received the or quite the opposite we see increasing demand for our traffic and that worldwide if you consider countries like china india brazil more people want to fly so this is why we see the need to make every nation more compliant with climate protection how to ensure that it would we see is the most effective way so far is to invest in new crafts with lower emissions that is rather hopeful on that way but we want to do more or target is to fly carbon neutral you know and that can
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only be done if you replace the fossil kills even by sustainable fuels so carbon neutral that sounds brilliant is that something that can be done within the next 510 years is that doable technologically it is just easy to do so that is proving you know what we need is an industrial age and a political agenda to invent that and you have the feeling that berlin when it comes down to german aviation is doing the right thing well if it comes now to politics we see one of the ideas of the german government is is that the fall of that idea would be very much proof that the government understands the importance of sustainable fuels for aviation we support that very much that there's a lot of talk of course about people shouldn't use domestic flights anymore and go to other modes of transportation does that make sense in your view. well it's the market demands. and what we see there is an increasing demand so what we need to do
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is to make it more compliant as prime for traction so alternative renewable fuels is the one answer and the carbon pricing and that in an intelligent way is the other side of the story but just that is that the same when it comes for example to the taxation cop uprising does it work equally well for both domestic as well as medium and long haul flights there is no difference well that is exactly the critical point of the government ideas you know that the government still follows the idea to implement unilaterally carbon pricing in aviation and that is most counterproductive it is counterproductive in in terms of climate change and counterproductive in economic terms right but yes one under executive director of the german ideation association thank you so much for your time thank you very much well everyone points at the aviation sector but others also pollute the environment
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including users of social media because the internet isn't emission free for example a search query on google causes about northpoint 2 grams of c o 2 and email about one gram of c o 2 and i was video streaming or downloading pollutes the environment with 200 grams of c o 2 now that doesn't sound like a lot at 1st but it really adds up through worldwide mass use. the cloud has become so important that it's hard to imagine daily life without it. nearly every e-mail every whatsapp message every internet radio reaches us through the cloud and this cloud needs electricity a lot of it and that in turn produces a lot of c o 2 emissions even more than the air transport industry does a scientific study shows the total sum is almost 4 percent of all worldwide c o 2 emissions if the internet is generally climate neutral because we don't need
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a car to drive it why is the cloud expanding. some of her addict saying that in 10 years will need 3 or 4 times as much energy is now but there are also less extreme predictions they say our energy consumption will only double but overall you can say that internet energy consumption is continually rising. by. we were allowed to take an exclusive look inside the cloud at the computer center in france we are not allowed to disclose its exact location this container houses over 10000 servers but what makes this set up special is that if the outer temperature remains below $25.00 degrees celsius the equipment can supposedly be cooled using only air that cuts down on electricity usually the server center would need the amount of energy used by thousands of households if this is of course we
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know that being a central computer operator we use a massive amount of energy that's why we see our task within society is to find a way to consume less energy and do as much as we can for climate protection and we're also cutting our energy costs. according to the company's report this electricity comes almost exclusively from renewable resources last year they used $65000.00 tonnes less c o 2 also using the cloud is more efficient than using individual computers. you know there's no evidence all the steel home or office computer is usually turned on the whole day whether or not we use special virtual cloud technology says that we only use energy when work is really being done. about it good but cloud use is increasing rapidly one reason is the high popularity of videos every year more than 300000000 tons of c o 2 is admitted as much as all of spain produces in one year and the higher the
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video resolution the more energy is necessary the total sum rises exponentially. the individual user can design his or her internet consumption intelligently try to use as little data as possible for example not to send unnecessary attachments fire e-mail or not to stream too many videos when using the internet. but most of it's been years and. more important than klout usage is the length of time a device is used as much energy is consumed to create devices as for every day usage a new notebook should be used for a long time so that the production effort pays off consumers should use the cloud less and keep their equipment longer. and just coming in the german government has agreed to a climate protection package after marathon talks when are waiting for the details
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to emerge and share them with you of course now some of the world's biggest companies have announced a big green energy plans to coincide with a day of global climate protests that's today amazon founder jeff bezos has unveiled a committed by the company to be carbon neutral by 24 meanwhile google claims it will make the biggest corporate purchase of a new energy in history. and that is your business update here on t w for me in the team member len thanks for watching.
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i'm secure in the blame or that's hard and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore who was injured that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance and the what's your story. 'd on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying in all with understand this new culture
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. are not a visitor in other years want to become citizens. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. below and welcome to our culture we have more on the international literature festival here in berlin and my guest is andre assume an author of call me by your name also coming up. we take a look at a new exhibition by british sculptor antony gormley who says he wants to transport visitors to the threshold between the known and the. all this week we've been reporting on the international literature festival in
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berlin writers from around the world are here to give readings of discussion panels workshops and generally meet and greet their fellow walthers and of course their fans the writer and i asked a man will be with me in a minute but 1st more about the festival. celebration literature the international literature festival is happening now in the german capital p.d. you can not only listen to those reading from their works but discuss all manner of topics with liturgy fans from all over the world. it's called there are 200 authors from 59 countries and someone from our team counted them there are very many languages being spoken. there are also cross disciplinary events inspired by young adult literature. french author clementine birthday's coming of age story i did let's for example get some magical transformation courtesy of p. .


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