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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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how did the. the rooms code. you. nearly half a 1000000 customers are affected thousands of them. collapses. said. the world's oldest travel company was. also coming up the internet trip but don't think. of video streaming. missions of a medium sized country. this is
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a business. the world's oldest travel company thomas cook stuff for failing to secure a last minute bailout more than half a 1000000 people worldwide holiday with the group. beginning an operation to bring customers stranded abroad back to britain but it is unclear whether the. holiday makers as well. thomas cook holiday makers in the spanish island of majorca wondering how they are going to get home. they just how disconnected out of the iberia desk we should get more information from them that we're not too sure they still say. our flight is delayed to. go one hour and passengers yet to begin their trips looking for clarity. our customers passengers have a flight booked out from the u.k. today unfortunately your flight has been canceled don't go to the please don't go
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to the ports if you're overseas on a thomas cook holiday then you can continue to enjoy your holiday at the cia is launching. this is the largest repulsion since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home everybody. back back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date 150000 brits need to be flown home in all 600000 holidaymakers are affected including customers of german subsidiary neck come in holiday airline kaunda another german subsidiary said that for legal reasons it was unable to fly passengers who had booked to buy a thomas cook the firm has been struggling in recent years mounting debts of high interest rates alongside changing consumer habits combine to create rough conditions in the travel and aviation market uncertainty surrounding breaks it didn't help matters things came to a head last month in order to raise cash quickly the bosses put the airline
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business and condo up for sale before scrapping the proposal and presenting a rescue plan to investors. despite huge if it's over the number of months. and that intense negotiations in recent days we have not been able to secure a deal to say. business. for some of the 20000 workers at europe's 2nd biggest travel company there may be smiles but the future is far from clear. robots have looked into that story for us rob how could it happen well it there's a feeling this is been coming for some time and that thomas coke has really failed to move with the times it's been going for a 178 years but over the past half a century its way of operating hasn't changed that much i heard one commentator say that while the rest of us are working in bar codes thomas cook is still working in
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brushes there's a feeling that this model of expecting people to you know leaf through a booklet choose the destination of their choice and then go into a physical store that's dying it's not compatible with today when we've got the internet that allows us to pick any hotel anywhere in the world and also choose any flight between any 2 countries we like we don't need that extra person so there's a feeling that that's one of the reasons that they've had a tough couple of years i mean earlier this year actually they did post debts of more than a 1000000000 euros so we had last month there was this rescue agreement agreed with its biggest shareholder folks and from china that was for 900000000 pounds so about a 1000000000 euros still no no not enough it turned out last we heard from banks in the u.k. who said that they wanted another 200000000 euro as 1000000 pounds a day and fast turned out to be a bridge too far for thomas cook. didn't break 70 we've heard talk about
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breakthrough in this circle to do successes as well what role did it play well. thomas cook would say that it did play a role i mean we talk a lot we talk about brags about uncertainty and that's not something that the travel industry has been immune from people have been holding off on choosing to go away because they fear that if there is a no deal bret's it somehow whilst they're away will they be able to get back into the country so for that reason you know they've got the problem of people not going on as many holidays and they need people to go on holidays for their business models work also in the u.k. in the u.k. they've had a couple of very hot summers and thomas puts that has also prevented people wanting to go abroad to put an end of lira isn't it but it isn't 178 years of history the best part of 2 centuries it started out just offering trips between one little british city leicester to another one a couple of kilometers away and it's now the biggest talk opening in the world or at least it was until 3 o'clock this morning but it has a great deal of sentimental value in the u.k.
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and if i've just been speaking to my mum who was posed to going away with them she says she's used them with a great deal over the years as we did when i was a child and now she doesn't know what's going to happen very sort of solo to or from the bank euro board of a collapse of thomas cook resonated in asia through shares in the 2 operators biggest stakeholder fell one percent in hong kong u.s. china trade war jitters and tensions with iran gave asian markets a downbeat start to the week market players were looking for positive signals on trade of the china council visits to u.s. farms last week. saying fell one percent after yet another weekend of violent protests. perhaps you. watch a video on your way to work or check the news online or you skype with friends quite
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regularly for many of us those a tip it is a part of our daily routine if no one ever thinks about climate change when they use them but maybe we should because digital technologies produce around 4 percent of global c o 2 emissions that's more than all airplanes combined and twice as much as germany's share for example estimates say this could double in the next 5 years there isn't all that data from amazon's movies to your social media feed it's to be stored somewhere and that happens mostly on massive server farms as there's a vast buildings crime to the hilt with computer hard drives those servers need a lot of power to run and to be cool and the vast majority actually is due to you tube and netflix and other video services if you look at the global data traffic email websites photos anything that's not a video accounts for only 20 percent of the data the other 80 are moving pictures
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online video watching produces as much c o 2 per day asked the country of spain and there's no sign of it slowing down. frankfurt on mine the former building of the european central bank various service providers in a hotel have taken over the space and on the 7th floor is one of the many computer centers in the banking metropolis but this one is different. it's definitely of the dresden company cloud and he opens the doors to a cramped room. before his room used to be stuff with service and ranks now i have a lot more data using a 3rd of the space. and then drifted efficient. cooling makes it all possible. the boards and processes are called with water instead of air but it's more than just that. museum demi is
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a cabinet you see behind me the whole building and supplied with hot water all year round it took the specialist from dresden more than a year to integrate the new heat source into the building it reduces $500.00 tons of c o 2 every year. we have a savings potential of 98 percent when compared to present cooling methods. less space less energy more performance more efficient in every way fun could on mine alone would save massive amounts of energy elevations and if you put together all the data centers in frankfurt that consume more energy than the frankfurt airport energy consumption will still continue to rise but many data centers especially in germany are still afraid to cool their computers with water. so what can be done about adama join the studio melissa she's with comet's germany's lobby
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organization for all things digital. so we always hear that digitization is the future we need foster into especially here in germany infrastructure is not very good all the other data is a clavicle so what is it now. i think is not that simple to say that data has a climate collaboratives it always depends on how do you produce the data and how do you. provide the service with energy so of of course if you use fossil fuels to run the service then it wouldn't be good for the climate but this is more at topic of the energy source and gemini we have 30 percent of data sent us that are already running on renewable energy so now if you have data that run by when you get energy and cannot be harmful for the climate still data produces c o 2 some one way or another. anything that uses electricity produces c o 2 can we do anything to minimize public consumption in the sector of course we
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already have many solutions like artificial intelligence to lower them ound off. yet climate or a conditioning in the data sent us so there are solutions that are being worked on already we can also. yeah i work on the heart for hardware that it's better that it's more efficient so they are already many things being done and of course we're not at the end yet there is still more innovation to cop. you hardly ever hear people talk about the fact the video content is so do so much of it is actually video and nobody realizes that it's produced so much c o 2 is this being swept under the carpet or is a distortion of speak up i think when it comes to the whole climate discussions then there are many things that are. more popular and it always seems like a face and right now the videos are on the top of what we discuss should it's
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a big climate to lead but it's also the cars it's also primary energy sources it's the agriculture so everything has an impact on it and our challenge is to get all the topics together and make sure that we have a solution that affects every single sector that yeah we use carbon emissions from melissa thank you very much. and that's it for me and the business team and then from all business stories and lots of box on check out our web site as well that's to tell me you know dot com slash business.
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hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good 1st is evil us versus them white wine. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that we're more heard it is well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give me young the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or removed it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were getting done. as far as society is concerned we don't exist we're sort of invisible many people don't even know what this is because download yvonne is intersexual neither male nor female when he was young he had surgery to make him a girl the doctors had advised his parents to raise him to be a woman but he feels like a man and he wants to know exactly what happened back then and why.
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christiane's gender isn't clearly defined but he wants to be seen as a man he works out at a fitness studio almost every day. so as i am with both of them can i use the butterfly machine because going to. the surgical reconstruction to make history on a girl made his self-esteem plummet. so i can discover the fitness means so much to me because for a long time until puberty actually i hated myself i never accepted myself and it was only with the help of weight training and fitness that i learned to love myself . now it's like an addiction i really enjoy it. we have. as a kid.


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