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live around the world. one of them needed urgent assistance. the family starts oct on. looking at it. this is the interview news live from berlin more than half a 1000000 travelers around the world stranded after the collapse of thomas cook britain has launched that country's biggest ever peacetime operation to bring its citizens back home how hard will this hit top tourist destination plus. the town that's on the front lines of climate change people and norway are hoping for
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swift action from world leaders they say rising temperatures have already claimed lives. i brought in thomas great to have you with us the world's oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed after failing to secure a last minute bell out more than half a 1000000 people worldwide are at this hour on holiday with that group the u.k. civil aviation authority is beginning the operation to bring home some 150000 british customers stranded abroad. head tim johnson had this message for thomas co travelers if customers passengers have a flight booked out from the u.k. today unfortunately your flight has been canceled. for the please don't go to the
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airport if you're overseas on a thomas cook holiday and you can continue to enjoy your holiday the cia is launching. this is the largest since the 2nd world war. so what about the many people who are stranded at this hour here's some reactions from british travelers in spain at new york as airport. one man they mistrust. no one has really pulled through can you do we want to show in the news 15 days what's happening. there no one has spoken does no one has emailed the 2 planes and just one but i. thought you were flying once assuming now. i'm not so sure this place on time you know something only found the place think you know if you don't see then that it's got a long a down get the very latest from did ever use charlotte potts standing by for us
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there good morning charlotte hundreds of thousands of people are stranded today how are they going to get home and who's going to pay for their travel back to their final destinations. well good morning yeah the british government is going to pay essentially this bankruptcy has been a long time coming and the british government has prepared for it they have basically shot out hundreds of planes around the world that will bring those travelers back to the u.k. as far as chartered planes from malaysia and what we don't know at this point is whether this will apply it to non british citizens or to those that are going to travel to different destinations outside of the u.k. so far we've talked to the aviation authority and they are saying within the next 2 weeks travelers who are stranded abroad will be broad back to their u.k. destination so that should include non british citizens as well and those will be getting home so if you are a traveler stranded with thomas cook just sit tight check the website and
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a plane will be arriving to bring you back to the u.k. at some point well that certainly is good news for all those people wondering about that charlotte the c.e.o. . pay to funkhouser from thomas koch has been talking to the press here he has a statement from. i would like to say. to all of our customers those who are on holiday with us now and those who have poked with us in the coming months it is deeply distressing to me that the test will be impossible to say for all of the most loft brands in travel. ok distrust the c.e.o. there from thomas koch why didn't his company get the lifeline to charlotte it was looking for. well indeed a very emotional statement there and that's what we've been hearing from the travel
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industry this morning of course in the u.k. very emotional reactions to that bankruptcy so thomas cook has been and debts for a while now millions and millions indeed and the u.k. government had been in talks whether to rescue thomas cook on not indeed as we mentioned the oldest travel company in the world so that also of course enormous and enormous impact on the u.k. travel industry and on other businesses here in the u.k. and in the end the u.k. government said the transport secretary said that this morning that they just didn't believe that thomas cook could come out of that debt that they didn't believe that thomas cook could ever stand on their own 2 feet again and that's why in the end they decided not to rescue the company and i think we also have to keep in mind that bracks it plays a huge role at the moment there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding businesses and the u.k. government here didn't also want to set
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a precedent saving thomas cook rescuing that company at a moment when the u.k. companies might east struggling where they have would have to rescue more and more companies in the future ok charles thanks so much for bringing us up to date on this story for us in long this brief you know some of the other stories making news around the world a school classroom has collapsed in the kenyan capital nairobi killing at least 7 children dozens more injured reports indicate a number of people may still be trapped inside that rockets near elementary school is located in a poor neighborhood of nairobi where makeshift buildings are common. in israel arab political parties have backed former military chief benny gantz as the next prime minister the unusual move is an attempt to block anyone and yahoo from returning to power israel's president has been holding consultations on forming the next government following last week's inconclusive election.
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sigman jaan the 1st german space explorer has died at the age of $82.00 in 1988 orbited the earth for 7 days in a russian space capsule the trip made the cosmonaut a hero in communist east germany after reunification he helped train other european astronauts. while world leaders are gathering today in new york for an emergency climate summit ahead of the general assembly that starts tomorrow the u.n. is calling it a race to limit climate change a race the world it says can win but for those living on the front lines for example in the arctic circle well the stakes are very high in the no region archipelago of small bard which is home to the world's northernmost town. people there are experiencing the various consequences of climate change 1st hand some say that those consequences have literally claimed lives.
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the cracking sound of the carving place yet was never unusual here insolvent what is unusual is the frequency with which he hear it nowadays scientists say air and sea temperatures have risen significantly in the last 3 decades and it's changing the entire archipelago. we are losing the small barred window we are losing the arctic as we know it because of climate change the air temperature over seas risen by almost 10 degrees in the past 30 years the ocean is warmer. there is no sea ice on the fjords any more here on the west coast. that's not an isolated development sea ice cover on the arctic has shrunk to almost half its size and less than 40 years. in the nearby town of long people say they can see their highest changing and they no longer feel safe.
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december of 2015. child died. there was a whole apartment complex that was caught in an avalanche and was like 50 apartments getting crushed. but it was the middle of the night and nobody knew was coming. since then landslides and avalanches have become more common leading the local vicar to paint a doomsday scenario because of climate change and the different fact makes through the soil the ground some of the grace we see behind us might actually end up sliding into the road the little valley. or the next thing we can see if they might all be covered in the next big landslide coming down from the hill after just the one by a couple of the last part. it's a grisly prospect and still a way off in the future but this reason to worry about the here and now roshan is
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eating away at the coastline forcing some to pack up and move here so this was a very nice slopes towards the coast one day. 30 meters disappeared just in $11.00 event and that's when we decided we have to move the cabin. and many others and are hoping world leaders will act fast to limit the effects of climate change or else they fear their home in the arctic won't survive. in the interior ministers from countries including germany france and italy are meeting today to decide where to resettle migrants rescued in the mediterranean italy and malta have been preventing ngo rescue ships from entering their ports malta itself as seen a sharp increase in migrants over the summer and former refugees are among those trying to help the new iraq. there's some mama train 6 times
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a week in the hot maltese sun. he is a sprinter and his goal is to compete in the olympics. when he's not training volunteers with spark 15 a nonprofit set up to help integrate the increasing number of asylum seekers on the island. there is a himself led ethiopia through libya and across the mediterranean 6 years ago he says his experience as a refugee allows him to connect with those who cross the same waters. they make him more open to me what they want but you know. i'm not doing big things for them but it's like for them it's something something good. for me there's a story is a story of success but a recent surge in arrivals to europe's most densely populated island is testing that you members asylum system in 201720 people arrive by boat to malta this year that number was 2260. this swell in arrivals is due in part to the former italian
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government's policy of refusing port to the rescue vessels that save migrants in the mediterranean this has made malta the closest safe harbor to the north african coast now other e.u. countries have been accepting a lot of these arrivals but only on an ad hoc basis this has left malta to shelter thousands in makeshift accommodations like these. there are over a 1000 people living in the whole far camp 8 people per container. the residents i spoke to had the same complaints long lines for the bathroom and only pasta to eat . they are worried that winter will be unbearable if you don't have any close we don't have good growth you know how much it is. we don't have anything but if you go inside and see i didn't see. anyone how i was i was how i would have been just cross because i don't have a hissy fit when you don't understand well so that would put up with me. but the
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worst part for some is not knowing how long they will have to wait to find out if they can stay in europe. over the weekend malta celebrated 55 years of independence from the united kingdom the nationalist party held a rally and party leader adrian koch of malta's economic success both major political parties advocate tolerance toward asylum seekers and nationalist party is proud of how malta. has handled the influx of people fleeing war and persecution in africa. but says he wants the e.u. to create a system to automatically distribute those who arrive by boat. migration issue is not something which comes and goes sees a little it's not the any it's a pattern which unfortunately we're counting on to go climate change a lot of dots on the euro pasta be at the forefront of actually tackling this issue knots season by season summer by summer or both by boat there's
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a says he hopes he can serve as an inspiration to those who just arrived and those who are bound to come looking for a better life was miami is like looking for freedom. you know. what you make it but freedom you want to make it. there's a feels he is where he wants to be now but he knows he is one of the lucky few. now it's 2 television's biggest awards the emmys they've been handed out or else in los angeles the h.b.o. special game of thrones which ended this year won the award for best drama series billy porter became the 1st openly gay black man to take home an emmy award for the best actor role in the drama series pose about new york's gay ballroom scene in the ninety's and the ward for best comedy series that went to fleabag a dark british comedy about a dysfunctional woman and her life. writer behind a series of bridge also won an award for best actress in
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a comedy series. well up next we have our documentary series doc film and that meets with john neumeier his longtime head of the hamburg ballet and don't forget there's more on these and other stories that are website e w dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire news team thanks for being here. let us we were. when we were. 80 percent of americans or something and i live really experience hardship. that people are feasible.


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