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close ties to his hometown of morgan houghton consonantal germany home to the country's only space travel museum it was here that sick monday and celebrated the 30th anniversary of his historic spaceflight. and after a short break we'll have to double your news africa so be sure to stay tips. on to its. with its own gravitational pull. the finest musical compositions. with some mysterious trip. going through me that she was into. don't tell me that that she never wrote.
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and the jointer come up in the morning. to send a few commas. the brahms cut. starts oct 11th on. this is d. that mean is africa coming up in the next 15 minutes climate change will see how some people in ethiopia off even if he fixed then lost what action governments on the continent ought to take it. and nigeria celebrated visual arts as gerald. and the cat and his canvases.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along. today world leaders are in new york for a summit on the climate crisis leaders from 8 african countries which includes nigeria congo and ethiopia are among the dozens that have been specially invited to talk about what concrete steps they're taking to limit global warming now you may know this africa isn't a big source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming but according to the united nations it's the most vulnerable to the impacts off global warming and the extreme weather events such as flooding and drought that come with climate change. we'll talk about how africa as a continent is tackling the climate crisis in just a moment but 1st let's visit one region that's been particularly hit by a lack of rain in ethiopia so mali region in the country's ways has been experiencing the destructive effects of climate extremes with several years of on going drops. it's been almost 6 months since it last rained in this village in
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ethiopia somali region with almost no vegetation to feed on the livestock is there in. comment and her relatives have already lost 8 out of 10 towns and. our lives are very difficult now because we pastoralist are dependent on our livestock 1st goats and sheep started to die then the cattle. this feed came from the un's food and agriculture organization animal specialists are also carrying out emergency treatments and vaccinations to try and save at least some animals. during a drought a most become weak and services such a port some diseases that's why we have to treat them somehow we can't do anything for those animals that died but we hope that others will benefit from the feed and the medicine and will survive and also produce more milk. from.
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the pastoralist communities in ethiopia somali region are dependent on their livestock for their food and come up with 2 alternatives it's vital to save their animals says i think. this last leg you could see little only be very enormous and have passed so if you see their economy kind of you know less expensive and more efficient. they're in a protected and safe neighborhoods and before you know their last week total more than $190000.00 animalistic will be treated during the super rich or. thanks to the newly distributed feed families say their animals are looking stronger. i was one of the lucky ones to benefit from the program for cows or even producing milk again . given you know our cows milk had dried up but now we're able to get milk college children and the cattle are much healthier. than the management. but drinking water
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is a people in the village is still stressed and most quality river beds are almost totally dry here in the somali region where pastoralist communities have been suffering for the past 5 years this is the main winning season from march to many has failed to bring the expected watching the growth you know hopes are high for the small rainy season that usually comes between october and december but as the somali region of the g.o.p. continues to be affected by and seasonal weather experts expect chronic drought there to arsenal in the long term. my guess is made from the world resources institute she's on the international climate action mission if you're media's in new york for the u.n. climate summit welcome to africa yemeni so we're talking about the continent that's what's call it a victim rather than a perpetrator when it comes to contributing to the gases that are making the earth so my question to you is what stake to african leaders present at the summit have.
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well you know that there is agreement spirit is one of the even needs of these of continent the personal tribute the least to the problem through facing unemployment surge in that the agreed to be part of the solution like the or the smaller these developments. and you know he's also because you know they know that he needs in a sense you know to you know for them to act on climate change as well. but doing so could be the effect that you lose all their gains you know sustainable development so they know that he's also on the interest to do so ok i mean he is so contrary and her great. side of her you know really great that we yes sir i want to get to the point when you talk about i mean concretely west can african countries do if we're talking about countries that don't produce these gases anyway
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concretely how would they be technically i'm a change. there is there's 2 aspects the need to build a resilience because you if you're affected by this so that didn't come that sense is really important but in doing so you know one way to be more resilience is by having a better access to energy so you know by moving from full soup your energy to the new report energy and knowing that africa has sources you know plenty of solar source you know is going to be better for them in the long term you know what's the challenge you know for most african countries is to get the cost to the financing from finance units you to front you know those big projects and to transform in this economy but then know that this is the right way to do and this is why what you're going to hear in a climate of african countries is that they want to move ahead they want to be in
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the sense that they want to do the up front in so being in the problem to reduce their emissions because at this time by doing so it's species sectors like image and they can the more so. it's you know their development goes ok so we know that 12 countries represented at the summit that track m.e.b. in generally when you look at the of the continent more broadly where are the shining examples of who is leading the pack who's doing well when it comes to the fight against climate change. well in terms of the example of countries. i think you have more rico who has no no we've got a hard to. gauge the this sector of our culture in addition to it she is one that is very important because you can both need to buy plenty in both also you are that you stress your. food security is you and we have
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all that lots of little morrocco is one example of that have. we to do. you have although i mean the local trees like the fact yes it's all we have time for unfortunately thank you for getting that one in there a dad made from the world resources institute thank you and. a school classroom collapsed in the kenyan capital nairobi killing at least 7 children dozens more have been injured the elementary school is located in a poor neighborhood off narrowly the collapse is being blamed on shoddy construction news melanie credible sent us this report from the site. this is the site of the tragedy this is where 7 children lost their lives more than 50 got injured in the early morning hours after classroom collapsed
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a precious talent school. rescue efforts are now over for the 1st responders who rushed to the scene are still in shock like this father whose son luckily survived it is a risk you fear so will you was it was the boy who i don't know you was dead or whatever but just to keep. to the ambulance yes so i don't see everybody was dead but it was just quiet. the people gathered here the rescue teams and the parents have questions everyone wants to know why did this happen experts we have spoken to earlier however said they are not surprised the designs will drop in a similar amount of time i will do some pushing it to the private developer how do you build a double story nonsense like these in a city like that would be a good way to cease until children a good government is culpable this school not more than 50 percent of buildings in nairobi especially in the low income neighborhoods was poorly constructed and built
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on a weak foundation neighbors and parents say that they had raced safety concerns times with no action being taken the people here say it's the government's responsibility now to act to ensure that this never happens again so the children in nairobi can go to school without having to fear for their lives. and i'm exploring. nigeria's bustling city lagos will find an artist who's found a very creative way to. waste into ought. this is my biography. this group probably with or are ok for mercy from for more here. more to be. told you never disappoints me. is looking for cancer of all sizes and colors his mission to breathe new life into
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old waste he does this right here in his workshop and when it comes to waste there is definitely no shortage in lagos state has a population of more than 20000000 people so it's quite clear that a lot of waste is being generated some of it here all the stable turned into our. cuts the cans into small pieces then he nails them onto a piece of wood in 2012 when he began he did everything by himself today he employs a team of 7 people. originally from the east of nigeria when gerald moved to lagos he noticed one thing white away there were piles of trash almost everywhere i wanted to be. and i was shocked to see that. i know i asked myself. all the characters got all the colors i wanted to call us
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droughts are initiated a change in the residence people have become more aware of the trash around them and some have even gone into business selling cans to gerald. this is where the waste comes to life in these are studio in lagos his collection boasts paintings and works made of cans and ward if you look closely you will discover most of his works emphasize the book called church being evil himself gerard wants to protect the language which he believes is vanishing and his artwork the objects children to him he says he can always add some color before the work is sold and ultimately he sees himself as both an environmentalist and as an artist used to do some damage to give me or because we want a group of drugs in life which is. something that really means nothing or that is a problem to a solution i'm glad it's beautiful geralt is one of many who turn waste into art
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they raise environmental awareness while at the same time expressing themselves. is one of few artists who can actually make his living doing this. and that is a foot out from africa at cellmates side. kick off. to make things right match glovebox beef stew still go on and wins back to fan. the it'll be all right match how tough course possible to win its 1st game this season in berlin breathes a sigh of relief. 60. girls
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took it over now live i'm sure going to. vote in support of. a big. over. the river. the world's oldest travel agency stops in its tracks thomas cook is bankrupt leaving the british government to ferry tens of thousands back called we'll tell you what happens one of the travel industry standard bearers. will show you a concrete proposal to cut back on c o 2 in the construction industry to solve a few engineers in nigeria are figuring out how to turn the route into a cleaner cements. this is your business report.


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