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by and party were going away when and surely it would be deserving of. the full drinking is not same bonding that's over now up next news africa stay tuned for that and don't forget as always you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's day w dot com now i'm asking how that's watching. him puzzle you so by a long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about the wife of i'm going to this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not on the subway that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. when your family scattered across the globe. but there's
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a do do do. turning to the groups should government be. the charge family from somalia live around the world. don't need to urgent assistance. family starts october any on d w. this is the deputy news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the one spoiling for action today still the largest global climate crisis in history will meet some of the application. at the missing zimbabwe inductively told has been found funded in how to fulfill assist on the debate. then she is off for its release still waiting till the highest grossing to be produced film in nigeria i'll be talking to the die. cammy.
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hello. welcome to news africa it's good to have you along the biggest climate protest in history happened today with millions of people across the old taking to the streets the demonstrations mostly comprised of schoolchildren all part of a movement spock by the swedish teenager. in kenya climate change protesters gathered in. nairobi to call on the government and the private sector to take action on the issues they were also protests in and uganda now the biggest polluter on the continent is south africa which ranks 14th in the world that's mostly because of all the coal the country burns correspondent was at the protest and. hundreds of people here in cape town are marching to the parliament
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of the country today but why are they you know why are the demonstrating let's hear what they have to say because we are the future. yes it's important the government sees that the people of this country care and that they demand action. in this country demonstrations they work pretty well you know the people this country have a long history of. of showing their voice and selves on the street and so i think it's important to do it that way and hopefully we can get the message to the governments and they can act like i'm not the guy you know this is an issue that in the affects us all so i really came to march so i decided to come you know you know be a part of something in their worlds towards a change we need to actually fix this environment because in the long run it's going to affect us negatively it was
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a kids and if you don't stop the way we mean the environment is going to be missed so people here in cape town know what's climate change means they faced a massive droughts 2017 and 18 last year cape town was almost the 1st big city in the world to run dry back then water was rationed to 50 liters per person per day now the down. 80 percent of their capacity to reach again so the situation improved but the water is still a big issue here people are talking about it everybody knows the problem persists and sound panacea are saying that this water scarcity is an issue that keeps on facing cape town. oh on monday we brought you the story off. these of bobby a doctor who was feared kidnapped after he went missing over the weekend the 25 year old has since been found. disappearance souls bobbie and doctors and nurses walk off the job to demand he say friction they held demonstrations and of the
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slogan no pizza nowhere and correspondent privileged in how that he with the basis on that story had privileged to see you what more do we know now about what really happened to the doctor. yes we know that at the moment he is a hospital in a private hospital in harare where he's going through medical treatment ways went through an examination of his physical and mental health when he was discovered yesterday 40 kilometers an hour on the outskirts of out it in a place called you have beat or you managed to speak to some local media but then he said that you could not recall licked what happened to him and who took him and how he ended up to the place where us discovered yesterday. you may know this already but nigeria's nollywood is one of the largest movie
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producing industries in the world 2nd only to india's bollywood now it's safe to produce around 3000 movies every get in a moment i'll talk to one of the industry's most successful female directors but 1st is the story of how produces a working to raise the quantity off nollywood films. are actually. welcome to the heart of the african film industry nigerian film company founder marian who knows the business like the back of her hand she has witnessed the industry's evolution thanks to affordable digital filming and editing technologies the movies quality has improved. the 10 years ago. nollywood was. different very different i saw them after. i was a child actor and trust me it was not like this today we should be better comrades
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we were called or do separate from picture we do things just differently so in 10 years time. the industry will be really really different where we are going very far as the world due course work has attracted the attention of a foreign investor company was acquired by the french broadcaster cannot use. this is oppressed people. because he's like kind of clues saying you guys are doing something you guys are doing something valuable something we need this is the 1st time. the world is really. seen one who's gone like. this is like a success for export of nollywood content. for decades nollywood as a discipline their early known was seen as a factory turning out visual pulp fiction for the market stalls of d.v.d.
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pirates cheap films ranging from body comedies to morality tales about witchcraft and infidelity today it's the 2nd largest market in the world. nollywood movies are still made on shoestring budgets and every production takes just 10 days and costs approximately $15000.00 u.s. dollars yet they're into it far beyond nigeria's borders. you can see about a lot of. actors are. working with people off of course a lot you think a lot of actors who want to come here and work with a thing like express our culture. you know and put the money what is growing fast much to the delight of all nigerian filmmakers. as promised my next guest is the director of the highest grossing domestic film in a nigerian history it's called the waiting can be added he joins me now from lagos
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welcome to africa came in fact before we get to talking i just want to see it except off that film and we'll pick up from. your. friends i mean. i don't come down and i got out because i was the only person who has been kidnapped today is monday on. the use. of. our i came you saw what was it about this film that made a big hits that it was. oh our wedding party won i think it was just people just about how authentic it was it was a unapologetically nigerian and the shit was in our goods crazy yards ridges and if any if we didn't learn anything from the sea back then we got from viewers 'd connected with them in the respect that they felt they could see
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themselves and a lot of the family members in a lot of our leading characters and human form of that. was it was the same thing and other people that couldn't connect to it in that way like that was some sort of a window into another world another culture so yeah we're very proud of that one yet secondly i mean let's talk about viewers right i mean we talk about nollywood and the filmmaking machine that it is today but truth be told if largely appeals to an african audience and i wondered if if and i was ok with that or if a is to is to change that. i mean i don't think there's anything on this earth that would want it's lost a chapel it makes you feel this sometime you know some sort of validation this is not some sort of you know so it's an ego trip but. i mean i was having a conversation with the so on earlier from your station and like you know will say my blood doesn't be here because lately i've been able to think that distribution
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in-house i think one of the things that we need to to focus on is that we will light. them as of right now we haven't been usable states are distributed within africa so what ends up happening is even though filming of the meetings are really risky as it is right now in africa as you know more risk because you're not sure that more investment will be able to come back out and then this is why totally lie a lot on. brains or external i want to external investments and things like that so what have i been we need to fix this region in africa so they're working teacher who are ourselves that anything outside of that is just it's a politician and nice to have ok let's talk about investment ad because we're seeing growing interest in nollywood to the chin off european broadcasting is buying up all acquiring local production companies do you see that as a positive development. yes i mean
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i think it goes into into the hands. anything that brings investment into the industry helps us creates more quality movies and things like that which in turn moves the industry for it that's a great thing i don't however feel that we need to be mindful that you keep a bit of ourselves or a lot of ourselves for ourselves there's a list something that we are displaying that the international market and international world is seeing and the ones are quite off and we need to be aware of that now let's switch of the stick the word let's switch towards silverlake called the we have to be careful that we're not so not going to we have to be careful there and also in the rights to mine our goals for absolutely nothing but we should be more about collaboration exchanging ideas excluding expertise and that should be encouraged or i can get it. that's all we have time for today hopefully we can get
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here back on to talk about your new film that's just debuted on netflix that's cammy editor in nigeria. and. thank you. and that is it for now from deja vu news africa as always you can catch all stories on our website and facebook page for always interested to know what you think about the stories we cover here on news africa and perhaps stories that we should be covering because we've been talking all that much about it all you would leave you with some screen shots tales some of those movies for just by the industry itself makes time travel.
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journeys through tom. from germany's provisional capital in bonn to its current conference in berlin. today i want to invite you to join me on a tour of 17 years of history together we'll discover what the drought has to do with the country's constitution and will revisit the places in locations that tell the story of post-war germany. next d.w. . take personally.
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with wonderful points to make the game so special. for all. more than football. this square and this building have witnessed history. the grand gilded flight of stairs has led major statesman and to bomb city hall and why bach.


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