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the bag. this is d.w.p. is coming to you live from berlin more than half a 1000000 travelers are on the wild are stranded after thomas cook collapses with the travel phone grounded holidays are turning into a nightmare for tourists and left and drift what is britain doing to help its citizens get back home also coming up iran offers a new security plan for the gulf region that does not include the united states president hassan rouhani takes his vision to the united nations amid diplomatic
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efforts to end the standoff between the countries. and hewitt's led strikes against climate change has put added 6 scrutiny on world leaders song which the u.n. today for an emergency climate summit. blasts the game of thrones brings once again crowned the winner for best drama at the emmys we have a look at the wins and upsets of t.v.'s big night each. one of a warm welcome to you i'm under. the oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed after failing to secure a last minute bailout more than half a 1000000 people worldwide are currently on holiday with the group the u.k. civil aviation authority is beginning an operation to bring home some 150000
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british customers stranded abroad the head of the civil aviation authority in britain jim johnson has this message for thomas cook customer if our customers passengers have a flight booked out from the u.k. today unfortunately your flight has been come sold our supplies dugouts of a piece turned out to be the airports if you're overseas on a thomas cook our holiday then you can continue to enjoy your holiday at the cia is launching our report. this is the largest repression since the 2nd world war. so passengers are now going to be brought back with a large repack creation effort underway as we hear the heel some reactions from u.k. travelers in spain at an airport in majorca. a nightmare they mistrust. not all wanted really pulled off what can you do we want to show you the news to fit in to what's happening. so we know what has gone does no one has e-mailed
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back to planes or you just want what i. thought you were flying once this year we now are. not so if your pockets please our hands tied to north central and south to thank you know that because you see there in the face. misako to london to do the obvious correspondent seana thoughts sean it's a lot of uncertain did exactly as we heard how the hundreds of thousands of people who are stranded going to get a woman who's going to pay for that. well essentially the british government is going to pay for that they have chartered hundreds of flights around the world from as far as malaysia to get those travelers back home to the u.k. we know that planes will pick them up at some point on the advice there from the aviation authority is sit tight and joy your holiday and a plane will come to pick you up at some point check the web site the thomas cook
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website and they will let you know but of course there is also a much bigger story that is the hundreds of thousands that have booked holidays with thomas cook that are coming out that are now not going to be able to take part and those they going to be reimbursed some are of course and $20000.00 employees globally are losing or have lost their jobs last night with this bankruptcy for example those employees in the shop behind me this shop of course remains closed it's one of 600 shops that are still on high street in the u.k. and those will remain closed until thomas cook c.e.o. peta fine counsel has also made a statement 1st let's have a listen to what he had to say i would like to say. to all our customers those who don't wholly though you with us now those who have poked with us in the coming months it is deeply distressing to me that they tell us no to be impossible
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to say full of the most loft rise in travel. social of the there was that was a thomas cook c.e.o. expressing his regret now why didn't his company get the financial lifeline it was despite the seeking. well that was quite an emotional statement from the c.e.o. and i think this news has hit the u.k. quite hard we know it's the oldest travel agency one of the world's largest so it's the news really has hit the u.k. and everybody basically in the u.k. has at some point traveled with thomas cook a know somebody who has traveled with thomas cook so why the question did the u.k. government not to save the company basically they did the numbers and they said it wasn't profitable at all thomas cook has been in debt 1700000000 and when the u.k. government crunched the numbers there they figured that it wouldn't be profitable
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in the long term that they were a systemic problems and that it just wouldn't be worth saving and sure the question which also needs to be did briggs it really ruin all of this. well it played at least some pod i think of the u.k. government not saving thomas cook for example they didn't also want to set a precedent there are many companies at the moment currently with the uncertainty of brecht's that and the u.k. struggling and the u.k. government didn't want to say for comment thomas cook and set the precedent for other companies but on the other hand thomas cook struggled also because of bricks and because of that uncertainty a lot of travelers in the u.k. decided to cancel plans to travel abroad and that is why they had less bookings so that has certainly been one of the issues shown a bounce on the going to apps of thomas koch thank you very much. let me now bring
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you up to date but some other stories making news around the world a school classroom is collapse in the kenyan capital nairobi killing at least 7 children dozens more have been injured the elementary school is located in a poor neighborhood of nairobi the collapse is being blamed on shoddy construction . spanish police of candour grades and arrested 9 people suspected of plotting violent attacks they say the raid started an organization that supports independence police say they found material that could be used to make explosives it comes ahead of a verdict in the trial of pro independence politicians. in the u.s. president dollar dropped his joint indian prime minister narendra modi for a rally in houston texas tens of thousands of indian americans on hand for the event which was organized by supporters it comes with more defacing international criticism over a recent crackdown in disputed kashmir. in
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interior ministers from countries including germany france and italy are meeting today to decide where to resettle refugees risk youth in the mediterranean italy and malta have been preventing n.g.o.s rescue ships from entering the ports water itself are seen a shop increase in refugees over the summer as we hear from our reporter s.f. former refugees among those who are trying to help them. there are some on a train 6 times a week in the hot maltese sun. he is a sprinter and his goal is to compete in the olympics. when he's not training volunteers with spark 15 a nonprofit set up to help integrate the increasing number of asylum seekers on the island. there is a himself led ethiopia through libya and across the mediterranean 6 years ago he says his experience as a refugee allows him to connect with those who cross the same waters. they been
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more open to me what they want but you know. i'm not doing big things for them what it's like for them is something something would. talk to me there's a story is a story of success but a recent surge in arrivals to europe's most densely populated island is testing that you members asylum system in 201720 people arrive by boat to malta this year that number was 2260. this swell in arrivals is due in part to the former italian government's policy of refusing port to the rescue vessels that save migrants in the mediterranean this has made malta the closest safe harbor to the north african coast now other e.u. countries have been accepting a lot of these arrivals but only on an ad hoc basis this has left malta to shelter thousands in makeshift accommodations like these. there are over a 1000 people living in the whole far camp 8 people per container. the residents i
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spoke to had the same complaints long lines for the bathroom and only pasta to eat . they are worried that winter will be unbearable if you don't have any clothes you don't have good growth you know how much it is. we don't have anything but if you go inside and see if it is in the. field you will highlight what i will how i would describe because i don't have i see that when you get up on the sea level so that we put up with it. but the worst part for some is not knowing how long they will have to wait to find out if they can stay in europe. over the weekend malta celebrated 55 years of independence from the united kingdom the nationalist party held a rally and party leader adrian the lia spoke of malta economic success both major political parties advocate tolerance toward asylum seekers the nationalist party is
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proud of how malta. has handled the influx of people fleeing war and persecution in africa. but says he wants the e.u. to create a system to automatically distribute those who arrive by boat. migration issue is not something which comes or goes sees a little it's not any it's a pattern which unfortunately we're counting on to grow climate change a lot of dots on the euro pasta be at the forefront of actually tackling this issue not season by season summer by summer or both by boat there's a says he hopes he can serve as an inspiration to those who just arrived and those who are bound to come looking for a better life as miami is like looking for freedom. you know what you need what you make it what freedom you want to make it. there's a feels he is where he wants to be now but he knows he is one of the lucky few. and the job his then we get is at the e.u.
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migration summit in malta then of this summit in sea look at the distribution of refugees but it seems only 5 countries are taking pot why is that the case. because the other tried to to somewhat reluctant to agree on a relocation scheme for myron's and some of these countries poland hungary to name 2 actually refusing to take any margan so this is a coalition of the willing meeting in malta basically the 3 big e.u. countries france germany and italy now about to agree on a fix quota system which is new in the u. and they hope that they can convince at least 10 or 12 more countries to join this team in october but germany has signaled that's willing to accept more refugees a spot off this initiative do you think that would head. well germany came out with 25 percent of migrants it would take from private rescue boats but also france is agreeing on 25 percent italy will take 10 and so the german interior
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minister. whom i talked to before this meeting is quite optimistic that something can be achieved today on malta let's listen in. for the best and for. even the best planning can't guarantee a successful end result and i'm most interested in reaching a successful conclusion to such negotiations there are many points that must be reviewed that means ministers have to discuss things a 2nd time moment to consider our decisions in the minister and there are several such points to be reconsidered but overall the understanding between the ministers is good is on this decision and its whose name it is the good one of the sticking one of the sticking points one of these brackets if you will is the question which kind of migrants should be taken in all migrants only those who have a chance to get asylum actually in the e.u.
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which only 20 or 30 percent of the migrants with a broad which are which come from africa so far and rita and then what about italy under the previous hardline minister muttiah salvini italy had closed its forts to rescue vessels do you think the sun let go due to a change of that policy. yes the policy already has changed the new home secretary. is a totally different kind of politician she's not come painting on this issue she's not a right wing politician she's a civil servant if you will and she said she will open the heart as of italy again if there is a relocation scheme so salvini blockade actually failed. and when thousands of if it is that have died in the past few years in the mediterranean is there any india discussion that whether the e.u. could have done more to prevent those deaths but the n.g.o.s
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the health organization of course maintain that you could have done more and save more lives but the you on the other hand says we cannot take every migrant and we cannot prevent migraines entering the boats if we say we take everybody even more people would come and more people go drown though this discussion is still going on . benji is at and you migration and refugee conference in malta thank you very much for this update from back. it was indeed other news coming up ahead a norwegian town that's on the front lines of climate change people inspired by hoping for swift action from world leaders meeting at the u.n. this is a rising temperatures have already claimed lives. but 1st iran's president hassan rouhani is calling for a new security coalition in the gulf region rivaling the u.s. saudi alliance tensions are high in the area after last week's attacks on saudi oil
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installations which the united states alleges iran was carried out iran has denied this and has warned against u.s. plans to send more troops to the gulf president rouhani represent his vision to move beyond the current crisis to the united nations later this week. the iranian leadership spry did joy this and here craft missile battery was developed from a russian design and it proved its worth shooting down a u.s. spy drone a few weeks ago. the wreckage on show in toronto a warning to washington and its allies. to anyone who wants to turn back country into a battlefield should go ahead we will never allow anyone to attack iran we will defend our land until the end. this display of military might commemorates the start of hostilities between iran and neighboring iraq
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nearly 40 years ago. a reminder of iran's capabilities and a response to the u.s. sending more troops to the region. to have a $1000000.00 if the west wants to guarantee stability in the region they should stay away their presence is only brought disaster further away they are safer it will be hard on. the war with iraq. remembered also it see no need to iran denies launching the rocket attacks on saudi arabian oil fields last week that's not believed and tensions are running high but iran believes trump's threats are just bluff. a lot i guess for troops they use who do this or that but after we shot down his drone all he did was attack is with tweets.
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now to run has a peace plan intended to put diplomatic pressure on its islamic neighbors. convinced of trump's weakness rouhani is heading for the u.n. in new york he wants to present his peace initiative on wednesday. a world leaders are gathering today new york for an emergency climate summit held the general assembly which starts on tuesday the u.n. is calling it a race to limit climate change arist the world says it can win but for those living on the front line for example in the arctic circle there is greater urgency the norwegian occupy lego office is home to the world's northernmost town people here are experiencing various consequences of climate change 1st hand and residency some lives have already been lost. in. the
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cracking sound of the carving place yet was never unusual here in sabat what is unusual is the frequency with which he hear it nowadays scientists say air and sea temperatures have risen significantly in the last 3 decades and it's changing the entire archipelago. we are losing the small bug we know we are losing the arctic as we know it because of climate change the earth's temperature over seas risen by almost 10 degrees in the past 30 years the ocean is warmer. there is no sea ice on the fjords any more here on the west coast. that's not an isolated development sea ice cover on the arctic has shrunk to almost half its size and less than 40 years. in the nearby town of longer 1000000000 people say they can see their highest changing and they no longer feel safe. in the
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summer of 2015. and child died. there was a whole apartment complex that was caught in an avalanche and there's like 50 apartments getting crushed. but it was the middle of the night and nobody knew was coming. since then landslides and avalanches have become. more common leading the local vicar to paint a doomsday scenario because of climate change and the different fact makes through the soil the ground some of the grace we see behind us might actually end up sliding into the road a little valley. or the next thing we could see if it might all be covered in the next big landslide coming down from the hill if they just escaped by a couple of feet last part. it's a grisly prospect and still a way off in the future but this reason to worry about the here and now roshan is eating away at the coastline forcing some to pack up and move here so this will
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serve very nice slopes towards the coast one day. 30 meters disappear just. one event and that's when we decided we have to move the cabin. and many others and are hoping world leaders will act fast to limit the effects of climate change else they fear their home in the arctic won't survive. and with me i have clear fice and she's a researcher at climate analytics a nonprofit organization that advises governments on climate negotiations welcome to you now we heard the people in the small town in norway and looking for swift decisive action from world leaders when the need for this urgent climate summit at the u.n. what from your perspective are the most urgent priorities well i think important to remember a few years ago governments agreed to limit woman to in point 5 degrees that's what
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the science tells us is an important limit beyond which climate change impacts would really be devastating but if we look at where we are currently headed according to the pledges that governments have put forward that would take us to about 3 degrees by the end of the century which would really be far far too high so the hope is that this summit that governments will be pushed into more climate action now of course there are some governments that haven't taken on board this message yet so governments like the u.s. and brazil still not responding to the urgency of our other governments that are making some progress but they're still not doing enough to limit woman to $1.00 and you would be a good example there but there are reasons to be optimistic so several governments have already come forward and say that they will reduce emissions further than what they originally had pledged to do and i think if we look at market trends that the rapid reduction in costs of renewable energy is actually more reason than ever before for governments to be able to put more climate change action plans into
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a progress in the gym which also has come under some criticism here in germany that she hasn't delivered as a climate chancellor or she would be presenting germany's proposes of the un what can we expect from her. so germany has a big historical contribution to climate change and they have a really strong moral obligation to do something. recent and over the last few days germany came forward with a climate package which unfortunately is really quite inadequate to tackle this problem so a number of climate unless it looked at best and said this is not responding in any degree with the urgency that we need to and so it'll be interesting to see what chancellor merkel says at the summit because at the moment germany is really calling on crime to a mission that should be sprinting at the same time you have some countries are not even taking part in this summit the u.s. for example or brazil so how how can one make progress on such an important issue when the world still remains divided on this on climate change it's
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a massive problem i think that is reason to hope to be hopeful because at the state level for example within the u.s. there is a lot of progress being made you have big states like california which itself is a massive economy making a lot of progress on reducing emissions so it's not just at the top level of government right cliff ice and research climate and that is thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. now television's biggest awards the emmys have been handed out in los angeles the h.b.o. smash hit game of thrones which ended this year one for best drama series billy porter became the 1st openly gay black man to take home an emmy award for the best actor in the drama series pose about new york's gay boardroom scene in the ninety's and the award for the best comedy series went to. a doc british comedy about a dysfunctional. women's group and. the writer behind the series phoebe water
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bridget also won an award for best actress in a comedy series. i find acting really hard. to be nominated with these unbelievable actresses who i have just looked up to and watched and laughed. personally so much crying i mean on the right this is deja news and these are our top stories travel company thomas school collapse after failing to secure a last minute bailout more than half a 1000000 customers currently on holidays face being stranded government and insurers are launching a massive operation to get travelers back home. a school classroom has collapsed in the kenyan capital nairobi killing at least 7 children
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dozens more were injured the school is located in a poor neighborhood and the collapse is being blamed on shoddy construction. television's biggest awards have been handed out in los angeles this year's emmy award for best drama series went to the game of thrones while dark british comedy feedback was a surprise winner of the best comedy. this is the news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at dot com or you can follow us on twitter . and don't forget you can always get news on the go just download apps from google all from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as pushed as if occasions for any breaking news you can also use the deed of the app to send us photos and videos. coming up
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next is a documentary series dolphin which meets up with john and neal maya the long time to head off a humbug ballet and don't forget lots of news on life did on me dot com i'm a pleasure to have you with us.
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wrote. for yourself and the joint you come i feel i'm only playing them. reveal the cincinnati's of you how this becomes. the mom's code starts october 11th on t.w. fog enough. more than half a 1000000 passengers affected thousands stranded as british to all praise a thomas cook collapses rescuing them looks set to cost nearly as much as rescuing the world's oldest travel company itself would have cost. the u.n. climate summit gets underway in new york are important sees how the most low lying country in the world is so long between tourism and rising sea levels. and as robots.


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