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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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well you're watching t w news still to come a half a 1000000 travelers were left stranded after the sudden collapse of tour operator thomas cook dream vacations turning into a nightmare for tourists called up in the chaos stephen beardsley will have that and much more in business news right after the break stick around for the. world to itself. with its own gravitational pull. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries to reason. to me that's you listen to them don't tell me that there's enough room.
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for you know and the joint should come off in the morning playing them. revealed the symphony is a few how to spot. the problems come. starts oct 11th on t.v. talk enough. the world's oldest travel agency stops in its tracks thomas cook is bankrupt leaving the british government to ferry tens of thousands back home we'll tell you what happens one of the travel industry standard bearers. and we'll show you a concrete proposal to cut back on c o 2 in the construction industry because saab appeal engineers in nigeria are figuring out how to turn the brew truck into a cleaner cements. this is your business report i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for watching. the world's oldest travel company thomas cook has collapsed after
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failing to secure a last minute bail out more than half a 1000000 people worldwide are currently on holiday with the group u.k. aviation authority has begun an operation to bring customers stranded abroad back to britain it's been called the largest repatriation effort in british peacetime history. almost a day after the bankruptcy announcement by one of europe's largest travel operators thomas cook branded planes remained parked tourists stranded at airports still clueless as to how to get to their destinations or back home. we were told that over time the stock flights cancelled and there was no longer operating. so we actually were told to go home and. around 15000 holiday makers on thomas cook books travel have been flown home once the company went bankrupt many more will be brought back within the next few days if you're overseas
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on a thomas cook holiday and you can continue to enjoy your holiday at the cia is launching . this is the largest repression since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home every party. back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date. tourists however are not the only ones worried thomas koch casts book vacations for millions of customers every year and many disintegrations fear that some of them want to just rebook with different operators but might stay away. this bankruptcy will cost turmoil in the 2020 season and there will have to be serious analysis carried out until then. his motion this is a 7 rishta earthquake and we're waiting for the tsunami and you know that the tsunami is most of the time the one to bring the greatest disaster we're going to
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get to this for a. while travelers are concerned with the short term holiday plans the tourism industry worries about the future of thomas cook affiliate khon door and other players in the industry to see whether the latest bankruptcy will have any ripple effect. so how exactly did thomas cook get here let's take a look back it all began 178 years ago as a father and son outfit offering modest trips between english cities but it grew into a multi-billion dollar travel firm with global reach and $22000000.00 customers at the turn of the century the group expanded rapidly buying up tour operators hotels and airlines across europe among the firm's subsidiaries or tour operators like tours or. which offer trips to customers in germany switzerland austria and other countries add to that cook's planes groups airlines business comprises thomas cook
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airlines and condo or germany now china's foe soon tourism one of cook's investors had been in talks to acquire a controlling stake in thomas cook for around 450000000 pounds but of course those talks collapsed. well over to europe a steep drop in german manufacturing is dragging down the eurozone economy that according to a key survey of business exacts the purchasing managers index which offers a snapshot of private sector activity dropped to a 6 year low in september that suggest the eurozone economy is stalling in close recession news that the euro down 4 tenths of a percent against the dollar on monday economic powerhouse germany saw its factory activity shrink at its fastest rate for a decade during september. and for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent in new york yes korda nice to see you and his european markets didn't like this negative p.m.i. reading did wall street react well i mean analysts on wall street at
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least the cold those numbers plain all fall and it's not that the u.s. is immune to turmoil overseas but on the other side what is still holding the u.s. economy together is u.s. consumption and at this point it still looks rather healthy there was not all a lot of movement here on monday on wall street when we got those figures out of germany we did see the market opening on a lower nolde but then trading went on the market to did recover a bit but all over all wall street isn't a wait and see mode we are waiting for the trade talks will continue between the u.s. and china and then also the water is coming to an end and that means earning season is at the horizon and that also will be decisive for stocks here on wall street they as we should point out that there were some manufacturing numbers that came out today that were a bit better in the u.s.
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what can you tell us there. yeah we got some primitive morality data for the month of september and after we got quite disappointing figures for august that actually hinted at a contraction in their manufacturing business here in the u.s. now those september figures reached the highest level in about 5 months even if they are not really that elevated but still so far those numbers show that there still is growth but overall especially if you look at the trade tensions between china and the united states that has not made the u.s. the manufacturing industry is driving quite the contrary those trade disputes so far are hurting the manufacturing industry in the u.s. as well all right trade continuing to dominate the headlines quarter there for us in new york thank you. let's take
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a look at some of the other business stories we're following for you. japanese carmaker nissan and its former chairman carlos ghosn have severed a false financial disclosure claim by the u.s. securities and exchange commission nissan was fined $15000000.00 and go on $1000000.00 ago it is also banned from serving as officer or director of a publicly traded u.s. company for 10 years. indonesian investigators have released initial results into their investigation of a boeing 737 max operated by lion air last october the report blames design flaws and manufacture oversight for the crash backing up other investigations which have raised safety concerns about that boeing model. over japan the countries at the leading edge of robotics research fine tuning technology that increasingly blurs the line between humans and machines and that worries you there's no need at least according to one of japan's leading researchers take a look. oh forget clunky automatons doing basic tasks and listen to erica here
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future robots talk the talk their brains infused with artificial intelligence this is a lot more science than fiction japan is going all out to build robotics tech roboticists like a russian or blurring the lines between humans and machines for him it's a necessity of simple evolution. on the mentality the human we need to have a technology and we are improving our own the. by developing a new technology technologies a whale. therefore we cannot separate him on the technology him on the raw but. ok therefore you know it is not the damn. it's our way of. robot technology is streaking ahead in japan recent advances include a remote controlled robot arm that can pick up and move objects the smallest 2
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tenths of a millimeter wide. the. robots are getting more like humans but fears of killer robots of the stuff of movie paranoia and do not reflect the reality. this why on the hollywood hate the rubble and how you would want to destroy did this war with a role with the. crazy. in the future robots will be highly intelligent self-aware an invaluable around the house especially in countries like japan where the population is aging fast much more than simple appliances they can become conversation partners maybe even friends. not writing it all over africa it's the most widely used manmade material for building and it's a massive contributor to the climate crisis the $4000000000.00 tons of cement produced each year for concrete construction account for 8 percent of global c o 2 emissions now engineers at the university of lagos' may have found
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a more sustainable alternative civil engineers dr vall from schmidt to dr colo was not a share a common mission finding the construction material of the future and they reckon they're on to something the peel is the root vegetable kosoff has properties that could help building sites to be more environmentally friendly. cement as lancaster grows to cement is the biggest villain when it comes to the environment because making it produces lots of c o 2 can seems a lot of energy. cement is a key ingredient of concrete helping to make it hard but now to another day has discovered that the ash burnt kosov a pail can do much the same. we have the irish and we are find out we have produced concrete with it europe would use more with it i mean this in its friends which is one of the mill door our properties of concrete very very much
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compared with the more concrete there we are today. it's a discovery that can be useful to many parts of africa where he's grown in huge quantities the peel is normally a waste product and so readily available that makes it a cheap alternative to expensive cement and with the cement industry accounting for around 8 percent of global c o 2 emissions because software can help african builders to build greener. and that's it from me in the business team here in berlin for more on these and other stories find us a lot of dot com slash business i'm stephen beard it's watched. in
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to discover the in. the in. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. the of. this is the that news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes climate change will see how some people in ethiopia often. he thinks then the last one action governments on the continent ought to take it. and nigeria celebrated visual arts as gerald. and the cash on his canvases. the book.


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