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to. the arabs to. the ad. to the arab. thank. you as. you know this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin demonstrations and stripes to under rerunning the globe for it for climate action the rallies are taking place in cities and towns in some 150 countries demonstrators wanted the world leaders to do more to protect the climate we'll be taking you inside the protest with our correspondents also coming
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up thousands of demonstrators in berlin as chance the macros goal mission government works on a package of climate protection measures it looks like a ban on oil fired heating one of those measures. and imprisoned in the ice the biggest polar expedition in history we get frozen into the ice and just go with the flow while scientists monitor the impact of climate change on the arctic. pattern of a warm welcome to you i'm honored that shima millions of people around the world are taking part in strikes and grannies calling for action on climate change ahead of a key u.n. summit next week here in germany thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of berlin the mostly young crowd is gathered at the city's famous brandenburg gate
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to listen to speeches and live music friday for future strikes will take place in over 500 towns and cities in germany today the only fun hummus stein is at the demonstration ad brandenburg gate and she had this to say. i'm standing in front of the runway again where the main stage just kicked off this program and lots of photos tens of thousands are expected to attend this main protest here in germany capital not only here but in 500 locations all across the country protests are expected to take place today to put pressure on the german government i'd say there are lots of different processes going on a bicycle demonstration is planned protest rave planned in berlin and this main protest will move through berlin city center and them and here in front of french brigade that you can hear it's very loud
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a lot of people who are here today and the fans are going to play in a 2nd it's very colorful creates the atmosphere people are excited to be here this seems to be a very joyous mood now the activists from for this for future movement have called on or people to join these protests young and. old people there as well. and my well maybe you can see them reads a lot of young people here you can see freedom in italy students faces a lot of children school children have come out like every friday but as you said this friday is special because the progress of civil society actors has rolled on people to attend the strike i just talked to 2 people is there an christiane who are both in their seventy's and who have come here they have retired they have come here to support their 4 grandchildren and stand in solidarity with here so there are different very different people from some churches have called on their congregations to attend to trade unions different environmental organizations but
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also have and n.g.o.s even with businesses have told employees to join the strike so you can see there is a variety of people here. and that was the job easy and if one has time in the midst of the loud and lively. brandon birth as you heard me was a german coalition government has been holding urgent talks on a number of measures to reduce the country's carbon emissions the talks went through the night and it seems there's been a breakthrough on a climate plan agreement let's go straight to the chief political editor who finishes at our parliamentary studio we have bring us up to date do we know what's been agreed by the coalition government. bob the my main point for the coalition government as it here is those protests going on at the brandenburg gate in that direction while they were sitting in the chancery behind me and they needed to deliver a breakthrough a last minute breakthrough although this is been months in the making and what we
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saw here is a struggle between the social democratic coalition part of anglo-american party you basically wanted to slap a tax on carbon they wanted to make the emission of c o 2 much more expensive with germany having missed its 2020 goals and aiming to at least fulfill the 2030 goals of reducing c o 2 emissions by a 3rd and there we've seen information coming through which includes as you mentioned earlier a ban on oil fueled heating but also at the same time incentives people can get up to 40 percent of the cost of replacing their or seizing reimbursed by a government scheme so it seems to be a very complex solution that they came out with in the end taking on board both interest in both directions both incentives but also a band of having technology in the future that emits a lot of c o 2 so we should have these talks between the coalition government has been going
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on for some 18 hours in the chancery behind you why did it take so long. well because it was a very calm complex indeed we had 2 signs taking taking very different stances with the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. block being adamant that they wanted to prevent fuel prices for instance from going up very fast and they were insisting that there should be more of an incentive based scheme while in the end they get a bit of both those fuel prices will go up in the near future 1st by 3 percent then 10 percent but at the same time there will be incentives balancing out for instance people who depend on their car to drive to work getting more of a tax break so we can be very curious to watch the the small print in that press conference that's due to start and one half hours what that compromise entails the most important thing was that the coalition demonstrated that they can deliver on
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this issue of climate change particularly on this day of global protests here to prove that they can do attitude in this coalition that is struggling particularly from the weakness of the social democrats right now survey important message from the government they're standing in front of the chancery in the heart of berlin chief political editor thank you very much for that analysis. now this friday millions of people around the world are taking part in strikes and rallies calling for action on climate change ahead of a key u.n. summit next week a stranger hosted some of the 1st rallies of the day with similar protests unfolding across some 150 countries the demonstrations are being held with activists gratitude in both fridays for future movement. the largest global climate protest the world has ever seen that's what organizers have been calling today's wave of strikes for the planet. and. student demonstrators have been turning
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out in their millions some of the 1st rallies kicked off in australia. to carry through on the front lines of climate change you know it's already happening it's not waiting for it to happen or you know a matter of time it's 30 well i say in school i'm learning about the effects of climate change and i'm learning that we need to do something yes i'm seeing that the people in charge and the people who are running our country doing anything. this is the 1st time adults have joined the climate strikes on such a significant scale like here in hong kong parents have also been taking part. in. i think this is such a peaceful protest that it's only feared to show them that we're all part of this and that it's ok that they fight for their future too. in thailand hundreds of
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young protesters stormed the environment ministry before dropping to the ground to play dead saying that will be their future if governments don't act now. i. change in india have also been heeding teen activists gratitude and bugs rallying cry to take to the streets to fend off and foreign mental disaster. they like millions of children around the world hope that the adults in power hear their cause and take action to save the planet for feature generations. now throughout the day we'll be checking in with our correspondents reporting from climate protests or around the let's now go to the indian captain daily ready. had this to say. because i. was in capital a group of people including students who are skip classes out on the streets
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demanding action on climate change they're demonstrating in front of the ministry of open affairs in houses and that's because this protest is intended to draw attention to india's rapidly growing cities which are reeling from extreme air pollution and heatwaves studies show that human induced climate activity for me is the big killer the students here are demanding the policymakers take steps to cut carbon emissions to move away from possibly worse and police climate issues at the center of city planning policies to tackle what this city is a climate of. fear that was. in danny and the momentum for these protests was created by great britain as we know she's the initiator for the fight is for future strikes she spearheading a rally in new york she traveled there to the united states a few weeks ago to be there for the next week the u.n. climate summit which is taking place next week it was her appeal that energize the
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young and spur them to action was by just that why do we want. scientists and veyron mental organizations and politicians have been trying for years to make the climate a matter of urgency in vain a 16 year old. has done it to a bird brave the open sea on a 2 week voyage of a yacht from europe to the u.s. to bring her message to the american president a self-proclaimed climate skeptic in person the media follow the trip closely. the climate and ecological crisis. price is the biggest crisis humanity is the face and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to work together despite our differences then we will fail so we need to. to stand together and support each other. and to take action it all started
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about a year ago every friday connected to him back protested in front of the swedish parliament and in so doing spark the fridays for future movement just a few months later the schoolgirl mobilized millions of people for the climate suddenly young people all over the world took to the streets like here in india. and mexico. or in australia. or in europe. after her arrival in new york at the end of august to back made it clear at a meeting with un general assembly president mary espinosa the she hoped the upcoming climate gathering would lead to concrete action you want the summit link to be some kind of break. in. where people start to realize what is actually going on and. so we have high expectations. and the mistakes to. now turn back is counting on the support of her fellow
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campaigners all over the world and we will continue to find that. the young people in south africa have also heated gratitude but scorn to go on strike a demonstration is already underway in johannesburg at the testers marched on the country's constitution court to demand action on climate change. and that's where our correspondent is standing by adrienne south africa seems to be taking the time of purchase basis is that a lot of protests being planned in the country tell us what's going on there. but i'm retired you can see i'm here amongst a few 100 people who are gathering many of them are students actually and they're planning to march through the south african parliament here in cape town to
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basically force the quality issues and try to force them to acknowledge the global climate. they say and one they want them to take appropriate action. you know and can tell was one of the towns that experienced 1st hand recent the on the impact of climate change there was a massive drought there the funny experience that they didn't. absolutely this was just last year that the cape town almost became the 1st big city on the earth to run dry it was really a big drought here a big disaster back then water was rationed to 50 liters per person per day eventually things improved the dams did not run out of water in the last minute but this where water scarcity was a big problem it is still remains a big problem and they're still restrictions imposed by the town for example you can put water in a swimming pool just like this in cape town right now the demo have increased their reach about 80 percent of their capacity but the city planners here also say that
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water scarcity will definitely be an issue in the future as well. and you don't really see that some of these measures have helped in the situation has improved in in cape town but more that what other parts of southern africa. right we've seen a lot of disasters some thought in africa recently remember early this year where we had the cyclons in mozambique cyclon kenneth and he died that killed hundreds of people then in maybe other neighboring country yes the president declared a national emergency because of the current drought there and also in zimbabwe another neighboring country the dams are running dry at the moment it is a big problem in all these countries and in many cases those countries are not the main polluters they're suffering the consequences of a global climate disaster that in many cases they're not responsible for. in capetown thank you very much for that update from that. lately have been gutted with some of the stories making news around the world the saudi that coalition
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fighting who was in yemen has destroyed for science and the port city of where the saudis to its media says the sites being used by the iranian backed militants to assemble weapons including sea mines the airstrike follows a last weekend's attack on saudi arabia's oil industry which the hooty say they carried out. israel's facing a political impasse off the inconclusive elections on tuesday centrist benny gantz has rejected calls from israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu to form a unity government need to now have proposed leading the coalition but guns is blue and white 40 says it will not form an alliance with need to me as prime minister. at least 11 people have died in severe flooding in cambodia the high waters have forced the evacuation of more than 10000 families days of heavy rain caused the mekong river to overflow submerging homes and crops officials say 11 provinces
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remain at risk of flooding from heavy rainfall expected until next week. turning now to pakistan how much of a threat are rising sea levels to cities around the world they are very anstice to that question but the common thread is that cities in asia will be the worst hit one estimate says 4 out of 5 people will be impacted by the rise in sea levels by 2050 but in places like kitty banda in southern pakistan the effects are already being felt. in the coastal region of katy banda houses lie a band and and rice fields lie submerged beneath the water. the rising sea level has turned the area into a swamp and aberrated families who've lived here for generations. by. war did what i got of our previous home was flooded we had to move to save
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ourselves from the. mainly. the area was once a thriving agricultural hub now the submerged remains of the rice mill are a tragic reminder of what once was. there was a vast agriculture in all of the surrounding areas when the fresh water of the river in this used to reach. rice was the primary crop and the red rice of this area was very famous. flooding isn't the only problem the encroaching sea water has started to contaminate the groundwater and it's rendering fertile agricultural land further inland to use less to. it's had a devastating impact on the local population many of whom now depend on fishing to earn a living a competitive industry that's not as profitable as it once was. at the national institute of oceanography scientists some monitoring developments with
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concern its director general says pakistan's entire coastline is at the risk of being flooded because of what's happening miles and miles away. there's no name was between antarctica and northern arabian sea so if anything just because of the climate change your climber sure it is getting is pretty hard to. do. and this is. karachi is protected by a seawall that keeps the ocean from encroaching but in nearby rural areas many people feel that they are left to their own devices to protect their homes the ocean has already reached new house as well. houses will also get flooded with the passage of time which will make things worse this area was completely filled with sea water
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a few days ago we drained it and tried to build small protective barriers around the mosque or else well should we do we're helpless. in pakistan's coastal regions achieving lasting protection against the ocean seems like an impossibility. a german icebreaker said to begin a year long mission to monitor the impact of climate change in the arctic the poorest 10 adrift freely through the polar ice as it measures the extent of warming the arctic region has already experienced some of its biggest temperature increases . at 1st the arctic research ship will be able to journey north under its own steam navigating through a thin sheet of arctic ice but soon afterwards the vessel will face much tougher conditions. for it here it will drift through the
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arctic ocean surrounded by pack ice on its way to the north pole and beyond. the ship boasts an extensive network of measuring stations designed to collect data on interactions between ice sea and the atmosphere. because the arctic is warming up faster and faster it is considered the epicenter of global climate change. the expedition ams to gain better understanding of the arctic influence on global climate change the data collected by oceanographers could be valuable for the future. during their journey the crew of the pool large will be accompanied by ice breakers from china russia and sweden. and helicopters will deliver the necessary supplies. the extraordinary experiment will last $350.00 days and travel 2500 kilometers it may be the last of its kind because if global
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warming continues at the present rate then the arctic could already be ice free by the summer of 2030. now ocean scientists a benyamin and aba is due to join the mission. why the impact of climate change on the arctic is so important. the arctic ocean ice usually very consider very much ice covered ocean and be seen in the recent conflict a case of those he changed and some are large stars of the archaean overcoming rather seasonally ice cover so some of the ice is not there and that makes a difference of much sunlight for example so one. and only one that requires a complete occasion shows that in your service temperatures actually both increasing it is threefold. related to they go average so that means 3 times as much of an increase in the past 3 decades and you are then elsewhere and it is
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there for example cold air masses for me r.t. those can be a lot less in today so we're not so far away from there as you may think you know. now that was. a scientist turning out to canada on a racism scan the surrounding the prime minister just into the is deepening video dating back to the 1900 s. not in much of trudeau reading blackface and on thursday time magazine published a picture of him reading a brown face at a party in 2001 of 2 to has apologized for the images admitting that they've caused the putt but he says he's going to go ahead with his reelection campaign. after repeated embarrassing and what the prime minister himself called racist revelations from his past candidates justin trudeau try to set the record straight that i recollect it but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do and
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i appreciate calling it make up but it was blackface and that is just not right it is something that. people who live with the kind of discrimination. that far too many people do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. face on a regular basis and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i house and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologise. to such contrition came on the back of an earlier frank explanation and apology in 2001. i was a teacher. i attended an interview for the theme was radiant knights. dressed up a lot in costume and put makeup on. should
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have known better but i didn't. and i'm not the sort of all of which indicated how his past could derail his future trudeau wearing. brown faces a party in 2001 and on other occasions have set the election campaign ablaze opposition politicians have been scathing this is so hurtful to so many canadians and people who have faced an injury both in physical violence and in words people who haven't been able to get jobs because of the color of their skin now are waking up to seeing the prime minister of this country mark their lives realities somewhat happy to call trudeau a racist directly wearing brown faces an active open market and race who is just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2009 he. has been stated as a young dynamic progressive who's made political play out of his support for diversity and multi-culturalism say for him this charge of racist offense could be
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more damaging than for his rivals cracking his carefully curated public image. finally let's take a look at a very rare kind of animal which has been discovered in the wild. but not the usual time this week old spotted zebra phone was discovered by a tour guide in kenya. has extremely rare pattern. to be the result of a genetic mutation he's been christened and has caused quite a stir at the national park where tour drivers and photographers keen to take a look. quite soon with a newborn. here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you. rallies in strikes are taking place around the globe calling for climate action demonstrators in some 150
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countries want to do more to combat climate change ahead of the key u.n. summit next week. thousands have been demonstrating a. coalition government on a major package of climate protection measures they're expected to include incentives for 0 emission electric vehicles and transport. and climate change protests coming up in october. to the point which follows shortly.
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after. the w.c. talk show strong opinions clear as issues from international perspective some young people worldwide are gathering the is expected to be the ultimate garment protest in history will there strike jokes politicians into action to address the climate crisis you've been removed and it seems that our time in. question is the point.
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next to the detail of. what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carlson the contacts i talk to medical waste let's. watch them at work. and then discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay choose and let's all try to stay trying to change you know 60 minutes of. war. the fall of the berlin wall become more before november $989.00. basically heroes of eastern europe we talk to those who began the struggle for freedom and
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those who showed personal courage for all that know it buckles boyden go no telephone call for more school. never be a drone who's been in the courtroom we applaud goal of being surprised when i saw it coming 10 years before the flood sure a number one. what does it take to change the course of history. raising the curtain starts september 30th on d w. young people around the world are leading a mass strike protesting inaction on a climate crisis that is making itself felt worldwide in heat waves droughts forest fires and storms will the tangible effects of global warming and the protests of younger generations who will bear the future price prompt truly decisive moves by paul.


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