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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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this is news live from the millions across the globe protest for climate action. organized the site it's the biggest climate demonstration the world has ever seen this in more than $150.00 countries will latest to do more to protect the environment and. the german government seems to be listening after an hour phone talks the governing coalition makes of right 1st breakthrough rather on a 50000000000 euro climate protection package environmental environmental activists and business lobbies are ready for secrets.
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i'm anthony howard welcome to the program a day of worldwide protest to demand action on climate change is continuing with huge crowds taking to the streets in almost every country on earth a movement that started with children skipping school on fridays has grown into a global force uniting young and old the 1st place to wake up to this global climate strike was the strength. around the world in just 24 hours the largest condit process the world has ever seen that's what organizers have been calling today's wave of strikes for the planet's. was student demonstrators have been turning out in them millions some of the 1st rallies kicks off in australia i agree run the front lines i mean change you know it's already
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happening it's not waiting for it to happen or you know a matter of it's it's already was this is the 1st time adults have joined the climate strikes on such a significant scale like here in hong kong where parents have also been taking part . in thailand hundreds of young protesters strong the environment ministry in bangkok the fall of dropping to the ground to play dead. with africa among those continent's most vulnerable to global warming climate change protests in kenya have an especially significant sense of urgency. climate change is real and it. doesn't matter. whether you are rich or.
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isolated. by young activists in india joins millions of children to hold over in the hope that the adults empower kids are calls that you know thank you but this is a fight which is going to impact every day for the rest of my life this is a fight i'm fighting said the one i inherit will not be boiling over with docks in stuff you know life i think your point of order which in which i will be able to breathe. easy yes it was. over to the ukrainian capital kiev where demonstrators called for action not a day not tomorrow but now. make love notes plastic thousands treat the streets of warsaw history in the making for generations to come. yet was.
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in the irish capital dublin students skip school to join the global crisis change marching across the city in a unified cool for action. and in stockholm the same and it's all down to swedish teen activists that attitude hirani encouraged to take to the streets in protest has seen a day of positive change against climate change. well tina activist gravitron burke has thought of the products for future movement in sweden over a year ago spoke to the protesters in new york here's what she told an enthusiast and noisy crowd there. people are striking today in over 150 countries on all continents and when i say all continents i mean all continents even and talk to
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get even and talk to get people off the ledge the eyes of the world will be on them they have a chance to prove that they too are united behind the science they have a chance to take leadership to prove they actually hear us do you think they hear us with the we will make them hear us lucky well they doubly correspondent cala black was one of the thousands on hand for the protests in new york she delivered this assessment of today's routes. today's global climate strike was the biggest of its kind in human history one of the epicenters of the action new york city it was roughly 250000 people out on the streets calling for more climate action credits whom are the 6 year old fridays for future founder was speaking earlier here and she was saying that our house is on
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fire meaning that climate change really does affect everyone and we have seen many older protesters out today as well and these parents and teachers and grandparents are calling on politicians to do more to protect their children's future. i love black and they well cities across germany have also seen mass protests organizers claimed that more than a 1000000 turned out to demand action on climate change children inspired by friday's future brought along their parents and their grandparents and converged on the landmark brandenburg gate in berlin meanwhile chancellor angela merkel announced a 15000000000 euro climate protection plan the bright for follows a marathon of the night talks among her coalition government but not everyone is happy. it's all about the future germany's government presented its climate package in berlin's brand new museum for a museum of questions about the future its message it has heard and understood the
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package is touted as a major step at the starched chancellor merkel admitted that germany will not reach its climate goals in 2020 but said it will by 2030. commish it is obvious that it's very important to me that the document we are presenting today communicates that 1st of all we believe we can reach the targets and that we really have set the foundation for doing so. the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent as compared to $990.00 levels germany is still far off that target and this is how the government plans to catch up by 2030 climate changing carbon dioxide will be priced petrol and heating oil will cost more however commuters will get some tax relief flying will become more expensive through higher carbon tax train travel will be cheaper through reduced value added tax on tickets and the faltering
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development of green electricity is to be quick and harmon's we have also resolved not just to set things in motion but to keep an eye on it all to carry out a kind of monitoring which we understand to be within the framework of the climate protection law so we can see how we are progressing. americal seems to be on the defensive and was quick to nip criticism in the bud when it. doesn't outside of politico all this is where politics and science disagree and impatient young people to put it politics is about that which is possible murky if the german government plans to invest 54000000000 euros to slow climate warming over the next 4 years without stacking up any new debt. time to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. washington says it will deploy more troops and military equipment to saudi arabia following attacks on the country's oil infrastructure last week the u.s.
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and saudi arabia are blaming iran for the strikes but tehran denies involvement the west was not well has said it's not planning to tell the people. but you'll be able to report resident donald trump has rejected u.s. media reports about his alleged misconduct and intelligence whistleblower report of the claims trump pressured ukrainian authorities to investigate the son of a political rival joe biden is dismissing the allegation as partisan and found. afghanistan's president ashraf ghani has pledged security reforms to prevent civilian casualties in the war against militants it follows the taliban truck bomb attack on a hospital and a mystery to us drone strike that killed civilian workers in the field rather than its intended islamic state. at least 69 people were killed in some. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has vowed to ban military style assault
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rifles as he campaigns for reelection the ballot in canada is set for mid october trudeau is trying to refocus the campaign for his liberal party after becoming him broiled in a scandal over his use of blackface images dating back to the ninety's it surfaced that show the prime minister in da michael. there was at least after repeated embarrassing and what the prime minister himself called racist revelations from his past as recounted as justin trudeau tried to set the record straight i recollect that but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do and i appreciate calling it make up but it was blackface and that is just not right it is something that. people who live with the kind of discrimination. that far too many people do because of the color of their skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. face on
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a regular basis and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. ok such contrition came on the back of an earlier frank explanation and apology in 2001. i was a teacher. i attended an individual or the theme was already a knights. dressed up in a loving costume and put in a couple. should have known better but i didn't. and then they sort of all of which indicated how his past could derail his future trudeau wearing brown face at a party in 2001 and on other occasions have set the election campaign ablaze opposition politicians have been scathing this is so hurtful to so many canadians
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people who have faced injury both in physical violence and in words people who haven't been able to get because of the color of their skin now are waking up to seeing the prime minister of this country mark their reality. some were happy to call trudeau a racist directly wearing brown faces and i felt it more free than racist it was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019. has been stated as a young dynamic progressive who's made political play out of his support for diversity and multiculturalism so for him this charge of racist offense could be more damaging than for his rivals cracking his carefully curated public image. the sport now in football shell have kept up their revival on the new coach david wagner when i hosted months in friday's point as they guy so what set up what shall
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go ahead in the 1st half with the 2nd goal of the season cut him and he replied 4 months making it 11 but shall i had the last word i mean how do you scored a light in the 89th minute i can't show it was 3rd consecutive victory. all right october fest various biggest party starts on saturday and the opening just happens to coincide with bon mean accosting cologne in the bundesliga by hope a party atmosphere will pick up points collide meanwhile planning to head for a few beers after the game it sounds pleasant but some fans not place. it wouldn't be october 1st without brian munich's obligatory pretty festival photo shoot it's an important time for the club as well as being a novelty for recent signings like philly continuo buy ins proud october 1st record previously on beating since 2010 was shattered last season with 2 defeats. actions
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hoping to rectify that. you can begin when october 1st starts everyone gets in the mood. you can't promise everything in life try to improve on last season's. super bass and it shouldn't be too difficult to do better than a draw and 2 losses them of. 'd but they were at school got the legendary beer festival actually starts in september to catch the mormon knights this year cologne are in town the carnival club no stranger to parties themselves their coach says they'll be joining in the october 1st. when news. does man in the. mask can you do something like play by this and then afterwards go to the fest i say yes because it's a team event she's good football ending it was written so. it can only be positive i will take the responsibility if it backfires in the end. that's raise my eyebrows
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among clone fans but if their team can crash the buy and party with an away win and surely it would be deserving of. sway that's often. up next is the news africa station for that and don't forget you can always get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's. welcome to the. place to talk about some. sleep.


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