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this is deja vu news live from berlin climate activists greeted 2 birds foals world leaders to account as the united nations. to beginning of extinction and where you can talk about peace and money can be tales of challenge economic growth how to get. leader after leader responding with promises to do more
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to combat global warming but their pledge is falling far short of expectations also coming up britain's supreme court decides of course johnson broke the law when he suspended parliament just 5 weeks before the deadline how might he respond if he loses this is a story ruling. also coming up t w investigates the growing presence of is the most militants in road into refugee camps we talk to an armed fighter who boasts of a license to kill those who don't follow his group's groups. and also on the show celebrating football's top players in lavish style american football star megan rypien no keeps up her winning streak as she's named fever's best female player of the year. and on the men's side reigning football royalty edging out the competition.
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i'm brian thomas great to have you with us or after a year of school climate strikes it was gratitude bergs moment on the world stage and she didn't hold back the 16 year old climate activist offering a stinging rebuke to leaders at the un climate summit in new york her speech drew rounds of applause as the conference discussed how to reinvigorate the stalled paris climate accords people are suffering people are dying and tired school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fame or tales of the time of economic growth how did you. 6 hide it was an impassioned speech but one of those who most need to hear it wasn't in the
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audience. you have a president don't trump wasn't due to attend the u.n. summit the big believer in play there and leave water and all countries should get together and do that and they should do it themselves or trump made a surprise appearance but only stayed to listen to indian prime minister never under modi and german chancellor angela merkel larger than thought i would send germany makes up one percent of the world's population and 2 percent of global emissions if everyone on the planet were to act as we to emissions would double and everyone is more than aware of what this means therefore we want by 2030 to reduce or c o 2 emissions by 55 percent compared with levels in 1990 and in 2050 we want to be climate neutral on the ballots by 1053 months.
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germany's chancellor has been puffing her green credentials sharing a picture of her meeting timberg on instagram. but the climate activists and other young campaign is have named germany and 4 other countries in the landmark complaint to the u.s. state says an action on climate change amounts to a violation of children's human rights. an ice can only leave the summit hoping that the world's leaders have got the message. to your correspondent alexander phenomena has been covering the summit in new york for us she sent us this assessment. gratitude and emotional speech at the u.n. climate summit was the man's to galvanize the world leaders into bold climate change acts and indeed the leader of to leader told the united nations that they would do more to prevent global warming from reaching even more dangerous levels but even as they made their pledges they had to admit it might not be enough $66.00
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countries promised to have more ambitious climate goals some of them like france and germany are pledging to contribute more money to help poorer nations deal with climate issues too little too late according to gretsch at the birth of the swedish climate activists testify at a complaints to the united nations claiming that the lack of action by many of its member states violates the us and convention on the rights of the child. is to britain now where the supreme court is set to rule shortly on whether prime minister boris johnson acted illegally one program or suspending parliament earlier this month now if the verdict goes against johnson it would strike at the very heart of the country's constitution potentially redefining where the balance of power lies between the government and the judiciary it can also see lawmakers reassemble to deal a potential hammer blow to johnson's plans for taking britain out of the e.u.
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. let's go straight to this. in along the now where our correspondent lot apostle standing bargain very few for a lot of details of what's at stake today for britain and for boris johnson. well it really is a very historic day here brian in the united kingdom at the core of it of course the question was it lawful of far as johnson to send palm and on the force break to prorogue paul amends and then the ruling could decide whether it would take away the power from the executive from boris johnson and essentially strengthen palm and we've followed the proceedings of course here last week in the supreme court and the lawyers against the government were arguing that boris johnson wanted to silence parliament wanted to silence m.p.'s in the bracks it's debate and that is why he sent them on a break of course boris johnson and the government and fisting that that wasn't the
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motivation behind it but it really is a historic day and you can see that people behind me i've been lining up here since 5 am to witness this ruling that we're expecting later this morning and this is also why the supreme court has taken its time to decide on the issue they've been sitting all weekend thinking about it ok this word historic is really out there quite a bit today isn't it considering that has the prime minister has borne johnson and johnson been indicating at all. what he will do if he loses this case. so far as johnson loses this case and 1st of all that would mean that polman would be back in session that m.p.'s could return to the debate all those breaks for boris johnson of course it would be a huge blow because essentially if the supreme court rules against him that would mean that boris johnson has misled the queen that he has misled the queen in advice to corrode parliament and lying to the queen that wouldn't go down well here in
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great britain so there might be pressure on him to resign boris johnson himself in . in new york at the moment for the u.n. general assembly he will hold his 1st big speech there later tonight in front of world leaders and of course it would be a big blow and very embarrassing for him if he would have to face the world leaders with this verdict against him so there might be pressure on him here in the u.k. to resign ok you mentioned that this decision will touch on all matters abraxas spent on that for us what would this court's decision mean for the bracks of process. so if the supreme court rules for boris johnson if it was lawful for him to suspend him and then nothing changes he would seek to deal with the european union he would continue to seek that he will talk again to the european leaders in new york and then later in october at a summit in brussels and he said he wants to get the u.k.
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out of the european union by october 31st do or die of course prefer you with a deal if the supreme court though indeed ruled against him then everything is back to square one and we don't know exactly what that means yet it could mean that he faces pressure to resign we could see fresh elections coming up but definitely for breakfast that would of course be a matter of debate what that means ok a lot of states today in britain there are a lot of policy after supreme court where we should know shortly how this all is going to go show a lot of we'll have more from there for us throughout the day thanks very much. you know and some of the other stories making the news france germany and britain have issued a joint statement blaming around for recent attacks on saudi oil facilities the u.s. also holds around responsible tehran is accuse those european states of quote parroting american. 8 newborn babies have been killed after
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a fire ripped through the maternity unit at a hospital in oh and so if in eastern algeria state media is reporting the prime minister has offered in as word rather an investigation into the cause of the blaze israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met with his political rival benny gantz to discuss a unity government and a rotating prime ministership the 2 lead israel's biggest parties but neither want to clear mandate in last week's elections a 3rd round of elections looms if those talks fail to form a government. well the collapse of tour company thomas cook has left a ripple of misery in its wake vacations roun hotel bells on paid and more than half a 1000000 people who are currently travelling with the group are at risk of the tension not getting home on time the u.k. vs an authority has begun an operation to bring customers stranded abroad back to
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britain has been called the biggest repatriation effort in british peacetime history but customers are finding their own way home say other airlines are cashing in on their plight. almost today after the bankruptcy announcement by one of europe's largest travel operators thomas cook branded planes remained parked tourists stranded at airports still clueless as to how to get to their destinations or back home. we were told this over to the stop flights cancelled and there was no longer operating. so we actually were told to go. their own 15000 holiday makers on thomas cook books travel have been flown home once the company went bankrupt many more will be brought back within the next few days if you're overseas on
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a thomas cook holiday then you can continue to enjoy your holiday at the cia is launching. this is the largest repression since the 2nd world war and we will be bringing home everybody. back back to the u.k. as close as possible to their return date. tourists however are not the only ones worried thomas cole care spoke vacations for millions of customers every year and many disintegrations fear that some of them want to just rebook with different operators but might stay away. well for you. this bankruptcy will cost turmoil in the 2020 season and it will have to be serious analysis carried out until then. has moved this is a 7 rishta earthquake and we are waiting for the tsunami and you know that the tsunami is most of the time the one to bring the greatest disaster we're good at
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this for a. while travelers are concerned with the short term holiday plans the tourism industry worries about the future of thomas cook affiliate khon door and other players in the industry to see whether the latest bankruptcy will have any ripple effects. or is almost no alternate groups are reported to be tightening their grip on row hinge or refugee camps like these in bangladesh now they're said to be fighters who belong to the our economy hinges salvation army were the arson and the reported to be brutally enforcing their own strict shari'a rules in such camps now you will recall perhaps 875-0000 revenge of fled from rock kind stayed in mayan are to bangladesh that following the brutal crackdown by the me and more army 2 years ago arson has been blamed for the lethal attacks on me and mars soldiers which sparked that clampdown a team of d.w.
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news reporters went to bangladesh to find out more. nighttime in bangladesh strange accounts young men patrol the streets on the lookout for criminal gangs we've heard tales of murder that duction underrate. we're defying the curfew on our way to meet a woman whose husband was shot dead nearby. on the. moment. my husband used to fight for their own hinges he had no open ear for everyone's problems and wanted to stop the lawlessness in the camps that's why some people felt insulted. my uncle pulled out. to protect the woman's identity we cannot say who he was but one thing is clear he angered a powerful group operating in the camps would an idea not enough my husband was
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shot after evening prayers those who killed him are members of the our convoy hinges salvation army. the before we can ask any further questions about the militant group affix a tells us it's time to leave. iraq guides us along the back alley ways to make sure we aren't being followed. what's we reach our car he disappears. we want to meet a member of the militants but our guides were so afraid of it took weeks for contact arrange an opportunity in a secluded spot outside of the count's we can't verify if the man really is who he claims to be but his story checks out with other accounts he doesn't want to space filmed he's too scared his commander might find out he gave us an interview. some
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people came to our village and asked whether we want to govern ourselves they told us you don't have any rights in your own country we're here to help you take control of your land if you agree come and join us that's how they convinced us they also gave us arms training after that so i joined them. that was in 2017 shortly after he joined the conflict between us and the me and my army escalated forcing hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee to bangladesh among them oscar insurgents like this man today trying to impose strict rules in the camp to live that is incredibly. finds informants for myanmar in the camps they are killed . women also threatened. if we see a woman dressed incorrectly and if we see her we can hit her. in
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the capital dhaka we confront the foreign minister with the stories we've heard. like it was a little bit like there is no us in bangladesh there are these in the in my not here if there is any became up up and we'll send that individual to milan. to do the militant tells us that after some 20500 fighters live in the camps a figure we can't verify we want to know why he agreed to talk to us. if we cause trouble and kill people here the government of bangladesh will also start killing us that's why i disagree with us as actions here but i want to fight in the long. faced with the might of the me and my army across the river this isn't a fight they are likely to win the stage is set for
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a refugee crisis that isn't going away soon. joining us now from bombers did abuse our fatah islam one of the investigative reporters filed that report for us today to you are a photo op we just heard the bangladeshi foreign minister there saying that there is no are so there's no islamist militants in the camp why are they taking that position. mother she ought to do to start trying to avoid going flee to the neighboring countries their government doesn't want to give sedated to be used by any floating militant group and insist on a peaceful solution to the growing debt crisis this could be that he didn't play the foreign minister of bangladesh get a good night any are saying if it is in his country ok you know based on what you found there in bangladesh is there any way to know how strong our say is could they launch for example affective attacks in me and mark cross the border against military or civilian targets what we have learned from the militant we interviewed
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and some other sources is that our son has trained fighters but the group doesn't have enough ammunition so it's highly highly unlikely that it can launch at barracks in iraq i need him soon however the group has a strong influence on the rowing if uses living in bunkers is a name that quickly and squandered sessions in the gams you produced into average daily discussion about the group publicly. it has informers the navy camp and these include children as well ok the informants are of course very worrisome now you were out in the camps and that was a concern for you certainly after the curfew especially you heard the reports of of rapes of murders can you characterize for us if you can you flesh it out a bit how bad the security situation is the environment is thin so that a night and get it was is try to average going out of the games we saw the secretive forces frequent keep it rolling the idea and there has been news of
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secretive forces killing every few days in crossfire's so the situation is really at night ok refugees being killed in the crossfire certainly a lot of the most want to return home are any refugees able to return to me in my right now. the government long study pictures should drive world we heard there last month but it failed because they're going if you just don't want to return until their demands are made they want me and my government to recall them as them as illegitimate if the group they also want the country citizenship over one of this point minister told us that there will be a new m. so for going to be attrition in the coming months and it looks like they're going to other countries very much relying on china to make it successful in the future are for true islam thanks very much for being with us this morning and for looking into this as part of our investigative team in bangladesh thanks a lot this is needed in his life or bill and still to come on this program
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america's outspoken football star megan rapinoe makes a statement is taking the stage as the 1st female player of the year and there was a record making went on the men's side as well. but 1st 5 european union countries have struck an initial deal on resettling migrants rescued from the mediterranean that agreement reached malta and ease the burden on the u.s southern members who bear the brunt of new migrant arrivals. on land at last in malta migrants rescued off the coast of libya are finally able to disembark on european soil in many cases asylum seekers have been stranded at sea for weeks while e.u. countries argue about who will take them. europe has wrangled for years over what should happen to migrants rescued at sea the e.u. dublin agreement states that migrants must seek asylum in the 1st e.u.
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country they reach and that has been a major bone of contention for european countries the border the mediterranean. now a deal struck by germany france italy malta and finland could finally see an end to the route over the redistribution of migrants rescued in the mediterranean. it's a plan that would take the burden off italy and malta and foresees the swift relocation of migrants to other a u. members part of the plan could see germany taking in a quarter of those migrants to help process that asylum applications the lawyers at the the people that are brought onto land have to be redistributed to kind of their security status can be determined through a process of interviews but it's impossible to determine their legal status in such a short 4 week period so their right to asylum is for example what will be decided in germany. these are just the bones of the plan which will be put to the e.u.'s
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other interior ministers at a wider summit in october for now at least there's hope that could soon be an end to the days when rescue ships packed with desperate people are turned away from europe's ports. so will this 5 nation malta deal lead to a wider agreement among all your member states it obvious bad rigor has been following that question with the meeting on. the fed nothing will change here because this mechanism this emerging mechanism is only meant for very tiny portion of migrants only migrants who are rescued by private ships this were only 2000 in the last 15 months and people drowning you can only prevent that if you risk you more but you will not send additional ships into the sea the ships will remain the same the 9 private ships reserve currently troops in the mediterranean. for some
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sports now in the u.s. olympic committee has admitted it was wrong for sanctioning americans tommy smith and john carlos for their black power salute during the 1908 olympics next month both of those men will be inducted into the u.s. olympic and paralympic hall of fame this image of smith and carlos raising their fists protesting the civil strife within the u.s. of the time sent shock waves through the sporting world both were kicked out of the olympics and suspended from the olympic team. but the committee has now recognized them for their conduct and off field contributions as well as their athletic achievements. well football's biggest names hit the red carpet at the long slow scala opera house last night for the best player and best coach of the year awards american megan rypien oh was named best female player after helping her team to
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a world cup win in july. meghan rypien no start at the women's world cup in june and july being named best player and ending up as joint top scorer as the u.s. clinched their 4th title it was no surprise when she was voted his feet as the best female player. she had a powerful message for the football world we have a unique opportunity in football different to any other sport in the world to use this beautiful game to actually change the world for better so that's my charge to everyone i hope you take that to heart and just do something do anything we have incredible power in this room thank you there was more success for the u.s. with former national boss ellis taking the toked prize the fee for awards of voted for by fans journalists national coaches and captains most pundits assumed liverpool the netherlands defend
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a virgil van dyke the men's player award after helping liverpool to champions league glory but for the 6th time boss alone as leader no messi triumphed after standing his club side to another spanish league title. said i don't know what my secret is the only thing i know is that hard work doing the most to keep improving to keep bettering yourself to keep winning that i've always said is most important everything else is secondary. you know sort of that we're not despite vandyke missing out there was recognition for liverpool that german manage it you're going club took home the best male coach award football paid homage to its heroes and repeat no stole the show. stitcher modern now of our top stories this hour world leaders have been holding up climate action summit at the united nations in new york the scene after climate activists would rather tune bird gave an impassioned address accusing leaders of making empty props.
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up next gardell 1st will be here with our businesses looking at of course and to the fallout from tommy thomas cook bankruptcy all of that and much more all the back at the top of the hour also looking at the supreme court decision in britain we should know more there for now though from a brian thomas an entire news team thanks so much for being here. plug.
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in syria no mercy in germany. a surprise visit to an alleged war criminal. the confrontation was preceded by research that pushed both investigators and reporters to their limits. one criminals in germany
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tracking down my son's henchmen. moves up next on d.w.i. . on his tray every pete itself. gemini at the time of the weimar republic. and germany today. just how fond of the shadows of the concert reach. that's the future. time out today. in 45 minutes on d. w. . o. . the staying up to date don't miss our highlights w. program online w. dot com highlights. where is home.
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with your family is scattered across the globe. not. to the. journey back to the roots we should get a minimum of the. shots family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance a. family starts october 8th on d w. a . we were in the german city of last number look after my. serv research we come face to face with this man. an alleged syrian war criminal who we can only identify as mohammad s. living freely in germany who is easy the allegations against him are graeme have
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a shock as we know that this man is in germany he was involved in numerous crimes against civilians in the middle east.


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