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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm CEST

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really feel the symphony's of love is. how did the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the secrets of symphonic magic. plums coding starts october 11th w a s enough. hello 2 and welcome to all our viewers around the world were glad to have you with us for the latest edition of our environments on magazine eco africa and i'm especially pleased to introduce to you my new partner sandra it's
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a great pleasure for me to preserve the program with you. thank you so much thank you for the one wild come i am standard you know veal coming to you from compiling here in uganda and from now on i'll be taking up with n.c. to bring you interesting environmental programs here's one we have for you this week. we visit women who can do it when you visit a book on the go to make stoves the coop you don't wonderful chuckle we also show you why blushes and it turns on treatment away. and we visit my psychologist and south america but suddenly it's me close to nature. uganda has those 2 thirds of its forest cover in the last 20 years much over forest has been cleared to provide chuckle for bunning seen everywhere look it encompass more than 80 percent of ugandans rely on chucker for their daily cooking needs according to government figures roll stream is innovation however used woken equips us energy
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for cleaner cooking and lighting solutions for families while providing employment to the women she has built a clinical can stall to replace the environmentally cause a dust storm. the. only life has coped with charcoal but it's both bad for her health and bad for the environment he's also expensive no she has a special news tove it costs a lot but it can still save her money. i used to use a lot of charcoal i calculated. i was using top of what one proves to nearly one shootings in this whole. but now the dust i use doesn't go even beyond $100.00 that. volcanic rock is the key to this new eco stove was there all the heated they remain hopeful i was with a help of
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a solar powered fund that blows a continuous flow of air over them. was invented by ross twine she runs the company that makes them. we have a technology that. victory cracking in uganda because we've. binding more than bonds more than. cream. in. the volcanic rocks can be used for 2 years an average of comes in virus configurations including large commercial ones like this range at a market in the capital kampala where a 1000 people come to eat every day it's also beneficial for the kooks who use it because the device generates almost no smoke estimates say smoke from traditional stoves contribute to the death of almost 20000 people
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a year in uganda the news to of is also more efficient than conventional designs which other. you can cook anything on the stove and save a lot of the stoves have really helped us because after building them here the company gives you the volcanic rocks. we have since given up using charcoal and only use charcoal dust which we used to light the rocks i now just spend a quarter of the money i used to spend on charcoal. water you. insult western uganda at the foot of mount dora it has provided new opportunities for farming families. trained and employed a number of groups to extract their rocks which i later collected intake into the company premisses.
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but use them when a truck comes i get up to $100.00 i can use the money to pay school fees for my children by them clothes and food life is much better now because people buy these rugs we used to grow crops and the stones got in the way of that but now we're lucky enough to have someone pay for them. there is a large to volcanic world a big eco store factory the company builds up to 40 stoves a day around $17000.00 have been sold so far each comes with a small bag of books rose trained sees the device could be used in many regions and countries if we want to get as many people to be coming to play new us to be able to break exactly what we're doing in various parts of the country we don't want to on that issue again remains here uganda has a population of 14000090 percent chocolate so these are huge potential market for the told the benefits will also be huge and help to stewarded
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forestation of the african continent. we go from uganda to russia way it looks quite different from the victoria right behind me the eco system in left money in the autonomous russian republic of congo is under serious through it with its pelican numbers in recent years the poker numbers have reduced by 50 percent that's right sondra and who's to blame yet again the experts say are old friends climate change and pollution wrecking the lakes delicate balance in who africa take stock of one of europe's biggest public and reservations. in some of its shallow say line lake in southern russia as republic of color makiya attracts countless birds some of them have journeyed thousands of kilometers to get here and while there are dozens of different species it's the pelican population
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that environmentalist are looking at most closely the birds have been coming to lake money for centuries but this year numbers are down. the population has fallen. last year there were about 700 and this year there are only about $500.00. that's because there were a lot of cormorants among them last year and we don't have that many ponds now to provide enough fish. the lake itself is 344 square kilometers an area and has an average depth of just 0.6 meters but the effects of global warming are causing it to shrink as the water level goes down range bob each f. explains some of the islands that pelicans nested on have become peninsulas attached to the shore. managers becoming shallow in some places which means it's accessible to predators and as soon as predators come into play
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the colonies gone. we have younger island right here and last year the pelicans used it to nest this year the water is too shallow and foxes have turned up so the pelicans in cormorants are gone. the lake money to go to low wetlands are of vital importance to more than just pelicans they're also a migration habitat for millions of geese and ducks. twice a year large flock stop over to rest and refuel before moving on. but it's the pelicans that are most affected by the dramatic changes in the lakes ecosystem . come on my bus is food is becoming increasingly scarce habitats are deteriorating pollution is on the rise feeding even a few offspring they only lay a couple of their eggs is becoming harder and harder. so the population is
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declining she's going to. it's a question. for locals and tourists who come to love the pelicans its hope that something can be done before these graceful birds disappear for good. while. announcer this week's doing your bit it's about that construction means concrete and how to make its production more environmentally friendly it's hard to imagine any infrastructure project anywhere in the world without thinking about. german scientists and the african partners in nigeria trying to make concrete production more sustainable and. reduce the suits remissions during the process and they've made an outstanding discovery took a look. 6.
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africa's building sector is booming the continent uses as much concrete for construction as europe does but making the cement that binds it produces a lot of carbon dioxide up to 10 percent of the world's c o 2 emissions. scientists from germany and nigeria are studying alternatives they're experimenting with remains of local plants such as kosov appeals that have been incinerated at certain temperatures. and are from the ash that we collect we develop cement like products they could be used in place of cement binder sold at local markets that would reduce the c o 2 footprint. ash from rice holes and other plants remnants are also showing promising results using plant based cement is an environmentally friendly alternative. not only can an endless supply of organic
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waste be put to good use this is stable eco concrete is also much cheaper to produce. it may even be more stable and durable than conventional concrete. or course we want. the scientists hope to see the 1st building made from a son of a concrete constructed as early as next year on the university campus. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it. visit our website or send us a tweet. during your. wish. you know your story.
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and once again eco africa highlights just how much we underestimate nature's potential time and again and we can see it again in our next report even if the man that it's about has long recognized the problem will try to live more in line with nature cosmetics and made from natural ingredients becoming more popular be allowed going today from lagos is making on organic so that's found fame for far far beyond nigeria and now he's shipping his naturally made soap around the world. oh. the camp would tree is native to west africa centuries people here have used it for all kinds of purposes from working to making dying and health and beauty products when ground into. the cool beneath the bark is good for treating various skin
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problems. 'd or a day needs to wood to make is due to a strong black so it is pounded it is ground and it's made into a paste to exfoliate the skins of babies is also used as a beauty regimen to make the skin supple. because we milled us and introduces into the soap in a very smooth water from. the day and his team are constantly working on improving the formula which also includes honey chair butter and alleys they're all natural ingredients harvested locally. building a manufacturing business for ghana call that to nigeria has been challenging business for structure. there's no government assistance. digital system is dysfunctional. the government house is to tell you the existed when it comes to manufacture or business so if you're looking for to the governments to help you.
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with your time during they set up this company in 1995 and it now produces more than $140000.00 per day from production to packaging everything is done in the large factory and you're in the places great value on natural ingredients and traditions we know that people have skin problems around the world people of different races different policies but the skin is the same and the healing characteristics of the soap will benefit mankind. did you assume his soul throughout nigeria and it sells well. even though it is so much more expensive than regular soaps. i think it is that close to nature which i had met a lot so we tend to spend more and it's a market without t.v.
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using something that is cost value gets in the value so you would have in mind the cost of the the products salads right now and asses watching this i don't think i'm thinking of changing or did you assume it's already marketed in several countries but really wants to really establish the brand internationally is also diversifying the portfolio with organic share better and by the illusions he hopes his success will inspire others to become entrepreneurs who want to provide something that the up and coming don't want to syndicate i want to be like that person i want to beat his record if you can you know be the arts and successful in the world market we can also do that as the month keeps on growing the company is planning to buy more land where he can cultivate and sustainable fashion the trees and plants he needs for his old natural products. living with nature and
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learning for me is something over central narrative of this week's africa it's also a message the indigenous and people in south africa want to prosecute everyone the sun people recently opened up a new culture set according to what to means what a hole in the sun long which the sun have built a tremendous culture knowledge about the nature on plant life visitors can find out about it in the new culture center africa to the 2 up. until hopes are shy creatures but marty knows how to get up close slowly and steadily and from down. his people the sun hunt the animals but today he's checking up on the hood elements have special significance for this one . if you look at the structure of the animal itself is quite massive it can provide a lot of meat it can provide a lot of the same terms
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a blanket the steam is used as a blanket and there is also a fat they used for cooking they use it for the lotion they use it for cleaning themselves though the traditional doctors they use it also for another purpose so this is why i say elephant is the most 2nd for some animal. might you see bongo walks as a guide to some culture and education center in sanford tamia cape town it's the file center dedicated to sun culture in some part of. the sun also known as bushmen. the traditional hunters and gatherers i mean the genus people in southern africa their ancestors lived here when the dutch reached these shoes over 300 years ago. they don't are they left behind ever sizes the science deep connection to nature they don't know
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solve the european colonialist massive land loss and assimilation have marginalized the group to date there are only about 150000 people in south africa who identify our son. working at the center martin bongos colleague along the mall has learned to appreciate the believes and traditions of her people whether it's animals plans it is the way of living the right the land so that you can keep your child so that you can love with it one day so that one day you can tell i am from that community. not far from the museum a group makes its way across the shrub learned the south africans call a fine boss it is out in nature that guide can best illustrate this sounds immense knowledge of medicine and plants like become chaos or cancer bush and wild man too
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. much to see bungle explains how any fusion lead from the lives can be used as a remedy to treat and called the flu and a host of other means. he's proud of the knowledge gathered by his ancestors much of it is now of great interest to the pharmaceutical industry might receive bongo and his colleagues have been walking for years to really naturalized the 900 head to site improving conditions for not of maybe senior plants like wild garlic and while cannabis i don't acquire too. today not only will species like zebras spring bogs and low paid totally says graze on fields that in the 1990 s. would domina to buy wheat more new cultures mountains of deadwood illustrate another reason not to lazy shanae share inverse of species like the porch excellent at tree brought here from australia to being removed to reclaim the space from it
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if plans to still take some time before these natural bias feel is blocking violence but mark to see bongo and his colleagues have already achieved it his message about the environment is clear use it sustainable or keep it for the next generation is what one tool and the ultimate law says to nobility and environmental protection this is a message that has been passed on by the sun for generations. on next video in the show comes from the very south over africa let me be up to date 44 percent of namibia total an area has been set aside for conservation papa says the network consists of state run protected areas freehold wide left monitor to needs communal core services and community forests wow this is an impressive number sandra as
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we all know in most african countries it's local communities who hold the key to expanding the impact of conservation so it's really important to build up infrastructure around the wildlife parks that will also benefit people living in the area or german i'm reviewing cooperation has recently shown how this can work. the key never runs out of things to do and the work can be a bit monotonous but mostly as i was glad to have this job at the ca's eally island lodge. he's among the group of local residents who've managed to find work inside a national park in north eastern namibia he's been working in this lodge for 2 years. before. many people. they need. when. they won.
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the launch is one of 2 in the park belonging to a b. and company that has long been involved in eco tourism the company was allowed to build in the national park in exchange for employing local residents and sharing profits with the community conservancy tourist numbers are good and the more tourists the more the conservancy benefits the money generated goes towards community projects this year the local conservancy will receive $100000.00 euros that's how namibia is giving people in rural areas an incentive to protect the animals and it's working. there's been a drastic reduction in poaching. recently there was a ceremonial celebration in the part. of
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. the german development minister was in the country to attend the inauguration of a new park station built with german funding. the namibian government wants to upgrade the park and get even more local residents involved. about 6000 people live in the communities surrounding the park which is situated in the poorest region of the country. fully. built. we should do more.
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who live side by side with us they need to benefit. us i don't. know maybe or now has 25000 elephants again their numbers have risen significantly in recent years. the elephant herds are a big draw for tourists. but locals are often less enthusiastic about seeing the majestic beasts. moses neons o. takes us to his family's home on the edge of the national park. and. that's why the 15. offense surrounds each home. mother knows the destruction wildlife can cause to crops and other property.
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like 70 percent of the namibian population she makes her living from farming despite the arid conditions in this region. it's hard work we only have simple picks no tractors but at least he has a job in the park so he can support us. despite the challenges moses and his family now see there. animal neighbors as more of a blessing and not just a threat and they're hoping that in the future the park will create even more jobs for local people. time now to wrap up our 180 s. 2nd i dish and then bam as i'm out of amy chua pick up co-produced by tunnel's television in nigeria there's a ballet in germany i maintain in uganda i was also sound us 1st if you are pick up what do you think sandra insight thing on lively and see him so all of us in uganda love because much as i did will be back next week with most allusions and ideas on
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protecting the environment and nature it is above my for me here in kampala.
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more. climate change sustainability. environmental projects. give globalisation the face biodiversity species conservation exploitation ecology.
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human rights displacement. the global impact of local action on. global 3000. coming. from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the from him books from 253 barking on a mortgage of discovery. expedition one boyd on dino law. while male and i'm gay and with a brand new w from the bottom of his person it's divisive and it's about topics that affect a whole lot of solution climate change and the turn.
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fronted. by mackenzie it gets us into say i said. this is the the only news life forms but the lodges climate process the world has ever seen a status they all got our systems millions mobilized to protect the environment doctors and more than 150 countries called on the world leaders to do more also on the program to a teenage swedish activist who stopped at the friday spoke future a movement that had told about charles politicians to accept the responsibilities.
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of the german government seems to be listening after about an overnight top state governing coalition makes a breakthrough on a 15.


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