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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2019 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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after school to protest outside her country's parliament calling for stronger climate action there's a ton burks of friday's future campaign quickly spread across weed and then the world today those kids brought their parents along for a global climate strike so they're all shouting but it's any government listening i'm phil go and this is the day. the government to get since last strike and that means that we're going to keep fighting for this inability that we deserve and leave. the eat. when we change is really. doesn't matter. it's really important i think you. make a difference it is our here's a. thought i don't think anyone needs
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a decent to be in this state right now this is for your future this is for existence and this is for your life if you're not here you'll be seeing your time wherever you are in the workplace know. now millions of people around the world have taken part in strikes and rallies calling for action on climate change ahead of a key un summit next week australia hosted some of the very 1st demonstrations with similar protests unfolding across around 50 countries these events are the culmination of a series of weekly climate strikes around the world that began with the fridays for future movement started by swedish teenager that took back. the largest global climate protest the world has ever seen that's what organizers have been calling today's quake of strikes for the planet. student demonstrators have been turning out in and millions some of the 1st rallies. picked off in australia.
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the quarry run the front lines i mean change you know it's already happening it's not waiting for it to happen or you know a matter of time it's it's already well i say in school i'm learning about the effects of climate change and i'm learning that we need to do something yes i'm seeing that the people in charge and the people who are running our country on doing anything. this is the 1st time adults of joins the climate strikes on such a significant scale like here in hong kong parents have also been taking part. in that you know i think this is such a peaceful protest that it's only fair to show them that we're all part of this and that it's ok that they fight for their future to go out. in thailand hundreds of young protesters storms the environment ministry before dropping to the ground to play dead saying that will be the future if governments don't talk now.
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my. children in india have also been he's an activist gratitude and books rallying cry to take to the streets to fend off and foreign mental disaster. day like millions of children around the world hope that the adults in power hear their coolness and take action to save the planet for feature generations. demonstrations there in australia hong kong thailand and india let's take a closer look at the day's events in the indian capital but they doubly correspondence on your fall in delhi. the agent capital a group of people including students who are skip classes are out on the streets demanding action on climate change they're demonstrating in front of the ministry of open affairs and housing and that's because this protest is intended to draw
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attention to india's rapidly growing cities which are reeling from extreme air pollution and heat waves studies show that human induced climate activity please the big of all. the students here are demanding that policymakers take steps to cut carbon emissions to move away from possibly wills and police climate issues at the center of city planning policies to tackle what they say is a climate emergency. on your folly. it was day of protest in europe as well as here tens of thousands of kids skip school for a day to lend their voices to the calls for action on climate change. make love not plastic thousands tread the streets of warsaw as policy fronts claim to be the biggest global climate protest the world has ever seen. was. the global push to save the planet his history in the making with protesters demanding a better future for generations to come. in the irish
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capital dublin students skip school to join the global crisis in change marching across the city in a unified call for action now. and in sweden the same with parents allowing their children to step outside the school gates in stock home for a day of positive rather than climate change. out of course germany saw its share of protests an estimated 270000 people are join the march in the capital ballin. it is a measure of life and death nothing less this is how many of those demonstrating here in berlin see it when it comes to global warming these protesters us standing on melting ice blocks. you know what i want to demonstrate so that things get
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better now and won't be destroyed at 30 or 40 yes. she does i want things to change i want us to do more and talk less. this time it's not only the young protesting for more climate protection some proud their parents and grandparents people of all ages are demonstrating here in the heart of l.a. and they are asking the german government to really take measures against global warming but many here doubt that things would really change for the better. the german branch of the worldwide freitas for future movement has organized this protest they're asking the german government to completely switch to renewable energy by 2035 and sure respect the goals of the paris agreement they're getting support from hundreds of entrepreneurs. yes entrepreneurs have to promote climate protection it isn't right that become police work out or backroom climate that
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won't change things this is about our children our grandchildren about my life. are doing business better if we focused on humans and the environment and not just profit. demonstrators here do not only asked businesses and the german government to do more they see climate change as a global phenomenon that has to be tackled internationally in a joint effort so there's no distance in germany but all of the wells many things are going very wrong the classrooms are melting there will be more floods. many here say that germany has a rich and technically advanced country has to take the lead we got. climate protection. right. now has to the top of the show whether any governments were listening to those protests well it certainly looks as though the german government is today the
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partners in the governing coalition finalized a major climate protection package to marathon overnight negotiations german chancellor angela merkel and i'm so the deal between her conservatives and the social democrats it includes incentives for buying electric cars and measures to help households transition from using heating oil. it's all about the future of germany's government presented its climate package and berlin's brand new museum for. museum of questions about the future its message it has heard and understood the package is touted as a major step at the start chancellor merkel admitted that germany will not reach its climate goals in 2020 but said it will by 2030. commission is. very important to me that the document we are presenting today communicates that 1st of all we believe we can reach the targets and that we really have set the foundation for doing so. the goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55
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percent as compared to $990.00 levels germany is still far off that target and this is how the government plans to catch up by 2030. climate changing carbon dioxide will be priced petrol and heating oil will cost more however commuters will get some tax relief flying will become more expensive through higher carbon tax train travel will be cheaper through reduced value added tax on tickets and the faltering development of green electricity is to be quick and p.r. months we have also resolved not just to set things in motion but to keep an eye on it all to carry out a kind of monitoring which we understand to be within the framework of the climate protection law so we can see how we are progressing. uncle americal seems to be on the defensive and was quick to nip criticism in the bud when it. doesn't outside of politico this is where politics and science disagree and impatient young people to
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politics is about that which is possible. if the german government plans to invest 54000000000 euros to slow climate warming over the next 4 years without stacking up any new debt. so let's take a closer look at that german move matters arising from today's and global climate strike with the w.'s chief political correspondent linda crane and alexander writes in style and he's a policy adviser with the independent climate change a think tank a 3 g. he's an expert on german and e.u. climate and energy policy welcome both let's start with you. this dramatic announcement from the german government is this a response to growing environmental awareness or is it is this them trying to green germany's green party who've been doing well i think both there was a poll released today nationwide showing that 2 thirds of germans say they think that action on climate on the climate crisis is more important than economic growth
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2 thirds that's a pretty strong number. of thing well so we go we have to let me go on there has been a decided shift toward the green party isp. in cities so there is definitely pressure on this government to act and that the chancellor is due to speak at the climate action summit in the united nations on monday and she really needs to go there with something to say because germany is falling drastically short of its climate goals for 2020 so she's promising they're going to meet them by 2030 but the fact is if you ask me about the shift to the green party there is not a single voter who shifted who would be won back by this package is too little too piecemeal so she has to weigh the flag but nobody's watching. writes this i would you agree with milind of this is this is not an announcement with celebrating i do nothing this is an announcement of celebrating i think there are
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a lot of incremental steps there are some hopeful steps in the right direction but it's not the big breakthrough so it's not enough to reach the domestic kemah targets for example or even the international incitement targets so what's holding the german government back. i think it was it was along the coast nation process it's a grand coalition there's a lot of lowest common denominator between the 2 big parties there's a lot of political pressure on the one side of course from fighters for futures and others but there's also a lot of concern about jobs about energy security and other issues you know what about a 1000000 there because the we we've heard from the charms of the ok politics is about what is possible we know that germany is all about. very much invested in coal mining as well so is it is it the conservatives that are holding this process back both the conservatives are holding it back in the sense that indeed they are looking toward industry industry did not want to see an ambitious carbon
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pricing mechanism introduced here what this package does do it will introduce carbon pricing that's good but all experts were agreed if there's going to be a carbon price it would need to be at least $35.00 euros a tonne to make any difference in people's behavior the mechanism they're introducing will begin at a level far below that so very cautious now that is all about industry industry wanted subsidies for green technologies rather than a carbon price and they've got quite a few of those in this package on the other hand the social democrats are also always running a bit scared because they're very concerned about losing especially working class voters if they feel the pinch on their pocketbooks and to some degree they will because this will raise prices for gasoline for diesel so all of the politicians today were very careful to say but don't worry it's not going to hurt too much because we're going to give you a rebate we're going to up your tax breaks for commuters and so on and so forth so
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they give with one hand take away. it's the same with the of the politics of it because what we've seen elections here in germany in the states of brandenburg and socks and whether they have to the right wing. if he would have done well not as well as people predicted but have done well and one of the big issues was coal mining absolutely and the far right tends to be either in climate denial or certainly in denial about any form of ambitious policies to try to address the climate crisis and there's concern among the conservatives that they could lose voters to the right wing's so we have this grand coalition of really often uncomfortable bedfellows with both mainstream parties believing support to smaller parties the right wing greens and therefore really unwilling to take bold action and that essentially is what the chancellor was saying when she says
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politics is the art of the possible but frankly leadership needs to become possible as well and we're not seeing that from this coalition so. what do you think. any government is any government likely to to do to stand up to business on an issue like this i think it would stand up yes i think we're seeing right now between the 2 big part in this is that they cannot agree on a specific direction they have very different ideas of what is the right way to do climate politics it's a strong innovation focused on the others that is from the regulatory focus so i think what the polls say at the moment for example is. an alliance between the conservatives and the cream party would certainly have a different direction but look to set different priorities and pick up if you would on melinda's point about the right wing politics of this how does the government. the future how does a government so green policy is to communities who would be devastated by the
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closure of dirty industries i think the coal face out debate in germany is a good example of what is called commission set up and they came up with this compromise difficult phase of the 2038 but there is also a big investment package for the regions. it's investment in infrastructure and social security system in retraining mechanisms and i think this is the right way to go it was very expensive there are issues around it but basically it's thinking about this just from station for regions and effective purposes it's the right but it's a do greater to bear often says this can't only be about addressing the climate crisis it has to be about climate justice we have to make sure and the chancellor said this too today we have to bring people along we have to convince them that what's for the common good is also in their own interest but again this package of measures will not affect behavior to the degree that it needs to do if it's going
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to have the kind of impact that the government wants to have they say they want to meet their 2030 goals and those are ambitious 55 percent reduction over c o 2 levels from 1990 that does require decisive action you both are very critical of this package really a time final word to you alexander if it's not good enough should they have both it they should have but that probably i mean we have fridays for future on the streets we have more than a 1000000 people in history to political pressure is extremely high i think this is not the last step this is only the 1st step for them i mean it is important because we have the new york time at summit but i think this conversation will be ongoing for months and months and months well thank you both for joining us out is on that russian sun from a 3 g. dublin chief political correspondent linda quest. of the momentum behind these friday protest was created by 16 year old predatorial
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dark on her fridays for future strikes she traveled to the united states a few weeks ago ahead of next week's un that climate summit it was her appeal that energized to young people and spurred them into action. why he was god why do we want. scientists and veyron mental organizations and politicians have been trying for years to make the climate a matter of urgency in vain 16 year old going to to work has done it to him very brave the open sea on a 2 week voyage aboard a yacht from europe to the u.s. to bring her message to the american president a self-proclaimed climate skeptic in person the media follow the trip closely. the climate and ecological crisis is a global crisis and the biggest crisis you minute he has to face and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to work together despite our
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differences there we will fail so we need to. to stand together and support each other and. to take action it all started about a year ago every friday connected to him back protested in front of the swedish parliament and in so doing spark the fridays for future movement just a few months later the schoolgirl mobilized millions of people for the climate suddenly young people all over the world took to the streets like here in india. and mexico. or in australia. or in europe. after her arrival in new york at the end of august to back made it clear at a meeting with un general assembly president mary espinosa the she hoped the upcoming climate gathering would lead to concrete action you want the summit. to be some kind of break. in. where people start to realize what is actually going on
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and. so we have high expectations. and the mistakes. that. now turn back is counting on the support of her fellow campaigners all over the world and you may find that. south africa holds are joined in today's global climate protest this monster place in johannesburg protesters combust on the country's constitutional court to demand action on climate change and other fridays for future mock took place in cape town . krishna's that i spoke with one of the organizers. so we're here with the right no one south african students who came out of the organizers of today's protests in iraq out why yesterday thank you today because you protesting for climate change you want climate action in south africa to stop when the governments
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hear our voices wanting to take action against climate change do you think the government so far has really. acknowledged the problem and done enough here is not is the problem because the so no term to do this right can show your knowledge doesn't give us a shout out but now it's kind of disappointing to see that he's not actually going to go to new york for the united nations emergency climate emergency that just tells us that he does not care about this problem and it doesn't really care how much is affecting the people of south africa so the so not just one explanation is the speech of the nation address and you're talking of the president. gave us a sound out of the so now but has not been doing anything since the now south africa has been affected by this climate disaster we had a serious drought here in capetown do you think it's going to be worse in the future yes it's definitely going to be worse and the poor will be affected and they'll get even more when the vulnerable in our societies have become even more civilian effected by climate change generally speaking this continent is one of the most affected when we've seen a lot of climate disasters and was a bigger cyclons for example yet we don't see such a massive crowds compared to other countries why do you think more people are going
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on the streets to protest i feel like most people don't understand climate change they don't really know if it's true or not and people are people of color who live in the bunch of communities they want to be here but they call because it's so far from where the live and the be taking the train is not really say the only path the fans actually come in support us but i know that they're also putting us back on thank you very much thank you. chris reporter a rising sea levels are one of the major life threatening effects of climate change in cities in asia being worst according to what estimate 4 out of every 5 people will be impacted by rising sea levels by 2050 but in places like. pakistan the effects are already being felt. in the coastal region of banda houses lying band and and rice fields beneath the water. the rising sea level has changed the area into
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a swamp and operated families who've lived here for generations. by. board what i got of our previous home was flooded we had to move to save ourselves from the ocean. the area was once a thriving agricultural hub now the submerged remains of the rice mill are a tragic reminder of what once was. there was fast agriculture in all of the surrounding areas when the fresh water of the river in this used to reach. rice was the primary crop and the red rice of this area was very famous. flooding isn't the only problem encroaching sea water has started to contaminate the groundwater and it's rendering fertile agricultural land further inland to use less to. it's had a devastating impact on the local population many of whom now depend on fishing to earn a living
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a competitive industry that's not as profitable as it once was. at the national institute of oceanography scientists some monitoring developments with concern its director general says pakistan's entire coastline is at the risk of being flooded because of what's happening miles and miles away. there is no name was between and target. northern arabian sea so if any changes just because of the climate change your climber sure it is getting the road is pretty hard. to work for. this is. karachi is protected by a seawall that keeps the ocean from encroaching but a nearby rural areas many people feel that they are left to their own devices to protect their homes the ocean has already reached new house as well.
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a day is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. use or you can follow me at phil so i've got to use a hash tag the day well leave you now with images off today's climate protests around the world. the for. the 1st.
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