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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news while i'm from berlin tonight at the united nations climate summit and the impassioned teenager calling out world leaders we are the beginning of a mess extinction at least you can talk about peace among an infinity of economic growth how to get you. the popular young activist challenges the german chancellor and other world leaders to stop delivering empty words into finally take action also coming up we have
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a deal germany france italy and malta reach an agreement on except migrants rescued from the mediterranean and where those migrants will live and more than half a 1000000 vacationers across the globe stranded after the u.k. travel company traumas cooke's collapses planes are now is grounded holidays have been cut short with people asking how do i get home. what's a city to buy after months of protest those vocal and forceful demonstrators in hong kong as well they have been very vocal in forceful not everyone however sharing their views we'll hear from the retired police officer who supports the government. i'm good to have you with us we begin tonight trying to. save the world as we know
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it leaders are convening in new york city for a global climate summit at the united nations german chancellor angela merkel saying that her country will double its spending to combat climate change u.s. president donald trump meanwhile he made a surprise appearance today after reports that he would skip the climate summit but the in question starve the event so far has been you see right there the swedish teen activist bred to bear she sailed across the atlantic on his 0 carbon emissions trip to reach new york feuds or before the leaders took to the stage to beg gave an impassioned address accusing them of speaking empty words here is her powerful message this is all wrong and. i shouldn't be apia. i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. yet she will come to us young people for hope how dare you. you have still in my
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dreams my childhood with your empty words and yet i'm one of the trucks once people are suffering people are dying and tired ecosystems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about is money and fairy tales of this time of economic growth how dare you. there was good to make there of the united nations earlier today when joining us for more from new york is our correspondent on xander phenomena good evening to you alexandra so. she had one question today for leaders from around the world help dare you i mean to have her words and they already made an impact. well you write that her speech was very emotional and this emotional address and
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you can really literally hear her outrage and anger and alert in her voice and this speech was meant to shock the audience and to galvanize the world leaders into action and the audience applauded and they were impressed and then either by a leader or started to pledge to do more to come that's climate change and to be committed to more ambitious plans goals but of course we have to mention that those speeches were prepared ahead of the summit and that every leader at camp came here to new york to present a plan that was ahead of the summit and we have also we have to say that. she was right saying that many governments here are connected with the oil and gas industries and that many leaders use terms like economic
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growth or job security to excuse themselves from doing more to combat climate change you make a good point there that the speeches delivered by leaders today they were prepared written before the event today but one unexpected event was u.s. president would trump appearing at the summit how did his presence go down. well it was for an interesting moment when president trump sneaked into the general assembly everyone was surprised to listen to what angela merkel had to say and the prime minister of india what pledges they made and it was really difficult to interpret his periods here was he trying to show that he's interested in was he or was he trying to show that you know there is something like this meeting taking place and i come by but i don't think that that really matters what was very clear
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was the reaction in the audience when former new york city mayor michael bloomberg view and special invoice for climate thing to president for his visit saying that he hopes that the conversations in the general assembly would help president to formulate his climate poses and the whole audience laughed at that so it was clear that president obama at this woman moments was isolated at least with regards to the topic climate change yeah it's true we go also caught a glimpse of gratitude barragan her reaction when she saw donald trump walk in the room you have been talking to climate scientists there alexandra what are they are they hoping for what are they expecting to come out of this summit. some of them told us that it's just empty words that they are very disappointed
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some of them told us that they hope that there will be at least sort of message a signal to the promises already made and to go because if we are not going to meet this goal of keeping the template shall go well below 2 degrees celsius and others also told us that there are afraid that all their leaders can follow the example of just not do enough or do nothing are the corresponding alexander phenomenon in new york city at the united nations alexander thank you. for here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the united nations has announced the creation of a constitutional committee on syria it will include representatives of the government and the opposition the u.n. secretary general antonio said that he hopes the committee can lead to a political solution and the country's long running civil. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met with his political rival binny guns after calling for
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a unity government now the israeli president invited both men to meet with him after recent elections failed to provide a clear winner both sides have been looking for coalition partners to form a majority but so far both have come up short spain's and supreme court is set to rule tuesday on whether the remains of former dictator general francisco franco can be moved from a state memorial site the government wants to be buried franco in a family plot and rededicate its current grave site to the half 1000000 victims of the spanish civil war. well here in europe leaders meeting in malta say that they have reached a deal on how to resettle migrants who were rescued from the mediterranean the agreement is aimed at easing pressure on southern european union countries and. it will be presented to other e.u. member states next month now they're hoping to resolve one of the most contentious issues that the european union has faced in recent years. on land
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at last in malta migrants rescued off the coast of libya are finally able to disembark on european soil in many cases asylum seekers have been stranded at sea for weeks while e.u. countries argue about who will take them. europe has wrangled for years over what should happen to migrants rescued at sea the dublin agreement states that migrants must seek asylum in the 1st country they reach and that has been a major bone of contention for european countries that border the mediterranean now a deal struck by germany france italy and finland could finally see an end to their hour over the redistribution of migrants rescued in the mediterranean it's a plan that would take the burden of italy in malta and foresees the swift relocation of migrants to other e.u.
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members part of the plan could see germany taking in a quarter of those migrants to help process that asylum applications the lawyer to the the people that are brought onto land have to be redistributed to kind of their security status can be determined through a process of interviews but it's impossible to determine their legal status in such a short 4 week period so their right to asylum is for example what will be decided in germany. these are just the bones of the plan that will be put to the e.u.'s other interior ministers at a wider summit in october. for now at least there's hope that could soon be an end to the days when rescue ships packed with desperate people turned away from here up sports. artist take the story now to our correspondent beth reagan he is at the e.u. refugee summit in malta good evening to you baron so this summit aimed basically to
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find a resolution to this debate over the resettlement of refugees so tell me a little bit about the results the core result of this gathering this meeting here in malta is just a proposal there's nothing which is practical on the ground yet the ministers say we want to establish an emergency a temporary emergency mechanism to relocate migrants from italy in malta to other e.u. countries but this will only happen if other e.u. countries join this coalition of the willing and if that is the case it indeed malta would be able to reopen the ports for private ships which rescue of these people between libya and italy but this is the only theory as of now the decision has not been taken. and as you said this is
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a draft agreement how likely is it that other european union stage are going to back the plan i mean do they just plan to do the same thing as germany france italy malta in finland for example. the video a crucial meeting in october in luxembourg and all of the home affairs minister of the e.u. meet who are dealing with migration and then the judge in minister jose if i expect as least 12 maybe 14 to join this coalition of the willing and also to take migrants it's clear that for example hungry in poland will not show solidarity with italian military but others have to and only then the closest system book in germany proposed 25 percent france would also take maybe 25 percent italy 10 and then they have to deal with the rest the 20 percent which will be relocated to other countries and we know that thousands of refugees have drowned trying to cross the mediterranean in recent years at how is this going to be handled moving forward
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. i'm afraid nothing will change here because this mechanism this image making isn't is only meant for of a tiny portion of migrants only migrants who were rescued by private ships this were only 2000 in the last 15 months and people drowning you can only prevent that if you rescue more but the you will not send additional ships into the sea the ships will remain the same the 9 private ships which currently cruising the mediterranean camp responded very good fare at that e.u. summit in malta and thank you. for the world's oldest travel company the ukase thomas cook has gone bust after failing to get a last minute bailout from the british government more than half a 1000000 people around the world are currently on vacation with thomas cook they
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are now stranded abroad. vacations brought to an abrupt end these thomas cook customers in new york i have no idea how they're going to get home. we want to show in the news to change a boy's happening. to a new one as for windows no one has e-mailed the trains are you just one look at i . mean man they mistrust. not want to really pull it off can you do. they are among the 150000 brits stranded abroad after the u.k. travel firm thomas cook collapsed sparking the largest repatch ration of precious citizens since world war 2 a total of 600000 customers worldwide are currently on holiday for years thomas kicks struggled with maintaining debts and fierce online competition and 11 pirate appeal for
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a government rescue was rejected putting an end to the firm's 178 year history. it is deeply distressing to me that the task be impossible to say fall off the lows loft grants and travel. before leaving for new york british prime minister boris johnson fended off criticism he said to be ailing h. thomas cake would have created a moral hazard union slammed the decision. i tell you really to question the morality of a government that is prepared to spend spend more spend more money now and repatriate to people and bring them back to britain that it would have cost to save telescope and 1000 jobs they're morally bankrupt serious hotspots around the world are now bracing for the shock waves for example in greece some officials have warned that thomas ticks collapse could be a tsunami for the country's economy. this will have a financial lives but this is certain and we need to see it going forward to do it
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without impact. by supporting the business and be ensuring that we will not. that's it thomas customers who are bearing the brunt of the firm's closure in the short term passengers just want to board a flight and get home. it seems like the u.k. just can't get a break what does the collapse of the world's oldest travel agency thomas cook mean for the customers beardsley from our business just is here to talk about that we're talking about what 600000 people affected and this is the war just peacetime repatriation effort in the u.k. so how are these people going to get home right so it looks like not all 600000 are stranded necessarily in terms of not being able to get home some of them may be flying with other airlines it's estimated about 150000 are going to need to be lifted back home i guess you'd say this is going to be taken care of by the british government it's even got a name this operation does operation matter horn and it's running until october 6th
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in terms of who is going to pay for it that will probably be handled through the insolvency proceedings to go along with this whole matter they actually have had some practice doing this before because the u.k. flarm on our collapse in 2017 stranding thousands of passengers so they've had a run dry run or a real run and now this is the bigger deal and i mean we're talking about the world's oldest travel company so how in the world in the collapse is right probably through one of the oldest of reasons that businesses collapse they can't pay their debtors and that's what happened here there's a pile of debt more than $2000000000.00 euros a year and when you have so much debt you have to service it you don't have enough cash on hand to do it then borrowing new money gets more and more and more expensive finally creditors said we need new cash infusion now we need to be sure that you have this cash they were able to provide it and so that's where we are a lot of that debt came through a merger in 2007 with another another major travel agency my travel there actually ended up having to write off a lot of those assets in may they still had that debts and then they didn't have
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the cash on hand to be able to weather some normal storms that come up including things like turkey was closed off for a while to try. more or less a lot of stuff going there there was also some issues with heat the heat wave that kept a lot of passengers from flying and then some bigger picture issues such as people booking their travel differently to get this through i mean you go on people say they don't need a travel agency anymore to help them there's this big elephant in the room breck's what role did it play right that's a good question everyone's asking this and even the c.e.o. thomas cook said you know this may have weighed on british travelers minds this summer when they were judging whether they should go abroad or not and thing is people still are traveling and brits are still traveling and even older travelers want to book these packages but what breaks it did however is it made the pounds by less of other currencies that made their operating cost more expensive and again it may have created this sort of downward pressure on flyers but it wasn't really the main reason and there are knock on effects here for example the german
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subsidiary of thomas cook is the airline condor what are they doing so condor is still profitable has been profitable they're still flying they're not flying thomas cook passengers however they are asking the german government for a bridge loan basically to survive to get a long report say it's about 200000000 euros the german government is the discussing it there is a precedence for this the german government extended a bridge loan to air berlin you may have remembered several years ago right they ended up filing for insolvency so they did go under they actually repaid that loan with interest several days ago so i think there's a good chance that the british government i'm sorry the german government will try to extend that to a condo or so that it can keep going while an airline that repairs its debts stephen beard is always thank you thank you. our let's take the next one over to hong kong it has seen 16 straight weekends of pro-democracy protests and the battle on the streets have been matched by a battle for hearts and minds demonstrators say that the city stands with them
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government officials insist that a silent majority exists one that opposed to the protesters demands the w. has been speaking with 2 retired police officers who belong in that pro government can't. joseph it has agreed to meters although he says he does not trust the press so we'll mind recording our conversation ok he is a retired police officer and a staunch supporter of the hong kong government side in the current crisis the side that he feels is not representative accurately in most news outlets. i start awarding the nields. since try. watching just a white or news reporter but you know because i can still get in touch what was happening from all those messages from my friends because the longer the protests last the more strident you both camps refused to communicate with each other
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internet forums are shaping and polarizing opinions in each group rumors and conspiracy theories are rampant and when both sides meet things often get our. profit warning is also a retired police officer when he walks through his neighborhood it is hard for him to miss messages from the anti government protesters they have set up a so-called lennon wall near his home. and while they do that here it says police are murdering people but in fact the protesters a very aggressive the police are just maintaining law and order tot. mom has just returned from a long stay abroad and says he doesn't recognize his city anymore. in his spare time he sometimes helps out at police stations as a volunteer handing out food and drinks to the front line offices and while he says
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he understands demands for greater democracy he doesn't think they're realistic. pile of i.e. think he's out it it might i used to serve in the colonial police force case eldar then the british government could decide on everything. cadwell hong kong belongs to china case at pace there are problems at the hong kong government can't solve it makes sense that by jing intervenes. by women. but fewer and fewer hong kong is a willing to accept beijing's authority on the clashes between police and protesters escalating with petrol bombs and bricks thrown by radical protesters and police being accused of deliberately hurting demonstrators and pastas by. in a recent poll almost 3 quarters of respondents said that they thought police was using excessive violence joseph also started his career in colonial times does not agree
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at my time we are taught that when. write us off rowing petrol bomb it you'll. shoot them with live rounds. but knowledge i think they are doing a great job in the sense that a. deadly strain he's glad he says that he is not on active duty and the more. for germany is bidding farewell to aerospace pioneer zygmunt yang the 1st german in outer space has died at the age of 82 the east german cosmonaut trained in the soviet union in the 1970 s. he spent 8 days in space the trip at the height of the cold war made the cosmonauts a hero in communist east germany but he remained largely unknown in west germany after reunification yang helped train astronauts at the european space agency.
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by cohen or august 1988 a space flight that propelled a german into space for the 1st time and made. the hero in communist east germany a socialist figurehead in learned by heart words the political had given him. how i did it take my flight to the 30th anniversary of the founding of the german democratic republic my socialist fatherland. 25 years later the physicist took a pragmatic view of his creating from outer space. because if you were given a toss like that you can't save him before takeoff i won't say that but otherwise you just played it and besides that i was an officer we were raised that way it was all part of it today people talk differently. about whether that small almost is another matter. the east german government used the space flight for propaganda
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purposes and presented it as a victory over west germany. was revered as a hero while the west german press downplayed the achievement after the fall of the berlin wall in work for the european space agency organizing cooperation between western european and russian astronauts close ties to his hometown of morgan who took out and cons and northern germany home to the country's only space travel museum it was here that seek money and celebrated the 30th anniversary of his historic space flight. for this is g.w. news and these are our top stories world leaders are gathering in new york for an emergency climate summit ahead of the general assembly on tuesday the swedish teen activist. took to the podium and gave an impassioned address today accusing leaders of empty promises mr. alter interior ministers from several european union countries have agreed on
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a reduced. musha deal for resettling migrants who were rescued from the mediterranean proposal still needs wide to reprove will from the european union. united nations has announced the creation of a constitutional committee on syria it will include representatives of the government and the opposition and secretary general antonio good to have us says that he hopes that this can help end the country's long running civil republic. in thomas cook has collapsed after failing to secure a last minute bail out more than half a 1000000 customers currently on vacation or stranded governments and insurers are launching a massive operation to get them home. this is d w news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at d w dot com or you can follow us on twitter. you're watching news live from berlin next on our documentary close up in tracking down war criminals in
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germany that's coming up right after the break i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see you then.
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in syria no mercy germany no guilt. a surprise visit to an alleged war criminal. the confrontation was preceded by research that pushed both investigators and reporters to their limit. one criminals in germany tracking down assad's henchmen. close up next d.w. .
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story up today don't miss our highlights building program online w dot com highlights. the final meal and i'm getting a look at the brand new w from the bottom of the books it's close and it's divisive and it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the turn of. glass law. only very subtle. comment. on. the fall of the berlin wall began long before november 989. we visit the heroes of eastern europe. we. talk to those who
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began the struggle for freedom and those who showed personal courage. in the fall of the wall didn't surprise me usually the 1st what does it take to change the course of history. raising the iron curtain starts september 30th on t w. we were in the german city of last number look after months of research we come face to face with this man. an alleged syrian war criminal who we can only identify as mohammad s. living freely in germany who is easy the allegations against him are grave and the shows least we know that this man is in germany he was involved in numerous crimes against civilians and the.


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