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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin the largest climate protest the world has ever seen a subset a organize this is millions mobilized to protect the environment not just in more than 150 countries call on the world leaders to do more but also on the program. talking about the teenage swedish activist who started the fridays for future movement tells politicians to accept their responsibilities. times germany appears to be listening after marathon talks the coalition government agrees a 50000000000 euro climate protection package but will it satisfy environmental
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activists industry. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. worldwide protests or demand action on climate change is continuing with huge crowds taking to the streets on every continent a movement that started with children skipping school on friday says grown to become a global force uniting young and old the day of action to protect the planet began in australia. around the world in just 24 hours the largest condit process the world has ever seen that's what organizers have been calling today's wave of strikes for the planet's. was student demonstrators have been turning out in them millions some of the 1st runnings kicks off in australia i think
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very run the front lines i mean change you know it's already happening it's not waiting for it to happen or you know a matter of time if it's already yes this is the 1st time adults have joined the climate strikes on such a significant scale like here in hong kong where parents have also been taking part . in thailand hundreds of young protest a strong the environment's ministry in bangkok before dropping to the ground to play dead. with africa among those continent's most vulnerable to global warming climate change protests in kenya have an especially significant sense of urgency. climate change is real and it. doesn't matter. whether you're rich or.
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isolated. young activists in india joins millions of children to hold over in the hope that the same power here that calls that you know that this is a fight is going to impact every day for the rest of my life this is a fight i'm fighting said the world i have heard it will not be boiling over with docs in stuff you know life i think your point of wars which in which i will be able to beat. that despise it yes it was. over to the ukrainian capital kiev where demonstrators called for action not a day not tomorrow but now. make love not plastic thousands treat the streets of warsaw history in the making for generations to come. yet was was.
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in the irish capital dublin students skip school to join the global cry for change marching across the city in a unified cool for action. and in stockholm the same and it's all down to swedish teen activist good attitude ronnie and cried to take to the streets in protest a scene a day of positive change against climate change. after a quick skip around the world let's land for a moment in new york and join data because paul and alex hunter on nominal welcome alexandra what's going on there. so it's here like being at a festival or the music concerts the streets and the battery park in new york city
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are packed so we had to move a few steps to other away from the stage because no phones are working there because there are so many people that have come together here to protest and it is a very color for colorful and a very cheerful protest many students wrote science and pictures with them showing birds animals the earth one side red oceans are rising so are we and i talked to 2 students high school students from new jersey day told me that they wanted to be here because it's their future that is at stake and because they want to be part of this global movement they also told me that they hope that they can convince you as president donald trump that climate change is a fact and that they didn't meant a radical change of politics trying to change president trump's mind that's a big order stay with us alexandra as we look at the person who started this whole
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movement to fridays for a future found to talk about the swedish teenager spearheading that rally in new york today and let's look at how she galvanized just as around the world why leave . why don't we wonder. why scientists and veyron mental organizations and politicians have been trying for years to make the climate a matter of urgency in vain. 16 year old clinton has done it to him bird braved the open sea on a 2 week voyage of portie yacht from europe to the u.s. to bring her message to the american president a self-proclaimed climate skeptic in person the media follow the trip closely. the climate an ecological crisis is a global crisis the biggest crisis humanity is the face and they don't manage to work together to cooperate and to work together despite our differences they
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will fail so we need to to stand together and support each other. and to take action it all started about a year ago every friday committed to a protest in front of the swedish parliament and in so doing spark the fridays for future movement just a few months later the schoolgirl mobilized millions of people for the climate suddenly young people all over the world took to the streets like here in india. and mexico. or in australia. or in europe. after her arrival in new york at the end of august to him back made it clear at a meeting with u.n. general assembly president many a spinoza the she hoped the upcoming climate gathering would lead to concrete action you are coming to be some kind of break. in. where people start to realize but on and. so we have
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high expectations. and for my mistakes to deliver. now tony bennett is counting on the support of her fellow campaigners all over the world and we'll continue to find that. my time is on the phone naaman in new york has his gratitude inbox presence increased numbers. well we're not sure about that it looks like it's likely because we have to say that she was white the known here in the u.s. but after her arrival here she has become sort of a problem and seeger here in new york but i talked to some students here about her and they told me that they know her they admired her they think that her activism is very important for this movement but they also told me that they would be here
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anyway with or without her and another thing that it's important to mention in this context is that the education department in new york city has allowed old students to skip classes today and to court dissipate and protest without any penalties and that could be a factor as well so that many students has have said that they want to do it's to criticize this protest and what you enjoy the rest of the day for now though alexandra phenomena in new york thank you well as us mass protest right across the island and other major cities around the world german chancellor i'm going to macko announced a 50000000000 euro climate protection plan the measures are aimed at reducing carbon emissions and speeding up the move to bring you an injury breakthrough follows marfan talks overnight but not everyone is happy it's all about the future
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germany's government presented its climate package in berlin's brand new museum for 2 complete museum of questions about the future its message it has heard and understood. the package is touted as a major step at the start chancellor merkel admitted that germany will not reach its climate goals in 2020 but said it will by 2030. commission is it's very important to me that the document we are presenting today communicates that 1st of all we believe we can reach the targets and that we really have set the foundation for doing so. the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent as compared to $990.00 levels germany is still far off that target and this is how the government plans to catch up by 2030. climate changing carbon dioxide will be priced petrol and heating oil will cost more however commuters will get
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some tax relief flying will become more expensive through higher carbon tax train travel will be cheaper through reduced value added tax on tickets and the faltering development of green electricity is to be quick and p.r. months we have also resulted not just to set things in motion but to keep an eye on it all to carry out a kind of monitoring which we understand to be within the framework of the climate protection law so we can see how we are progressing. americal seems to be on the defensive and was quick to nip criticism in the bud on his. side of politico this is where politics and science disagree and impatient young people to politics is about that which is possible. if the german government plans to invest 54000000000 euros to slow climate warming over the next 4 years without stacking up any new debt. but let's take
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a closer look at these proposals with a double edged chief political correspondent melinda crane business reporter gave us welcome both melinda let's start with you. it sounds like a lot of money how significant a change is this to german climate policy it's certainly significant that germany is now introducing a carbon pricing mechanism there had been a lot of discussion about that it's one of the reasons that they worked all through the night negotiating because there was not agreement between the 2 coalition partners both on what kind of pricing mechanism they should have and at what level it should be phased in namely should it be an ambitious price or a marginal price the impact of this package is limited because they chose the latter they are going to a carbon price that essentially will be phased in over time but will start quite caught. just lee and quite low meaning the impact on prices of fossil fuels and on
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people's behavior is going to be quite limited for a number of years experts have said this price needed to start at $35.00 per tonne of carbon dioxide in order to have any effect they are well well below that with their starting price so they've got some mechanisms in the package that are meaningful also the mechanism to review progress by an external commission that will essentially try to hold politicians to their goals but it is simply not enough and a number of commentators are talking about bitter disappointment that germany once again has chosen the incremental in the marginal way rather than leadership so. we had in the report that this is all going to be done within the budget and it's not that across the country. yes at least in theory let's not forget that germany is very fond of keeping a balanced budget something that has been very controversial but that has more or less worked so far even though it has part criticism because germany does not do
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bold investments and that's something that we'll probably see here again and that is definitely one of the issues now let's not forget that this of course will mean expenses for the german state in form of many subsidies in many industries but it will also generate income through the c o 2 pricing now the government hopes that this will be in balance the document presented today actually states very clearly that there should be a balance between the expenses and the income generated by this plan and that if at some point that balance is not met any more there will be adjustments we don't know what that means more investment or if that means that there are somehow go back and invest less in this program ok it's lost me a bit there because we're talking about a cost of $50000000000.00 so if income coming in and expenditure going out balance where what where is it's 50000000000 come from. well no the 54 billions are being invested in the program in general but there will help to make that yes melinda
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let's talk of the bring it out of the micro level just about household budgets it doesn't sound from what you've said as though germans are going to feel this initially they'll feel in effect. diesel prices gasoline prices are going to be going up starting a sentence as the package goes into place slowly at 1st but that will then rise however those c o $2.00 price mechanism earnings that it was just talking about they are going to be used to compensate those who do feel the burden the government was very intent today upon saying nobody is going to be left behind due to this package commuters for example who will get tax breaks in order to make sure that that they don't feel the pinch too much however if the government wants to change behavior is it really correct then to compensate all of the effects and that's what
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a number of environmental experts are asking looking at this sort of hodgepodge of mess measures are they giving with one hand but then taking away with the other. the business well then what what do they think of this well they have the exact same issue but from the other perspective they are saying if we are going to pay more how are we going to get compensated at least that's what they expect for the burden that is now falling on many enterprises that is for example the opinion or one of the statements of the president of the federation of german chambres of commerce and industry he's saying there's a lot of work to be done as of the detail about how this plan is going to ensure that german companies stay profitable and can continue doing business of course that's the other perspectives of companies that are not willing to make the investments that the government is apparently not really willing to make. so they wanted more the from the governments for sort of details on it sounds of compensation that's right ok melinda the demonstrations that we've been seeing
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today in germany and of course across the world i know that you've been among some people say well they were not reacting to this plan itself that came sort of late in the afternoon for them but will this be enough to meet their demands for bold action absolutely not if we look simply at what the leaders of the green party party said one of them expressed bitter disappointment this was even echoed by the market friendly f.t.p. so there's definitely disappointment there among the political opposition and there will certainly be disappointment among the young some experts say what we see here in this package is not even going to allow germany to meet the existing climate goals for 2030 much less up them. one wonders if everything if all the cynics the critics are right why have even bothered this is the sounds like virtue
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signalling you know the the chancellor said at the outset of her remarks the science tells us we need to move fast and we should move fast but politics is different from science politics is about the possible this is the compromise that was possible for us today and we must take people with us on this journey in other words once again and this is very typical of chancellor merkel this is step by step we move slowly and cautiously and we take people along with him to create. thank you. that's hear more from d w a correspondents around the world reporting on one of the largest coordinated protests in history. thousands of people have turned out here today in paris and there were another 150 gatherings across france the protestors message to president man in
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a car is that he needs to do more to protect the climate that strikes have been gaining momentum as today for the 1st time workers joins the students and so the protesters are hoping that markoff will finally hear the message and live up to what he said he'd be a climate champion. this is what friday for future protests in russia look like a small number of young people have gathered on a major square in downtown moscow and they're holding what are called solitary pickets where people protest near but not to next to one another but that's because it's difficult to get a permit for mass gathering from the government. agent capital a group of people including students who are skip classes are out on the streets
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demanding action on climate change they're demonstrating in front of the ministry of open affairs in housing and that's because this protest is intended to draw attention to india's rapidly growing cities which are reeling from extreme air pollution and heat waves studies show that human induced climate activity please the big of all. the students here are demanding the policymakers take steps to cut carbon emissions to move away from fossil fuels and police climate issues at the center of city planning policies to tackle what they say is a climate of modern neutral 3rd. so let's take a look at this where people actually are all one of the models that i point them show that is that protest or. and i said from friday's for future welcome to d.w. . so what was today like it was amazing like the 1st part it was huge and i was at the front of the banner and when i got back to the promoter we got the
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news how many people we were and we were 270000 people just in berlin and i was crying out of joy it was amazing and how do you organize that many people in one place so here we have no idea. it was this huge we all did so much and called so many people to come and to make some. tell about us and to tell about the climate crisis and they're all there so why is this important i mean i guess that we all get the scientists say this is going to this is going to happen this is going to but those of us with jobs and incomes to say this is terrible so we should do something but you've actually decided to go out on the streets why because i'm terrified i don't terrify really yeah of
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of having the future that the scientists are predicting right now if we keep going like this. it is going to happen like that and i really don't want to live in a world like what is about the future that terrifies you. well the climate change the heat and nature like hurricanes and war at some point because we don't have enough resources it's not going to be found ok that we've just been talking about the package of measures that the german government has agreed still to be passed by parliament something like just on the 60000000000 euros worth is not a good thing no it's not it's good that they want to do something but the things that it that they agreed on are by far not enough and it feels like a slap in the face for all of us and we just feel terrible about it i get the impression this sort of thing that nothing that any responsible government is going
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to do is ever going to be in a hurry and the aim is to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent over the next 10 to 15 years increase fuel taxes increase flight prices reduce train tickets boost wind and solar power production what's not to like for example they don't really say anything about coal they're still at 2038 and that's way too late . we demand 2030 this is in terms of extraction levels exactly so there are certain demands that we have and when they are fulfilled then we will be satisfied and and it was on the point that the chancellor talked about the notion of politics being the art of the possible and so for instance with with coal you talk about you how you want cold extraction to be reduced but there are whole communities whose incomes whose livelihoods depend are based around that industry
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so what do you say to them out there in these rural coal mining. communities you know but of city go when you when you've closed all their lives this is this is the balance of i'm presuming you are a litter and i don't know and we see them and we hear them and we know that's not nice but also like what's there turn it if and just i think we should stop always comparing or like having a fight between social justice and climate justice because they have to go together and it's also about the social justice for the next generations you know this is the thing that i'm sorry deserve the pressure on this because it's good having you here but when you talk about social justice it's hard for you it's hard for anyone to go to a community that right see this pips this mine this coal mine this is provided an income for you and your father and your father's father world going to close it because we think that sometime in the next 50 to 100 years there's going to be
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a problem so how does your social justice down tell them that they're all going to be unemployed but it's a good thing well 1st of all we don't think that it's going to happen we have proof by thousands of scientists who are all behind us or actually we are behind them and 2nd of all sure it's not nice but what's going to happen to the later generations it's way worse like the way we will have extreme wars because of resources and people will die because of climate change people are already dying because of climate change and fleeing because of climate change so what's the social justice there to thank you for joining us. from friday's future thank you this is the w. these are our top stories millions of people around the world have been taking part in strikes and rallies calling for action on climate change ahead of a key u.n. summit next week organizers have described this is the largest climate protest the
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world has ever seen. germany's coalition government has finalized a 50000000000 euro climate protection package measures include incentives for buying electric cars and helping households switch away from using heating oil it must now go to parliament for ratification. afghanistan's president ashraf ghani has pledged security reforms to prevent civilian casualties in the war against militants that follows a taliban truck bomb attack on the hospital and a us drone strike that killed civilian workers in a field instead of its intended islamic state target. and saudi arabia has invited journalists to inspect oil facilities damaged by last weekend's drone strikes repairs have begun and officials say all production should resume at full capacity by the end of the month they haven't rebels claimed responsibility for the attack but the united states blames iran. this is deeply
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news from berlin and you can always find the latest headlines at d. w. dot com or follow us on twitter. next day i'll be doubly we look at how nigerians are making sustainable called groups from such to both feel that same africa a ha small world newspaper at the top of the hour i've heard that.
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the few. small acts can inspire big changes. the people making it possible. to go to africa fantastic right. back as they set out to safety environments. and learn from one another. and work together for a better future. see for yourself. next d.w. . and. world
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limbs cutting starts october 11th w. enough. hello 2 and welcome to all our viewers around the world well glad to have you with us for the latest edition of our environmental magazine eco africa and i'm especially pleased to introduce to you my new partner sandra it's a great pleasure for me to present the program with you so i don't. think you know my thinking for the one was come i am stunned that interview.


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