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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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oh. this is deja news live from burden young people gather at the united nations for a dialogue on climate change amazing comes a day on to millions take to the streets to rally against global warming to speak to a young person in the new york fighting to protect the environment also coming up. more protests flare up in hong kong plates by tear gas and angry crowds during another weekend of pro-democracy protests petrol bombs also fly as clashes resumed once more between security forces and demonstrators and.
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i want to update. it appears down glowing in munich as i'm told the best 2019 gets underway millions of visitors are expected to join the world's biggest stage during the next 2 days. i'm a backer of his welcome to the program he's leaders have gathered at the united nations in new york to discuss the climate crisis it follows friday's massive climate change demonstrations the largest ever and comes ahead of a summit of world leaders beginning monday in new york swedish tain activist gratitude and help kick off these climate summit. yesterday millions of people across the globe. march and demand does real climate action especially. young people. we show that we we are united
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and that we young people are unstoppable that's the message from gretta simberg at the un youth summit in new york on the back of the world's largest ever climate protest on friday organized by friday's for future a movement she founded in response the head of the un admitted that runaway climate change poses an existential threat to the human race i have granddaughters i want my granddaughters to live in the life of all planet marjane the nation as a huge responsibility it is your generation that must make us be accountable to make sure that we don't betray the future of human kind of grand words but one of actions on monday world leaders will meet in new york to discuss the climate crisis but after decades of negotiations greenhouse gas emissions are still going up on friday 4000000 people took to the streets now the world waits to hear whether
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leaders will extend their climate ambitions. didn't really correspondent alexander phenomena spoke with another one of these activists attending that climate summit at the u.n. . we are here at the u.n. headquarters in new york and i have with me it's who is a claimant activist from germany thank you for being here with us so you're participating in this summit what are you trying hoping to achieve so i feel like the most important thing that we are hoping to achieve is to get the message out that we need to walk the talk and not just talk the talk like our government seen leaving the only do so we are gathered here with a 1000 young people we want to build a network who want to share inspiration for actions that can be taken but also ensure that we send out a huge macit to the climate summit on monday that we expect our leaders to declare a climate emergency and act accordingly. talking about leaders who are dealing with leaders such as donald trump who says that he doesn't believe that climate change
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is manmade and permanent so what can you do to press leaders like him to really act and tackle the issue vote accordingly i mean young people might not be the majority in the voting age groups but we still have an insane power if we all go to the polls if we and we've seen that in the european election right young people voting so grain that our governments feel you know push to actually think about that topic and if not act accordingly so we need to vote we need to go to the streets we need to strike and we need to be vocal in the digital media and that's and i by then we can show how much we care about the issue and how much we expect our politicians to act according. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world organizers of a climate march in paris told protesters to call it quits following violent clashes between police and radical activists who or 30 said had infiltrated the rally
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police arrested more than $100.00 demonstrators. in the netherlands parachutists have taken center stage at a ceremony commemorating one of the biggest allied operations of the 2nd world war in september 94435000 paratroopers landed in on him their goal was to try to capture key roads and bridges from the nazis. china and the solomon islands have formally established diplomatic ties after the solomons broke off relations with taiwan it was one of 2 pacific island nations to switch their allegiance to beijing this week who would buy the promise of economic investment only 15 countries worldwide worldwide now recognize taiwan's independence from china. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a bomb blast on a minibus in iraq that killed 12 people and wounded 5 others the explosion near the shiite shrine city of karbala was one of the biggest since the iraqi government
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declared iowa's defeated in the country 2 years ago. but it's to hong kong now where clashes have broke out again on saturday during another weekend of pro-democracy protests police tried to disperse several 1000 people using tear gas and brandishing firearms the much started peacefully but skirmishes soon broke out . i seen such as these are becoming all too familiar tear gas fills the air as police and protesters clashed in hong kong streets road satellite the 2 sites have been facing off every weekend for 4 months what started as anger over proposed extradition law has grown into a wider movement calling for greater democracy protesters were arrested outside a real b. station. insite people were marking 2 months since activists were violently beaten in a mall botak they are. the ones i. after
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a largely peaceful march airlie or in the day clashes then drew case between police and a group of hardcore activists the jaivin strangers 3 petrol bombs from behind their barricades in a separate incident walls of and she government messages were torn dice of these so-called lenin walls have become something of an emblem for the demonstrations which have been held every weekend for the last 16 weeks protest leaders have dubbed this hong kong summer of discontent and although the numbers at the protests are dwindling those attending are justice passionate as ever. because you know. you don't. have to. have my great. great hope i have no power nor. we did not write this is what gets me excited by the right and. the pro-democracy activists are looking
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for a show of solidarity from the west's and are calling for the international community to support them and stand with home call i've day to be correspondent is billing is in hong kong and sent us this update on the latest round of clashes. both sides are really on the brink of the nerves we are seeing the police getting provoked easily and the protesters expecting something to happen so some of them come prepared with petrol bombs and other gear to the demonstrations and anything that happens then a warning by the police an announcement to disperse the crowd inevitably leads to violence. formants museum president zina al aberdeen ben ali has been buried in the saudi holy city of medina ben ali was the 1st lady to be toppled by
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the arab spring protests in 2011 he fled to saudi arabia where he lived in exile until his death on thursday he was 83 years old ben ali ruled in his ear for more than 2 decades eventually frustration over high unemployment and his reluctance to embrace democracy sparked the uprising against him. and security forces have been deployed to central cairo after rare anti-government protests broke out on friday evening in the egyptian capital as well as other cities demonstrators called on president abdel fattah el-sisi to step down amid allegations of widespread corruption. say it don't be scared sisi has to go hundreds protest in and around her here square in cairo egypt calling on president. sisi to step down. these demonstrations are a rarity in today's egypt sparked by a pill shared on social media to take to the streets in opposition to government
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corruption and depression since l.c.c. was elected he's consolidated his power and not to an unprecedented crackdown imprisoning thousands of political islamists secular opposition figures and popular bloggers this is the 1st major protest against l.c.c. in which demonstrators have to find a ban on public protest protestors tear down the president's image according to reports security forces have been quick to disperse crowds with tear gas 55 people have so far been arrested but reports suggest the initial momentum is not abating. and some support now in the formula one ferrari the shells like a mclaren sprang a surprise in singapore by taking pole. for aria not renowned for this success in singapore the paper accused a fine display of driving to pick the runway leader lewis hamilton of the sadie's to 1st place because ferrari teammates of aston federal stands good in sunday's
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gone prix. and to japan now and the rugby world cup where a clash between heavyweights new zealand and south africa held top billing in friday's group matches the kiwis took home a look tired and dry as they went into the break 14 points ahead south africa's stormed back in the 2nd half but new zealand held on to claim a hard for we in australia survived a scare against fiji to post a win in their opening group match a bright star from the pacific islanders soars trailing behind at half time but to 2nd half tries from toller law to swung the game in favor of the wallabies meanwhile france came from behind to win a thrilling match with argentina comey lopez was the hero after he scored a drop goal to clinch a narrow 2 point victory in tokyo. one of the world's biggest parties is now underway in munich more than 6000000 people are expected to attend october fest
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during the next 2 weeks revelers began arriving on saturday morning to get one of the few states. to dash for the tents when the doors opened at this year's october fest just minutes later 120000 seats have been filled among those gearing up for the festivities protesters fresh from friday's for future work generation that's taking to the streets we're not afraid to make our voices heard and i think we can also sit down and enjoy a beer and vision thing. but only after a 3 hour way use the 1st keg wasn't tapped until midday as is the tradition every year. or 2 after seeing munich america hosting to a peaceful festival climates also on the agenda as october fest which has been powered by green energy since 2012 and more and more tents are becoming climate neutral every year. oh it's good so we have
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a point system to decide which businesses are allowed to take part in october 1st and we work a lot of points to businesses focused on sustainability. when it comes to food old classics are still on the menu roast chicken sausages joke. but me for you alternatives are increasingly popular. in business to put the superfood theme is in especially salads with nuts flowers and forage greens that will definitely be the trend this year. until washed down with a vegan bear the way it has been brewed for over 500 years under the german beer purity law. old fans of the caped crusader has been celebrating batman day by watching the bat signal being beamed into night skies around the world like here in tokyo through the our i am. the iconic signal someone's the superhero incoming in the comic
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book series which is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year batman since going into ream a multibillion dollar global franchise with characters like catwoman and the joker getting their own successful spin offs. as a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here on data. young activists have gathered at the united nations for a dialogue on climate change it follows friday's massive demonstrations and comes ahead of a major climate summit of world leaders beginning monday in new york. in clashes have broken out again in hong kong with demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails and all 4 of these firing tear gas and approach on a groups have been pulling down public messages left by anti-government activists to boys that amounts. to coming up after the break hits the bundesliga with chris harrington the battle for the 1st place continues on much tank 5 table top is
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a live say schlock holds with bremen on saturday could julian novels montagne stay on top for another week that and much more on the point is to go. to watching d.w. news live from delhi and more news headlines at the top of the hour i'm rebecca roberts in berlin for me i'm inside taming it thanks for watching. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word courage from the. coaches in germany to learn german and why not give him a simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nikos free german for me to see. and i'm good i'm going to drown in your w from the bottom.


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