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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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used to it is pulling girls took it over now live i'm sure that it was a mystery and. in support of. saving what seemed. to be a bit. welcome to the 77 percent i show for africa. my junior. coming up on the program. claudio white boy. in cape town. who joined his majesty the king of condoms and has fight against the content. that's perhaps caused this fails meant
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about virginity by fest let's begin with a more serious topic jail and detention zambia is notorious for its crowded prisons most people held in pretrial detention i young men the inmates often spend years behind bars waiting for the case to be had by a court of law so why is the justice system so broken we'll put this question to design the un ambassador to germany. in just a bit before we get into that heartbreaking report on a young man who spent 2 years in jail for a crime he did not commit young inmates are leaving the lusaka magistrate's court they are among the lucky ones their cases have been heard in a court of law of a 7000 be an inmate as to waiting for their turn the country tidy or work while they are in detention and often have no choice but to pay bribes in exchange for adequate food water and shelter. and the reality of
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life behind bars far too well he spent 2 years in pretrial detention after being falsely accused of marjah palooka was locked up in a cell with 15 other prisoners poorly fed and with no access to hygiene facilities the only reminded him of. the but. i think that there are moments when i have flashbacks to the nightmare of prison but. you know when i when i feel lonely that my memories of prison haunts me with that if i ask myself why i had to go through all that. i deal with death of. innocent kind of look i was eventually released with the help of one passenger who were i know you know who works with the human rights organization you please zambia which helps get innocent to juvenile inmates out of jail. but challenges that
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appear firstly you find that. premises are not enough the number of judges are not enough and then there's some backlog so there are some cases which have been backlog for so many years the. example is home to the majority of africa's most overcrowded prisons. with up to 25000 inmates nationwide detention facilities like this one in the saga have exceeded 3 times their capacity in 27000 the zombie human rights commission found that intimate often just given one meal a day the overcrowded cells also increase their chances of contracting tb and hipaa titus. for the moment kaluga has found a job as a waiter he was released 6 months ago after louis intervened and managed to get his case heard a court of law where he was found not guilty but never saved an official apology
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instead he still struggles with feelings of powerlessness after being treated so poorly by the authorities. in the new hour but. it was a very painful experience but there was nothing i could do about it i used to cry in the beginning but then i eventually resigned to my fate i used to wonder why this happened to me what happened happened but i was had bad luck and that's when everything that's happening the public defense system is really understaffed so there is a desperate need for legal assistance in the past 6 months alone u.p.a. zambia assisted around 1440 inmates like innocent 180 of them were under 18 who were and her colleagues also relabel elite checking up on former inmates to see how they are coping with life after prison it breaks me
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president. back for me to give this hole in my heart thinking if it was me how what would i do how would i feel i put myself in the situation and put my brother investiture asian epidemic of my family in the situation and see what would i do how would i feel and that's the reason that can cause me to put in what i can in order for them to actually help out this ambient home affairs ministry is responsible for palookas to know studio is however the ministry say's they are not a viable for comment and refuse to grant us access to the presents itself there has been no sign of change in zambia the number of young people being locked up and held in pretrial detention is only increasing in more motivation is needed to tackle this african lite problem. there must be very frustrating and painful experience likely that a guy haven't really got out of there stories like these beg the question why did
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these things happen so give us some more insights we have some busted out to germany on to an equal time studio welcome to the 77 percent thank you very much and thanks to all for giving us this opportunity so you saw the case in our reports was a response to that because i saw the case it's very very unfortunate that something could happen to somebody who is innocent but glad to say that a lot of efforts are being put in by the government of zambia to ensure that not only do such cases recall but they're also trying to turn the prison services right now into something that helps to reform people having saved there is not excuse for any injustice for somebody to stay in prison without being convicted for the crime for 2 years i just because of these kind of cases that you have seen especially the government of president at global by the well president is
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a lawyer he is known before get. into public office for having taken up more such cases of innocent people than probably any other one was known on record presently for saying i would rather see 10 guilty men walk free than to have one innocent person wrongfully detained exactly this way but the thing is some people would say it's probably a bit too much talk and less action because we're hearing things are supposed to be done but a situation is worsening so what exactly is being done you know the issue of saying that the situation is worsening in my view actually is somebody that can be turned around into a positive in the olden days such cases never came out on the international forum they never came out on the local forum so it appears as if they are on the increase and this is largely because we have a much more aggressive and much more open governments for things that would have otherwise been suppressed in the fast in the past due to limitations on what you
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can cover and now coming out i think it is a good thing that our country and by the way this is not even equally as zambian problem i think it is something that is widespread in a civil case that is if there is no experience of them but i don't think we can very progressive moved moves i know that from the last report i think about $3000000.00 or much more have been set aside in order to try and be sure that there is more police that have been recruited there is more magistrates that have been recruited there is more judges that have been put into the judicial system we'll hear more from zambia's ambassador to germany shortly but now reacher away from uganda also has some thoughts on this issue 1st as has song criminals recorded as close early for the. maze of some of.
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the monaco. why. not just write some results along. problem when they come up probably. we think. we'll get to. the book. play a little break. that was the 1st of many more raw props to come i hope you enjoyed it but let's take to the topic free trial detainees i want you to imagine you've been sent to
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prison for many years and you're not even sure why unfortunately this is a common problem across africa more than 1000000 people in african prisons. 40 percent of them between the. prison they face for hygiene violence. legally. according to the university of london of 90 percent leave your house number. between the. area africa's most populous country it's 68 percent and in zambia 28 percent. crowding is also illegal. the west offend uganda. prison occupancy levels that 3 times higher than your official. you had the situation and it seems as a challenge across many african countries why's that. i think it has a lot to do with the grippe a lot of investment in the past and also maybe
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a realisation that. when people thrown into jail or into the the reform systems they're not really supposed to go there to get punished but they're supposed to be getting there so that they can be reformed in order for them to come and integrate in the system in the normal system in zambia's case because you had asked what we are doing rather is it just rhetorical why are we just big me mayor lipservice in zambia one thing i'm comfortable of telling you on record is the fact that we are already investing in getting more space for the prisons so that it can be more reformative than punitive the facility that you showed earlier on in the program that facility is as old as 55 years old it hasn't decreased since the number of offenders has been increasing and there is this tacit mistrust that confirmation by the government of knowing that this is a problem so how do we talk of this problem. more better facilities wrapping it up
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in daydreaming solutions shot one is to ensure that there is more facilities much better facilities that ensure that there is proper human rights 2nd is to increase on the number of judges a number of magistrates who should make sure that the backlog of cases taken care of much fuss that's what are people do not have to wait for 2 years or 3 integration integration system when these great people come out of the reform service how are we enter integrating with them in order to make them a much better part of society thanks very much mr mcwhorter thank you. after covering such a tricky topic and i think it's time to come on with some more uplifting stories. well come to cape town one of the biggest cities in south africa and also one of the cities on my list of places to visit it's affectionately called the mother city
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and is known for its impressive landscape its connection to nelson mandela and vibrant music scene we catch up with musician. of the city's best. high a casino mind and out of a secular spots in caps. short for your mother in africa is the stage name of cloudier with boy the hip hop artist moved from georgia on the garden read to cape town in 2016 she loves the panoramic view from the slopes of signal hill. but enough with the tranquility we're off to our 1st destination. we drive to observatory obs at the locals call it a behemoth a neighborhood popular with arty types it's the location of your most favorite shop vintage. there is nothing you can't find in this shop.
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your image is drawn to the vintage record section the 25 year old artist counts lauryn hill and bob marley among her musical influences. to her the store is an endless source of inspiration it is so soulful you know it's interesting there's a lot to see you need to take your time when they come to the shop and you also get a feel all of a white that was in back in the day and how amazing it is for me personally to see how it all comes back into fashion again. our next stop is the bustling neighborhood of woodstock. all that shopping can make you hungry but help is on its way in the form of an original cape town snack shows us where to get it from fantastic gaps because the name of the place. you're wondering what it got to be is well imagine a very long sandwich filled with everything imaginable steak chips eggs solves.
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i like the fact that it is all over the place when you eat it there's no pretty anxious in this when you eat in this thing it's all about in belgian fully. it's a thumbs up for the fantastic cuts the. cape town is home to around 4000000 people a lot of them speak afrikaans a language derived from dutch it's one of south africa's 11 official languages. explains that certain dialects are considered inferior by people who speak standard afrikaans. through her music she wants to instill self-confidence in young people who speak different versions of the language. time for a cypher or freestyle rap with fellow mc mano joe joe joe joe joe. exit it was bold statements funny you could still make them to stump up the base the pain is still soft and defunct when people instead expose. your conscience
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funded civil war smartly into the motor city still think of a specific issue but what it takes makes basic to be a start just a. look you. got to be sick. like you. suggest you keep. good enough especially when. you know what it is who you are so do you. thank you for. the day in cape town is not complete without stopping by the atlantic ocean it's your most favorite way to recharge.
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is out and we say goodbye from the mother city. so have you ever met a king in your life because i have although you're pretty unlikely to bump into one on the street but did you know that kabera the largest slum in east africa has its own royalty he's not your average king. to help the people in canberra hiv by advocating the use of condoms now that's a difficult task even for a king. the home his majesty the king of confidence. will join him in his kingdom to bear a slam in the triangle africa's largest appen slauson. this is my kingdom this my territory this my iris i come here. and use what you
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call a 3 d. up roach 1st. item is to engage the community to have a little sleep with them to have what you call trust building and i teach them on how to use expanding the stages. from there i do the most literal. gutter. from the most literal everybody will pick on them depending on the need for one thing many people want one thing that one is turning a the king of condoms started advocating for safe sex and the importance of using condoms after high school after losing a close friend to ha the stanley decided to start honest and open conversations about hiv with as many people as possible to draw people's attention here is this i catching royall out feet is very attractive and it's also make me feel proud that
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i'm the king and i'm able to meet other people not very good level at a low level they feel lucky me is a high level coming from the slums it's very uplifting to me to them. in the last 2 decades hiv infections in kenya have decreased by health organizations like l v c t health who supply the king of condoms with well condoms have helped steer these efforts however 5.6 percent of the population still carries the virus and recently a new worrying trend has the much to. do we've noticed that now among the new infections there's an increased number among young people generally so here we're talking about age about 15 to 24 years who are at highest risk of infection in poor settlements like kibera infections among young people particularly on the right i've come to realize that these are charting condoned by guinea because the same
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god when you asked them why why what happened was ideas man he bought for maybe he started paying me then he started doing these are present this man was talking as in. the king of condoms and he's project supply girls with green farming it's full of bigoted. so that they can sell their crops even the small income helps young girls become independent and less like he's engaged in and safe sex 18 year old lucky from idea is part of the project and part of high living with a funny. they don't have to be a parent to those money. smoke goes in sexual. activity so that you can get some money to buy. your food their confidence their courage to say no i can't support myself taking of condoms moves on to continue his daily mission to protect his kingdom kibera i can tell you where you t.v.
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. is an african almost 70 percent of people living here to hear you know. the power of that simple thing called the. need to be grateful i believe you need somebody who could know how much where you take me to be. when. from the king of condoms we now turn to the queen of sex and relationships kat this week we are tackling a sensitive topic virginity. what does virginity really mean themselves it's not just about sex like many would have you believe it's more complicated. than sex expert is here to tell us more. hello there and welcome to the spread a safe space where we get to discuss everything sex and relationships today we have
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an e-mail all the way from nigeria it goes a little something like this hi i'm mecca a 24 year old girl living in a belgian nigeria i have does problem when i told people that i am a virgin i get negative reactions mainly from sexually active women some women change their energy towards me and stop talking to me like i mean they my question is why do some people react the way they do to virgins thank you for your email neka 1st off virginity is a social construct that was created by the patriarchy to billy's female bodies and make us feel guilty about our sexual experiences let me explain to you what i mean by this rigidity is often framed as something that only applies to straight relationships so people tend to forget about diverse genders and sexualities that don't conform to societal norms. just because somebody is more sexually active or even older than you it doesn't mean that their opinion matters you've made
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decisions about your body and for your reason it's your body your choice and if you keep up with that attitude you will see how much further riddle take you in life especially when it comes to the boundaries that you create with others and while we're at it let's clear up some myths about virginity a lot of women think that their hymen will tear the 1st time that they have sex some cultures check a woman's a bed sheets for blood stained as proof of a genital on her wedding night but the popping of the cherry may actually have nothing to do with virginity i see some women will leave the 1st time that they have sex and some women won't in fact some. women tear their hymen before they have sex to normal activities like playing sports or inserting a tampon meca just don't let anyone hold you or your sexuality hostage just do what you feel is right for you and your body we support you from me til next time by. well about was very enlightening like cast says listen to your body and your heart
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and stay confident thanks as always casts well we've covered sex we've covered crime the only thing missing is rock n roll but maybe next time we'd like to hear your thoughts on the show so send us your feedback via 77 d.w. dot com time's up and we got to go but be back soon coming up on our next program. travels to south africa to speak with teenagers about politics and the problem of crop to. get to the heart of issue. before we go we have some music to share with you this is blinky bell and me with the take care and good buy.
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because. we're wondering how exactly $5.00. one out of 6 goals is to keep the head of. a sophisticated mental calculation. in search of going for the perfect 10. and 30 minute spontaneous luxury. macho king on kind of.
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. plays. played. this is due to the news line from berlin small protests flare up in hong kong placed i take as an angry crowds cheering and now the weekend of pro-democracy protests petrol bombs also fly as clashes resume one small between all parties and activist also coming up. young activists gather at the united nations in new york for a dialogue on climate change and meeting comes a day off to millions for the strains to run against global warming will speak to long from he'll.


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