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stretch. the. strategy. for. the fight.
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it's a crime that is in the most unlikely of places and often goes unreported sexual harassment of children in. schools in. in april it was the killing of 19 year old. on the roof of a mother that really brought the issue international focus she was burned alive for reporting her teacher for sexual harassment no such feeling has prompted others to speak out about their bills of trust and innocence in some of. them do knows only too well what happens behind the closed doors of bangladesh's madrassas the university students studied it 3 of them during his high school years
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in the capital dhaka and sultan abuse there are widespread he says and anyone who studied in them knows about it. that sort of younger students are being touched inappropriately by the teachers and seniors often force the kids to touch their pain is. the students regularly face such an appropriate practice at us. but the topic of sex abuse is to do in much of the conservative country and victims are often too scared to come forward now he in some other form addresses students have taken to posting about their experiences on social media hoping their honesty will help victims break their silence. often children can't tell their parents because they feel ashamed patriarchal society labels men who complain about such violence is feminine so to refrain from being labeled feminine the boys never talk
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about it. on top of the shame speaking out can be dangerous in april this man's 18 year old daughter was set on fire on the roof of her dress after she filed a case against her principle she died from her injuries after days of agony. the case shocked the nation sparking an outcry for justice. our number wants to keep up momentum on the issue traditional to whether or not consensual sex between men and women is a sin is up to allah he may forgive them or not it's his decision but whoever practices forced an inappropriate 6 it must ask for forgiveness from the victim it's not only preaching religion but also human rights i'm a bigot i'm a good. but his maybe a lonely voice in a country where shame and religion keep many from bringing abuse into the other person. joining us now for more on this. really is the south asia director
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for human rights watch is going it is sexual abuse in religious schools already restricted to bangladesh or is it a problem for the wider region. well i mean you know we have seen the historic historical reports that come out from from judges for instance so no this is this is something they did that creates enormous or it is institutions it has been a problem but in south asia it is one of the issues that has not been really were asking to be discussed but in recent times we have seen the protests at what is the . india of sri lanka so that it is but this one histories are their sons are assurance religious institutions are often trusted places by parents and therefore what happens there can and can can play out without proper. oversight why do you think these cases go on reported so often where one of the things
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that we worked on repeatedly when we were open child sex abuse is are are actually able to even explain what is happening and then are they believed quite often the people ringback that are the perpetrators are people of consequence of importance in the community particularly within then it comes from religious institutions these are also often very religious communities themselves they have create feet in their religious leaders as being the the moral authority of the community so in these circumstances quite often children are not even heard and certainly quite often they're not believed it it is it is really very important therefore that there is stated to the engine sure over say that there are regular inspections there aren't there are child friendly spaces where 2 counselors and experts are able to speak with children. in
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a way where they're able to express themselves how much of an appetite is there in there why does out there for a region for governments to try and intervene and to try and crack down on those. well as as these cases come about. and more and more such cases are reported and we have been documenting similar cases are often ages if this it interest you sions there is a there isn't pressure to try increase some amount of support for children not our problem and 1st i must explain that these are not just these are both boys in goods that face this kind of sexual abuse. india has started initiative recently which is directed new law which which predicts dexter grew from sexual abuse we hope that this kind of effort will be replicated in other parts of the region but also we're really there has to be better enforcement which means not just not just
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that winter flow but support structures that that in each of the children and understand the problem not your darnley those others are director for human rights watch thank you so much for speaking to us and thank you and you can read my colleague out of pottle islam's report on sex crimes against children in bang others on our website i did have a dot com or is there. a matter of those 12 hour work days the endless training and travelling all before the age of 5 child models in china is gruelling routines and pressures that would make some adults crack but faced with the possibility of earning more than $1000.00 euros but modeling surface it is a pressure many parents appear willing to put their children on that. these children are being put through the paces in the hope that one day they'll model for
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money child modeling can be lucrative in china the market for children's clothing is growing rapidly and youngsters are in high demand to promote the latest looks. 4 year old twins yuki and new me are not yet. for 2 years they've been taking classes learning how to walk. and pose they've also been stressing their stuff a cat will competitions travelling around the country chasing the big break they've already been hired for a few paid jobs. their parents are convinced they have what it takes to make it in the industry. 2 or with you on grog they become models because i think they're one of a kind firstly there tweens they're also boy girl twins i think they'd be very beneficial to a brand or his brand ambassadors the twins also like the work. but behind the
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well rehearsed poses there's an ugly side children barely out of nappies are forced to work grueling hours and psychologists say they're deprived of the freedom needed for help the emotional development there's also physical abuse. footage of a mother kicking her 3 year old daughter during a commercial shoot went viral on chinese social media earlier this year. industry insiders say it's not an isolated incident. as someone from the industry i would say a violent behavior is quite normal for. children don't listen to their parents but i think hitting them is quite standard. regulations are in place to protect child models from overwork and exploitation but they're often ignored. yumi and
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yuki's parents say it's up to the twins whether they continue modeling for now they're sure they're having fun. exactly how much of a threat of rising sea levels to cities around the world there are varying on toast of that question but the common thread is that cities in issue will be the worst hit and estimates for out of every 5 people will be impacted by sea level rise by 2050 but in places like. southern pakistan the effects are already being felt. in the coastal region of banda houses lie a band and and rice fields beneath the water. the rising sea level has turned the area into a swamp and aberrated families who've lived here for generations. but
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ward of what i got of what our previous home was flooded we had to move to save ourselves from the ocean. the area was once a thriving agricultural hub now the submerged remains of the rice mill are a tragic reminder of what once was. there was a vast agriculture in all of the surrounding areas when the fresh water of the river in this used to reach. rice was the primary crop and the red rice of this area was very famous. flooding isn't the only problem encroaching sea water has started to contaminate the groundwater and it's rendering fertile agricultural land further inland to use less to. it's had a devastating impact on the local population many of whom now depend on fishing to earn a living a competitive industry that's not as profitable as it once was. at
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the national institute of oceanography scientists some monitoring developments with concern its director general says pakistan's entire coastline is at the risk of being flooded because of what's happening miles and miles away. there's no learn was between. northern arabian sea so if. just because of the climate change you're climber sure it is getting. pretty hard. to work for. and this is. karachi is protected by a seawall that keeps the ocean from encroaching but a nearby rural areas many people feel that they are left to their own devices to protect their homes the ocean has already reached tackiness new house as well. that's a phonology even i was to look at the protests across asia but there's the global
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freitas just tried calling for action on climate change richard expect. to. consume media attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the phone 250 a day morning on the floor of the discovery. expedition in boise. i was issued when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair is that.
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language head nodding off this gets me and they go but you need to entrust lives of say you want to their story goods her fighting and reliable information for migrants. present full of national also overdue incentive to spur growth in the us losses its corporate tax rates and the attempt to kick start a sluggish economy is that the right move at the ride top. also on the show while tens of thousands demonstrate the climate action around the world berlin announces 100000000000 euro climate protection plan but just. this is business. as welcome indian stocks are up nearly 5 percent after the government announced
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a major cut to the corporate tax rates companies in the country will now have to pay tax at 25 percent instead of 30 m. to boost the growth and encouraging investment india is the 2nd fastest growing major economy in the world off to china but in recent months the pace of expansion . that's bringing charges from business started in mumbai is this the right move at the right time absolutely right that i know when the right time in fact that the timing could not be buffett the prime minister of india is going to knight estates big investors meeting in who will stand along with the president of united states mr trump is going to attend so he is going there with a lot of these as well as investors and so on look at the lead was in india recently and factory today my.


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